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Office romance, a blast from the past and a surprise ending.

She drew away and looked into my eyes, into my face, searching for something, I didn't know what. I had only the most urgent desire to comfort my sad, vulnerable sister and see her smile once more.

A slim white hand now lay against my cheek, and began caressing it. Stacy's expression changed. Her face grew a little stern, as if she were making a decision.

"You look so like him, Charles," she said tenderly, bringing up her other hand and laying it on my neck. "Do you love me?"

"You know I do."

"Could you love me like Dad did?"

"I don't know what you mean."

Stacy pulled my lips to hers, surprising me. Her kiss was gentle, sweet, the scent in her hair like a fresh breeze from a lake. Her arms went around me now, and, not knowing what to do, not wanting to hurt her, reject her, I kissed back, let her draw my tongue to hers.

As our tongues blended, I pulled Stacy closer and felt great heat coming from below. I wore only my robe, and unless something changed, my sister, this divine woman I was French kissing as though she were the last of the species, would soon be treated to the sight of an eight-inch crowbar jutting from between my legs.

Only when the kiss broke for a moment did I realize the meaning of what Stacy had just said.

"You ... and Dad?" I was incredulous.

She nodded, and said, "Do you see now?"

My mind would have been reeling, but Stacy kissed me again, and I felt her hand slide along my thigh, her sharp fingernails tantalizing my balls. I felt a tug at my sash, and my robe parted, allowing my growing cock to snap free, tall, red, and insistent.

"My," she said, placing her fingers over my cockhead and cupping the upper shaft in her palm. "It's so hot."

"You have no idea," I replied, my throat dry.

Stacy grasped my cock now, her sensitive fingers curling around it, squeezing, exploring. I let the robe fall from my shoulders, giving me the room I needed. Gently, I laid her on the bed and let her stroke me to full erection.

"My God, Charles," she whispered. "I don't think I've ever felt anything so hard."

"Stacy, I--"

But I couldn't think of anything to say. My hand glided to Stacy's mound, a soft tuft of kitten's fur. Our eyes met, and then she sighed and closed her eyes when I sank my index finger into her womanly heat.

Stacy whispered my name again, pulled my face to the nape of her neck. Understanding, I began to lick and nibble, even as I used my thumb and finger to tease my sister, to guide her to the sky, and now, in the back of my mind, to compete with my father, to be the best lover my beautiful Stacy would ever know.

I bit her earlobe gently and massaged her clit. We kissed again, her hand squeezing and pulling on my ravenous red cock, our breathing hurried and hot, when suddenly Stacy's head snapped away from mine and began to thrash from side to side.

I felt a gush of warm, sweet juice on my palm as Stacy gave herself over to the orgasm, the orgasm I had given her. On the third wave she held my eyes, staring at me with bliss, a sense of wonder and discovery alive in her face. A final shudder, and it was over.

"My God, Charles!" she gasped when her breathing returned to normal. "I had no idea!"

I smiled with benevolent satisfaction and kissed her.

"Sweet, beautiful sister," I whispered.

Stacy stood up now and looked down me in as I lay back, my cock staring at her with its glistening red eye. Never in my life had I ever been so aroused, and though I had just given my sister an orgasm, I felt no shame at all, only a burning lust.

Stacy's robe fell to the floor, and the nightdress flew over her head. My exquisite sister, naked and lovely, her slender curves, her breasts tight and proud, loomed above me briefly, giving me a chance to admire the prize I would soon take.

She joined me on the bed then, and brought her body close to mine.

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