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I admit to being disappointed myself, since the pain in my chest, and of course my concern for my guests, had pretty much ruined any chance I might have had of reaching a satisfactory conclusion in Carol's cunt. And, frankly, I was also yelling pretty loud, trying to be heard over the general uproar in addition to the loud music which we had turned up to cover the earlier fight between Rich and his wife, as I was trying to tell Carol, "Let go of me, damn it! You're drawing blood!"

At this moment, the doorbell rang.

As I tried to get everyone calmed down, the visitor at the door became much more insistent, and started pounding repeatedly. I finally gave up trying to restore order before answering the door, and simply opened it a crack, peeping around the edge to see who might be there.

It was my neighbor, Bill Randolph and his wife, accompanied by Sherriff's Captain Gene Stewart. Bill started yelling at me, trying to ask, "What the hell is going on in there?" Captain Randolph gently pushed Bill out of the way, and moved between him and me. "Good evening, Mr. Owens. We've had a couple of complaints from this apartment complex over the last few days. Mostly noise complaints, you know, loud cars at all hours, women screaming as if they're being murdered, that sort of thing. Also quite a few parking complaints -- your neighbors have reported lots of unregistered cars at your apartment, delivery trucks, and improperly parked vehicles."

"I'm terribly sorry, officer. Things have been a little topsy-turvy for me the last week or so. I'll try to get everything under control!" I said, and started to close the door.

Officer Stewart had been down this road before, and had his foot stuck in the opening, preventing me from closing the door. I was unprepared when he pushed the door inward, and it flew wide open, revealing the naked orgy and mayhem that was my apartment at that moment.

"Oh, my God, Bill, you see! It's just as I told you! He's got WOMEN in there!" Lorlene Randolph screeched, not actually looking at any women, but looking instead at me, apparently just below waist level. Bill, on the other hand, just seemed interested in taking in everything he could before Lorlene caught on that he was getting an eyeful of the naked women she was yelling about. Captain Stewart simply stepped inside, gently pushed the Randolphs back out onto my stoop, and closed the door. And locked it.

I felt pretty foolish standing there in my birthday suit with my apartment the scene of what appeared to be either a great party or a poorly-planned gang fight.

Captain Stewart calmly walked across my living room, reached down, and pulled the power cord out of the wall. With the music gone, the howls of my guests, injured either physically or psychically, were much easier to hear, and one by one, as my escorts and my co-workers looked up to see what had happened, they started to go silent. A few of them tried to cover themselves up with whatever was at hand, and the others just stared slack-jawed at the armed officer in their midst.

In the echoing silence that followed, Captain Stewart said, in a level and calm voice, "Good evening, ladies and gentlemen! I can see you are all having a wonderful time here tonight at Mr. Owens' party," although by looking around, it was actually quite easy to see that almost everyone was unhappy or in pain for one reason or another, "and we'd like to encourage you to enjoy yourselves!"

"However, in the interests of the other tenants in this apartment building, who include many families with small children, I'd like to request that you enjoy yourselves MORE QUIETLY!"

A murmur of agreement and apology ran around the room, as everyone suddenly felt sheepish about their contribution to the earlier racket.

"And, if you don't mind," Captain Stewart continued, "if your vehicles don't have a registered Sunset Slumbering Vista Pointe Estates' parking permit, please move them a

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