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Remebering the first time with his wife.

Just a few variations that I thought he'd appreciate. I was rewarded for my efforts with the same voluminous amount of cum as the last time.

"Christ on a stick." he exclaimed, "I don't know exactly what you're doing, but you damn sure suck dick better than anyone I've had try."

He continued talking, "How would you feel about going to a party next weekend? There'll be five dicks to deal with for you and another cocksucker. Four of us are black, the cocksucker and the other dick are white. It'll be at a cabin one of the white guy's parents own."

I asked, "Everyone students here?"

"Yeah, all of us are Sophomores. We all played sports in high school, except the cocksucker, he was in band." he said.

"So if I go, it'll be two cocksuckers and five feeders, right?" I asked.

"Yeah. I suppose it will." he said, "So are you interested?"

"I guess so." I replied, "Friday night, Saturday and Sunday?"

"Yeah." he answered, "We'll all be there Friday morning until Monday afternoon, but you can show up and leave whenever you want."

He continued, "There are only three rules: Rule One, the cocksucker has to suck or fuck any member of the group, anytime, anywhere but the bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchen. Rule Two, if a cocksucker is in use, you have to get permission from the person currently using him before you can join in. Rule Three: The cocksuckers have to sleep in the living room."

Lastly, Dan said, "With five of us horn dogs, you'll be pretty worn out after the weekend. Since you are a new cocksucker, everyone will want to try you out. So far we've only had one cocksucker go to our parties."

"Well, hell. I'm willing, I might even take off Friday so I can spend all day. You have an address for the cabin?" I asked.

"I can get it. Want to wait here, or come with me?" he asked.

"I'll let you go, you can meet me on the south side of the park when you get the address." I said.

"Be there in less than ten minutes." he said.

Sure enough, he came jogging up to me where I was sitting on a guard rail, waiting.

I stuck out my hand and said, "I'm Dave. Nice to meet you."

Grasping my hand, he said, "Daniel, call me Dan."

He handed me the address for the cabin. Turning it over I saw that someone had written directions from the university.

I asked about how far it was, he replied it took a little better than three hours to drive there.

"How about food?" I asked, "Should I bring my own or what?"

"Normally Tony brings way too much food." Dan said, "So I think you'll be fine. By the way, I'm not telling anyone you're coming, so just in case you get there before me, just hang around and wait, don't tell anyone why you're there."

I thanked him for inviting me and told him I would more than likely take Friday off.

"No sweat man. Remember, I intend to benefit many, many, times out of this." he said.

I talked with my 1st Sergeant the very first thing on Monday morning to make sure I would have Friday off. While I was more than willing to burn a day of leave, 'Top' said he'd rather avoid the paperwork, and as long as I made the morning formation, he'd give me the rest of the day off.

I don't remember how many times that week I masturbated while fantasizing what the coming weekend would be like. I had been in threesomes where I was the bottom to two men, but never with the anticipation of being used over and over. So letting five men use me for three consecutive days made me painfully hard every time I thought about it.

I arrived at the cabin and noticed three cars already parked in the more than ample driveway. The 'Cabin' was easily 8,000 square feet. It had three stories of glass in the timber framed living room.

I started walking to the door, only to see it open and Dan come out of the cabin.

"Yo, Dave. Glad to see you made it." Dan said, "Tony has already taken the other cocksucker to a bedroom, he always goes first with the cocksucker, but since it's his crib and his eats, the rest of us don't mind."

"I thought you said the bedroom was off limits?" I said.

"Well, they're off limits to everyone else, but since Tony's

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