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Edith enjoys sex with Liz and two new friends.

And then I lift every other day. That adds strength and tone to the body, but it also increases your metabolism."

Kelli was impressed. "I've always known about stretching and cardio. Like you, I learned that stretching helped to keep my old body limber. But I've never done anything with weights."

"Excuse me? Your old body?" said Jack. He was still pretty sure that she was in her late thirties, but he was wise enough not to guess out loud. But he found he had already stepped into something that could get him in trouble.

Kelli smiled. "How old do you think I am?"

Jack hesitated and was clearly uncomfortable. And Kelli seemed to enjoy it. She started to giggle.

"Ummm ... ok, I'm probably going to put my foot in my mouth, but I figured you were in your late thirties. I am guessing your 37." Jack was waiting for his foot to go further down his throat.

"Jack, you are a sweetheart! I'm 45," said Kelli with a big smile.

"You are not! You are? Really?" Jack could not hide his surprise.

Kelli simply smiled. And then she said, "Ok, show me what to do."

Jack was grateful. She was letting him off the hook. So he showed her what to do on each weight machine. He had her start with a very low weight. He showed her how to breathe when she lifted. He told her about sets and repetitions.

After a couple of weeks, Jack and Kelli were constant companions at the club. They worked out together and enjoyed each other's company. It was also apparent to other people in the club that they enjoyed spending time together, not that anyone cared or thought much about it. But there was one person who seemed to take an interest. He was a private investigator, a surveillance specialist. And he was taking plenty of pictures of Jack and Kelli. He was very good at his job because no one noticed.

At the end of the week, while working out, Kelli asked Jack about his Saturday mornings. "So where are you shopping now?"

"It's a smaller store a few miles from my apartment. It's not as nice a store," said Jack.

"Well come back then. I'd love to share a cup of coffee with you, maybe even breakfast."

"I suppose I could come back. I do like their variety and they also have better fruits and vegetables. How about we meet for breakfast tomorrow before we shop?" asked Jack.

"I accept," smiled Kelli.


Jack had just finished tying her spread-eagled to the bed. She was helpless. She pulled at the ropes with her arms, but could barely move. Jack stood over the bed, naked. As always, the act of binding her was a tremendous turn on for him. His cock stood out, waiting to find itself being squeezed inside her cunt. He ran his fingers along the inside of her thigh. Her body trembled. When his fingers reached her wet slit, she groaned. He sat down beside her and continued to tease her pussy. Her body squirmed at his touch. He leaned over and sucked on one of her hardened nipples. At the same time, his fingers penetrated her.

"Oh god!" she moaned.

His fingers slowly began to fuck her. His teeth clamped down on her nipple and tugged. She groaned again as her body shivered. He released her nipple and pulled his fingers out of her. She groaned again, but this time in frustration. And then she realized what his next move would be when he moved between her legs. He started to lightly kiss her wet pussy. His tongue snuck out to tease her clit as he kissed her. She tried to raise her hips, but could only move a little. And when she did, he teased her by pulling back from her.

"Please," she groaned.

Jack began to flick his tongue along her folds, slowly moving up to her clit.

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