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An innocent thing leads to love between mom and son.


"Typical male," Melissa slapped my shoulder. "I want to know, need to know that I still have it."

"Oh baby you're very sexy."

"Yea, to you I'm sexy, but I still want to know that I can turn heads, and lately our sex life has tapered off. So please, tell me you still find me sexy and what do you want to do to me, sexually?"

"Oh boy, promise you won't freak?"

"I promise, honey I love you."

"OK, here it is. Lately I've been thinking about you with another man."


"Yea I know, I'm not gay but I think it would be so sexy to see you with another man."


"Yea, no emotional connection just hot sex."

"And what will you, be doing?"

"Watching and I'm sure touching myself."

Melissa sat up, "Are you putting me on?"

I reached down, and started to stroke myself as my cock was rock hard, "No, not at all."

"Wow, have not had that type of reaction from you in some time." She leaned over the bed and pulled something out of the night stand. "I always thought you would be jealous."

I was shocked when it came into view. Melissa had purchased a toy, not any toy though; this was a life like dildo. I mean, this think looked like a hard thick cock. "When did you get that? That thing is amazing!"

"I've had some lonely nights when you had to work those crazy hours." She kissed my cheek. "And I have needs too you know! I never wanted to have an affair. I love you and never want to hurt you. So, one day a catalog came to the house and I purchased something just for me. Since your sharing I thought that I could share also."

"Oh my god, that thing is erotic. It looks so real."

"You should feel it." She handed me toy.

"Wow, it's so soft." I was fascinated by this thing. Personally, I don't find men attractive and when I have seen men nude I have to say that men look better aroused than soft. This life like cock was soft, yet hard. Almost felt life like. How long has she enjoyed a toy like this? Wow, this was better then any porn. I'm not jealous, only wished that we had started to play with toys years before. Yes, this thing was bigger then me, but I was not worried about that. Personally, I found that kinky and loved it! Would she let me? Oh I wanted to see her take it, all of it. Even though this was her toy, I was very aroused and could feel my own orgasm building, talk about mental rush.

"Can I have it back after your done playing with it?" She laughed, "You do look sexy holding it though."

I didn't realize it, but I was stroking this thing. It felt so soft, so real, and so big. Melissa had purchased this thing on her own, this eight inch life like cock. Wow! She's always full of surprises.

Melissa moved next to me, on her back. Not sure if she realized it or not but her legs were opened. Slowly I moved closer to her then between her legs. Her arousal was clearly noticeable, but something drew me to her toy. I took this thing, my wife's secondary cock between my lips. It didn't feel unnatural, but Melissa gasped as I took her toy in my mouth. I've never thought about a man before and never wanted to suck on some guys cock, but this was different. Melissa clearly liked seeing me take her toy, her cock between my lips. I wondered, how many nights this cock gave my wife the gift of an orgasm?

Weather she knew it or not, her hips were rocking. Melissa only does this when she's super horny. "Oh baby, I'm so hot. You're turning me on, did you know that? Seeing you hold him, it's so kinky. Baby slip him in me. I want you to put his cock in me."

Melissa never talked this nasty in bed before, I loved it. Hearing her talk this way, watching her hips rock, her sexy scent pushed the heat higher. Our bedroom had an intoxicating scent of sex, something that we have not enjoyed since for years. Hearing my wife refer to her dildo as him, and for her to tell me to put his cock in her was wild.

I pulled her toy out of my mouth and placed it on her wet lips, found the controls and turned the vibrator on.

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