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Travails, with Aunt.

Inside the car Matt saw Bill take a sheet of paper out of his clipboard pocket and ask the girl the questions written on it.

After a few moments it became clear to Matt that Nicola had failed the test and he walked over to the car and opened the door before crouching down next to her. Nicola's eyes were wet and she burbled as Matt asked her how it had gone. Bill sighed and said that although her driving was just about passable, she had failed almost all of the questions he'd put to her.

"Yeah but, you could overlook that couldn't you...?" Asked Matt as he gently placed his hand on Nicola's soft thigh to 'comfort' her.

"I'm sorry, I really can't do that sort of thing," he said sternly.

"Yes, but... you know, in special circumstances... I mean Nicola really wants to pass the test, don't you Nicola?"

She nodded and sniffled, enjoying the feel of Matt's hand on her skin and feeling the tiniest sensation of wetness beginning between her thighs. As he continued to speak his hand slid slowly higher, stopping when she tightened her legs together and continuing when she relaxed them again, ashamed but wanting his hand to move higher.

"This girl is a good driver Mr Watson, she's just nervous and she can't quite remember the theory... is that such a big deal?"

Nicola looked at Bill with her bleary eyes, aware that Matt's hand was high up between her legs now, his fingertips softly brushing against her inner thighs and moistening knickers. Matt's confidence was the key here, as his brazen groping seemed to completely disarm the girl.

"I think Nicola would be willing to show you what a good girl she is, isn't that right Nicola?"

Nicola could barely speak as his fingers pushed higher and she felt them rubbing her gently but firmly as he addressed the examiner.

"Open your legs Nicola, and show Mr Watson how wet you are."

Nicola turned to look at Matt and saw him smiling at her as he rubbed his fingers harder against her aching pussy.

He felt her relax and helped her to conform by gently pushing her legs apart, allowing her to feel that she wasn't totally to blame.

"That's it Nicola..." he whispered softly, as she felt Bill's hand move onto her other thigh. She shuddered as the pair of hands moved higher, pulling her legs wider so that her skirt rose up and exposed her crotch. Her hands fell to the sides of the seats as she watched the two men gazing between her legs at her now damp knickers, the cool evening air swirling around her exposed legs and hot, wet pussy.

"Beautiful," said Bill, causing a fresh burst of pink to come to the girl's cheeks and another wave of wetness to fill her hole.

Matt reached forward and hooked his fingers into the side of Nicola's white panties, pulling them gently aside to reveal her lightly-haired pussy. As he did this Nicola stifled a groan as she felt his fingertips brush across her exposed lips for the first time.

"Don't try to pretend you don't like it Nicola..." whispered Matt. "It's natural, you've just got to give in to it... you'll feel so much better if you relax and enjoy it."

Matt kissed her gently on the cheek and slid his finger gently between her wet and slippery lips.

Nicola gasped sharply as she felt her pussy invaded and her slick, tight walls slowly stretching to accommodate Matt's thick finger.

"That's it sweetie, just relax... you are gonna feel so good."

He kissed her again and then Bill gently started to undo her light blue shirt, slowly exposing her small white bra and young, pale-skinned breasts. Impatient to see them he began to tug at her buttons, which brought forth a grunt from the girl as she sensed their hunger for her increasing.

Nicola's head was in turmoil, she wanted to pass the test and she wanted to get her car... she even liked Matt, but Bill was here too and what if her Dad found out...

She started to push her legs together, but the two men held them firmly open.

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