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The first day back at school.

I feast on that vision. The cups of your white, lace bra full and tempting for me to touch. I reach out to cup your breasts in the palm of my hands and give them a playful squeeze. I wink suggestively at you before continuing, "And I want to see that beaver too. The one that Oregon is famous for!"

Your ripple of laughter rings out across the clearing as you toss your slightly-tousled hair back. As you reach behind your back to unclip your bra, I wait. Waiting for that breathtaking scenery to be revealed. The shoulder-straps slip a little on your shoulders but you demurely cross your left arm across your still-fettered breasts. "But Stan.... Allow a lady some grace and close your eyes. Just for a second, honey."

Resting my hands on your fulsome hips, I dutifully close my eyes knowing that, when I open them, such a gorgeous sight I shall behold. "Keep them closed until I tell you," you whisper seductively.

The lace tickles my face as you trail your bra-cups over my lips. I stick out my tongue to lick the lacy material wishing I could touch with my tongue, those curves that, up until a minute ago, so generously filled them. Then, the material is gone. "Are you ready to open your eyes when I tell you to."

"Yes!" I licked my lips almost greedily.

"On the count of three then honey", and, with each count your hips rotate rubbing the crotch of your pants against my stiff but still denim-clad cock, "One... two....." a little pause that seems to last forever, "Three!"

I open my eyes so quickly they leave a scorch-mark on my eyeballs! My wonderful companion naked from the waist upwards. Ripe, full breasts there for my appreciation. Nipples already hardening as they ache for my touch. I'm speechless! Moving my hands from your hips I reach for them. To feel their warmth, their smooth texture.

But... just as I'm about to touch paradise. You jump quickly to your feet and step from astride me giggling, "If you want them - come and catch them!"

A second passes before I have scrambled to my feet to dart after you trying desperately to readjust my hard-on in my boxer shorts. Smiling like literature's Cheshire Cat as I dash to catch my cuddly, yet agile companion.

These beavers sure do take some catching.

My long strides and rampant eagerness gain ground on your fleeting footsteps.... and as you reach the edge of the trees I reach out to catch my prize. Realising your imminent capture you spin round and lean back against the cool bark of a Redwood tree your arms open to invite me.

I lean against you, my left hand beneath you to urgently kiss those full lips as my right hand reaches to gently squeeze my prize. Your eager tongue pushes into my mouth to taste me as your arms slip so easily around my neck. My left hand slips down from your chin to massage your swaying breasts. Squeezing gently, my palms against those eager peaks. Touching... teasing.... enjoying.

Our kiss ends... breathlessly as my hands, seeking discoveries new slide down your taut tummy to find the fastening of your riding pants... plucking greedily at the button but, just as I succeed your slender hands sweep my eagerness away as you twist around to push my back against the tree-bark.

"Oh no, Stan!" you exclaim excitedly. "It's time to discover you!"

Your fingers find the top button of my timber-shirt quickly plucking each undone, more of my chest-hair springing to view with each twist of your fingers. An urgent tug pulls it from the waistband of my jeans and, reaching to torridly kiss my keen lips, your insistent fingers push the material off my shoulders tugging it down my arms to fall to the grassy carpet beneath.

You bend at the waist to take my nipple into your mouth. A teasing suck before a little playful nip. A pleasurable pain that excites me further but, just as I close my eyes... your hasty hands grab to unbuckle my belt..... your tongue still causing sweet havoc to my nipples.

I groan as your eager hand rushes down the opening of my trousers to meet my hard shaft, your fingers grasping him firmly and stroking him gently.

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