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Down on the farm takes on a whole new meaning.

What greeted Talia was a large room with a simple desk and chair. The only other furnishing was a large four poster bed. The young western beauty felt a hand at the small of her back as she was propelled into the room and the doors closed behind her with a solid thud that had a note of finality to it.

"Miss Carlton your ensemble is quite fetching my dear and the pale dove grey does suite your completion but it is time for you to remove your clothing for I have decided to take you as my newest concubine.."

Captain Isko Tagaya smile slowly faded as he closed the distance between them in a single step and for the first time Talia could see that there was a deadly power and grace in the way the man moved.

"I would do as he says Miss Carlton The Captain is a very determined man and he has paid quite handsomely for you."

There was no mistaking Mr. Cumming's sneering voice as he stepped from the shadow.

" Now the Captain here knows what a woman like you is for, unlike the Major.

Cummings caressed Talia's cheek with the back of his hand. Talia pulled back from Cummings touch a pure azure fire burning in her stunning young eyes,

" Captain Tagaya our little Miss has been training for war so I am sure she will want to defend her honor. I shall leave you to get to know the Captain better Miss Carlton

Mr. Cummings turned to leave. Then paused at the door.

"Oh and by the way I will make sure that the major knows you have decided to cover the war from the Japanese lines and your baggage has been removed from Sagamore so there will be no rescue party to come and save you from a fate worse than death."

"You traitorous snake. You blackguard. You knave. You rogue. You scoundrel. You ... you cad."

Talia Carlton gaps the last of her venomous accusation in her righteous fury as she ran out of breath and out of names to call him."

"I'll see you hanged for this!"

There was a chilling black fire in Captain Isko Tagaya eyes as if he were daring Talia to defend herself. And Mr. Cumming's taunting laughter filled her ears as it slowly faded away leaving her faced with a man that had less than honorable intentions in regards to her. Captain Isko Tagaya, like Major Pincheon before him, saw the flash of self-righteous, azure fire flare in the clear blue depth of Talia's stunningly expressive eyes as the young beauty turned on him and firmly declared.

"Return me to the "Sagamore" and we shall forget this ever happened. Do you really want the United States of America as an enemy? If I do not send regular reports to Major Pincheon and the Herald everyone will know something is wrong. They will come looking for me."

"You are in the Imperil Japanese Naval Headquarters Miss Carlton. You have been betrayed by your own country man for a very poultry price given your obvious youth and beauty. No one is coming for you, and under Imperil Japanese law I own you body and soul Miss Carlton. Make no mistake my dear young lady you are my concubine..........Now remove your clothing Or I shall do it for you."

Tagaya voice had remained deceptively calm almost detached, yet there was a hint of an iron will beneath the soft velvet tone of his words.

"Do not let me reach five Miss two.......three......"

Each word was softly spoken, clearly annunciated, each bringing Talia closer to a dark confrontation with this man who claimed to own her body and soul as if she was some pretty little Geisha doll that one could buy in the market place in its little glass shroud.


Isko Tagaya never showed any sign of agitation as he reached Five but merely reached for the auburn haired beauty.

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