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I saw that we had a few calves adding to the herd. That would mean branding them before the next snowfalls.

I was sitting on some rocks near the stream, eating the sandwich Ma had packed for my lunch. Only a fool wouldn't keep his eyes peeled for problems on the open range and I was no fool. It was as if my head were on a swivel. I didn't see anything to be concerned about. In the distance, I saw some tumbleweeds being shoved by the blowing breeze.

Our family was like those tumbleweeds. We moved frequently since I was about eight years old, leaving the big cities of the east behind us. It was almost as if Pa wanted to take us all across the country to the western sea. Every time we tried to settle in a place, he would find an excuse for us to move further west. Just like the tumbleweeds, we went where the wind and Pa's whim took us.

This place was different. We had been here for almost two years now. It was beautiful country. From the mountains on the horizon to our bright green grasslands with trees and wild flowers every place a body could see. Pa had staked a claim on our land, riding south to the biggest city around, three days ride away, in order to register the claim. That meant the end of our tumbleweed days.

Not pushing the horse hard, I took my time moving back in the direction of the ranch house. I went by a huge forested piece of land keeping my eyes open for game. I never used Pa's rifle when he was alive but I had used his bow and arrows with some success. Returning home, though, I was empty handed.

After stabling the horse and wiping the gelding down with handfuls of grass, I set out a bait of corn for him before heading to the porch to get washed up for supper.

Oddly, Ma was standing on the porch waiting for me with a towel in her hand. This was something different from our usual routine. Realizing quickly that Ma always met Pa at the door like this, I knew this was going to be a part of our new routine going forward.

Ma would always stand by the wash bucket waiting for Pa to clean himself up from the day's travails. Then they would hug and kiss hello. Coming from out of nowhere, I wondered if I would be given the opportunity to hug Ma just like Pa did. Surprising me even more, my cock began to harden at the thought.

When I completed my wash up, Ma handed me the towel to dry off. When I was done, she stepped closer to me, putting her arms around me. I made to kiss her on the cheek but Ma turned her head causing our lips to meet.

In the last place we lived, there had been a girl around my age that I met at church. We found opportunities to be together without any prying eyes being around. During those times, we made out like the teenagers we were. It didn't take us long to move from closed mouth kisses to full on, tongue dancing, soul kisses. We also learned how to embrace each other. I loved the feel of her body crushed against mine with my hands cupping her ass cheeks.

Kissing Ma on the mouth brought those memories immediately to mind. Our kiss was tender but without the passion shared by me and the other girl. I don't know if I was disappointed or not when we broke apart.

As I was sitting at the table waiting for dinner to be served, Ma reminded me we were going to town the following day. It wasn't a long ways off like the big city Pa had gone to in order to register our land claim. We could be there and back in the same day.

I guess you could call it a family tradition that we always bathed the night before going to town. Before the sun was completely set, the entire family would troop down to the stream and would take turns bathing. First the women and I would go in while Pa would stand guard with the shotgun. He would jump in the water after we were dried and dressed with me standing guard.

I was taken aback standing on the bank of the stream wondering how we should handle bathing and guarding now. Ma suggested how we should proceed.

"Rick, I think we should all get in at once.

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