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A school teacher of misspent youth is blackmailed for sex.

Oops, afraid she can't answer any questions you might have because her mouth is otherwise occupied at this moment. You see, Athena is sucking on Paolo's eight-inch, uncircumcised Latino monster cock. The Mexican Midget and former wrestler thrust his cock down Athena's throat. And she took everything he had to give her, and then some. Yes! All his life he dreamed of fucking a sexy tall blonde bitch like her and now his wildest fantasy was coming true at last.

Larry did the high-five sign to his friend Etienne Mathieu, a burly Haitian-American Midget who stood all of four-foot-two, but like the others, was muscular and tough-looking. Etienne lay underneath Athena, amazingly supporting her six-foot-six, 230-pound body with his surprisingly strong hands as he thrust his nine-inch, uncircumcised Caribbean cock into her asshole. Athena was getting fucked every which way. She had Latin dick in her mouth, Jamaican dick in her cunt and Haitian-American cock in her asshole. What more could a woman want? More! After greedily sucking on Paolo's thick Latin cock until he came, blowing his load all over her face, Athena P. Kensington drank his cum, licking his cock and polishing his balls with her tongue. Paolo smacked her face with his big dick a couple of times, just like he'd seen guys do to women in porno movies. Athena laughed and he laughed as well, then it was onto round two.

This time, Paolo had a go with Athena's pussy while Larry tried her succulent mouth. The tall blonde-haired White chick's emerald eyes widened at the sight of a juicy Black cock approaching her face. Larry waved his big Black dick in front of her face, teasing her. When he finally pressed his manhood against her lips, Athena hungrily took him into her mouth and began sucking his cock like her life depended on it. Larry laughed and ran his hands through Athena's long blonde hair as she sucked his dick with gusto. He asked his friend Paolo how he was doing and the Latin Midget thanked him for stretching Athena's cunt, for Larry was the one fucking her earlier. Larry laughed and continued thrusting his dick down Athena's throat, loving how enthusiastically she practically devoured his manhood. A lot of chicks out there weren't very good at the ancient art of cock sucking. By far, the world's leading champions at cock sucking were White women. As many bisexual men, Larry included, would say, White women outperform even gay men when it comes to sucking dick. Amen to that. They're the world champs, and Larry couldn't agree more.

Larry Winters asked his buddy Etienne Mathieu, the Haitian-American stud from the City of Miami, State of Florida, how he was doing under the lovely European Australian goddess Athena Kensington. The brother from the island of Haiti replied that he was doing just fine, with Athena's weight practically smothering him as he thrust his hips vigorously, slamming his thick Caribbean cock deep inside the tall and big-bottomed White woman's tight asshole. Hot damn. Etienne Mathieu, the Haitian Midget sensation from the South didn't care if he got smothered as long as he got to fuck a hot piece of juicy White ass. He continued pounding Athena's asshole with deep, powerful thrusts of his thick ebony cock. How he loved the feel of her asshole around his member. Hot damn. It was the most awesome feeling in the world. When Athena inadvertently let one slip, as in she passed out gas/farted while getting fucked in her tight White ass by his dick Black dick, he laughed. That stuff was just mad funny.

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