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First paycheck is spent on something different.

I don't remember how many oh-baby's I heard that night, but their numbers were certainly overshadowed by the infinite give-it-to-me-God-give-me's.

How to control this monstrosity?

As it turns out, she found another way to conk out her repressed irrepressibles out of the range of my radar, since she stopped her antics and things soon returned to normalcy. For a time.

June 2006, the summer after Kelly's sophomore year in college, and the summer after Mandy's graduation from high-school.

It was a Thursday, one day after Kelly had found out that Mandy, when I was not at home, had been screwing her boyfriend while she was away and unavailable at college and while Mandy was conveniently in town and available, just a mile from Glorium State University. Nick, before he met Kelly, had had a reputation as a cad who seduced local co-eds at parties on the weekends and girls like my daughters in Trigonometry class. I didn't know any of this until Kelly told me when she broke up with Nick the night she found out.

So that day, one night after she'd found out her boyfriend of 2 years and sister of 18 had betrayed her, she told me she'd go to the mall to shop her troubles away. Mandy, meanwhile, had locked herself in her room from the shame.

I decided to take a shower. When I finished, I opened my door to dry off and retrieve my clothes. There was Kelly, sitting on the bathroom counter, watching me as I scrambled to cover myself. She had my towel in her hand. "Looking for this, Daddy?"

"What the fuck are you doing in here?"

"Observing," she said. "God it's so nice to finally see that scepter up-close. Damn, you take real good care of the humongous pecker, don't you? Your enormous anaconda? That raucous ramrod?"

"Get out," I ordered.

"Get in." She laughed. "Slip it in me, boy."

I grabbed at the towel, but she wouldn't let go, pulling me to her. "Hell, Daddy, let's go at it." She looked up at the ceiling. "The fan's on. Mandy will never hear us." Then she touched my face and grinned. "Or maybe she will."

I wanted to slap her, your honor, but I understand that there's a statute against that. Instead, I went to the door. One look at the doorknob stopped me cold.

"What is that?"

"Ooh, that. That's Nick's."

It was white-gray and sticky, dripping, pooling on the tile below.

"I collect his cum. Knew it'd come in handy." And she dropped off the counter and walked to me. She reached around my waist and, with her hands around my dick, said, "As does this. This comes in very handy."

I used the towel to grip the door handle and stormed out, with Kelly giggling behind me. "You're so much harder than him, you know that?" I heard her say.

Your honor, I didn't know who else to turn to. A man cannot control his daughter with force, and I could not control her with love. For all her life I've loved her. I don't know how she became this... this sex fiend, I don't. How could I keep my composure and say, "I am your father, and you will obey me. As long as you live under my roof"... I couldn't. I was ripe for drastic action. I abandoned all reason. I went to several friends, who knew some friends, who knew the other men on trial today. I imagined I was doing away with a problem, you see, the Kelly question. I would give her what she wanted, give it more than she had ever bargained for, more bang for her buck, her cup overfloweth, her lesson learned.

Two weeks later, the night of the incident.

Kelly called her friend, Robbie T., and left to his house. We knew where she was going. We lay in wait at Point Le Vue.

The defense has claimed that that night, the Garamelli brothers, the Zintos cousins, and the rest of the ad hoc Point Le Vue gang and I had gone in knowing that we'd.

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