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The new couple in the neighborhood share a sexy afternoon.

. . And then I felt something. Like someone was looking at me. I took a glance behind me and saw a male figure sitting in a chair in a dark corner. Not menacing, but definitely interested in what I, correction, we were doing. Well if he wants to watch, then let me give him a show he'll remember. Make him want to be part of it all, but not let him know I want him involved. So I continued slipping the straps off her shoulders and trailing kisses across the top of her chest.

"Go lower," she said.

"As you wish Victory," I responded. How do I know her name is Victory? I don't know, I just knew it was. So I continued my kisses down a notch and around one wonderfully rounded breast. I ventured lower to her flat abdomen, and got down on bended knee as I considered if I dared to go there. Not yet; so I let my hands explore a perfect ankle, around a soft calf . . . By the time I got to the upper thighs I was breathless with anticipation. Victory let her tunic fall to the floor and I had complete unobstructed access to my goal, that little haven that lies between the legs of a woman.

I'll admit I was a bit apprehensive, I hadn't done something like that in years; and even then I didn't think I was great at it. Acceptable-yes, good-maybe; but great at it, I didn't think so. But I went for it. Thinking of every instruction and description I ever read in book and short story form. I could smell her need, it was musky and welcoming.

I dove in! Behind the bit of golden hair my tongue found the area between her outer and inner labia. Huh, this may not be as hard as I thought! And with that thought I moved my tongue towards the front and found 'the start button.' I heard her moan and somehow I knew just what to do from there. I moved further, and into the inner sanctum. I felt her shudder and knew I was definitely moving in the right direction. I raised my arms up and felt around her rounded buttocks; it was tight yet soft, not too big but not small. I slipped my fingers down the joining of her but-cheeks and inserted one small finger up the back door. I heard Victory gasp, her thighs tightened, and she started grinding into me. And then I felt her surrender, her juices came flowing into my mouth like; sweet like honey from a hive. I was actually quite please with myself, but felt rather left out because the heat had built up between my legs from the moment I started to eat her up. I wanted some action too.

Victory took me by the hand and went to the bed nearby. She laid me down and began with kisses on my stomach then worked her way up to suckle on my breast. Victoria's hands went down and she slid one finger in me, then two, then three, while her thumb started rubbing on my clit. Waves of pleasure started rolling through me, over my head and down to the tip of my toes. Oh it feels so good, please don't ever stop!

"Victory always wins," she said just before capturing my lips and drowning in a warm passionate kiss. She then slid her legs between my legs and ground into me. To think that once I thought the only way to achieve pleasure down there was by insertion. Victory showed me how wrong I was in that assumption. What had started out as waves of pleasure quickly grew. I couldn't think straight, wasn't paying attention to anything around me, all I could focus was the huge orgasm that was building and yearning for the release. And with a huge shudder throughout my body I came, big. Breath, darn it breath! Now I knew why the French called it 'the little death;' if an orgasm is big enough you forget everything, including how to breath.

It took me a few moments to catch my breath. In that time the man from the corner had gotten up, climbed on the bed, and was kneeling naked beside my head. I snapped my attention from his dick, which was inches away from me, and looked up to find him staring at me. "Are you satisfied yet? Or do you need some more," he asked.

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