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Gabby Does School.

I managed to capture one of her arms under my body, the other I held by the wrist with my left. In a nod to the classic maneuvers of the genre I was now entering, my right hand shut tight over her mouth.

I put my lips up close to her as she started to struggle and scream.

"Don't'-don't! Stop it, stop it!" I growled in as menacing a tone as I could. "This is going to happen-this is going to happen, okay? Dammit, Michelle. Stop it, stop it or I will hurt you!"

Still she struggled. Silly girl-couldn't she see that as short as I was, I still outweighed her by a good seventy pounds! She wasn't going anywhere.

"I'm glad you're putting up so much of a fight," I cooed into her ear. "It's not really a rape if you want it."

That set her off into a paroxysm of fierce twisting and turning. She screamed at the top of her lungs against my hand; tried to bite me. I lifted off of her mouth. A loud wail began to escape her lips.


Wow! Who knew that grabbing someone by the throat and choking them like I was doing actually could cut off all the sound as quickly as it did? Hmmm . . . perhaps it was because I was squeezing so hard!

Michelle didn't know it, but I didn't want to hurt her. I certainly didn't want to punch her or bruise her or anything like that. She was a pretty girl; I just wanted my turn.

Michelle was a smart girl; that was part of the attraction. She was smart enough to realize that I meant business. Her frantic attempts to escape slowed, and then stopped. Her vocal chords relaxed. Her whole body tensed into a position of worry and unease.

I let her stew with her fear and resignation for a second. A dramatic pause, if you will. I wondered what was going through her mind.

I broke the silence:

"You know what will happen if you scream, right?"

Her blue eyes were locked on mine. She nodded, very slowly.

"You know how serious I am, right?"

Another slow nod.

"You know what I want, right?"

A paused. And then another slow nod.

"Are you going to behave?"


"Are you going to give me what I want?"

A long pause. Long enough to make me think we had a problem. Just as I was about to make a little show of force, Michelle nodded, very, very slowly.

"Good, then. Now, I'm going to let you up," I said, rising off of her. I stood up next to the bed, pulled off the blankets. "Stand up," I gently ordered.

Michelle stood up, next to the bed. She wore a small pair of pink velour sleep shorts. They had several red hearts on them as detailing. Very cute, girly, and innocent, except for how tiny they were and how much of Michelle's slender legs they bared.

I was wearing a t-shirt and a loose pair of pajama bottoms. Seeing her in her nightclothes, realizing how helpless she was and how much I was about to take from her-it was like a sexual chemical cocktail. My pajama bottoms began to tent with my arousal for this 26-year old slut.

"Take your top off."

"Please, Bill-"

"Don't try to reason with me. Do as you're told. Take your top off."

Boom-two massive breasts bounced out. She was stacked! They were so full they were even starting to sag. Her areolae were fat and brown in that natural way you never saw in porn.

"Now the bottoms. Wait, don't hide it. Hands at your sides. Very nice!"

She shaved just enough that there was a patch of hair on the top, but her delicate cleft was clearly visible.

"On your knees."

"Please, Bill-"

"Look, Michelle. I'm not unreasonable. Just do this, and that will be it, okay? We can just forget about it, and go to sleep and everything will be okay."

It was almost casual the way she got down on her knees on the carpet. I could not believe this. Michelle Capece was on her knees in front of me and was about to fellate me! Talk about dreams come true.

As I grew in her mouth, I couldn't resist saying to her, "You've had a lot of practice at this, haven't you?" I had to ask again to get a response.

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