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I felt a pull and he told me stand up.

"I am going to push you backwards on to the sofa."

I felt myself falling and landed softly. At the same time I felt my legs being pulled up and something fastened around my ankles and my legs were in the air wide apart.

He pulled the blind fold off and I blinked as I focused on the IT Manager Sonny.

I quickly looked and say my ankles spread between a bar and chains attached to the ankles back to my neck.

"Well this is good isn't."

He bent down and pulled the g string to one side and squirted some lube onto his fingers and pushed one up my ass. My ass hole opened to the pressure as he applied a second finger, squirting more lube as he pushed his fingers in and out of my whole fucking my ass. He moved the angle of his fingers and probed my prostrate and my cock instantly responded to his massage and rose to attention. He grasped it with his other hand and stroked me slowly in rhythm with the two fingers in my ass. Soon I was rock hard. He then pulled out a butt plug and pushed it into my ass stretching me wider as it slowly entered me until it was all in and my ass had closed around the thin base giving a filled sensation. He undid the spreader bar and pulled me up right. He pulled my g string off and I stepped out of it and he pulled another out and slid it up my legs.

It had a hole in the front and he threaded my hard cock thought the hole and pulled a couple of strings and the hole tightened onto my cock making the veins stand out and making me even harder just as a cock ring would.

I could feel the cold air around my ass as there was no back to it and my balls hung free, obviously crotch less.

He pushed me back again and I sat down heavily on the sofa, jumping as the butt plug was pushed snugly in my ass.

"This is what will happen next. We are going to go somewhere where you will be subjected to all sorts of things that sluts get. Any sign of defiance will result in instant and harsh punishment from people other than me. Do you understand?"

I nodded my head.

"Just to make sure" he muttered and brought out another black contraction which he put around my head.

"Open your mouth" and he pushed what looked suspiciously like and shortened cock shaped dildo. He then fastened it behind my head effectively gagging me, leaving me with a cock shape to suck on. I couldn't help it, to the saliva in my mouth had to go somewhere and it meant I had to suck.

He fiddled with the front of the gag and then brought a glass vial the size of a cup which had a white fluid in it and tipped it into the front of the gag and then closed it up.

He stood in front of me watching my face quizzically, as I started to feel the liquid drip into my mouth. It was cum! I put my tongue on the end of the cock gag trying to stop the slow flow, but soon had to swallow and more came out leaking onto my tongue.

"That's right men's cum, just to get you use to the flavour." He smiled as if satisfied.

He pulled the leash and I stood awkwardly and tottered after him in my ridiculous fashion.

He led out of the office and into the lifts down into the car garaging under the building and over to his car. Opening the door he told me to sit in and he drove off out of the exit.

I looked around increasingly frightened as although it was night time we were in the middle of the city and the street lamps gave a lot of illumination. Thankfully it was very quiet and no pedestrians the first set of lights.

A couple of minutes on and we pulled up at the lights and a truck pulled up next to us. I shrunk down in my seat trying to hide from any inquisitive gazes.

"Sit up now." And he yanked my leash causing me to choke and bite down on the cock gag resulting in a large gush of cum into my mouth.

The window next to me started to go down and I could see the truck driver staring out of his window in amazement at this bound and gagged guy, wearing lingerie with his hard cock waving around.

We drove off and thankfully got on the motorway and went no

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