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She's deceived, used, and abused; can she turn the tables?

And immediately Rachel, all the women on stage, and the entire audience saw 6 cocks, all the same height pointing forward. All the women could walk by and, using only their eyes, inspect each cock to see if it was one they came with.

Quickly at first, then more slowly, all the women began looking at each cock to see if it was "theirs".

The host asked the women if they could pick the cock that brought them and most said yes, a few were uncertain. Surprisingly, Rachel was not sure. After 17 years of marriage, two kids and mortgage, she never really paid attention to the details of her husbands cock. She didn't recognize any lines, veins, wrinkles or even curves for that matter.

Then the host made a unique offer: He said one of the female contestants man is NOT behind the blue wall and if a woman was absolutely, positively sure that her husband/boyfriend was not behind the blue wall, then she could stay on stage to watch and if she were right, she and her husband would receive a 3 night stay at a beach resort. BUT, if she were wrong, and her husband/boyfriend was behind the blue wall, then she would receive something "different".

Well that explains it, Rachel thought. The reason she didn't recognized any of the cocks sticking out of the blue wall was because none of them were her husband. She knew her husband. They had been married for 17 years and she knew he would NEVER be one of the men behind the blue wall. So, she sat on stage, self conscientious of the fact she was totally nude, to watch the game show continue.

For the next event, all the women could place the cocks in her mouth to see if she could pick out her cock by the way it tasted and felt on her tongue, teeth, and throat. The women could suck each cock for 25 seconds and move to the next one. After all the women have sucked each cock, the host would ask the women to go pick the cock they came with and get down on their ands and knees for the next event. As Rachel watched each woman sucking and licking each cock, she could feel her pussy pulsating with excitement and dripping wet with desire. She was nervously surprised to learn that she was sexually excited.

The third and final chance for each woman to pick the cock they came with was doggy style. Each woman was going to get ridden by every cock for 15 seconds each. After that she was told to go stand in front of the cock she thought she came with.

If there was a tie after any event, the women in tie would have clips on her nipples until the one of them relinquished.

Rachel found herself squirming and flinching and even rubbing her own breasts as she watched two production staff men place clips on two women who picked the same cock in a tie. After just a few minutes of pain, one of the women finally relinquished and accepted another cock.

After 15 seconds of each woman having her pussy pumped by each and every cock, most of the women's legs were shaking from near orgasm. One woman actually came so strong that she squirted and had to sit down to catch her breath for 30 seconds.

Finally, the game show host asked each woman to go doggy style again in front of the cock she came with and get ready for the winner to be announced.

With that, Rachel was totally oblivious to the camera focused on her and the audience watching on the screen because she was too busy fingering her dripping wet pussy. Besides, her eyes had rolled back in her head from pleasure.

A drum roll began and the game show host asked each woman to look straight ahead, grab the cock behind her and guide it into her pussy. With that the blue wall which had been hiding the identity of each man was lifted and everyone in the room let out a collective gasp as they watched each man as he thrust as deep into the pussy in front of him. But in a twist of the game show, not only were the women prevented from seeing the faces of the men, the men were all blindfolded as well so they could not see whose pussy they were pounding.

No one, though, gasped louder than Rachel as she saw her husband standing with a blindfold on and

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