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Fantasy bi racial encounter in the depths of Africa.

She had fire red hair on her head, and as my eyes went down I found more to my liking. She was dressed in a tight black number that ended high thigh and then those sexy legs began, long smooth and calling me to touch them and feel them.

My eyes looked back up and grazed those perky breasts of hers, 38Ds I judged and firm too, and her face, that sexy face, those red lips, deep blue eyes, and such a smile on this lady. I was hooked on her looks, could her personality be just as good I wondered? While I was looking her over, she was doing the same, I had broad shoulders, hazel eyes that seemed to look into your soul, black hair, and one heck of a tux on, definitely not rented. She glanced past me to my mode of transportation, a DODGE RAM!!!! Oooooohhhhhh she cooed silently. She loved Dodge Rams, especially having sex in them; I was about to find that out.

She gently squeezed her thighs together and found that she was starting to get wet and turned on. So she asked, where do we eat to night? Oh I got somewhere special in mind I replied. As we climbed into my Dodge, her dress went up a bit to reveal more of those sexy legs. My pants were starting to get a little tight if you know what I mean. As I drove we engaged in general conversation, like the weather, friends, life and that sort of stuff. Then she asked me if I would mind finding a rest room she could use, cause she had to go.

I pulled over at a rest stop and she went in and came back out in two minutes. As she got in she asked, mind holding these for me, as she handed me her sexy lacey black thong. WOW!! Would I? I would be honored. My pants got a lot tighter since I knew she wasn't wearing any panties and her pussy was all exposed. As we drove I noticed her right hand dipping under her dress and she would quiver ever so slightly as we chatted and drove on. I asked if she was having fun and she said yeeesssssss. I asked if she wanted help. YESSSSSSSS ooooh yeeesssssss she moaned.

I pulled the truck over to a secluded spot and turned off the engine. I got out and went around to her door and opened it. I got a good bed here want to use it? I asked her. Yes she replied. I carried her to the truck bed and sat her down. I looked at her eyes were sexy and beckoning me to touch her all over. She noticed we were in a secluded spot and she unzipped her dress letting her firm taut breasts fall to freedom. They were bathed in pale moonlight as I started to play and fondle them. I gently sucked one of her nipples till it was hard and erect and my hand moved the other on to do the same. Yes baby touch them suck them ohhh touch my pussy please, she begged...

I could only obligate the lady. I lifted the rest of her dress over her head and she sat there in her high heels naked, a bright patch of red bushy hair accented in-between her thighs. Oh man, I am in for on heck of a good time, I said as I touched her swollen pussy lips and felt her hot heat. I slipped a finger in and she moaned in delight. I sensed she was aroused and drenched.

Her hips began to rock softly against my fingers fast she moved and moaned. She ripped off my shirt with her free hand and ran her fingers through my chest hair. Ummmm she grinned and moaned. Got more down below, she inquired? I undid my pants and eased out of them and my silk black boxers. Nice tent pole she replied as my hard long penis was free. Care to stick that in me and give me a taste of your cum? She asked. Heck yeah, I replied as she climbed on top of my penis and eased herself down, sliding her wetness all around my manhood.

She moaned and quivered as my penis filled her up beyond all expectations.

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