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There's more than just clothing there.



His hands continued to stroke one thigh hypnotically as his mouth kissed along the ankle that was bound to the desk. He kissed, then sucked on her toes. He heard a muffled moan that sounded akin to surprised pleasure. She relaxed for a moment. He worked his kisses up her knee and down her thigh. Suddenly she seemed to remember that she was supposed to be struggling. She thrashed around some more, as best as she could within the bonds, but he continued undaunted. His kisses trailed in a slow arc from one thigh, across her belly just above her pubic hair and over to the other thigh. She stopped struggling again and trembled with unwilling anticipation. His kisses arced back again toward the other thigh, this time further into her pubic hair, but not yet touching her clitoris. She lay very still and was moaning slightly as he breathed across her clitoris and barely touched it with the tip of his tongue. Her thighs trembled slightly with desire.

"Not yet, little witch," he spoke with a gentle, teasing voice. From this vantage, woman was woman, it didn't matter what she did in life, good or ill. It didn't matter that she was the enemy. Woman was woman, and it would be his delight to give her pleasure. And whatever information he gleaned from her mind in the process, was secondary to the game of seducing her.

He grabbed the dagger from where he had dropped it on the floor earlier. She looked terrified momentarily, but he only used it to slit the fabric up the middle of her gown, pushing it aside to reveal her smooth, flat navel and ample breasts. He set the dagger aside again. He kissed across her stomach, up between her breasts and along one side of her neck. She whimpered slightly out of consternation and pleasure. She writhed under him as though to hinder his efforts or escape, but as her pelvis was the only part of her body with much range of motion, she succeeded only grinding against the mage's torso. Foiled and frustrated, she relaxed again.

As he kissed along the other side of her neck and trailed down to one of her breasts, he cupped the other breast in his hand. On one side he began to lightly lick on her nipple, and on the other side his thumb stimulated her other nipple in the same manner. He kissed all around the flesh of both breasts, cupping, caressing and sucking. He made sure that she was quivering from reaction. Then he moved back down her stomach. Back down to where he had left her hanging. Again, he lightly touched her clit with the tip of his tongue, then he licked. And he licked again, more firmly. She moaned, and writhed a bit but not to escape this time. He worked his tongue across the outer folds of the labia, and kissed and sucked on her clit. She was getting very wet by this time.

He looked up across her body from between her legs. She was watching him intently, though it must have been a strain to keep her head up from that position. He had to admit to himself, her body was unusually attractive. He felt himself getting a little more aroused. He licked her clit again, and again, as firmly as he could. Her head fell back to the ground and she moaned. He paused and looked up again, and again she had lifted her head up to watch him. He could not read her gaze, but it seemed to be one of disturbed fascination. Since she was so bent on watching him, he grabbed a pillow from the couch and put it under her head so her neck wouldn't have to work so hard. She looked momentarily grateful, then confused, as though unsure what to make of his action. He went back to work on her clit, flicking his tongue rapidly, then alternating to slow, firm strokes, then back to rapid again. Through the gag that muffled her, he could hear her gasping and moaning with pleasure. Then slowly, gently, he inserted his tongue into her. He worked his tongue around as she writhed and his thumb massaged her clit with a soft, upward motion.

Then he stopped his assault and removed his shirt.

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