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Last day of the festival.

He smiled at Lacie, who quickly put a card in his hand. Once they were gone, he looked at it. It was for a beauty salon, which made him want to scratch his head. But upon turning it over, there was written: Lacie-phone...

That night, he imagined having Lacie on the boat with him, both of them alone. He imagined undressing her, feeling her tits, her stomach, her ass. Tom's cock pushed hard against his shorts, which he pulled off and tossed aside. He laid back on his bed and began to knead the ache, fondling his tightening balls with the tips of his free fingers. He stroked, thinking about kissing Lacie, tasting her neck and shoulders. Tasting her breasts and stomach. Licking up between her labia, tasting her heat. Eventually, he stroked until he felt his cum pumping through him, ejecting from his shaft and landing, hot, on his gut.

Sighing, he decided to call her the next day.


Lacie was enthusiastic about meeting him, but she wanted to do so on her own turf. She said that she thought he was hot and that she was going to cut to the chase.

"I never do this," she said, "but I want you so bad." Then she gave him the address to her pad. "My dad got it for me when I started college."

"Great. Tonight?"

"Please. Nine o'clock, kay?"

"Sounds great."


At nine, he was there with flowers - a bouquet of roses and lilies. When Lacie answered the door, she smiled at the flowers and took them. She smelled them, sighing.

"Nice. Come in..."

Tom wasn't sure what he was expecting, but when he stepped inside he noticed that the apartment had the living room and bedroom as the same room, draped in velvet curtains. On one side of the bed (fluffed with coverlets and teddy bears) was a giant glass mirror. He couldn't but to think what it was for.

"It's one of my favorite toys," she said boldly. "I'm a very visual person."

Lacie put the flowers in a vase as Tom watched her move. She was in a black, short skirt now. Her blouse was loose and open. She had a little eyelash liner on and a little rose-colored lipstick.

"You look very sexy," Tom said.

Lacey laughed, walking back up to him.

"You're pretty hot, yourself, Tom."

Tom leaned in to kiss her and their mouths mingled. He wrapped his arms around her, rubbing her back. She pressed her smaller frame harder against him and he returned the passion. He felt her hands lower down his back, over his buttocks and squeeze. Tom followed suit, rubbing her rear through the skirt and then lowering down to reach under her skirt. He shuddered at the thought of being able to grab that ass and was excited to find that his hands were enveloping naked flesh. Lacie wasn't wearing panties.

With his cock harder than hell, he spread her cheeks and rubbed her anus and pussy with a couple of fingers. She moaned a hot breath on his neck as he pleased her. Her hand reached between his legs and began rubbing his shaft through his jeans.

"That feels so nice," she said. "You're so fucking hard!"

Lacie undid his jeans and pulled them down. His cock stood up, pointing at her with greedy expectation. She grabbed it and her mouth sucked in some of his balls. He groaned as her tongue dashed up and down his shaft and then around his bloated bell. Her lips sucked it in, but her mouth was too small to take more than __ of it. Her hands worked the rest of it, stroking him until his veins bulged out from the shaft and pulsed in her hands.

"You're cock looks and tastes so fucking hot. Oh, God, I love the smell of man when he's horny!"

"Oh, jeez... Ah, you are a great cocksucker," Tom said.

Egged on, she puffed until she had to get more air.

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