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Serenity becomes more.

In what I had come to learn was typical for Alice, she blurted, "I never have sucked Jim's cock like I have in the past 12 hours. I cannot get over how excited that little show made me last night. I always loved Jim's cock, but now I have seen a Horse of a different color, so to speak."

We all laughed at her little pun.

"So Gloria, did you suck off Lance last night? Did that whole thing get you going, too?" Alice asked.

A week ago a question like that would have embarrassed and angered my wife. But then a week ago she couldn't have answered in the affirmative.

"I sure did!" answered my wife. Was this the same woman I married almost 25 years ago?

"I was so hot I couldn't wait to get my lips around Mr. Peeper," Gloria stated. I found myself wishing she hadn't used our little nickname. "Lance stripped my top off in the elevator last night after you guys got off and it stopped before it got to our floor."

"Shit!" exclaimed Jim. I knew we should have seen you two to your door. I would love to see your tits, Gloria!"

Again I looked at Gloria. She smiled as if she had been given a supreme compliment. The woman I had lived with for almost 25 years would have slapped his face and stomped off in a huff.

"Well thanks, Jim," she answered. "We will be here for two weeks and who knows what Lance has in store for me. Any way, I was topless when a couple in their mid-thirties stepped into the elevator. I was so embarrassed and turned on at the same time. The woman smiled at me and told Lance he had a nice little slut and said her husband wanted to see my tits."

"Christ!" moaned Jim. "I missed it!"

"Then Lance pulled my arms down that I was covering myself with," continued Gloria as she favored Jim with another 'thank you' smile. "The husband reached out and pinched my nipples real hard. It hurt and felt fantastic at the same time. I think I had a small orgasm right there!"

"Wow, Gloria, that sounds so hot!" gushed Alice. "Jim never exposes me to anyone. I think he is ashamed of my 45 year old body."

"Where the hell is this coming from?" demanded Jim. "I'd run you around the mall naked if it would get me another night like the last one! I never knew you wanted to be exposed in public."

"I shouldn't have to tell you, Jim," Alice answered. "You should be like Lance and know what I need and want, and I should not be given any choice!"

"Well I'll be damned all to hell," muttered Jim. "I never guessed it."

Gloria broke in again and went on, "Lance made me suck him off for being such a slut. He saw us jerk Horse off and eat his cum, and then a total stranger pinched my nipples. He punished me for quite some time. He must have eaten me to five or six orgasms."

"Gloria, you are making me jealous!" complained Alice. "Jim ate me to one and then fucked the shit out of me for a couple more. I suppose I can't complain, though."

I was listening and trying to digest all this information. It seemed that women, at least these two, secretly wanted to be dominated and made to perform sexual acts. I was learning more about women in one day than I had in my first fifty years!

We ordered a lunch and ate it next to the pool. The conversation drifted to other, less titillating things. We decided to take a trip and see the local sights. As I suspected would happen, we wound up shopping for clothes.

Jim was bitching about it until I took him aside and told him we could make the shopping thing work for us.

"I have been learning about women at an exponential rate on this vacation, Jim," I told him. "Would you mind if I have a little fun with Alice? It won't be anything too bad and I think she will be horny as hell if it works."

"I've only known you a day but I like you, Lance," admitted Jim. "As long as you don't hurt Alice, go for it."

Gloria was in a changing room when I walked up to Alice with an outfit. Jim was staying out of sight.

"Put this on and show me how it looks, Alice," I insisted.

She looked at me and then at the outfit I had selected. I saw her eyes flicker.

"I can't try that on, Lance.

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