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Chapter 5.

I thought he must have paid them. He had lots of cash. Maybe they're prostitutes. Not like I care. I've never fucked an adult woman before. This might be worth hanging out and sucking Mick's cock every now and then!!

When we got to Mick's place we parked in the garage and went in thru the door.

Just like before Mick said, "You all know the rules. Strip and leave your clothes here."

I stood there for a second seeing what the ladies would do and without hesitation both let there dresses fall to the floor, neither wearing panties or a bra. Both their bodies were incredible. I mean they had bodies like you see in magazines. Big tits, round asses, blemish free skin, and manicured pussy hair.

They looked at me and asked, "What's the hold up Brad?"

At their prompting I quickly started to undress but somewhat worried because I knew my cock wasn't as big as Mick's. I didn't want to be embarrassed but getting naked with these hotties is what's important right now. When I was naked I walked around into the living room to join the orgy.

When I got into the living room I immediately saw the 2 naked beauties sitting on the couch together. They had their legs tucked back under them, sitting there with their eyes focused intently on me.

"You have a nice body." Ashley said.

"Yeah for sure." Jenny agreed.

"Yeah but wait until you see him suck cock!" Mick's deep voice chimed in.

I looked over at Mick and sure enough he was standing in the same spot he was just a few days ago when I was on my knees blowing him. His cock was semi erect, he was pulling on his balls, and he had a big smile on his face.

"I told the girls what a great cock sucker you are and they wanted to see you blow me. So I invited them over to watch." Mick informed me.

I turned back to look at the girls. Could this be true. Were they just here to watch me suck Mick's cock? But I want my cock sucked. I found out the answer pretty quickly.

"Yeah! Mick said you love sucking his big cock and we've always wanted to watch a guy suck another guy off." Jenny said.

"Yeah, it'll be so hot!" Ashley added.

What the fuck! I thought I was going to be fucking a hot older woman and instead I'm here to suck a dick while 2 gorgeous naked women watch!!

"Come on Brad. Get on your knees and suck my cock for the ladies." Mick ordered.

The girls were now up on their knees on the couch cheering me on to get started.

"Come on Brad. Suck his cock for us. It will get us horny!" They said excitedly together speaking over each other.

Hearing that I thought maybe if I sucked Mick's dick it would get them hot and then one of them would fuck me. So I dropped to my knees in front of Mick and reached out to grab his pecker.

"That's it cocksucker. It gets bigger when you pull on it." Mick says as he puts his hands on his hips.

I looked over at the women and saw the look of curiosity on their beautiful faces. They were practically falling off the edge of the couch waiting to see me take this thick cock into my mouth. My own cock was growing at this point as well.

I turned back toward Mick and leaned in and took his cock head into my mouth.

"Oh yes!" One of the girls shouts and I think I heard them high fiving.

I sucked on the head a little and played with his balls with one hand. Mick's dick was now at its full length and girth and I was sliding my lips down the shaft.

"Look at his mouth stretching over your cock Mick!" Ashley said. "And he's playing with your balls too!"

"He sucks cock better than me!" Jenny declared.

While I was bobbing up and down on Mick's dick I could see in my periphery the 2 sets of big tits bouncing as the girls were jumping, hugging, and celebrating my felatio ability.

"Look at his prick ladies. See how hard he gets when he sucks me off!" Mick asked the pair.

"He is hard as fuck!" One of them said.

I was aware of my rock hard cock and I was hoping this would earn at least a blow job from one of these naked beauties.

"Fuck his face like you fuck my pussy Mick!" One of the girls told Mick.


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