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Edith enjoys sex with Liz and two new friends.

After an hour or so I went home, jacked off, and went to bed. I dreamed....not of meeting a beautiful transvestite, but of being one! I woke up, my heart pounding with excitement, and spent the rest of the night making plans.

It wasn't easy, but as the weeks passed I assembled my feminine wardrobe one piece at a time, practiced walking around the house in high heels for hours, taught myself make-up tricks, and all the rest. Luckily I have a slender build, am not very tall, and my legs are quite presentable when carefully shaved. I rehearsed in front of a mirror until I had all the feminine gestures and my adopted little-girl voice down pat. I took a few short trips to the gas station, then the grocery store, then the mall. Shopping at Victoria's Secret got a hell of a lot easier, and I began tentatively flirting with men from time to time. If anyone was suspicious, they sure didn't make it obvious.

At last I couldn't put off the big night any longer. I began final preparations by rinsing my asshole out thoroughly using an old-fashioned douche bag. As the warm water filled my bowels I imagined hot come spurting into me. I rinsed myself out three times and then squeezed a small tube of KY into my asshole, hoping it would be enough to lubricate me throughout the vigorous fucking I hoped to receive. I dressed with care after a leisurely bath, slipped into my spike heels, and called a taxi.

When the driver saw me, he jumped out of the cab to open the door for me. I saw him gawking at my silk-stockinged legs as I gracefully slid into the cab. I smiled sweetly and adjusted a bra strap as he closed the door. As he walked around the cab to the driver's side, I saw him uncomfortably trying to adjust his swelling cock. I was a success already!

He left me at the same club where I had picked up cow-cunt Janice so many months before. I hesitated just inside the door. Would anyone recognize me? I looked around, and saw naked lust in two dozen pairs of male eyes, and naked resentment in as many pairs of female eyes. So far, so good.

The place was fairly crowded, and I didn't see any place to sit. Then a big swarthy guy rose up out of a corner booth and beckoned to me. Shit! Did I know this guy? Did he think he knew me? With trembling knees I walked over to him, wondering if it wouldn't be better to just turn around and leave.

"Lookin' for a place to sit?" he leered. He was more than a little drunk.

Reluctantly, I nodded. "Baby, as long as I have a face you'll have a place to sit," he shouted. His friends cheered. I glared at him and started to turn away, but he grabbed me around the waist and settled back into the booth, pulling me down onto his lap. His friends cheered and clapped even louder. As I squirmed against him, trying to get back on my feet, I felt his massive cock poking into my thigh. It was hard, and it was hot. Wasn't that what I was here for?

"What are you drinkin', beautiful?" he whispered into my ear. I wiggled against his cock again, imagining it sliding into my eager asshole. "I think I'm in the mood for something...hot," I whispered back. His eyes grew larger. "Hot and salty," I continued huskily. Just in case he didn't catch the hint, I casually dropped my hand onto his thigh and let my fingers graze the thickness of his cock. I was actually touching a real live cock!!!

I tortured him for about a half hour, until he rather pitifully begged me to go with him out to the parking lot so he could "show me his new car." How I ever tottered out there with my knees like water I don't know, but then we were there and he was pushing me up against the car, which was NOT new, and not even very nice, and slobbering all over trying to kiss me, which I really did not want to do, and it was all getting out of control. When I could catch my breath, I took a chance and just told him, as cold and tough as I could make it sound, "Look buster, I know what you want, and you need to know what I want. I don't want romance, and I don't want bullshit. What I want is a hard cock, and I want it NOW."

That took the wind out o

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