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Hans led Steve to a spacious room, and sat him down. He explained that there was no turning back. If what he saw in the next thirty days was ever spoken, he and Fate would soon find another fate. Hans explained the history of the estate and the rich benefactor who established the estate in 1876. Hans finished by telling him his estate name was Olympus but used the ruse of The Institute of Development.

He was given a ten page guide to being a Master, and the rules of the estate. While he read, a helicopter landed and a middle aged women, with short auburn hair came out, followed by a monster of a man, pulling a muscular, blonde man in his mid twenties. Hans met her and the young blonde man was led off.

Minutes later, Steve heard the clomping of the woman's heel going down the hall. He tried to listen but nothing was said.

Later in the day there was a knock on the door and a beautiful oriental woman dressed in a blue linen tunic tied at the waist by a velvet sash, asked him the follow her to dinner. Steve noticed the woman's nipple were hard and aroused.

As they entered the common area, the older lady came out with a tall Nubian woman also dressed in a blue tunic. The lady introduced herself as Hera, and Steve introduced himself as Zeus.

They were led to a dining hall, where Hans introduced them to the trainers; Cupid, Vulcan, Bacchus and Diana. Steve was put back that they all looked like fine upstanding people. Hans explained that each had specific training background. Cupid would teach the slave the art of seduction, affection and anatomy. Vulcan was an expert at discipline, athletics and bondage. Bacchus would teach physical liberation, ecstasy and excess. Diana would teach virility conditioning, humility, and grace.

Steve was amazed that some of them had doctorates and took time off to teach at the estate. He listened for hours as they instructed him on path that fate had determined.

As dessert was finally presented, Hans clapped his hands, and both the Nubian and the Oriental dropped their tunics, and crawled between each owner's legs. The oriental women pulled up Steve toga and proceeded to bath his cock with her tongue. Seconds later Steve started to become rigid. The young girl's hands stayed on Steve's legs. Steve was amazed that she was fucking him with her mouth.

Steve tried to concentrate as she licked his head, then quickly engulfed his cock till her nose was embedded in his groin, not a gag, nor a whimper, came from the young lady. Steve could feel the drool dripping down his balls has she strove to swallow his cock. Each stroke was the same, she would flick her tongue around the tip of his cock, and quickly swallow him till she bottomed out, where she would swirl her tongue around his cock. Finally, as his balls tightened, she slowed down and applied moderate pressure with her mouth and tongue. Steve could feel his testicles tighten. His eyes seemed to roll back in his head as Steve exploded in her mouth. He could feel the back of her throat with the tip of his cock. He shivered and shook as she milked the last drop of semen from his cock. When the last drop left his flaccid cock, she started licking all the drool off of him including the floor.

As Steve recovered, he watched the young girl get dressed, and started to her the most violent words he had ever heard.

"That's IT, bite the clit, you fucking pig,.. you fucking slut, MORE, get that tongue in me. AAAAAHHHHH"

Steve looked over at Hera, who had both hands in the slave's hair and was ramming her head into her groin. As Hera slouched, he heard slurping noises coming from under Hera's chair. Soon the Nubian was wiping her lips, and getting dressed.

"Most excellent" Vulcan said as he applauded.

After dessert, Hans told the owners that it being Saturday, they should read up, and tomorrow they would be given a tour of the grounds and a schedule for the next thirty days. They would also be quizzed on the rules of the estate.

As Steve got up his legs were still soft from the massive orgasm he had had fifteen minutes prior.

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