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It felt good. Smooth and slick. I rubbed it a bit more letting it hit my clit each time and soon found myself moaning a bit. I then shoved it deep into my pussy. Very hard. After Austin's huge cock, this plug didn't do allot but it was better then nothing. I began to fuck myself with it as hard as I could, leaning my head back and fantasizing that it was Austin.

It was at that moment I heard his voice outside the bathroom door.

"Tabitha?" "If you are cleaned up you may return back to the room now."

I found myself snapped back to earth at his voice and quickly pulled the plug from my wet pussy. I wiped it off and quickly, and with a little effort, managed to get it back inside my sore asshole once again. It was a bit more painful because I was dry back there now. I then headed out of the bathroom. I knew better then to keep him waiting.

The room was still very dark when I returned. Only the lights from the Jacuzzi were on. I didn't even manage to get two steps into the room when I felt Austin's firm hand on my arm.

"This way Tabitha," he spoke firmly. He led me to the opposite corner of the room, closer to the Jacuzzi.

I could barely see where I was going, and I got the feeling that was how he wanted it. When we reached the corner, Austin sat down again and explained to me what was to happen next.

"You recall I told you that with every choice there is a consequence?"

I nodded and answered, "Yes sir"

"Well you chose to relieve yourself, and while that may have been the best choice for you at the time, you obviously didn't consider how it would be for me did you. I had to stop fucking your' tight pussy before I could cum. It caused me great pain to have to do that, because my cock was still hard. You obviously didn't consider how it would make me feel. All you though about was -your- relief Tabitha. That shows me that you are still a selfish little girl, and you have not fully learned your lesson yet."

I shuddered. It was true, I was in such a hurry to relieve myself that I didn't give him a thought. Why was I such an idiot? Now I knew I was in for it for sure.

Austin sighed loudly, a disappointed sigh.

"I fear a lecture will do no good at this point young lady, so I'll spare myself the breath. Bend over my knee Tabitha."

Somehow I knew this was coming. But I was still hesitant. I didn't know how much more I could take. Austin was not a light spanker. He was firm, and he knew how to make your cheeks sting. If his tone of voice was any indication, I knew this was going to hurt like hell.

I did as he said though. Otherwise it would only be worse. I laid myself across his lap, my hands on the floor and my bottom up in the air. I closed my eyes.

Again he wasted little time. He placed one hand on my legs to hold them down and rubbed my bottom with his other hand.

"This spanking will be for your selfishness Tabitha, in thinking of your own relief before others. Make no mistake. This is going to be one you won't soon forget."

I didn't even have a moment to catch my breath. Austin's hand came down on one cheek and then the other in rapid succession. It felt like his hand was made of steel. I quickly felt my ass begin to sting and then burn. He kept alternating cheeks and didn't stop until each side had received 20 cracks. He then massaged my ass bringing some of the feeling back into it. I had tears in my eyes at this point and it was all I could do to hold back my sobs.

"Perhaps next time you will not be so selfish young lady. You left me no choice. I was left in pain; therefore I had to show you what it felt like. You were a very nasty little girl Tabitha, and you had to learn a lesson."

I was still in tears at this point and didn't answer him. I only nodded. Weather or not he saw that in the dim lighting I wasn't sure.

Austin assisted me to stand and allowed me to calm myself a bit before continuing.

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