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This is the beginning of a beautiful weekend.

With the front of her body fully pressed against the back of mine, she kissed my ear and whispered that she was going to undress me now. She pulled her hands from around my waist, took the gown by its shoulders and slowly pulled it down, as if she were peeling it off of me. She came down along with it, running her tongue down my back as she went. When she reached my ass, I felt her slip her tongue inside while bringing the garment to the floor, leaving me standing there in only the choker, garter belt, stockings and heels.

My eyes closed with the excitement of this and without thinking, I reached for myself, wanting to orgasm. I didn't feel her remove her tongue from my ass, as my fingers slipped in and out of my pussy faster, and closer to my climax. "Cheryl", I heard her ask me, "Did I instruct you to do that to yourself?" "No Mistress", I replied, letting my fingers fall from where they were, back to my side and bringing my head down, my eyes now open wide. "You've been quite disobedient. Your being here is not for your pleasure, but for my own. I do believe you've forgotten your place," she scolded.

"On your knees, slave. You require some punishment, keeping in mind that it's for your own good. I'm sure that your Master will not tolerate this display of self-indulgence and insubordination. Whatever pain I may inflict upon you is sure to pale in comparison to what he would inflict. You'll be lucky to get through your session with him half-alive, he seems to have a lot of anger built up inside of him", she commented laughing. "Shall we begin?" It sounding more like an order then a question and before I could respond she demanded, "On all fours beast." I moved my body forward and rested it on the palms of my hands and knees. I heard her walk away and then moving objects around where I couldn't see before coming around to face me, holding out a long plastic object.
"My tongue tells me what you have is a virgin's ass and since it's mine now we're going to take care of that." I stared at the object she had dangling in front of me, not sure what it was but she quickly answered my question for me. "This end is for me and this end is for you." My eyes grew wide as she grabbed a handful of my hair and slid one head of the two headed dildo deep inside my ass while the other found it's home inside her pussy. "Remember Cheryl, this is for my pleasure, not yours", she reminded me as she pumped my ass full of the plastic toy. She began fucking the other end as I screamed for her to let go and tried desperately to buck her off of me.

As she rode me like a bull I heard her instruct, "That's right you naughty bitch. Trying to throw me only makes it go deeper into both of us. The faster I come, the faster your punishment will be over with. Try to get me off of you Cheryl, there's a good girl, you just keep trying." As the moans of her orgasm grew louder, my moans of pain grew softer and I lay there until she finally had finished. "There we go, dear", she said, pulling the dildo from my ass. "Maybe I should make you suck on your end, adding a bit of insult to your already injured ass."

"NO! PLEASE, NO!" I begged, attempting to drag my shaking body across the floor in search of a way out of the room. She simply walked along next to me, watching me wince in pain with every menial move. "I'd tie you up and whip you, but I understand that's what you want, am I right?", putting the heel of her shoe in my back to keep me still. "Answer me, unless you want to feel this heel up your now more then experienced ass!" "Yes, Mistress. That's what I want. That's what I came here for", I pleaded as she applied even more pressure to her heel in my back. My eyes filled with tears as I bit my lower lip to prevent myself from screaming from the excruciating pain this once mild mannered, but now malicious woman was inflicting on me.

When I thought that I might pass out, she lifted her heel out of my back and onto the floor.

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