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Nina meets the princess and her maid.

"Good, now make love to one another," instructed Dukes.

Edward's sisters-in-law were no longer surprised about what Dukes was demanding, besides, their kissing was so intense and passionate that lust slowly began to engulf them both.

Lauren gave a slight moan as Janet kissed her neck. At the same time her sister-in-law's hand went to her back and pulled the zipper of her dress down. Lauren replicated Janet as she too kissed Janet's neck. Their dresses slid to the floor simultaneously, revealing the fact that both had worn lacy underwear. Lauren's was black and Janet wore red. As she kissed and nibbled her sister-in-law's shoulder, Janet pushed down the straps of Lauren's bra and quickly discarded the garment.

"Oooh," moaned Lauren as Janet began to suck and lick the nipples of her wonderful breasts. Her moaning continued as her sister-in-law skilfully made her way down Lauren's slim waist. Janet paused for a moment as she slid Lauren's knickers to the floor.

As she knelt, Janet placed her hands on Lauren's bare hips and with obvious expertise; she gently began to probe her sister-in-law's trimmed pussy with her tongue and began to lash her clit.

By now Lauren was caught up in ecstatic pleasure and joy. Her moaning became louder and seemed to encourage Janet. There was almost an anticlimax for Lauren as Janet suddenly withdrew her tongue and pushed her down onto the bed. Rapidly removing her own underwear, she eased herself onto her sister-in-law and soon both were overcome with crazed lesbian pleasure as their warm bodies became excited as they touched.

Janet and Lauren had become so involved that they had forgotten Dukes who was now naked and joined them. All this time all three remained unaware that Edward and his mother had observed it all.

Edward was fascinated and excited as he noticed his mother battling her lust. She crossed her legs several times, clearly aroused at the sight of her daughters-in-law's nakedness. It was a definite turn on for his mother.

Once again Edward used the device and the screen disappeared upwards towards the ceiling. He turned to his mother, who was still clearly aroused by what she had just witnessed and taking her head he moved towards her and kissed her passionately.

Yvonne made no protest; indeed, she encouraged her son by prolonging the kiss. When he took her hand she stood up with him, guessing what he was about to do, or at least hoping he would.

Yvonne wasn't disappointed as Edward, having kissed her moist lips again, moved gently to her neck. It made Yvonne shudder. What she found more exciting was feeling the zipper of her full length dressed being pulled. Yvonne simply shrugged her shoulders and the long green garment floated to the floor.

The sight of Yvonne's wonderful breasts straining to escape the confines of her lacy red low cut bra aroused Edward, just as she had hoped.

Continuing to kiss his mother's bare neck, he unsnapped her bra and again Yvonne allowed the loosened garment slip from her shoulders and onto the floor, allowing her breasts to spring forth.

"Ooooh," moaned Yvonne as her son gorged her breasts with his mouth. His expert licking and sucking excited her body.

Edward gently pushed Yvonne onto the bed. She eased her arse up and her son removed her tights and lacy knickers in one swoop. Yvonne's mature naked body seemed to arouse every animal passion within Edward as he stripped rapidly, carelessly discarding his clothes before mounting his prey.

Yvonne moaned deeply as her son licked, sucked and nibbled as he made his way down her body with his tongue. Each gentle touch, from her neck, shoulder and finally her firm breasts broad moan after moan from Yvonne.

"Oh my God," she cried as Edward made a decreasing circle around her right breast with his tongue that culminated with his arrival at her nipple that he once again began to lick and suck. Eventually he dived into the deep valley between her breasts and began to work on Yvonne's left breast which resulted in the same excited reaction from his mother.

"Oooh," she moaned a

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