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Angel from the Street.

I began to plan how I would seduce you.

I stretched out my towel across the footboard of my bed and ran my fingers through my hair. As I stepped back into the hallway, I noticed you standing in the living room facing my direction, with the amber glow of the fireplace behind you. I realized at that moment that you had the same thoughts as I did. You smiled, soaked and disheveled from the rain and labor of carrying logs. "Let me get you some towels and we can dry you off. You should get out of those wet clothes." I stepped back into the hall and grabbed two towels from the closet. I walked back into the living room, and there you were delightfully exposed and glistening with droplets of rain. The sight of you was so beautiful. I caught myself staring at the firm outline of your muscular chest and arms for just a moment, and then I walked over and handed you the towels. You wrapped one around your waist, and began to slowly dry off your body with the other. I seductively picked up your wet clothes from the floor and hung them up near the fireplace to dry.

I went to the kitchen and brought back a bottle of wine and two goblets. "Will you join me in a drink to take the chill off?" I asked. "Why yes, miss, thank you very much." We sat down next to each other in front of the warmth of the fire.

"You are new here? You must be. I would have noticed a woman as lovely as you before, " you said sweetly.

"Yes. I have been here since Saturday. "

"You are very beautiful, you know."

"Why, thank you, and I noticed that you are quite beautiful too. Although I hardly talk to strangers."

"I am no stranger. I live in the cabin above the road heading back into town. I asked about you this morning when I went to pick up my mail. I decided I would come over and introduce myself."

" Well how do you do? My name is Lisa. What is yours?"


I could feel the sexual tension between us. One of us was going to make the first move, and I hoped you would lean in and kiss me. With a breathy moan, I moved first and leaned in toward you. You caught my face in your hand, and pulled me close to you. You kissed me deeply and desperately, with unmistaken desire. Slowly, you moved your hand toward my robe, and reached inside to caress my firm breasts. Your towel was now loose from your waist, so pulled and tugged enough to expose your body to me. Your erection was firm and hard, and ready for me. I allowed you to pull my robe loose, and then eagerly, you began to lick and suck at my breasts. You lightly touched my inner thighs and felt the wetness there. I held and stroked your cock as you leaned forward and moved yourself on top of me. You kissed my whole body slowly and tenderly as you moved down to my swelling clit. There you stopped to greedily suck and lick my soft sweet pussy, making it hard and open for you with your tongue. You sucked harder with each moan, and then you slipped a finger inside of me, moving it slowly to the rhythm of my breathing. You moved in another finger, all the while flicking and sucking my clit with your smooth, long tongue. You continued your fervent pace until I exploded with my first orgasm. You then grabbed my hip and guided me over on my stomach and began to play with my ass. You licked down my crack slowly, sweetly, very gently, rolling and flicking, creating shudders and waves of pleasure through my body. Then you drove your tongue into my ass, and began to fuck me there as you listened to my little screams and moans of pleasure. The sensation was so intense I came again. Then I begged you to suck my clit again, and you did. But you teased me this time, by slowly and gently touching only the tip of your tongue to my pussy, catching the drops of flowing juice. You slowly eased a finger into my ass. I begged you to fuck me, but you didn't....

You suddenly stopped.

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