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Marcia's got it.

On the way, there were hoots and hollers but she had a drink in her hand. She handed it to me and flashed her tits to a balcony full of guys. They showered her with beads. She gave me a kiss but "let" me hold on to her drink. Great.

Actually, it was pretty good. She was in the mood now, flashing half a dozen folk on the way to our third bar. A couple of guys even had cameras and she was all for it, posing with her magnificent tits out and a coy look on her face.

She whispers into my ear: "Check when we get home."


"You just know they're all going to wind up on the web."

I give her a nudge. "With your set? Of course - but they're all front-page pictures. You've haven't done anything worthy of the members-only gallery yet."


"Hey, the night is young."

A couple more drinks, a little Dixieland jazz and she was roaring - actually giving me beads from her collection to give to other girls. That was a blessing and a curse alike. I'd never seen so many tits in person in my life. It was just this steady stream of wonderful jiggling: wide, narrow, big or perky, it was fantastic. The downsides? It was all hands-off and My God, I just wanted to reach out and touch. Second, I was sure that by now, my dick was going to be permanently imprinted with a zipper mark.

Jessica, by now, was just another glorious addition to The Boobs of the World. At some point, though, she'd decided to get my attention all over again. On one particular request, she lifted her shirt and - as she stared at me - actually brushed her nipples to make them pop out. Necklaces granted, laughs had, admirers stagger off.

I nodded with a big shit-eating grin. "Whoa, fondleage? How are you going to top that one?"

She didn't; at least not right away.

It was getting late and we both decided it was time to hit another bar. We were smart, though: we'd hit the john before we hit the street. On the way out the back entrance, we edged past a thick crowd when she got another request.

By now, I was only watching half her flashes - there's plenty of boob out there. In a dark corner, though, with only so many guys in view (all of whom were just short of bowing before her), she lifted her shirt. I heard gasps (did I mention she's got great tits?).

She made sure to catch my eye on this one. With her shirt lifted, she gave them the obligatory shake - then cupped and hefted her globes with her nipples sliding between her fingers. This got some admiring oohs and aahs (including mine) and that appreciation sparked boob squeezes like she was an exotic dancer. She rolled her nipples between her fingers, then pinched and pulled them for a very appreciative group of guys.

On the way out, she bit her lip. It had to be 1 am, her chest was pressed against me and I felt her nipples through her shirt. Her voice was a bit shaky. "Did I go too far?"

"You're right here."

"You know what I mean."

"For me or for you?"

That one stopped her. She thought about it, then blinked. "For you."

"You didn't go far enough."

She rolled her eyes, almost dismissive my bravado, but she was biting that lip again.

We made it around front and looked for our next place. With all the alcohol, we were ready to coast on the buzz for a while.

As we walked, we took a shortcut past a slightly out-of-the way old house that had its own party going. On the upper front balcony, there were at least a dozen guys - and when they saw Jessica, we heard a chorus of pleas.

She went to hand me her drink. I handed her mine instead and I flashed the group. That got a good round of laughs. While I had the momentum - and she had the drinks - I stepped behind, grabbed her shirt and practically lifted it over her head. Tag-team flashing. She was a little surprised at first then I could tell she really got into it. Her shoulders relaxed, she leaned over and gave them a burlesque-quality shimmy.

I, of course, couldn't shut up. "Oh, come on! Give 'em a REAL show!"

With the green light, Jessica gave them the full cupping, nipple-r

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