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His secret nearly exposed, Doug is faced with a choice.

Even going so far as to call her bubble butt.

The lab coated man moved on and Sophie inspected the room she was in. It was small. Contained within it were only two other girls and a table with four seats on one side.

Farthest away from the entrance to the room was a redhead girl, somewhat shorter than Sophie. She wasn't tall, but Sophie stood at a respectable 5'6". However, this redhead looked about 4 inches shorter than she was. Sophie glanced down and realized that she might be slightly bustier.

The other girl in the room was less endowed. She looked like a solid C cup but looked quite perky. Her silky black hair flowed in rivulets and lighted just above her shoulders. Her butt was quite more impressive. Her slim jeans accented the mass of flesh back there. It looked firm and squeezable. Like a perfect pillow.

Then the man in the lab coat went down the line, handing each girl a stick of lipstick. "Please apply this lipstick when you get home. You will report their effect tomorrow at this same time. This is for our new line of makeup so please follow the rules and report honestly how your experience was. That is all, you may leave." As soon as he ended his monologue Sophie was out the door.

She was ready to leave and the first day of this had already gotten her a little freaked. She felt like a subject, not a volunteer.

When she got home, she went to her mirror and pulled out the lipstick. She twirled it in her hands. Stopping it only briefly to notice what the label said. "Bimbo pink" chuckled Sophie. That's certainly a name that shows what kind of audience this lipstick is trying to appeal to, she thought.

Sophie went about her nightly routine. Watching tv and checking the internet mostly. She then, as usual, after dressing in her pajamas, took a makeup wipe to her face. She decided not to remove the lipstick, after some thought, it made her lips look a little plumper than usual. And although the name of the lipstick didn't particularly appeal to her, she did end up liking the shade. It wasn't the neon pink she suspected, rather a nice cute pink that, although bright, had its appeal.

Sophie awoke with a yawn. She felt refreshed and although she knew today, she would have to work extra hard to make up for her performance, she somehow felt excited to go to work. She got out of bed and started to walk over to the mirror. She was slightly taken a back at what she saw. Overnight it appeared that her lips had swelled to almost twice their size last night. They were plump and sexual. She stuck out her tongue and began to run it along the length of them. However, she was stopped the second her tongue and lip touched. She gasped.

Her lips were incredibly sensitive. Just running her tongue along a small part of them felt like her clit was being licked. She couldn't help it. Subconsciously she pressed her hips against the dresser beneath her mirror and her tongue ran back and forth along her pink bimbo lips.

She almost couldn't stop herself. But she stepped back and retracted her tongue. Her heart was racing, and her chest was heaving. She was panting, and she couldn't close her mouth. She had been so close to orgasming right there and then. She walked over to the kitchen carefully, noticing that a wet spot had formed on the panties she had worn to bed.

She attempted to have her usual cereal for breakfast, but barely made it four spoonfuls before her legs automatically began to spread apart, the wet spot between her legs growing. She barely made it another two spoonfuls before running to the bathroom. She lay sprawled on the floor. Desperately working with a hand down the front of her underwear. She reached out for the cabinet under her sink pulling out her dildo. She started to move it downwards but reconsidered. She put the long phallic item between her lips. She came almost instantly.

Her belly twitched, and her hips pumped into the air against her hand as she came explosively on her floor. Sophie's body shook, and she moaned as she rode out the climax.

Her lips sensitivity had dul

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