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The kiss changed everything.

She sighed and moved under, resigned to another night of masturbating before going to sleep. When he moved his chair up to his desk she immediately took his dick in her mouth, her hands cupping his balls and stroking his thighs. Twice more that afternoon she sucked him to completion, a few times he reached under to play with her breasts some more, although not as harshly as he had earlier. By the time the day was over she felt a little sick, she'd never swallowed so much cum in such a short period of time, but part of her was very content. Before getting dressed, Michael had had her straddle his lap again and had taken each of her nipples into his mouth, sucking hard and then nipping each one.

That night when she masturbated she turned her own breasts pinker than he had. She fell asleep slightly more satisfied than she had the night before.


Friday passed as normal, then the weekend, and back to work on Monday. Diane was starting to feel like a dog in heat. Passing men on the street would send thoughts of sex into her head, any man, and sometimes she was tempted to just bring home a random stranger, just so she could get laid. But she had a feeling that the intensity, the tension, none of it would be there, and she would be no more satisfied than she was after masturbating. So instead she waited. Waited for Michael. There was more small play in the office. One time Juan came in while Michael had his hands down her shirt as he stood behind her while she typed, she thought she would die of embarrassment but Juan just grinned knowingly at her while her faced turned bright red. While Juan moved about the office getting his work done Michael played extra roughly with her breasts. She just kept her head down, unwilling to see Juan looking at them from the corner of her eye, Michael was obviously letting Juan get glimpses into her shirt. It was even more shameful having Juan knowing, although now she was sure that she knew why he was paid so highly. Since that first Monday there were no more women coming into the office to visit Michael, and she was relieved. There was no way she'd be able to stand wondering just what was going on in his office when she had been in there twice herself. Wondering if they were taking his wonderful cock into their pussies. Wondering if he got them off. Apparently having a regular woman in the office that he could play with at his every whim meant that he didn't need the flow of women anymore... or something anyway. She didn't know what, and she didn't really care as long as they weren't coming. Nighttime now saw her on erotic stories and picture sights, and every night the sites were getting more and more kinky and perverted. She was considering doing things that she would have never thought possible, if only Michael would fuck her, if only he'd get her off. The sites with pictures of interracial couples were what really got her going. The memory of seeing Michael's dark hands on her light body was enough to make her start creaming. On Wednesday afternoon he finally called her into his office again. This time, rather than playing the staring game, he was standing next to a new piece of furniture. A desk, similar to his own, but a bit shorter in length, set up perpendicular to his own desk, forming a 90 degree angle. The only thing on it was a small pillow. His grin was brighter than the sun at midday and more evil than Machiavelli.

"Come here little girl.

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