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Rock guitarist releases a new song hoping to impress a girl.

She returned to the bathroom, leaving him more aroused this time then he was before. She left the door open even wider, providing him with a view of her ass as she changed once more. However, she didn't come out as soon as she had for the others.

"Sam? Do you think you could come in here and help? I can't hold my hair and tie this one at the same time." Her pleading voice echoed out of the bathroom.

He felt his heart skip a beat. Help her? He could try. He stood and entered the bathroom only to be greeted by a wonderful site.

She stood in front of the mirror, her back to him, head tilted to look over her shoulder in a seductive look as she held her hair over the shoulder, to cascade over her breasts. With the other hand, she held the strings to the bikini at her neck. The bikini bottom she wore, he saw, was a g-string, revealing the fullness of her round, firm ass to him. He felt his arousal start to stir anew and quickly closed to the distance, reaching up for the strings so that she wouldn't notice his arousal.

She turned her head to look at him via the mirror, holding her hair to keep it out of his way. She was a few inches shorter then he was, almost a perfect size for him, especially wearing the high-heels that she was.

He felt his heart beating in his ears as he reached up and took hold of the string, his fingers brushing over hers as he did so. His hands were literally shaking as he tried to focus on the task. He avoided looking into the mirror because he knew his eyes would lock on hers.

His fingers shook as he tried to tie the strings together, and he knew he had a full blown hard on with out having to look down. It was hard to hide it, but hopefully she hadn't noticed it yet. His fumbling fingers missed and he dropped the string, which fell down her front, exposing her breast. His eyes locked on the reflection in the mirror. He couldn't help it. They were so...perfect looking! And if she noticed his stair, she didn't make any attempt to cover herself up.

Instead, she jutted her ass out enough for it to brush across the front of his jeans, letting out a giggle as she felt his hardness there, before spinning around to face him, her hands and rear on the edge of the counter top as she looked up at him. The bikini top, only secured underneath her breasts, fell down in the front, exposing bother orbs to him. "They're real." She says, batting her eyelashes at him.

"Wha...what are...real?" He asks, dumfounded at his fortune. He thought she was talking about her breasts -- he knew she was talking about them -- and she knew that he was pretending not to know. She jiggled them in front of him, his eyes stuck to them as if they had been glued onto her breasts. He couldn't help it. Her stomach was taught and firm too. She was extremely sexy.

"My breasts, silly." She says, a grin crossing her face as she presses her arms together underneath her breasts, causing them to spill forth from between her arms. "Touch them...I wont tell." She says, licking her upper lip.

His eyes bulge as he hears her words. He looks from her petite face down to her huge breasts. His hands rise upwards slowly as he stares down at her breasts. She grabs his wrists --gently- before pulling them more forcefully to her breasts, pressing her chest into his hands. His erection becomes full if hadn't been before as his hands close around her warm, firm flesh, feeling her nipples harden and press into the palms of his hands. Her hands drop from his and move to squeeze the bulge in his pants.

"Oh my...I think that snake wants to come out..." she whispers, deftly unbuttoning and unzipping his pants before he can respond. His jeans slide down his legs, pooling around his ankles. His hard cock presses against his boxers briefly before she places her fingers under the waistband and pulls down, allowing his cock to spring free.

She can see that his balls are clean shaven and hairless, his rigid dick is about 8 inches long and thick.

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