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Sushant's life as a slave to his aunty takes brutal shape.

I just love it.


Hi Jeannie.

I just sent you an invite to be a friend on messenger! It's 10.30am where you are, and 3.30 here. What is your favourite fantasy? You tell me you're 37, but do you have a family of your own I wonder? I shall be here for another hour, but you're probably at work!

Sarah xxx

Hello again Jeannie.

I guess you're just about awake - it's 6am where you are. I thought of you, when I woke at 3am, dressed in something sexy and reading, sitting in the dimly lit room you spoke of, all alone, sipping wine and just loving it. I squatted between your legs whilst you read about joining in the action. It feels so sexy to sit here - I shall be gentle with you darling - kiss your face and stoke your breasts. Perhaps cup the cheeks of your bottom and caress them. Then, trail my finger tips up your inner thighs, toying with then, feeling the texture before I feel them flutter beneath the silky pale skin. I shall hear you moan and purr with growing lust, your belly trembling - your thighs parting for my exploring fingers to search for the most intimate part of you - that wonderful seat of passion and ecstasy.

Discovering another wonderful vulva is always exciting and thrilling - that wonder of nature. My fingers carefully part the labia to expose the petals of flesh guarding the gateway to paradise - your vagina dilates with anticipation. Hungry for fingers to explore its slippery secrets - reach inside the mystery of womanhood. Yours.

I can hear you gasp with happiness - you eyes close in blissful expectation, your thighs heave towards me. I press my face between the war thighs, my tongue reaching for the nectar seeping from your vagina. Inhaling - filling my lungs with the wonderful special aroma of your vulva. Mmmm. Two fingers gingerly explore the delicate opening. Every little crease and fleshy petal. That button of delight hidden beneath its hood - now stiff and erect - wanting to be sucked and tweaked.

Mmmm that's delicious. The essential Jeannie. I'd love to hear you come with me!!

Sarah xx

(Jeannie signed in to messenger a few moments later.)

'Hi Jeannie. Wow! What a lovely surprise. How are you?'

'Hello Sarah. I'm good. Just thought I'd say hello, having just read your email. Phew!'

'Did it get you nice and horny?'

'Awesome! Knickers wet. Well, they were. I had to take them off.'

'So what are you wearing?'

'Shorts and blouse - nothing else. Lol!'

'In that case I should take you in my arms and kiss you. I love kissing nice soft lips, ears and eyelids. Nuzzling your neck and inhaling the scent of your hair.'

'Yes, please. I'd like that.'

'My hand sliding into your blouse to stroke and fondle your breasts. Mmm. Lovely nipples hardening.'

'Sarah! Yes they are. OMG. You don't waste any time, do you?'

'I don't have long right now, so have to make the most of each minute. Lol! And you're feeling horny. So am I! So I need to steal my other hand inside your shorts, searching for the center of your life. Feel what it's like. Mmmm. Nice and wet!'

'Gosh - I sure am.'

'I adore exploring a new pussy. Searching every little crevice. Those petals of flesh around the vagina. Nice and warm and sticky.'

'I think you like to be in control Sarah. I like that.'

'My lips are now latched on to your nipples. I'm slipping the shorts over your thighs and down your legs. Off! Opening your thighs. Stretching them apart. OMG. What an absolutely gorgeous sight! Your mystery opened out in front of my eyes. The vagina is dilated in anticipation. Throbbing. Mustn't disappoint it. Two fingers slip inside. Wow!'

'Sarah ... you're a fast worker... oooooh god!'

'And now I can explore the little rosebud between the cheeks of your bottom as well. Mmm. With a little pussy juice on my fingers, I can lubricate the puckered entrance. Slip my middle finger inside a little.'

'Don't stop Sarah! OMG! I want more! Two fingers in there please.'

'My head between your thighs, inhaling the delicious scent.

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