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Garreth's wounds heal. Arabella starts a triangle in lust

We got in the elevator alone, the doors slid closed and without a word being said he moved, pinning me to the wall, forcing my hands over my head, pressing against me.

I moaned hugely turned on as I felt his cock pressing into me, we hadn't even kissed but we were both breathing hard. We didn't speak, we didn't kiss, we just locked eyes as he threaded his hands in my hair and pulled it free to fall around my shoulders. We were both burning up with pent-up desire but sprang apart as we arrived at my floor and the doors slid open.

Not a word had been said still, but he followed close on my heels down the hallway, and as I reached out to insert the key, he lifted my hair and licked the back of my neck. I shivered all the way down my spine, my back arched, I was so turned on and my panties were wet.

The door opened, we fell into the room and I turned laughing and backing away as he tried to grab me.

"N0! Wait! I have to call my boss and turn in my sales figures," I said laughing and breathing heavily. He scooped me up and dropped me on the bed, placing his hands on either side of my head and grinning down at me.

"If you must I'll let you, but I'm going to play while you call him, okay?" he said in a low voice.

"Ok but you have to let me get through this call," I replied.

"Make it fast or I won't be responsible for my actions" he growled at me, making me laugh!

I sat up, grabbed the phone and punched in my bosses number, looking over my monthly printout as I waited for him to answer. He stood right in front of me, undid his tie and dropped it to the floor and slowly started to unbutton his shirt, I was fighting the urge to giggle as my boss answered.

We were quickly into sales figures but I was rapidly losing my focus, as my new friend slowly lowered his zipper, slid his hand in and stroked himself, watching me with a smile. I bit my lip and my skin flushed, I was so turned on it was becoming increasingly hard to think straight as my boss talked into my ear.

He pulled out his cock, he was very much in proportion and I was suitably impressed. He started stroking it right in my face and I watched it swell with my mouth watering at the desire to lick the head. As I leaned in, my boss still firing numbers at me in my ear, and started to stretch out my tongue, he roughly pushed my shoulders and shoved me back on the bed, my legs hanging over the edge at the knees. He spread my legs with his knee and his hands slid under my tight skirt and pushed it up to my hips.

I was waving my hand at him, trying not to laugh and cupping my other hand over the phone so my boss didn't hear us. I was not wearing a garter belt and stockings, of course, that's always going to be the case when you meet a hot man and have sex with no planning!

There was a loud rip as he grabbed the crotch of my unsexy hose and literally ripped them apart, it was a huge turn on! I couldn't help the choked laugh that came out of me and immediately my boss said: "are you okay?"

"Yes, I've got the TV on and something outrageous just happened, sorry it caught my attention" I lied as I was playfully trying to kick him away.

His fingers found my clit through my panties, he grinned at me and mouthed "Oh" as he discovered how wet I was! His fingers slid across my swollen slit visible through the black lace of my panties, my back arched, thrusting my breasts up and he reached out and released a couple of buttons and slid his other hand inside. Exposing my bra, he started to tweak my hard nipple as he continued to stroke my slit, grinning at me the whole time.

Breathing was becoming increasingly hard, I rolled my eyes at him and mouthed "Stop" grinning. He winked at me, slid his fingers under my panties, dragged them across my burning clit and his eyes went wide in mock shock as he wiggled his tongue at me.

He slowly lowered himself over me, brought his wet fingers to his mouth and sucked them clean, raising his eyebrows at me.

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