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First person threesome with a pal and her BF.

was shocked when he asked me to dance and as I glanced at Mistress as she told the young man "Brenda would love to dance with you!"

The first song was a quick paced disco number and I didn't have a problem with the heels or anything. But then the music changed to a slow ballad and Drew grabbed my hand and pulled me close. We danced through the number and I tried to play the feminine role properly, but I wasn't used to dancing backwards in heels. I could feel him getting hard as he held me close and i was actually trying to get hard in my cage as he did. I was glad when the song ended and he walked me back to the table. I thanked him for the dances as I am sure Mistress would have wanted me to do that like a proper girl. I also introduced Drew to Miss Andrea.

Mistress excused us saying we had to freshen our makeup. As she got up from the table I noticed she whispered something to Drew, and we headed to the ladies room. Of course like most gay bars there were men in there as well but they parted for Mistress and I to pass. Once there she led me into a stall and told me to clean the seat for her and wait out side the door for her. When she finished she told me to enter and sit down.

"I have a present for you darling Brenda" she said as she pulled a pair of cuffs on a cord out of her designer handbag. She put one on one of my wrists fed the other end around the toilet and cuffed my other wrist. I tried to protest and she slapped my face saying only "shut up and serve Sissy. Drew will be here for you in a minute and I better get a good report back from him and his friends, or you may be stuck here even longer."

She held some poppers under my nose and had me breath in deeply a few times. Setting the bottle on the little shelf she turned and left. My head was spinning from the poppers. I flashed back to the hypnotic videos that Mistress had me watch. The ones that kept saying how poppers make sissies love cock. Yeah, that one. It kept me from thinking clearly about how to get loose when the door popped open and Drew entered. He looked at me and the bottle of poppers. Opening the bottle he said "have some sissy sauce honey, you may need them" With that he made me sniff some more. I was floating when he dropped his pants and pulled his shaved dick from his boxers and put it to my mouth saying only "suck it popper sissy". I was to helpless to resist at that point and opened my mouth. I felt like I was in a trance and I sucked as told and soon had a mouth full of warm creamy cum.

Drew thanked me and fed me more poppers. That dam sissy sauce made me so helpless. I wondered what would happen if someone else came in. Maybe they would free me. Just then the door opened and another young man entered and smiled when he saw me and immediately reached for the poppers. Took a couple hits and then forced me to sniff again. He soon had his cock in my waiting mouth and was pumping away. It didn't take long for him to empty his load in my mouth. He left as quick as he came in and soon the door opened again with a young woman entering next. She was about 35 with lovely breasts and a sexy figure covered with a full dress. She lifted her dress and stepped up placing it over my head. She had no panties on and as her crotch came closer to my face I felt a cock rubbing against my lips. I opened my mouth and sucked it gently till it got hard and soon had her moaning as she also squirted in my sissy mouth.

She uncovered me and undid my cuffs saying I should take them and return to my mistress.

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