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All churches are not the same.


He handed the waitress a credit card. "Keep a tab open, sweetie. We'll be back in a few."

She felt a thrill go through her and said quickly. "A shot of peppermint schnapps too, please." Jen grinned at the waitress who retreated quickly. She allowed herself to be lead out of the room, ignoring but still enjoying the eyes that followed her barely covered ass.

As they left the room his hand returned to her ass, pushing insistently on her plug. She moved slowly, pushing back on his hand, enjoying the feeling of essentially being fucked in public.

He lead her up a set of stairs and into a private office. She quirked an eyebrow at him, still curious despite wanting to rip his clothes off and fuck him senseless.

Understanding the unasked question he shook his head, "An old Army buddy owns the place. He gave me the keys years ago." He sat down on a leather couch on the far wall.

He took his phone out and snapped a few pictures of her.

She blushed but the alcohol was doing it's job and she slowly pulled down her tube top, exposing her pierced nipples. He took a few more pictures and she could see him texting. "I like to tease Sara at work. She comes home ravenous." He explained.

He put his phone down and picked up a remote. Music began drifting out of speakers she couldn't see and she waved her hips with it. She lifted the hem of her dress the inch it took for her pussy lips to peak out of the bottom.

She didn't fully expose herself, instead she danced her way over to him, pinching and tugging her nipples. Turning around she slipped her fingers behind her, showing him as she pressed the buttplug in deeply.

He pulled her back around and she kneeled down in front of him. "He has no clue you're sucking every cock you can get your lips around?"

She unzipped his pants and reached inside. She was pleased that he wasn't wearing underwear. She was even more pleased that her hand couldn't completely close around his cock. She pulled him out through his zipper and sidled closer, the bulbous head filling her vision.

Jen kissed the tip of his cock, tasting his precum and moaned slightly. "Not a clue."

Kevin smiled down at her as his cockhead disappeared into her mouth. "What does he think you're doing right now?" He rested his hand lightly on the back of her head. Pulling her forward but not yet insistent.

When she spoke his cockhead was still half in her mouth. "He thinks I'm taking notes at a convention for my boss this weekend."

He chuckled, "What happens when he asks your boss about it?"

She bobbed as deeply as she could on his eight inch cock and pulled back, her left hand jerking him off slowly. "He'll say the same thing. My boss really likes anal."

At this answer he laughed but it was cut short as she attacked his meat, slurping and licking. This was just an appetizer before the main course and they had drinks waiting on them.

As much fun as she was having, she wanted to savor him but forced herself to suck him quickly. She was looking forward to fucking his brains out in front of his wife. She'd really enjoyed having an audience when Jack had watched her make his girlfriend cum a few weeks previous but Wendy hadn't known he was watching.

She drew on something she knew he loved during their skype sessions and smiled around his cock. "I love my hubby so much." She said, talking between breaths. She could feel his balls tighten as she spoke and she continued on, staring into his eyes.

"He treats me so good. Like a little princess." She licked the underside of his cock roughly. "I just can't help myself around a fat cock like yours." His dick pulsed in her mouth and she tasted his precum again. His toes were pointed and she could tell he was holding off as long as he could but he'd already gone over the edge of his own orgasm.

"I can't wait to get home to my husband, kiss him and tell him how much I missed and love him with the same mouth you fucked." She said finally and covered his prick with her warm, soft mouth.

The first shot of his cum slammed into the

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