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A patient Master teaches a painful lesson.

Laying there in bed, her legs spread wide beneath the sheets as the Professor's tongue lapped feverishly through her pussy, Lisa stared off into the darkness, re-living in her mind how the couple must have looked as Garrett gracefully waltzed her across the floor before finally pinning her against the far wall of the room.

Squirming in bed as Dr. Jerden ate her out in real time, Lisa could feel her nipples tingling as she harkened back to how good it felt the first time the older man squeezed them through her shirt as his kissed his lips down the side of her neck. Remembering how she wrapped her left leg around the back of Garrett's right to pull him even closer, they hadn't been in the room three minutes before Lisa found herself fumbling with the buckle of the Professor's belt.

The wanton eagerness of their primal advances resulted in a tornadic trail of clothing being strewn across the room as they rotated like a bottle top, arm in arm from one end of the suite to the other. Lisa had told Garrett back at the restaurant that all she wanted was to get to the hotel room and take a long hot shower to wash away the residue of such a long train ride. For better or worse, the shower she spoke of would have to wait.

Lisa remembered the seismic shock that rippled through her body the instant she reached her hand inside Dr. Jerden's pants and closed it around his cock. From the way the older man's knees buckled, she was pretty sure he was feeling the same electricity as well.

Freeing herself from their embrace a few seconds later, Lisa dropped to her knees as if by primal instinct and took her place at Garrett's feet. Her face at perfect eye level now with his crotch, Lisa pumped the growing shaft of the Professor's penis until it was flaring wildly in her clenched palm.

"AAHH... AAAHH," Garrett gasped each time the younger woman's fingertips brushed up and down the smooth, stretched skin of his manhood.

Oh how he'd dreamed of doing this with Lisa way back when she was a student of his. Like most any male educator, he'd fantasized about doing such a thing with many of his female students, but to actually have it happening caused Garrett to brace both his hands down on the top of Lisa's head to keep from toppling over in gleeful and appreciative shock.

Kneading his fingers through Lisa's thick, luxurious brown hair, Garrett looked down and heard a chorus of angels singing in his ears when he saw the kneeling girl's mouth open and the head of his cock disappear between her soft, warm lips.

Reaching down with both hands and caressing Garrett's head beneath the sheets, Lisa squirmed and bucked her hips on the mattress as she rubbed her pussy against the man's buried face, the entire time re-living in her head how good it felt to take his dick into her mouth for the first time.

For starters, even for someone as vivacious and vividly beautiful as Lisa, the only man she'd been with over the past eight years was her Husband, the same Husband she had now been estranged from for nearly a year. So it had been that long since she'd had a penis anywhere close to her mouth, but it didn't take long for Lisa to fill with a prideful sense of control having a man quiver in that special way above her each time she slithered her tongue around the tip of its bulging head.

Even though Garrett was the oldest man by far she'd ever been with sexually, other than the salt and pepper coloring of his pubes tickling her nose, there was nothing about him that told Lisa he was old enough to be her Father. His cock jerked and lurched in her mouth just like a teenager's as he massaged his fingers soothingly into her scalp.

It was only a matter of time before Garrett started swaying side to side, giving the appearance of a large tree gradually being felled.

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