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You prepare the toys.

The cockhead was leaking pre cum and I licked the tip, tastes the pre cum and slowly circled the head with my tongue as I pulled the skin back to reveal the large mushroom shaped tip. I wanted to please this cock so I started to lick the length of his large cock and while I did this he pulled my hair aside so he could watch me as he forced me down to his bal sack and I could take his balls one by one in my mouth. Slowly I made my way down until I reached the part between his balls and his ass and Mark almost flipped when I licked him in that spot. Slowly I made my way back to his long hard cock and went up until I could take his cockhead in my mouth. I started to suck it slowly up and down and felt him harden in my mouth. It was really nice to feel such a large cock in my mouth. Mark held my head as he began thrusting into my mouth. I loved the way he took my mouth and to provide him sexual pleasure. Just as he was getting into it I pulled his cock from my mouth as I wanted him to cum inside my pussy instead of in my mouth.

I led him to the bed were I lay down on my back. Mark stood beside the bed as he was admiring every inch of my naked body. He kept looking for a few minutes before he placed himself next to me on the bed and he started to kiss me. Our kiss was very sexual loaded and I felt every vain in my body response to his kisses. He slowly started to kiss down my neck towards my breasts as he took my nipples one by one in his mouth and sucked on them for a few minutes. As my nipples are very sensitive and function like on/off buttons for my state of arousal. My pussy was getting very wet by his actions and he was not even half way down my body yet. He kissed slowly downwards all the way to my lower belly and it tickled and felt nice at the same time. When he came near my pussy I lifted my hips and hoped he found my clit more easily. But he was avoiding my efforts as he kissed my inner right thigh, than back to my pussy and the little strip above my clit before he kissed my left inner thigh. Then slowly back to my pussy were he licked on both sides of my pussy in the area between my thighs and my pussy lips. This really made me trust my hips and I almost came when he placed his mouth all over my pussy and pushed his tongue in one motion inside. My pussy was soaked by then and his tongue felt very nice as he pushed it in and out for a few minutes before he found my clitoris. He lapped up all my pussy fluid but I kept feeling it coming as he was licking me more force fully but he stopped a few times as well. Every time I was almost having an orgasm he stopped and kept me on the edge. This went on for about 15 minutes when he stopped and looked up and just did nothing. He looked me into my eyes and he spoke for he first time and asked me to tell him what I wanted. My body shook and in hardly hearable words I asked him to fuck me. Mark said he and Ralph couldn't hear me so I needed to ask it louder if I really wanted it as he started to rub his cock up and down my very moisten pussy. By hearing my boyfriends name I looked into his direction and saw Ralph jerking his small cock as he nodded as to agree so I looked back to Mark and asked him loudly to fuck me with his big cock. He teased me some more and I pleaded to take me and to make me cum on his big cock.

At that moment Mark placed the large head of his cock at the entrance of my pussy and pushed forward.

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