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Marie finds getting past 2nd base has consequences.

She tried to relax her throat to accept him, but to no avail. She gagged briefly and suppressed the urge to puke.

"Come on Girl, I know you can do it."

And do it she did. Fighting the urge that tore at her stomach, she accepted the pressure at the back and then down her contracting throat. He grunted his approval and after what seemed like an eternity of him forcing the length of man flesh repeatedly into her throat, he drew back.

"My balls May... Do my balls."

The lowering of his voice gave her warning. Lifting the thick flesh, she lapped feverishly at the tightened, wrinkled skin that held the venom that would be spilled inside her. She began stroking, her long slender fingers not quite encompassing him. Drawing one of the plum sized testicles into the warmth of her mouth, she forced her free hand explore lower.

"Oh Yeah... G-get up here May!"

She quickly rose to her feet, not wanting to give him an excuse to hurt her. His face was hard now, his eyes blazing with that dark need she feared the most.


She quickly undid the knot under her breasts, freeing them for his hands. The blouse wasn't off before his hands covered her breasts. He was cruel, fondling and then mauling the firm, heavy flesh. She gasped at the sudden attack.

"Like that 'eh May?"


His mouth joined his hands now, abusing her breasts. His lips found her nipples, wetting them before nipping at the sensitive tips. Biting her lower lip hard, May Vincent pressed forward into the abuse and moaned. She knew she had to if she didn't want it to get any worse. And she knew just how bad it could be.

His wet mouth moved over her reddened flesh to her neck. She tipped her head allowing him access. He sucked hard. She moaned again. His mouth covered hers. She drew his tongue deeply inside.

Suddenly, he turned her away from him, pushing her shoulders downward. She caught the edge of the coffee table and quickly glancing at the mirrored wall, made sure he could see her dangling breasts. He pulled her skirt up and over her hips. She shifted her feet apart and made her self relax for the onslaught she knew was coming. His thick fingers invaded her deeply, turning and twisting; forcing the moisture from inside. When she was damp, she waited for his order. The fingers kept busy though, longer than normal and a pang of fear coursed through her.

"Please Sheriff...."

He slapped her ass with his free hand.

"Please what May?"

"F-fuck me... Fuck me now."

She steeled herself for what seemed like an eternity before he finally made up his mind. She felt the heated tip move up and down her sex, parting the shaved folds. She willed herself to push back against him, assuring that indeed he would take her this ways. He slapped at her bottom once more before grabbing her hips and aligning himself. He lunged forward, his voice shaking the room as he ground as deeply as he could into her.


Rolling his hips, he forced her insides to stretch to accommodate him. Shaking now, she began pushing back against him. Anything to get this horrible ordeal over with. He slapped at her ass before beginning to move slowly, making her endure every painful moment. His foul words began filling her ears to complete her humiliation.

"That's a good little whore. You just fuck the mean old sheriff and he'll make sure that worthless piece of shit husband gets out of his cage."

He paused for a moment, running his hands over her back before locking onto her hips.

She knew he was looking at their reflection. She pushed back and rose slightly, trying to ease the pain. He chuckled, grinding against her upturned hips.

"Reach under you May and rub that pussy. I want to feel you come."

She struggled to find her balance before reaching under her taught body.

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