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A young man with a sick mind has fun in grandma's kitchen

Then he slipped inside me, burying himself full depth in one thrust. I gasped with pleasure as the cool pressure of the butt plug was replaced with the throbbing warmth of man muscle inside me. He held me by the ribs as he slowly pistoned in and out of my fuckhole. I turned my head so that we could kiss as we fucked. As I did, I could see that Tom was staring at us, engrossed in the spectacle of our sordid coupling.

I desperately wanted to cum, but the pleasure was so intense, and I wanted it to last, so I casually reached down and dug a fingernail into the skin of my cock to slow down my rising climax.

We got into a rhythm, each of us moving away from and towards each other. I would move just far enough to feel him on the verge of popping out of me, and then push back until I could feel his scrotum against mine and my asshole was filled with man.

I found the gaze of his partner.

"I want your cock in my mouth" I said, and he moved in front of me and I swallowed him. I fucked my mouth up and down his cock opposite the rhythm of my ass. As cock was sliding inward at one end, it was sliding outward at the other.

I glanced around the room, and three or four other men were watching us, aside from Tom. I looked up at one young man as he jacked off at what must have seemed like a fantastic porn movie come to life right in front of him.

I reached for him and pulled him closer. I wrapped my mouth around him just in time for his love nectar to erupt in my mouth. I pulled back with my mouth open so that everyone could enjoy this young man's intense and copious orgasmic explosion. Spurt after spurt of glorious man cream blessed my lips, tongue, and cheeks. As the others watched I let it spill erotically down my chin and chest as I licked and sucked him clean.

As I luxuriated at the feeling of warm cum all over my face, I felt the hands of my fucker dig into my ribs and and felt the first burst of silky warmth inside me as his balls loosed their seed deep in my love channel. He let out several harsh grunts as he plowed his cock into me, driving his semen deep into my belly before he began to relax and slow his thrusts.

I turned and kissed him while he was still inside me. I could see Tom, and he was transfixed with voyeuristic pleasure. I looked up smiling at my fuckers' partner.

"I bet you can fuck like him, can't you?" I purred, and then closed my eyes as revelled in the sensation of cock sliding out of my asshole, and fresh cum dribbling down my scrotum and balls. I pulled the other stud to the floor and lay him on his back.

I straddled him as he held his cock upright. I found his purple glans with my cum-slicked hole, and then slid my anal sheath down the length of his shaft and began to ride him.

Now their were two men next to me, urging me to suck them while I fucked up and down this magnificent pleasure shaft. My cock was raging hard, dripping with pre-cum. I greedily sucked at the sperm dispensers offered me, and they rewarded me amply.

I was deep in the throes of pleasure now. Tom was going to see me cum. I wanted him to see me cum. I wanted him to see these other men shooting their hot sperm on my face and into my mouth, just for his erotic pleasure.

I felt my climax rise deep inside me, and slowed the bounce of my hips. I opened my mouth to accept the orgasmic spurts of one of the men jacking off to our wild fucking, and moved upwards until only the head of cock was inside my hole.

And then I was cumming! I let out a cry of lust and pleasure and slid my bum downwards, filling myself up at the very moment that my own manhood was spewing a geyser of spunk. I swallowed a hot jet of sperm and then arched my back and tipped my head back as I let every inch of my body feel the spasms of pleasure washing over me.

I held my lover deep inside me until the last wave of my climax passed, then I began to fuck him some more.

I urged him on now, urging him to cum.

"C'mon" I hissed "Give me your cum. I want to feel it squirt in me."

He grabbed my hips and shoved upwards and erupted ins

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