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A couple experiment with swinging.

They are greedy, always raiding everyone else, stealing our men!"

She thumped a tiny fist on the table.

"It if not fair!" she said, turning to me and raising a gentle hand to my cheek. She seemed genuinely outraged. "Why should they get all the cock? When our cunts are just as wet!"

Her tiny ass was quivering in my lap. I shifted slightly in my seat, unable to think of anything coherent to say. Trixie turned back to face the map. With great effort, I did the same.

"Beyond Amazonia are the Elvish realms. They visit rarely, but we count them among our friends, especially in times of war. I have seen them, they are tall and fair and beautiful, and their metalworking and lovemaking is the finest in the world!"

Trixie paused for a moment, staring off into space, as if reminiscing. She finally returned to the map.

"Then you have the Great Mountains, and beyond...are the Dark Lands."

The pixie shivered when she said this world. Doe-like eyes turned up to me, and her hands wrapped around her chest, as if the temperature in the humid room had suddenly plunged to freezing. Some force compelled me to do the same, holding her around the waist. She stopped shaking.

"The Amazons are bad, yes, but they are not the worst. Even they stand with us against the Dark Lands. There are said to be monsters there, we call them vixens, though I have never seen one. They are shapeshifters...demons, who hunger for cock more than any other creatures on Orgasmia. We do not normally speak of them."

I nodded.

"Have they ever come to the west?"

"Oh yes" Trixie nodded. "It was just after the fall, three hundred years ago...but you do not know this?"

"Sorry, you must excuse my ignorance."

"It was after the fall" Trixie went on. "The world collapsed, and people stopped coming from the sky. Of the men who were already here, they were outnumbered by the women ten to one. At first the tribes did not know how to react, could we perhaps share the men? But then the Vixens struck first, coming from the East. They slaughtered all in their path, taking whatever men they could find. They got as far as the Great City of Kinky."

She pointed on the map at the middle of the Bustie kingdom, where the three tributaries of the Horny Rivers met.

"But they were few in numbers, and the other tribes rallied. There were only thousands of them, but millions of us, especially us Pixies."

"You are the most numerous of the tribes?"

"Yes, as we are the smallest. One Pixie could not take down an Amazon, it is true, but there are five Pixies for every Amazon, three for every Elf, and two for every Bustie. It is how the world was balanced."

"So there are Pixies, Busties, Amazons, Elves and Vixens. You have named five tribes, but what is the sixth?" I asked.

"The men" Trixie said, pointed at a narrow peninsula on the north of the continent. "In the time when visitors came from the sky, most were males, but one or two in ten were females. To serve them, men were created on Orgasmia."

Trixie smiled again, thinking of old memories.

"They are gorgeous, coveted across Orgasmia. Most of them are huge, bigger even then you, Jason of the sky, with giant muscles and cocks and they can fuck all day, even keeping up with a woman!"

Trixie left soon after that, putting the map in the draw and giving my cock a final affectionate kiss before walking out the door. I sat by the window, contemplated all I had heard. So I had been right, the legends were true. Pleasure Franchises had gone and created that lost world, populated by millions of horny nymphites, before someone - some puritanical force, appeared to have come along and sabotaged it, then sealed it off forever.

And now they were running amok, I he was stuck here.

I wasn't sure whether to laugh or cry.

Trxie had been gone a few hours when I heard a noise in the corridor outside. It was mid-afternoon, and I had been dozing in Trixie's bed. As I woke, the door of the room was flung open, revealing several figures.

There wer

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