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They fall in love on the campaign trail.

Sorry Trinity, we won't be snacking away on the neighbors. We appreciate the demented yet sweet offer."

"As for the details, I can give a brief description. We are very ancient so sunlight doesn't hurt us. We do prefer to sleep during the day but either works. We are like extra strong people that self heal. We can be killed with a gunshot to the head or heart or of course dismemberment. We are extra strong and fast. Most of us have special abilities. Some vampires take 200 years for their extra abilities to come out. We need to feed basically every other day but we drink and don't kill people. It's way too much blood at one time. If we do feed from a human we can usually hypnotize the person so it doesn't hurt. Though the bad things you have heard about that tend to be from new vampires that don't know how to do that. Some don't know how to close the wound and some don't care to learn either. Those individuals don't tend to live long."

Alex spoke, "Thank you Marcus. It is very interesting and it is all new to us."

Marcus looked over at Meridian and whispered in her ear. "Are you ok? You're looking pale."

"Please excuse me for a minute," Meridian said standing up from the table. When she stood the room started to spin and her vision became blurred. She tried to grab the edge of the table but her hands missed. Marcus turned to see her starting to fall backwards and he jumped up and caught her. Marcus pulled her up into his arms as he cradled her unconscious limp body as if he were caring a china doll.

"The nurse is upstairs in the room to the right of Meridian's! I'll get her while you take her into her room." Alex said while running up the stairs after Marcus.

The nurse checked out Meridian in her room. "It's not uncommon for her to pass out. Her lungs sound clear. She could have stood up too fast. Let's just wait for a few minutes until she wakes up."

Meridian's eyes fluttered open and it took her a minute to figure out where she was at. "Sorry, I just got a bit dizzy. I'm fine just let me get up."

"No, you're staying in bed," Marcus told her as he looked down at her.

The nurse chimed in, "It looks like just overexertion. You'll stay in bed."

Her sisters chimed in, "You're hurt. You will stay in bed!"

"Alex, could you arrange for me to eat up here with Meridian? I'll stay with you." Marcus asked while running his hand across Meridian's cheek.

"I'm fine really."

"No you're not. You will stay in bed or I'll lock you in! Marcus, not a problem to have dinner sent up. I'll have it sent up right away. Meridian, are you ok with us going and having dinner?"

Meridian stared up at Marcus as she spoke. "Alex, that's fine. Marcus, I'll be fine by myself."

"I don't care if you'll be fine alone. I'm staying." Marcus grabbed the chair and pulled it over to the bed.

"Just call if you need anything. Food will be up in just a few minutes." Alex then ushered everyone else out of the room.

When everyone else returned to the dining room Trinity was the first to speak. "He seems really protective and sweet. Is it because he cheated on her?"

"Jesus Trinity, do you ever think before you open your mouth? Were you not paying attention?" Alex was still reeling that Trinity never thinks before talking.

Logan started to laugh. "Marcus was or is her boss, not her ex-fiancé."

"I'm sorry everyone, I thought he was her fiancé, or ex- fiancé. I got a bit confused. As her sisters, no matter what each of you are to her we appreciate you being here. We've only lightly went over what she's gone through and it's been a hell of a lot rougher than we ever had it. It's a lot of information for one day." Trinity said and smiled at everyone as the food started to be served.

Alex looked at everyone when she stood up, "I will be right back, I'm going to run food up and make sure everything is fine." Tarrin followed her up with the 2nd tray.

When Alex arrived upstairs she sat Meridian's tray of food on the table at the side of the room.

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