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Will the real Hardy Wilkes please stand up?

Nobody said much whilst we ate, but throughout the meal I did catch Dean glancing at my mom's tits bulging out the side of her top a few times.

Then about ten minutes into the meal, my mom suddenly sat bolt upright, her eyes wide.

"What's wrong?!" I cried in surprise.

"Oh, nothing honey, nothing, just urghh, just had a bit of heartburn is all."

Mom began to relax back into her seat, her eyes fluttering a little; I looked at Dean and saw he was smirking.

'What the fucks going on?' I thought.

I continued to eat and decided to sneak a peek at my mom's fantastic tits a few minutes later, when, much to my surprise I saw her nipples where rock hard and pressing through her top!

'What the fuck!' I thought, and looked at Dean. Dean was smiling and wasn't eating much; he also had one hand under the table.

'Surely not...' I thought 'He can't be...'

I had to know, and so I said I was going to get a drink and at the sink I pretended to knock a fork to the floor, not that I needed to, Mom and Dean were completely ignoring me at this point.

I slowly bent down and peeked under the table to see what was happening. To my dismay I saw my mom legs spread open, with Dean's hand down her shorts, rubbing and thrusting as he massaged her clit and fingered her pussy!

I couldn't believe what I was seeing; my sweet mom was being fingered by my asshole bully, after I had dreamt of doing this for years! I didn't know which I felt more strongly; jealousy or humiliation! I stared intensely at my mom's spread legs, wishing it was me between them, and my cock began to get hard.

I stood back up, and went back to the table and sat down, looking my mom straight in the eyes. She smiled at me as though nothing was going on and then her eyes began to flutter as she bit her bottom lip. She suddenly sat up in her seat, taking a sharp breath and biting down on her lip with her eyes closed, trying to hide her orgasm from me!

After a few seconds she relaxed, and Dean put his hand back on the table, not even bothering to wipe my mom's pussy juice of his fingers, I looked at my mom blushing and said in a quiet voice;


"Oh...uhmm...yes. Must be this sauce, I don't think I want anymore." My mom said flustered, getting up. As she did so my eyes were immediately drawn to her shorts, where a slight wet patch had appeared on her crotch.

'How could Mom do this to me.' I thought, utterly humiliated.

Once we had cleared up from dinner, Mom said she was going to have a shower, in order, I presume, to cool down from the intense fingering my bully had just given her.

Me and Dean sat in silence watching TV whilst my mom had her shower, but I noticed that Dean, like me, had a bulge in his pants, clearly aroused by what had just occurred (although I couldn't help but note how Dean's bulge appeared to be significantly bigger than my own).

We heard my mom coming down the stairs and both turned to look at her, she slowly descended the stairs wearing nothing but a towel! The towel was wrapped tightly around her body, and was only long enough to just barely cover the bottom of her tits and the top of her ass which bulged out the bottom.

Both mine and Dean's mouths hung open in shock as we looked upstairs, and were treated with a clear view of my mom's golden brown pussy lips and ass cheeks. I had seen my mom naked so many times whilst I watched her change and even masturbate, but I don't think I'd ever been as turned on by her as I was now.

She walked over to the two us, smiling at our expressions and our stares at her tits which all were all but falling out the top of the towel.

"I'm going to bed now." She said.

"Dean needs to stay in my room tonight. His dad said so; he has a medical condition that needs checking through the night." She said, clearly lying.

"What medical condition!" I said appalled.

"None of your fucking business!" barked Dean getting up, making my mom smile.

By dick began to shrink in fear, "W..Where will he sleep."

"On the camping bed. I set it up in my room this morning."

"You sh

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