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He's horny, she's broke - go figure...

Just then, she forcefully crushed my face between her breasts. I was completely caught off guard as I was dipped in this heaven. I was getting really, really hard at this point. She smelled amazing and my head was swimming in soft, pillowy pleasure. She kept shaking her tits in my face for a good minute or so. I was throbbing and soon all I wanted was to move my lips to her nipple and suck. I couldn't reach them though through the dress and the gag.

"That's enough, I can see you're enjoying yourself way too much, slave. This isn't about you." She pulled head up toward the ceiling by my hair and slapped me hard on the face as she said, "Wait here on your knees!" She walked off camera giving me a thankful look like she was sorry for putting me through this.

I realized she must not be THAT sorry right as she came back with a pair of handcuffs.

"Hands behind your back!" I complied. Click. Click.

"Good, now stand up and walk toward the camera." She walked to her closet and rolled out what looked to be a large cross on wheels. I quickly noticed that it had straps all over it. Oh God.

"Put your arms straight out slave." I did so.

Brrring! After she said, "Thank You" again arrogantly, I realized that it must have been the sound that signaled a donation.

She had me tied up in just a matter of seconds. There were two straps down each arm and leg and 2 straps across my chest. I was very immobile, I realized.

"There." She said with a foxy smile, walking her hand up my chest one finger at a time. "Now you can't misbehave." SLAP! Somehow, I still hadn't learned to expect the slap. It took me by surprise.

"I see you're getting nice and hard for me!" She said with a nigh imperceptible shakiness in her voice as her eyes jumped down to my cock.

"Let's see just how hard you can get." She walked deliberately around me in a full sexy circle, grazing my skin here and there with her fingernails. When she got all the way around me. I realized that we were too close to the camera for anybody to see our faces. We were faced sideways. The camera had me in view from upper chest down to my calves. She was standing in front of me on one foot with the other knee bent tickling my chest with her fingernails. She leaned her face in close and then I felt her grab my cock.

The sensation was immediately intense. My sister had her hand wrapped around my cock. It felt amazing. Her face was an inch from mine and her green eyes were a bit glazed over as she started to lazily stroke me. She was breathing heavily on my face as she picked up the pace and whispered so only I could hear, "Why does your dick have to be so big? It will be hard to belittle such a nicely sized dick." She said with a playful smile and a wink.

Brrring! The "Thank you" was lazy and automatic.

This is right about when the show really started. My sister turned around quickly after thanking the last guest and bent her knees, squatting almost all the way to the floor. Then, she stood up slowly, ass first as she slammed her perfect behind directly into my crotch. I couldn't help but groan through the gag as she started rubbing her ass furiously around my crotch while she was bent over in front of me. I couldn't move a muscle but even if I could I wouldn't have chosen to be anywhere else on earth at that point in time.

I noticed there was some soft dance music playing as she ground herself against me. I could tell the viewers were loving it too as ringing was basically nonstop at this point.

Brrring! There was no thank you.

She looked back at me and had the sexiest, most arrogant look on her face as she ground her ass against me. Her point was made, "I don't have time to say thank you while I'm dancing." She threw her head up and arched her back as she really started grinding against my cock.

Brrring!Brrring!BrrBrring! It was going off almost constantly for the next two minutes or so while I enjoyed the most sensual standing lap dance I had ever seen or even imagined in my life.


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