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No power means no pump means no shower...usually.

Then, one day, to everyone's surprise, Ricky called in on a flying visit and as she caught sight of him, Elaine flew into his arms. Momentarily he felt a thrill as her soft body leaned into him. Then he realised she was crying. Not just crying but weeping floods of tears. He ignored the wet patch on his jacket and tried to get her to tell him what was troubling her so much.

But she couldn't find the words.

She gradually subsided and, after some nose blowing and eye wiping, he was able to walk his sister back into the house. Fortunately Elaine had used little make up that morning so her face looked puffed, soft and vulnerable as she tried to smile at him. She was, Ricky thought, still the loveliest woman he knew.

Like Elaine, Ricky was upset by his father's affliction and his mother's despair. He played with Elaine's teenage children and sat up with his sister after their parents and Elaine's kids had gone to bed.

They did their best to catch up, related long stories of their lives over the last dozen years. Elaine was especially reluctant to end the evening. In fact the sun was up before they got to bed. Ricky had to set an alarm to get up later that following morning, promising to return soon.

Actually he managed to get back late the following Friday.

Once again, as he got out of his car, Elaine flew into his arms - in sheer joy this time!.

"Still crazy after all these years!" she muttered, almost to herself.

But Ricky knew exactly what she meant. He bent and kissed her lips very, very gently, moving them so slightly, gradually increasing the pressure between them and folding her body into his.

"Yes!" he said as they came apart, "Still as crazy as ever!"

That night, sitting up late together again, Ricky explained to Elaine what he had been up to during the week.

"There is a practice up for sale in the next town, only 25 miles down the road," he told her, "I'll get a place between here and there so I'll be close by."

"Will I be able to come and see you?" asked Elaine.

"You'll be in deep trouble if you don't," retorted her brother with mock menace.

Within the month, Ricky was busy sorting out his new practice, having sold his share in the old one to his partner at a discount. He was also busy getting his new house furnished and decorated. Elaine became his right hand man in that enterprise, choosing curtain materials, paints and tiles, confident that her own tastes were similar to her brother's. Most of the major furnishing items they shopped for together.

Elaine was thrilled when one of the assistants referred to her as "your wife" when talking to Ricky. She noted that Ricky didn't contradict the man either, which also gave her a boost.

Elaine was in her brother's house on her own next day when the furniture was delivered and she directed the men where to put everything.

Before Ricky came home, she got out of her jeans and t-shirt, had a shower in the fancy new unit that had just been installed and put on clean undies and a swishy summer dress she liked to wear when she wanted to feel sexy.

She had a meal in the oven, which she put on the new dining table as soon as they finished an aperitif. They ate, Ricky telling her of his plans for the new practice and she telling him about the house. After coffee, Ricky and his sister sat side by side on the settee.

"You know you're going to have to stay with Mum and Dad, don't you Elaine?" he said.

She nodded, "I can hardly leave them in their present state, can I!" she agreed.

He bent and kissed her softly, "But I want you to know that you will always have a place here too," he went on.

She got up and went to the newly installed phone. She dialled, "Hi Mum. I'm just ringing to let you know I'll be staying out here at Ricky's new place tonight. Yes, its just for tonight, dear. See you in the morning"

She turned and went over to the music centre.

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