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Wife goes on vacation, but leaves something behind!


"Haha!" Carrie laughed in return. "That sounds great! I could use a break. He gets diaper duty and I get orgasms!"

The women laughed together.

"This weekend will be easy," Karen reassured Carrie and she could hear the smile in Karen's voice. "Gary is just so excited!"

Carrie giggled.

"Just remember to prepare Sam. He should abstain for at least a day in advance, because it is often easier for the husband to watch his wife with another man if he is excited, and it is usually a good idea for you to have him get you ready," Karen said. "I think this weekend will develop at a leisurely pace, but Gary might want to be inside you pretty much immediately and you should be ready for that."

"Ooohhh, me as an appetizer, bent over the kitchen counter?" Carrie joked with a laugh.

"Sounds tasty to me!" Karen agreed, joining in the laughter.


Sam looked up from his desk at the knock on his door. "Hey Gary," he said. "What's up?"

Gary stood in the doorway, dressed impeccably as usual. Carrie had told him that Karen was involved in the fashion industry, or had been before they were married. Karen probably purchased all of Gary's clothes because he always looked nappy.

"Listen. Something has come up, this weekend's plans have changed and we need to take a walk." He looked serious.

"What's going on?" Sam asked, worried, as he slipped his suit jacket on.

"Look, there is quite a bit of high level business going on that you were not previously privy to before your promotion," Gary explained as he led them to the elevator bank.

"Hi Bob," Gary said to a team leader. "Get that report on my desk tomorrow, OK?"

"Errr, yes sir." Bob scurried away.

"Had to get him away from us," Gary muttered as the elevator arrived and the two junior executives stepped inside. Gary waited until he was sure they were alone in the elevator before continuing. "Alphia is in the process of negotiating the purchase of Roberts Media. You did not know it, but your research and report on our failure to recognize the value of the internet advertising technique you identified really opened a lot of eyes."

"Really?" Sam said, eyebrows raised. "Great!"

"Yes. Great," Gary replied, punching the button for the 17th floor. "Roberts owns the intellectual property rights to the technique you 'discovered.' Turns out that someone at Roberts thought of it a few years ago. They went and patented the thing, but they evidently did not realize the value of what they own."

"I just don't understand how that is possible ..." Sam protested. "It's just obvious ..."

"Your business concept is just genius, Sam, don't sell yourself short," Gary interrupted. "Pretty much they've been running with it upstairs ever since I ran your memo up the flagpole. We have been summoned upstairs because Alphia is sending a team over to Roberts to lock this opportunity down before someone at Roberts realizes the gold mine that they're sitting on and triples their counteroffer ask price."

"No kidding?" Sam exclaimed, surprised and happy.

"No kidding," Gary replied. "They are sending Tom Parsons and Steve Borges from the senior executive level, and you and me as support. They need me because the project came out of my department and you because you are the wunderkind who came up with the initial idea. You know the nuts and bolts of this deal better than anyone."

"Wow!" Sam said. "When?"

"We fly to London Friday morning on the company jet, and we will work straight through Sunday night."

"I guess your plan for this weekend is off, then," Sam joked, trying to lighten Gary's seemingly inappropriately somber mood.

"Yeah, mine is," Gary replied sourly, "but the thing is Sam, Karen and Carrie are coming along."

"Wha -?"

"And they will both be working, too. You and Carrie are getting thrown in to the deep end, Sam, in every respect," Gary said as the elevator glided quietly to a stop at the Executive Suites level. "Our wives will be working and we are going to be underfoot all weekend. It is going to get a little crazy."

Sam gulped as an e

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