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A private backyard is used properly.

"God that feels good." John said.

"Yes it fuck me." Lisa said.

John started moving his cock in and out of Lisa slowly. Lisa grabbed John's head and looked him in the eye.

"I said fuck me John; I don't want it slow and easy...pound the shit out of me." Lisa said.

John smiled. He grabbed Lisa's left leg and pulled it up so it was over his shoulder. With Lisa's leg helping to hold him up John sped up his pace. He fucked her like that for a few minutes and Lisa started breathing heavily.

"Yes...that's so good." Lisa said.

All of a sudden John stopped and pulled his cock out of her.

"What are you doing?" Lisa asked.

John rolled Lisa onto her side and moved in behind her on his side. He pushed his cock into her and started fucking her again. Lisa moaned.

"That felt great, but we can't just stick with one position; we have to be comfortable in different positions that will look good for the movie so we should try several." John said.

"Right; we need to be ready for the movie. Let's do cowgirl next; that's always hot in the movies." Lisa said.

After fucking Lisa from behind for a few minutes John pulled out of Lisa's pussy and rolled onto his back. Lisa moved so that she was straddling John and lowered herself down onto his cock.

"God it feels even bigger like this." Lisa said.

Lisa started bouncing on John's cock.

"God it feels so good." Lisa said.

John reached up and squeezed Lisa's bouncing breasts.

"I'm gonna cum." John said.

Lisa continued to bounce on John's cock for a few more seconds until he grabbed her hips and pulled her down hard onto him. John grunted through gritted teeth as he filled the end of the condom with cum. After sitting on John's cock for another minute or so Lisa rolled onto the bed beside John.

"Wow." Lisa said.

"" John said.

John rolled off the bed, took the condom off, took it into the bathroom, and flushed it. He returned to the bed and lay down beside Lisa so they could rest.

"That went pretty well considering how nervous we were." John said.

"Yeah; that went a lot better than I expected. The question now is, are we done or do we see if we can get another round in today?" Lisa asked.

John smiled.

"I don't see any reason to stop now; it's a long drive out here so we wasted a lot of gas if that's all we were gonna do. I'm pretty sure I'll be ready to go again in a couple minutes and we've got 11 condoms left in that box." John said.

Lisa smiled.

"You don't have the stamina to use all of them do you?" Lisa asked.

John shook his head.

"No, but we could use one more for sure and maybe two more today if we want. Are you in any rush to get out of here?" John asked.

Lisa shook her head.

"Not really. Now that I'm over my nervousness I wouldn't mind fucking a few more times before going home." Lisa said.

John smiled.

"Then give me a few minutes to reload and we'll be ready to go again." John said.

Lisa smiled.

"Okay. Would it help if I encouraged your cock to get back to work by playing with it?" Lisa asked.

John smiled.

"It certainly wouldn't hurt anything." John said.

Lisa reached for John's cock and gave it a gentle squeeze; it twitched in her hand.

"I think it's already working." Lisa said.

Lisa moved so that she could kiss and lick John's cock as she continued to stroke it.

"God damn that feels good." John said.

"I'm glad you're enjoying it." Lisa said.

Within a few minutes Lisa had John's cock fully revived.

"It looks like we're ready for round two." Lisa said.

"I just need to grab another condom." John said.

John got off of the bed and grabbed another condom. He opened it and rolled it onto his cock. When he turned back towards the bed he saw Lisa on all fours with her ass pointed at him; she was looking over her shoulder and smiling.

"Let's start with doggie style this time." Lisa said.

John smiled.

"Gladly. God damn you look hot from this angle." John said.

John moved onto the bed behind Lisa and slowly pushed his cock into her; she pushed back against him to be sure that she took his entire length inside her.

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