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A minor accident results in big changes for Chris.

She usually kept it tied up neatly on top of her head. My heart pounded as I saw the free locks of hair dance over her shoulder.

"Now just relax and enjoy yourself, Claire," Mark said calmly from his perch behind his desk.

As he spoke, Stephanie crossed the room to stand behind me.

"I think you'll find our departure from the norm today...quite enlightening."

I nodded my head, unable to find the words to communicate my curiosity.

Feeling Stephanie's gentle touch on my shoulders, I eased back into the chair as she began to massage them lightly. My entire body let go as she kneaded my muscles with masterful skill and I felt my eyelids begin to lower as my mind filled with a delightful heaviness.

Her hands soon moved from my shoulders, down the front of my blouse, my pulse quickened once again, as her fingers expertly undid the buttons of my shirt and pulled it open. Still drowsy from her care, I offered no resistance as she removed the shirt entirely, throwing it on the floor.

Easing her hands back to my shoulders, she slowly removed each strap of my bra, kissing my neck tenderly as she did so. Taking in a deep breath, I sighed quietly as sweet sensation began to crawl up my spine and through my arms. Gingerly she removed the garment and ran her fingers down to my newly exposed breasts.

My body ached as she lightly caressed them, gently teasing the nipples and continuing to kiss my softly. I prayed she would never stop, that I could just sit like this bathed in the touch of her lips and hands forever.

Sensing my complete surrender, she easily took hold of my right arm and guided it behind the chair. Feeling the cold touch of leather, my heart leapt as I felt her close a leather cuff upon my wrist. Repeating the procedure with the other arm, I felt my sex begin to moisten as she tied the bind between the two cuffs. Moving on she bound each ankle and secured them to the legs of the chair imprisoning me in my seat.

My pulse raced as I struggled against my confinement, in an involuntary effort of futility. Stepping before me as if to inspect her work, Stephanie looked down at me. Suddenly gripped with self-consciousness, I looked down to avoid Stephanie's penetrating gaze. Taking my chin in her hand, she tilted my head up so my eyes could once again meet her own. Satisfied that I would not look away, she took her hand away and began to strip.

Standing naked in front of me, I was completely awash in her beauty. My arms struggled to free themselves as I longed to touch her, kiss her, feel her soft skin next to mine. Leaning forward, she kissed me tenderly, holding her lips next to mine. Teasing my exposed nipple with her finger, I moaned softly, arching forward and sending streams of scintillating pain through my muscles as I fought to get closer to her.

She stood upright placing her pussy directly in front of me and looked down at me, penetrating me with her gaze. "Lick me Claire," she commanded.

Eagerly I complied, reaching out to shower gorgeous sex with kisses. As she moved closer to me, I licked furiously, teasing and nibbling her clit, lapping up the delicious juices and burying my tongue deep inside of her. Twisting in the chair I worked at a fevered pace, her satisfaction was my own. I was hers completely. Moaning with pleasure, she bucked her pussy against my face as I moved my hips in response.

Suddenly she took a step back and looked away from me. I struggled and moaned to get free, confused as to why she had moved away, unable to pursue her.

Following her glance, I saw standing on the other side of the room a strange man, completely naked, staring at us. He walked over towards her and took her in his arms, kissing her passionately. My heart leapt out of my chest as pulled forward against the chair with all my might, tortured by the sight of her with him.

Painfully I watched as he caressed her skin and fondled her breasts, his erect cock pressed against her.

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