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Just Kate and Chad and the mountains and the truth.

"I'll be here. I can't wait."

I smile with excitement as I close the door behind me.


My shift mercifully ends and I hurry to the locker room to change out of my uniform. I curse for only having a pair of well-worn jeans and a black polo shirt. I watch in the mirror as I comb a few extra strokes at the piece of hair that won't stay in place. It continues to be out of place. I shrug my shoulders as I resign my looks to what they are.

I knock on the door and wait with anticipation. My heart pounds hard. It feels like it will burst through my chest and fall on the floor. The door at last opens.

"Hi Robert."

I stare at her wearing a blue blouse and a black skirt that covers about half of her thighs. The left leg is not visible. The right foot wears a black low-heal pump.

"Do I pass inspection?" she teases.

"Oh yeah-h."

I follow her into the room and the door clicks shut behind us. She stops and turns toward me. Her hand returns to my chest and I feel her breath against my face just before she kisses me deeply for a long moment.

"Whew," she exclaims. "I needed a kiss real-l bad." She giggles.

"You look great this way ... much nicer than with the leg." I don't know where words came from and I wonder if I misspoke.


"I hope I didn't say anything wrong."

"No Robert, not at all. I just haven't heard anyone say that, but I like it."

She leans closer and kisses me again. This time I hold the small of her back and return the kiss. I feel the piece of thigh move against me as the kiss continues. The crutches fall to the floor and a little of her weight transfers to me as she balances on one foot. My hand slides lower and cups an ass cheek. She grinds lightly against me, not rejecting my touch.

"I'd love to kiss you everywhere," I whisper into her mouth.

"Wow." Her face pulls back slightly so she can watch my face. Her smile covers most of her face.

"I bet you taste as wonderful as you are beautiful."

"Wow, wow. He didn't like to do that."

"His loss I guess."

"Honey, I think we might enjoy each other. You're making my pussy quite wet."

"My cock is responding nicely to you."

Her hand rubs the front of my jeans the along the swollen shaft. "My, my. I do like nasty words." She unsnaps my waistband and shoves the zipper down. Her hand works inside my briefs and holds me. "Great cock. I wonder what it will feel like in my cunt." She giggles. "We can do that later. Now, I think we are both wanting to kiss each other all over."

"Yeah." I reach down and grab the end of the short piece of thigh. "Like this." I rub it gently. "It feels nice." I feel it move against my hand and she nods.

I sit on the edge of the bed and undress while watching her suggestively pull her skirt up a little and model by twisting left and right. The skirt moves higher and I see her stump for the first time. It wavers back and forth next to the white boy-cut panties. I wonder if she shaves. I hope so. The skirt falls along the long leg as she unbuttons the blouse. There is no bra and her breasts fall free. She teases the nipples and they stand nicely.

The blouse falls to the floor and she hops away from the skirt circling around her foot. Now she's wearing only the panties and shoe. Her hands rest against her hips and she looks me over. The stump lifts and waves at me.

"I see parts begging me," I tease. "There's still one hiding."

"Maybe you can uncover it."

She hops closer. I smell her wonderful aroma. I can tell I will enjoy the flavor. My hands reach out and pull at the thin fabric, exposing bare skin slowly. Soon I see the shaved skin of her mound. I leave the panties around the top of the thighs and drag a finger over the mound.

"I like it this way," I whisper as my finger drags lightly though the slit then I touch my tongue. "Hmmm ... good." I lean forward and kiss along the folds of skin.

"You're making my knee weak." She giggles.

With a single hop, she sits beside me and pushes the panties over her foot. With s small kick, shoe thuds to the floor.

"There ... all naked."

She l

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