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A first time rendezvous.

After the last dish had been dried and put away, they both headed down the hallway. Before they entered the room, though, sara stopped and put her hand on leigh's arm.

"Whatever happens tonight, it's only for your own good. He would never hurt you. In fact, it's His job to keep you from harm. You know that, don't you?" Leigh slowly nodded her head. She had known that, but hearing sara voice it calmed her down somewhat, and she took a deep breath and followed her into the room. Both Masters looked up when they entered and sara headed toward John's chair. She sat down on her knees, keeping her legs pulled together and her hands clasped in front of her. Her Master's hand slid lovingly through her hair and leigh caught a small smile of contentment on her lips as she closed her eyes and enjoyed the gentle sensation.

She pulled her eyes from the couple and slowly brought them up to look at her Master. He was looking at her with such a mixture of love and resolve, her breath caught in her throat. "Come here, leigh." His voice sent chills through her and she obediently walked to the chair He sat in. She stood there for a minute, looking down at Him. "Kneel." She glanced nervously at sara who was watching the scene intently, and moved not-so-gracefully to the ground, trying to mimic her stance. He stood up slowly in front of her and she looked up at Him. His hand came down swiftly and tangled in her hair, pushing her head downwards until her eyes were trained on the floor.

His heavily booted foot touched the inside of her right knee, urging it out, then the same with her left. He pushed them farther and farther apart until her short skirt had ridden all the way up her thighs and her legs were spread far apart. He bent down and pulled her hands apart, placing them on either knee, palms up and the touch of His warm hand on hers seemed to calm her frazzled nerves. He stood up and moved away, and she jumped a little when she felt His hands on her shoulders. They traveled down over her breasts, pinched her nipples and she felt them grow hard instantly. His fingers were unbuttoning her blouse and He moved her arms to allow the silk to fall from her body. She realized she was still sitting in a room with two other people and it made her a little uncomfortable, but she knew better than to protest His actions. She relaxed and allowed Him to easily remove the bra as well.

She was left sitting there in nothing but her skirt. The feeling excited her, being displayed like this in front of other people, and she felt herself getting wet. She thought the lights had been dimmed also but couldn't be sure. The feel of leather on her back startled her, and she tried to focus her mind, to make out what He was tracing along her back. The sensation was not at all unpleasant, like thirty leathery hands all caressing her back at once, up over her shoulders, and back down to the small of her back.

Suddenly the tails lifted and came back down on her back. It didn't hurt so much as surprise her and a small gasp escaped her lips and she fought off the urge to jump up. They came back down again, this time a little harder, but the sting felt surprisingly comforting. The room around her seemed to disappear and all she could think about was the leather raining down on her skin. Her back was hot and she could feel it burning every time He brought His hand down. She became aware that His strokes were softening, getting more and more gentle each time and realized that her cheeks were wet with tears. She had been crying and didn't even know it.

Master had stopped hitting her altogether now and as she got her breath back, she felt His hands on her wrists, pulling them behind her and tying them together.

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