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Abalix peered over her, "Look, the subject's face is already dry! Wonderful absorption... Prime, I think our guest is ready for a second douse."

"Yes mistress," the imp nodded.

"And Prime..."

"Yes mistress?"

"Administer the next douse through her mouth."

"Goody!" the imp cheered as moved to her again.

The imp's cock, into my mouth? "How dare you even suggest that?" whispered Sonia in fury. "I'd rather die!"

The imp giggled, once again climbing onto her.

"You dare put that in my mouth, I'll bite it off!"

The imp planted himself on her chest- presenting himself.

"Oh!" she moaned inexplicably and stared at a big beautiful green cock hung over her face. She shivered under the restraints.

"What sorcery is this?" Sonia whispered feeling her rage slip into confusion. Was this even the same imp? It looks so different, she thought. Her eyes shone with fascination.

"Look Prime," the demoness noted, "this mortal is already having quite the change of heart."

"Yeah!" the imp cheered as he wiggled his hard-on above Sonia's face, "You like the look of this now don't you bitch?"

"N-no!" Sonia responded but she blushed. She licked her lips, staring at its rock hard cock. The way he waved it in front of her felt strangely hypnotic. And had it smelled that good before? Nothing in the world smelled that good!

The demoness laughed, "Go ahead and try to fight. I want you to try, because I know it won't matter. You laugh and insult my creation, but I know you have never faced anything like it. I know you have no chance against the magic in this imp. Centuries of design...The ultimate creation of the ultimate creator. You will fall to its power. It. is. Perfect."

"Perfect?," Sonia asked with confusion, unable to stop staring at it.

"Yes! I know one simple fact: no female can resist its magic!"

In a daze Sonia felt the imp pull her head close to him, pressing his rod to her lips. That perfect smell, it made her feel dizzy.

But no, she had to fight, resist this foul corruption! She had to...

Her eyes widened in shock as he shoved forward.

"Ugg!" she gagged. How? No! She couldn't believe it, she had wanted to resist, but she reacted instantly- her mouth smoothly parting to let in the green shaft with a welcoming kiss.

"Mmm, mmm, " she moaned. She felt it pass deep into her throat with every push.

"Good, keep sucking it slut," Prime mocked.

I'm sucking... demon cock?, she thought. Sonia knew it was crazy, but it also felt right. It felt almost... familiar? Yes, familiar. Similar to the motions of wielding a weapon she had trained and studied for years. The same familiar feelings of mastery, where her motions to block, dodge, and strike came faster than even thought. Her mouth moved like she had trained for these motions. Sucking his imp cock felt like using a weapon technique she had worked years to learn.

It is a weapon, she thought, I'm sucking on a scepter of pure corruption. She felt it pulse power that vibrated into her bones. It was affecting her, radiating corruption. Disgust welled inside of her- being attacked this way, but she couldn't fight it. She had no defense against whatever this was. She even couldn't stop herself from diligently slurping on the imp's cock.

"I told you, you'd love it!" the demoness offered.

Damn it! Sonia's face burned with shame, because the demoness was right about that too. It felt too good!

It's sick, she thought, my mouth being raped by demon cock... but I do... I love it. It made her whole body rock with pleasure. What compared to this, strapped to a table, being face fucked by this little green imp? It shouldn't be, but nothing in her whole life had ever felt this way. It felt so good to press her face to take in more of his delicious dick.

"Now be a good slut and swallow my cum," the imp ordered.

Oh god, she thought and braced herself. The cum on her face had hit her so hard. Look what that corruption did to me, she thought with worry. Now more being sent down her throat made her wonder, will this break her?

The imp grunted and she felt a surge of powe

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