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American Thanksgiving in New York.

Watch. And listen."

Mommy staggered a bit and her hands went to her nipples. Her DD breasts began to ache and her nipples were hard. She was kneading her breasts and staring vacantly.

"Mommy. Let me do you like Georgie is doing Daddy. Why don't you watch them out the window and tell me what they are doing and I will do it to you while you watch them. Oh Mommy please, please."

With that, Deedee reached for her mommy's breast and rubbed the back of her fingers against Mommy's nipple.

"oooooo. Deedee."

With that, Mommy began to unbutton her blouse and remove her bra. Her huge breasts hung before Deedee and even more lubrication poured out of her pussy and down her leg. Deedee knelt before Mommy and replicated what Mommy was watching Daddy and Georgie do. Deedee continued to heat up and masturbate. Her clit a tiny cock as she sucked her mother's nipples and Mommy could smell Deedee's arousal.

The "boys" ended their session and the "girls" ran to Deedee's room to gather their wits.

Dinner that night had many layers of tension, between everyone but the 18 year old younger sister seemed oblivious to everything.

Chapter VIII.

Daddy was thinking about the next step in Georgie's education and how he was going to introduce pussy play, and of course fucking. He and Georgie usually met for the outdoor shower and lesson about 3:30 in the afternoon. Dinner wasn't until 6:00 pm, so they had some time to themselves.

Finally, Daddy came up with a solution, and it should be quite interesting. In fact, Daddy's cock began to rise as he plotted his plan.

That night in bed Mommy asked how things were going with Georgie's education and was there anything she could do to help.

"Mother, tomorrow I am going to move Georgie into learning about below the waist play and fulfillment. I am thinking that it might be a good idea for you to give him an enema before the next time he and I are having lessons."

"Oh? And what kind of enema do you mean? A little boy enema, or an enema like the one I give you, Daddy." Her eyes twinkled and she ran her hand along his cheeks and strayed to his crack.

"Oh..Mommy. I think Georgie is ready for a big boy enema. Take the entire kit with you and let him choose the nozzle he would like. Feel free to make suggestions; he doesn't know anything...yet."

The discussion made Mommy wet and she continued to ply her fingers to Daddy's crack as she opened her legs and slid over his thigh and rubbed herself on him. She left wet tracks on his thigh from her highly aroused and dripping pussy. She could hardly wait to give Georigie an enema.

Next morning, before breakfast, Daddy pulled Georgie aside and told him that Mommy was going to give him an enema before today's lesson. They were moving to a new subject today and cleanliness was mportant.

"In fact Georgie, I will join you and Mommy can give both of us an enema. I don't want you to feel embarrassed about being with Mommy like that now that you are grown up."

Georgie's head was spinning from the thought of his mother giving him, an adult nearly, an enema. He remembered getting enemas from his mommy and his grandmother as he grew up. There were no bad memories, nice ones actually. He remembered being totally naked, laying across Mommy's lap in the bathroom with the big red enema bag hanging up on a special hook. Mommy would pull his cheeks apart and hold them open with one hand. She'd plunge her long finger into Vaseline and then begin to "paint" his boy hole with Vaseline. She'd rub it all around his hole, and he loved how that felt. He remembered how it gave him goose bumps when she began to tease and push her finger into his hole. His peepee would start to get hard, and he could feel her thighs capturing his peepee as she fingered his hole.

She'd move her hips in a way that pressed and rubbed his peepee and made it even bigger.

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