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A young man plays in his first real game.

He slowly brought that prickly fingertip toward me, and touched and rolled my nipple through my shirt. I arched into him with a moan-like scream. It felt fantastic.

"You like that, marret?" he whispered in my ear in a low, husky tone.

I ground against him.

He sucked my other nipple into his mouth. Even through the cotton I could feel the heat, the out-of-this world tongue. I let my head drop back. I felt more than saw the lights between us. He increased the pressure a little, and I came.

Tan laughed. That pleased, contented laugh of a man who knows he satisfied his woman. Apparently that's universal too.

Tan stood me up, and quickly stripped me of my shirt, bra, shoes, pants, and underwear. He stroked himself a few times while staring at me with those amazing foreign eyes, pulling me further under his spell with the most incredibly intense gaze. Then he grabbed me by the hips and lowered me onto him.

"So. Good," I said.

Tan had no problem maneuvering my weight up and down, kissing me until I was wild for another release, making me feel close to him with whatever alien chemical and light show was his way. His tail snaked in between us and found that perfect spot. I came, and then came again when he did.

I slumped onto his shoulder.

"Amazing, Tan. Incredible. Mind blowing."

"Now you are relaxed and happy."

"Yes, Tan. Relaxed and happy."

He disentangled us and helped me get dressed.

"You are okay to visit?"

It took me a minute to decipher this one. Maybe he wanted to visit someone or to have a guest over?

"Yeah. I'm okay."

He took my hand and led me out of his house, past more of the amazing jungle landscape, and to another house similar to his own. Tan didn't knock. He just said his name, the whole long complicated syllables of it, and waited.

A few seconds later a male opened the door. Very similar to Tan, but with a slight dark-purple tint to his skin. He saw me, and his eyes opened wide.

He stuck his hand out, in the handshake gesture, and I automatically reached out to shake it.

"Hi, I'm John. Come in." His English was perfect. Weirdly so. And did he just say his name was... John?

There were three very human children in his hut. They had light mocha skin and dark blondish curly hair.

"My mate, Donna," Tan said.

"These are my boys, Peter, Josh, and the baby is T.M. Boys, come say hello."

The two boys who looked to me to be about seven and nine came and stood in front of John and me and said hi. They had the same strange multicolor eyes as John.

"Hi," the baby said, freaking me out.

"Ah, hi everyone."

"Your mate is not home," Tan said in a half-question, half-statement way.

"No, she's down by the river. But I called her when I saw your"-he paused here-"wife, and she will be here in a minute."

Wife? Yikes.

It was all taking me a minute to process. He called her? The perfect English. The kids.

"How long have you been here?" John asked me.

"About two minutes," I said.

He laughed. "Would you like something to eat? You must be hungry."

My stomach growled in response, and John laughed again. After the amazing sex session with Tan I was hungry, I just hadn't realized it until John said something.

"How is it your name is John?" I asked.

"That's my human name. My Bumonth name is..." and then he said a word that began with a Ja sound and had even more clicks and complicated sounds than Tan's name.

"John it is," I said.

"All the boys have Bumonth names too."

"Got it."

The door opened. "Hey honey, what-whoa."

"This is my wife, Marie," John said.

"Whoa. Again," Marie said. "Hi." She came and shook my hand. She stared at me for a minute. She seemed even more surprised than John. "Tan. Holy shit."

Tan shrugged.

The baby pointed at me and said, "Human."

"That's right, sweetheart," Marie said. "Human."

"How many of us are here?" I asked.

"In the village, just me, and now you. On the planet, maybe five or six hundred."

I did a double take.

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