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It was a horrifying sound, but not as horrifying as the rising surface.
In a sudden swift movement, she was pulled under. Noma instantly regretted the scream, without it she would have had more air.

Under the water, Valin caught both her wrists and gathered them behind her back. He held them there easily with one hand. A feat he could only accomplish because human arms were weaker.

He pushed his body between her legs, still holding one of her upper thighs caught with one arm.

Then he rose a little in the water, just enough to let her head pass the surface.

Noma breathed. She held absolutely still and breathed. She would have begged that he not pull her under again, if only she had known how to talk in human form.

He was moving under the surface, repositioning himself. Terrified Noma heaved for air. He is going to... Lips encased her left nipple. Noma closed her eyes and forced herself to hold absolutely still while Valin drank.

Each sucking movement sent small lightnings through her breast, to her stomach, and on to the alien part of her body. The part of her that didn't exist in her normal form.

Noma craned her neck back, moving her mouth as far from the water as possible. Staring at the ceiling, she tried to ignore the sensations.

Valin sucked harder, only few drops remained. Noma gasped when Valin's tongue licked the last drop off her left nipple. He sucked and licked again, just to see if he could cause the same reaction twice.

Valin had surfaced once. Back home, his sweetheart had given in to him after his test had been announced.

Their lovemaking on that beach had been chaotic and rushed. Valin couldn't remember if he had even touched her nipples.

Noma gasped a second time, but the third time she had her breathing under control.

Valin changed nipples to drain the last drops from her other breast.

"Here they are," yelled Papek, and slid into the cave.

Valin licked the final drop off Noma's nipple. He felt no guilt for not sharing equally with Papek. Lopai and her gang were no friends of his.

"Good, you've been keeping her from changing back," commented Lopai, entering the cave shortly after Papek.

Noma understood what they said, even though the sounds were distorted from passing the surface.

Lopai swam to Noma and pulled her under. Noma held absolutely still in Valin's hold, to make the air in her lungs last as long as possible.

"Noma," said Lopai, her mouth right next to Noma's human ear. Lopai had surfaced a few times, she knew human ears didn't hear all that well. "I am going to do things to you, Noma."

Lopai grabbed hold of both of Noma's nipples and pinched.

"Things," repeated Lopai. "Things which can only be done when you are two-legging it." Lopai laughed right into Noma's ear. "It's the least I can do, now that you've gone through the trouble of transforming for us."

Noma's lungs were burning. Lopai let go and Valin slowly moved his tail, bringing Noma's head above water.

"Lomon," snapped Lopai, grabbing onto one of Noma's ankles. "Hold on to this leg like this. Whatever happens, don't let go."

Noma's breath got caught in her throat when Lomon obeyed. What is she going to do to me?

Noma had known, of course, that Lopai disliked her. The feeling was mutual. But, Noma had never realised how far Lopai was willing to follow those feelings.

"Papek. Hold this leg. No, not like that. If you hold it like that she can pull it free. Hold your fingers like this." Lopai demonstrated and Papek copied.

"You can let go now, Valin," said Lopai. It was more an order than an offer. Curious what Lopai had in mind, Valin let go.

No longer held up by Valin, Noma sank. She trashed her arms, searching for something to hold on to, something to pull herself up by.

Instinctively she kicked her legs, as she would have moved her tail to move upwards. That just made things worse, her ankles were caught, kicking her legs just made her body trash chaotically in the water.

Her arm's breached the surface several times.

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