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A student fulfills her Paris sex fantasy.

My daughter had watched the DVD that I had 'accidentally' left in the computer drive for her to find.

My wicked scheme was no longer a fantasy. The DVD contained a carefully edited selection of short pornographic scenes depicting my dirtiest desires in graphic detail. Utilising our computer's video editor, I had plundered the darker recesses of the internet and pieced together what amounted to a concise instruction manual outlining my hitherto secret sexual inclinations. Miniskirts featured heavily throughout, along with upskirt masturbation scenes, dirty talk, and some very outrageous clips towards the end. And my pretty daughter had watched it. Lyra now knew everything about my perverted sexual fantasies and fetishes. Well, almost everything.

Returning to my senses, I realised that I was physically trembling.

"It's alright, Dad," Lyra assured me. "I won't tell anyone. I know that men have to... need to have a sexual release... and now that Mum's gone..."

She began gabbling garrulously, filling the discomforting silence with sympathetic reassurances. My guilt resurfaced slightly, but more than anything, I felt relief at my daughter's complicit reaction to her father's apparent shock and despair.

Lyra smiled warmly and left the room.

Relaxing a little, I considered the timeline; yes, I was right... I had left the DVD in the computer about six weeks ago - a few days prior to my daughter's first appearance dressed in her schoolgirl miniskirt.

I sank back into the comfortable sofa. I was naked under my bathrobe and I stroked my erect penis. Loosening the front of my robe, I masturbated, fantasising about letting Lyra walk in and catch me wanking.

I reran the DVD in my mind: it began with a sexy blonde opening her legs and inviting the viewer to look up her skirt. Then the sixties all-girl dance troupe Pan's People performed a naughty routine to the Jackson Five's 'I Want You Back'. The low-angled camera filmed up their pink miniskirts as they danced, showing their knickers and gyrating suggestively to the music. In the next clip, a young woman in a school uniform talked about masturbation. In sexy tones, she seductively repeated my favourite naughty word: "I masturbate... I love masturbating... masturbate for me..." Then the DVD got really dirty; a gorgeous teen in a pleated miniskirt entered a Peep Show booth and...

I heard Lyra's footsteps coming down the stairs. My bathrobe was wide open and I wanked fast... now she was in the hall - still I kept wanking...

Lyra entered the dimly-lit room as I stood fastening the belt on my robe. I sat down quickly, hiding my erection. The candle flame flickered as she walked over to the armchair and sat opposite me, crossing her legs. My daughter had changed her clothes. Now she was wearing a full traditional English school uniform: a white cotton shirt with a striped school tie, long white socks, black shoes, and her navy-blue pleated netball skirt.

My expression must have been a picture: wide-eyed, mouth agape. Gathering my wits, I composed myself.

We stared into each others' eyes in the silent darkness for what felt like an eternity.

Then I could resist no longer; I lowered my gaze, fixing my stare on Lyra's sexy bare legs. Her pleated miniskirt was up, exposing her slender white thighs. She studied me with wrapped attention. She knew all about my miniskirt fetish, and she let me look. I had to look.

Lyra broke the long silence, speaking softly, "It's alright Dad, I know this is what you like. You like miniskirts, don't you."

"Lyra, I..."

She interrupted me, her voice measured and calm, "Dad, I know we mustn't have sexual intercourse... but if you want to... you can get your willy out."


"Dad... I can't do what Mum did for you, but I can do things that you like. It's alright... I'll never tell anyone."

As she stood up,

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