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We chatted for half an hour as we sipped a wine and then ordered our meals. He talked about himself briefly and explained his wife was in a palliative care hospice as she had a heart attack, and he missed the closeness of someone but he did not wish to divorce her as that would be wrong. his only request was that it be kept quiet until she had passed. He then asked me about myself and my reasons for this and he seemed to accept my situation and even showed his anger to the guys that had basically raped me a few weeks before. After dinner we were still chatting away when the manager said he needed to close up and I felt so at ease chatting with this guy that when he suggested I join him in his room (he was booked into a suite) for a night cap, I felt all was good.

We seemed to talk for a few more hours and not once did he try to touch me or force me to drink too much. Before I knew it the time had reached 11 pm and not knowing what to do or say next I told him I would need to call home and explain I was busy chatting and would husband to come and get me. He said there was no worry as he did not want to make troubles for me and he will drive me if I wish. I went outside and called home and husband, whilst not overly worried, was starting to wonder if I had already decided to have sex with this guy as the time had slipped by and he knew I was probably wanting a fuck. I told him it was just talking and time went fast but that I did in fact think he would be a nice guy to have a relationship with and would like to maybe meet again next time he is in town and have sex. My husband suggested that since I was already there I maybe should take it to the next level and see how things work out. I was a little worried, but also decided maybe a quick one would be nice. I told him the guy offered to drive me home so said I would see if he wanted to have sex then will be home in about 2 hours.

What was meant to be just one time then home turned into two times over the next 2 hours and then again at 5:30 when I awoke (yes I fell asleep) and then he dropped me back home. Whilst husband was a little annoyed with the lateness, he said he understand and it was to be expected after all the time I had gone without. We talked about what I had spoken with the guy and how much I enjoyed the sex and then about 7 am I went back to bed to catch up on some much needed sleep. I got out of bed around noon and after a light lunch and some heavy thinking, I told husband I would cancel the other two guys as it seemed the guy from last night was the right one for me. He told me he thought that was not good as I had made arrangements with the other two, and it was still worth my while to at least go out to dinner with them and get to know them in case anything went wrong and the first guy changed his mind. I agreed eventually and decided it was the right thing to do.
Later that day I got a message from the 36 yo guy asking if we could skip dinner as he was running late and if we could just go direct to a hotel and fuck. That was the end of him quickly and I did not even reply to him and as he only knew the suburb I was in, he did not yet have an address or phone number so I had no worry at all.

Sunday even came and about 10 minutes after the 39 yo guy was due to arrive I see a message from him on a chat app I had joined and he was asking me if it were safe to come now as he was not sure because he knew I was married.

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