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You must do whatever she asks.

Which of you would like to drink my-cum?"

Without stopping their activity, they both raised their hands. When I was about to shoot my load, I told them to share it among themselves. Sheeba took the first two spurts in her mouth and quickly pushed my cock towards the open mouth of Sheena, who gratefully sucked out the balance cum to the last drop. I then lay down between them with Sheena to my right and Sheeba on my left.

During this time, we kissed and they played with my cock and I kept running my finger between their lower lips. When I was hard as a rock again, I asked them to bend their legs and raise them. Looking at them lying next to each other like this I could simultaneously see the gaping cunts of both. I got on my knees, inserted my cock in Sheena's love tunnel, started to stroke it, and inserted my finger in Sheeba's sheath. Sheena lay with her eyes closed moaning with pleasure. After giving her about fifteen strokes, I withdrew and pushed my cock into Sheeba's cunt.

Sheeba said, "AAHHh," and Sheena cried, "Ballu, why have you withdrawn?" and opened her eyes. She saw that I was now fucking Sheeba and smiled her approval. I inserted my finger in Sheena's cunt and she squeezed her tits and pinched her nipples to keep the pleasant sensation from receding too much. For the next thirty minutes or so I kept moving from one fuck hole to the other. The girls came twice before I felt that my moment had come. I told them to be ready to receive my seed. I shot two spurts into Sheeba and then switched to Sheena's waiting orifice and released the balance in it.

After the fuck, we lay down to recharge our batteries. I lay in the center with Sheena on my right and Sheeba on my left. I put my arms round them and pressed their beautiful firm boobs while they played with my flaccid cock occasionally bending forward to give it a lick or a suck. "My beautiful ones, tell me how you lost your virginity?" I asked.

"You sure are inquisitive," Sheeba laughed.

"Why not? If those guys had not deflowered you, maybe I would have been the lucky one to pop your cherries," I said with a laugh.

Both of them laughed again "May be."

'Sheena you tell him. I'll pitch in where ever necessary" Sheeba said and started to lick and suck my cock.

Sheena started to tell her story. "It happened about two years back. I used to date a boy named Wade. He was a year older to me. One evening after seeing a movie, we drove to a secluded spot on the beach and started petting. Wade had some beer in the car. We sat sipping beer and smooching. We got hotter and the petting wilder. We left the car and lay on the sand wildly kissing each other. One thing led to another and Wade's cock put an end to my virginity.

"It hurt a lot the first time but by the time he had finished fucking me for the third time I was really enjoying it. When I got home, I told Sheeba. Sheeba also wanted to fuck Wade. I told her to let me do it one more time with him then she could check him out. On my next date, Wade again took me to the beach and we fucked. This time I liked it even better. Naturally, I told Sheeba everything that happened on this date also in detail. On the following date Sheeba masquerading as me took my place."

Here Sheeba took up the story and Sheena transferred her attention to my hard on. "Wade had no idea that I was masquerading as Sheena and took me to the beach also. We kissed and smooched. Then Wade pushed me on the sand and rammed his hard cock in my virgin cunt. I screamed out with pain. Wade stopped and looked at me with surprise written all over his face. "Wade my dear this is no way to take a girl's cherry," I chided him mildly.

"Cherry? But..but...I ..I.. w..we ...the other day...." He stuttered.

'The phenomenon of the two cherries was too much for him.

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