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Jane finds a way round her daughter’s rules for John.

"What happened, Johnny?"

John looked Max in the eye and got the "look" that meant "DON'T CALL ME JOHNNY!" Max smiled and patted him on the back.

"This kid at school said that I deserved to have died with my loser ass parents," John said getting a harsh tone in his voice. "So I pushed him. Before I knew it there were three kids on me holding me down as he got on top and punched me in the stomach than hit me in the face. He was about to hit me again when the teacher came out and stopped him."

Max's face turned from pain to anger but he held it in the best he could. "What did you do?"

John closed his eyes and let the tears fall. "I did nothing. I'm such a loser. I couldn't save my parents and I couldn't save myself."

Max looked at John and stood up. "What do you mean you couldn't save your parents?"

John got up and looked out at the road in front of the house. "I knew they were going to die three months before it happened and there was nothing I could do to stop it. I could smell the burning flesh; I could feel the heat on my body as I slept that night. They were dead and there was nothing I could do. Nothing I could do!"

Before Max could say anything John ran down the street crying and disappeared around the corner. Could he have it? Max thought as he watched John run away. "Ah Crap!"


John ran as hard as he could down the street. Every muscle in his body hurt, his head pounded and he could feel his blood boiling through his body. Something was wrong, he knew it was about to happen again.

"No, not know!" He yelled as he came to stop at the front of the cemetery. John fell to his knees in pain. The pain was so intense that if a normal passerby on the street saw it they would think that he was dying. He thought he was because his brain felt like it was on fire. The pain shot through his body faster than anything ever before. It was coming on quicker than before.

This is different and John knew it.

"SOMEONE HELP ME!" John screamed as the darkness took over.

The world burned!

Bodies were everywhere, blackened by the fires and nothing left except for the charred bones.

The cities were crumpled and empty, the towers that stood once now lay on their sides, windows smashed, doors bashed in, and some still burned with the crimson color of the fires that feed off of them.

John stood in the center of what was once Central Park and watched in horror as the world he once knew was no more.

"What is going on?" He said out loud knowing that no one would hear him.

'This is going to happen,' a voice said in John's head.

"Who said that?" John said as he looked around and saw no one. "I know you're there?"

Nothing moved.

Than out of the corner of his eye a young boy in his late teens stepped out of the shadows and walked up to John.

He was a normal looking boy. He was about sixteen years of age, a little older than John. He had long black hair that was pulled back in a lose ponytail, brown eyes, wore a black leather jacket and a pair of tattered blue jeans. He had a long scar that ran down the left side of his face.

'You see before you the fate of mankind,' the boy said in a thick Cajun accent as he walked closer to John. 'Nothing can stop it from happening. It's their fate. Man has lived to long in the ignorance of their Ancestors. If they had listened years ago this would never happen. Oh well, Johnny-boy face the facts, man will die and you will be the cause of it.'

"WHAT DO YOU MEAN?" John yelled looking at the boy. "HOW CAN I CAUSE THIS?"

The boy just looks at John and laughs. 'Trust me, you will know. Oh and by the way. A little gift for you welcoming you to the game.'

John looks at the boy and as the boy grins he pulls out a long sword spins it around and runs the blade through John's body. As John screams out the boy pulls the sword out, licks the blood off and smiles down at John.

'I'll be seeing you soon Johnny-Boy. And trust me, we will have fun!' as the boy walks away John screams out and is developed in darkness.


John woke up in the hospital three days later.

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