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A humorous look at the loving wives genre.

This pattern repeats for several minutes, and just when you start to tense up to your first orgasm of the evening, I slide a finger deep into you and suck at your clit. My fingers stroke the ridge just inside and opposite your clit, and the dual pressure sends you makes your pussy clench onto my fingers. You throw your head back and emit a low pitched moan that makes me shiver.

still in the afterglow, yu realize that I am still licking and sucking at your labia. I have pulled your nether lips into my mouth and am sucking and nibbling on them to clean them of any and all juices, yet for some reason they keep pouring from you. I stay there licking and sucking for what feels like an eternity of sheer pleasure to you but is really no more than an hour.

Finally you can take no more of this extreme pleasure. "Dear Gods please... Please... I need to feel you in me..."

"As you wish"

I climb on top of you and slide my now rock solid cock deep into you. The velvety walls of your pussy caressing and feel wondrous around my cock. I start off with long slow strokes, designed to keep you cumming longer and harder than you have ever imagined.

But soon I know that the oral work out I gave you earlier has taken its toll on me as well. I pump harder and faster until only a few minutes has passed and I am cumming deep inside of you. "Oh Gods... I can't hold it any longer... I'm Cumming!!!" I yell out to you.

That was our first time together that evening but certainly not the least. It is time to try out some of the things I brought with me. I pull out a blindfold and put it on you.

"I know that it will be a short time before I am ready to make love to you again so I made sure to be prepared to entertain you." I say as I slide the blindfold over your eyes.

My fingertips trail across your sweat soaked skin. Then suddenly you feel my lips and tongue sucking and licking at your left breast and tit. I pull my mouth away and blow cool air gently across the now wet skin, your nipple gets even harder at this sensation, and I immediately take it back into my hot mouth. The contrasting temperatures are working their magic on you and you are once again wet and willing.

The cool metal from my dagger pendant rollsacross your stomach and up to your breasts to stroke between them then circle each aureole tenses.you up in anticaption before you again feel my tongue and mouth cover your luscious breasts.

The blindfold enhancing your sensations of touch, and the never knowing where or with what I would strike next, your entire body quivers with repressed lust. You can take no more and you peel the blindfold off to see me lying next to you waiting so as to heighten the anticipation again.

"My turn." You say to me and reach down to grasp my soft cock in your gentle hands.

You kiss your way down my body and take the head of my cock in your mouth gently sucking and licking at the head, until it starts firming again. Onehand stroking me harder as your other hand toys with my balls.

You continue stroking and sucking me for what seems an eternity to me but is probably no more than 10 minutes, before I am hard enough for your purposes. You climb on top of me and sheathe me inside you. I groan out loud in the pleasure I feel, and my hands stroke up your body to play with your breasts and tease you some more.

I can feel your tightness squeezing my cock, and I know that you are about to climax again. I reach to your nipples, one with each hand and pinch them firmly. You gasp at the sensation and explode in orgasm on top of me. You collapse nearly unconscious. I kiss you until you are once again full awake.

"No sleeping until the night is over m'dear. This is no fun if you sleep through it..." I whisper and wink at you.

I pull you up to your hands and knees and climb behind you on the bed.

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