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Naked, exposed, she waits for him in the dark.

She asked for her boyfriend, Sean, as I was turning the radio off. From the sound of her voice, I could tell she wasn't her normal chipper self.

I asked her what was wrong. After a number of transparent "I fine's", I finally got her to confess. She was nervous about letting Sean go all the way. Everyone knew they were deep in love -- sickeningly so. I knew Sean before Avante and knew him to be a stand up guy. If she was going to be with anyone, I was happy it was him. I could, also, understand the apprehension that we all felt when it was our first times.

"I was sure you and Luna were going to be the ones that made it all the way to marriage."

Luna said she wanted to be a nun. Abuse at the hands of family friend pushed her almost as far as Charli. The Marys were still the Marys and still the support group it had always been.

She said, "I know." "But this is something I really want to do."

I told her how I felt about her first time being with Sean.

"I'm still anxious about it, though." "Sean being Sean, I'm sure it will be magical -- as far as the planning."

"Yeah. He is nothing if not strategic." "But in a good way." I added; correcting myself.


"So what's the problem?"

"We'll have the right ambiance. We have the emotional feelings. But I'm still shaky on the physical feelings. That's why I'm glad I mis-dialed. I figure you can give me some of your experience."

"Thanks. The vast knowledge I arrived at through my *whoredom* has at last found its use."

"Not what I meant... ...and you know it." She quipped.

"Ok, ok, ok. What do you what to know? As long as you're there and naked he's going to have a good time. If anyone needs advice, it'll be Sean. And the one who needs to give it to him is you."

"What do you mean?"

"As long as YOU are having a good time, you are both good. I know a good number of guys who get off by their ability to get their girl off. But he needs you to tell him or show him what buttons to push."

"Again, what do you mean, 'SHOW him'?"

"I had a boyfriend who was just as content watching me have my way with myself. If you know what turns you on, you can let him know."

She then began to point out how much this went against the unwritten Marys handbook. The Marys included ourselves in the list of partners we were to abstain from before marriage.

"True enough. I was just looking out for Sean." "Give yourself a hand, and you'll be giving him a hand."

"Oh. Ok. Ha ha. I get it. Rimshot." In the characteristic Avante sardonic monotone.

"But seriously. If Sean is anything like Dimitry, he'll get a kick out of it. Do it right before you two get started. Put on more baby oil than you normally would and give him a lap dance. Tell him this dance is just like the club; no touching. After a song of that butt everybody loves grinding into him, tell him he still doesn't get to touch. That's when the REAL show begins. Lie on the bed across from him and go through the steps you want him to take. Tell him while you're showing him."

"I don't know what steps I want him to take." Her voice came out half irritated and half in anguish.

"Calm down. I'll tell you what I do."

Through her "Ok." I heard what sounded like her making herself more comfortable. I told her to slowly kiss her hand and slowly bring it to her neck."

'Start kissing me on my neck and work your way down.'

From then on, all I heard from her end were responsive "Uh huh's."

"Direct him to the center of your chest and tell him to make love to your nipples like that's all he was going to get. You are going to wet your fingers for the instructions."

"Uh huh."

"Once you can't stand him staying there anymore and NEED him to keep going, point him past the prize. The longer the pot simmers, the better the flavor."

"Uh huh."

"Tell him to explore you thighs for a little while. He's probably going to take this opportunity to rub and squeeze that butt you didn't let him have earlier. After a while of caressing and kissing your thighs, he's going to creep up to your pussy."


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