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Liam shares his story with Emma.


I did as I was asked but as I turned around I saw that Miss Torrington had thrown back the bed clothes and was stood at the side of the bed. She started to stretch but this obviously put strain on the delicate chains connecting the bars through her nipples and the rings attached to her labia. She winced slightly and dropped her arms again.

'I do hope Mr Holmes is right that this will all be over today Doctor.' she said then amazed me by swiftly untying her nightclothes and letting them drop to the floor.

As she stepped out of them I was once again looking upon the beautiful naked form of the young socialite. Her pure alabaster skin, her beautiful breasts and shaved pubic area. Of course, there was also the delicate but wicked jewellery that her as yet unknown blackmailer had forced upon her under sedation. Despite my embarrassment my penis started to stiffen at the sight. To my utter amazement Miss Torrington proceeded to move her right hand down to her crotch and started to manipulate her labia. She saw my mouth open in amazement.

'Sometimes, after I've slept, I have to adjust the rings to make them a little more comfortable.' she explained, 'Would you help me dress Doctor, it can be painful dressing myself with the chains.'

She slipped behind a dressing screen and then reappeared carrying a fashionable dress. She dropped it to the floor and stepped into it then bent at the knees and pulled it up, slipping her arms into the sleeves. She turned her back to me and asked me to do up the back of the dress. I moved closer and noticed that the dress seemed to have a hundred small metal hooks which slipped into corresponding loops. The fastenings started below the gentle curve of Miss Torrington's buttocks and, unaccustomed as I am to dressing women, as I fumbled with the fiddly closures my hand brushed her soft buttocks a number of times. I blustered an apology but Miss Torrington, in her opium induced reverie, merely giggled. With much frustration at the job in hand I finally finished.

Miss Torrington turned around and thanked me then sat gingerly on the bed and asked me to pass her boots and help to fasten them. The boots fastened with a similar mechanism so the process was somewhat quicker after which Miss Torrington rose and looked at herself in a full length mirror.

'I fear my lack of undergarments is apparent Doctor, I must present a somewhat slovenly appearance. My lack of a corset is plainly obvious.'

'Trust in Holmes Miss Torrington, I feel confident that this sordid business will soon be at an end.'

Miss Torrington turned to me sharply, her cheeks reddening and moisture forming at her eyes.

'You think me sordid Doctor Watson?'

I felt brutish in an instant, reproaching myself for my careless turn of phrase.

'Oh no, my dear Miss Torrington, you are the innocent and virtuous victim of a wicked villain. It is the merely the situation that is sordid and not you. Forgive me if I implied otherwise.'

'The pressure is hard to bear Doctor, truly it is. I hope and pray that your faith in Mr Holmes is warranted and I shall soon be free of these adornments.'

'Come,' I said, regaining my composure, 'I have a four wheeler waiting outside to take us to Baker Street. The sooner we leave, the sooner this will all be over.'

I took my case in one hand and Miss Torrington's offered forearm in the other and we left the room.

Outside in the street I helped Miss Torrington into the cab and instructed the driver to proceed with all haste to Baker Street before joining her inside.

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