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The son of Zorro strikes at fancy dress party.

"Go for it, I want to see everything!"

KT seemed slightly nervous, so a newly-empowered Casey pulled her close and kissed her softly, with a probing tongue. KT's nervousness quickly disappeared and within seconds, she was kissing back and pulling Casey closer. When they broke their kiss, KT's eyes were closed and she was breathing heavily.

"We're going to be close friends, aren't we?" KT breathed.

"It's like Victoria said, KT and Casey, how could we not?" Casey smiled. "That dress is gorgeous, but it's got to go. I think Victoria and I would like to see what beauty is underneath it all."

KT nodded and let her trembling fingers unbutton the dress, but she was having a tough time of it. Casey came up behind her and tried to help, which made KT even more nervous. Having the sexy brunette so close made her tremble and Victoria watching them added to her nerves. When the finally got the dress off, Casey gasped.

Casey had enjoyed the beauty of women since her fate had intertwined with Victoria's, but KT was in a class of her own. Her lingerie was simple, but so beautiful on her golden, silky skin. Casey moved close and brushed her hand against KT's breasts and moved them down. KT shook and gasped in breaths of air as another woman touched her sexually for the first time. Casey began to kiss her and lead her to the bed where Victoria awaited them both.

Victoria was pleasantly surprised to see how aggressively Casey was behaving; she had come a long, long way. She stretched the neophyte lesbian on the bed and let Victoria kiss her lips while she herself moved between the girl's long, outstretched legs. The hairs on the girl's pussy were sparse and soft and fleecy and Casey parted them with gentle fingers and then inserted her tongue and began to lick. "God, I fucking love eating pussy," Casey thought to herself. She looked up to see Victoria and KT in a heated lip-lock.

Victoria's eyes glanced over at her little prot__g__; she couldn't believe how fucking sexy Casey looked as she gave KT her first taste of lesbian sex. She was enjoying KT's soft mouth, the Korean girl was a natural at loving another woman and wasn't at all hesitant about kissing Victoria. Her breath was heavy, showing her intense arousal.

"I want to do it with one of you!" KT cried out. Casey moved from between her legs and kissed KT, letting the girl taste her own sweetness.

"Do it with Victoria, you eat her out and I'll help," Casey grinned. Victoria and her girls were soon a tangled mess of limbs. At first, the two younger women attended to Victoria, but the heat grew so exponentially that soon it was a blur of lesbian sex, blonde, brunette and golden-skinned beauty in a tableau of sex.

The next morning was just as hot and Casey and KT were still at it when Victoria left at lunch time. That's how she had planned things, now it was time for her meeting with Paul. She met him for coffee and he was as punctual as ever.

"Good to see you handsome, are you up for an afternoon of pleasure?" Victoria asked him as he hugged her.

"Aren't I always?" Paul replied. "Where's Casey, isn't she joining us? I know you two had plans yesterday."

"No Paul, it's just the two of us for now," Victoria told him, then thought Although that's going to change in a very little while!

She had some pastry and a nice, strong cup of coffee. While Paul went to empty his bladder, Victoria got out her cell phone and made the call. Everything was set and in place.

"Done with your coffee?" Victoria asked as Paul returned.

"I am, what do you have in mind?" Paul asked her.

"I have an errand to run and if you can come with me, we'll have our fun after," Victoria smiled at him. They got into her car and her body almost trembled with anticipation, another afternoon of decadent pleasure lay ahead.

When they got where they were going, she told Paul to follow her.

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