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Brooke is punished for shopping in a revealing outfit.

I did not think that he was overdoing anything, but then different people have different reactions.

"Professor, great to meet you. I saw your reports when I was reading some of the male/male stories on-line. I actually read your stuff, too, even though the sex wasn't very interesting." I had to admit that you can't please all of the people all of the time.

"I did find something intriguing, though, and that was Case 98-2, where the company president developed a mistress. I had just been wondering how to apply that to a gay situation, when our 'alma mater' sent out a bulletin on what it called the "Presidential Perogative" induction. It didn't deal with gay situations either, but I think that I can make the necessary conversions."

Jock interjected to explain that as graduates of the School for Sexual Expression, they both received mailings of a classified nature reporting the latest techniques developed by the student body and the school's research arm. But, he admitted, offerings for the few gay graduates were few and far between. Lance had to use a lot of imagination with the material.

I asked Lance if he had anyone in mind.

"Yes, I just want to try this out to see if it works. Scientific curiousity, I guess, so I want someone in an isolated location who likely won't have participated in gay sex before, but who might enjoy it." Lance rubbed his smooth face thoughtfully.

He grabbed a notebook and quickly flipped through a highlighted page. It was printed in a way that defies normal photocopying. It was the bulletin from his school, code-numbered on each page, so that very elaborate measures would have been needed to avoid detection if he had bootlegged copies. It dawned on me that he was cramming for a final exam.

"Okay, Jock," Lance breathed deeply. "I think I've got it. Remember the four-ways."

"Yes," Jock said in an amused tone. "I won't forget. Now get out there."

We had come to a small cluster of men on the highway. This was not a roadblock, as they had not expected us to come through. This was the men who had hidden in a dry creekbed, waiting to see the aliens, and they did not appreciate us turning up in the middle of their trap. And why had that */[email protected]# Dan Wyant let us through? Lynda stood with them, looking dejected.

"You'd better stay here, Professor-- somebody needs to survive to tell our story in case Lance and I make a false move." I nodded, this not being my fight, and basically being a coward on this sort of thing anyway. It is funny, but lots of tough men could not stand up in an intellectual battle of the sort that I had often engaged in, but in turn, arguing with men with weapons did not appeal to me.

As the men saw Jock approach, they automatically turned their attention to him. He was older, and looked like a natural leader. Lance was ignored-- except, as I began to realize, by Frank. The rest of the men seemed to forget Frank, engaging in animated conversation with Jock without their own leader. I suspect that Frank was more of a rabble-rouser than real leader anyway, so it was easier than it might have been for Jock to turn their attention.

I saw the men's hostile body language fade. One by one, they shrugged, lowered their weapons, and headed off to their trucks. One of them tugged at Lynda's arm and took her with him. The big rig's headlights caught the plume of dust which each truck kicked up as they roared out of their hidden parking area. They blasted by Lance and Frank as if they were not there.

Jock came slowly sauntering back to the truck. Wordlessly, he climbed into the cab, and switched on the four-way flashers. Intently, he continued to peer out toward the two men in the road. Frank turned to stare at our truck, looking into its headlights and at the flashers, I assume.

Then, I saw Frank's right arm raised in a typical confirmation of a hypnotic state. That was impressive enough to me, and I breathed a sigh of relief, supposing that this would bring an end to the nonsense surrounding this case. Jock began to speak in low tones.

"I didn't hypnotize those guys, believ

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