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Lulu is punished, then rewarded.

"Yeah," I said.

"Except at the front, yeah," Sarah added.

"I just trim," she said looking down her body at herself.

She knelt back onto her bed again and looked at us. I stood up off the bed and knelt on the bed that was opposite her. I checked the door was locked and the window was shut, "Just checking," I said with a grin.

Sarah knelt next to me as we faced each other. We were all naked, our hands covering between our legs, knelt up, sat back on our heels as we looked at each other. All of our nipples were erect as we all looked at each other. I moved my hand and Steph's eyes dropped to my pussy. I pushed a finger into myself and closed my eyes tipping my head back. Withdrawing it, I added a second finger and slid them deep inside me. I rocked my hips as I got into the rhythm of it; I knew how to get myself off, and I was purposefully not going for climax. Sarah followed my lead, she stroked her fingers through her pubes before penetrating herself.

Steph watched as we fingered ourselves, her nipples rock hard as she watched two girls masturbate in front of her. After a few minutes she moved her hand, and gently stroked herself. She moaned quite loudly which took her by surprise and she stopped and looked at us. "Don't be too loud, but let yourself go," I encouraged.

We each gently played with ourselves, our noises of satisfaction whispering out into the van as we brought ourselves closer to climax. I felt my tummy pulse and my pussy grip my fingers as I almost came, "Wow," I whispered as I swapped to my clit, pushing hard and vibrating my fingers as fast as I could.

Sarah paused and looked at me, as did Steph; Sarah knew I was going to cum, she knew that I got off on clit attention. "She is gonna cum," Sarah said to Steph who just watched.

I closed my eyes to eliminate the fact that I was going to be observed and rocked my hips on my hand. I heard myself gasp and shudder as ripples pulsed out from between my legs. I felt the rush of warmth as I came, my fingers getting wetter as my body pushed my own excitement onto them. I bit my lip and opened my eyes, my fingers still between my legs but I had stopped.

Sarah and Steph continued, Steph was so gentle, her fingers barely moving as she circled her clit softly with an occasional penetration from her index finger. Sarah held two fingers inside herself as she just pushed on her clit. I felt weird watching, so I gently stroked Sarah's nipple that was closest to me. She gasped to my touch so I followed up with my lips, gently licking her nipple as she fingered herself.

"Sarah's turn," I whispered as I watched her cum.

Her breathing stopped as I sucked her nipple into my mouth, reaching up I squeezed her other one intensifying her orgasm and she held her breath. Any breath would likely come out loudly, so she just held her breath, her hips rocking on her fingers as she pushed her chest towards my tongue and mouth.

"Oh yes," I heard Steph whisper, her fingers increasing in pace between her legs.

She reached up and squeezed her own nipple as she silently came; her body rippling in a way that no faked one could achieve, she humped her own hand for a few moments before stopping and covering her pussy.

We smiled at each other and made ourselves decent. Sarah wrapped herself back into the covers, Steph put her panties and t-shirt back on whereas I put some panties on and a vest from the day before. "Okay?" I asked.

"Yeah," Steph said, "So sexy that, and, well, just so sexy."

"Feels good too," Sarah said.

I put Sarah's jacket on, grabbed my clothes and went for a shower. When I got back Sarah and Steph were up and dressed and awaiting breakfast. The atmosphere was relaxed between us, it could have maybe felt a bit weird after that, but we all seemed okay. The day was generally relaxed, skinny dipping was suggested again, but there were no takers this time. As it happened the rest of them were going today, I was under the impression that we had tonight as well, but they needed to go to work.

As we had paid for the extra night Steph, Jack, My

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