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Samuel took to heart his father's last wishes.

erent to what?"

"To what I've got. The guy I'm with is......possessive. I guess it's a male thing. I enjoy the sex but the relationship is strained."

"So you go and sit in a bar for God knows how long in the hope that something better comes along? That's implausible."

I smiled. "It does sound a bit off, doesn't it."

"And I noticed that you weren't interested in guys."

"Not the ones in a bar. I said I wanted something different. Look..." I set my glass down on the counter. "...I don't know what I want, right? I don't know where this is going or whether I want it or not. I do know that I'm ready to try something new, and I also know that I like you."

"You don't know anything about me."

She was wrong. I actually knew a great deal about her, right down to the little tricks she liked in her sex life, but I didn't think it was time to tell her that. "No, I don't - but I've enjoyed what I've seen so far. Don't be spooked by me, Susan. I'm not a threat. I can leave if you want."

She fiddled with a strand of hair above her ear, twisting it so that it stuck out at an odd angle. When she spoke her voice was low. "No, don't do that. Not yet." She lifted her face and met my gaze. "I'm....I'm a little vulnerable right now. I don't know what I want either, but I certainly don't want any more grief."

I reached up to her face, very slowly, watching her reaction as I touched her hair, smoothing down the errant tuft that she had been twisting, feeling its glossy sheen under my fingers. Her eyes were huge, pools of dark toffee like those of a gazelle startled by the hunter's light; and her mouth was closed, lips soft and pink. "I think we need each other, Susan," I whispered. "There's no need to be lonely any more."

As I stroked her hair I watched her face change: the pupils dilated as if she was suddenly seeing me for the first time - really seeing me - and a new awareness suffused their depths, lenses into the well of her soul. I realised that my fingertips were no longer smoothing her hair but were caressing the back of her head, moving down to the nape of her neck, acknowledging its warmth. She raised her hand and touched one slim finger to my temple, sliding it down lightly over the side of my face, across my cheek and down to my mouth, brushing feather light across my lips and halting there as if to silence any words that I might speak. My lips parted slightly and I tentatively touched the tip of my tongue against her fingertip, expecting rejection; but she watched me steadily with those soft brown eyes, calm and untroubled as I opened my mouth and allowed her finger to slide into me.

Her whole demeanour altered from passive to active - subtle little changes; she straightened a little, one knee moving out so that it brushed against my thigh as I stood in front of her, and she tilted her head a fraction. I could see a pulse at the base of her throat beating softly; I watched as her lips opened slightly, full and moist; and I felt her breath on my face as soft as a butterfly's kiss as she leaned forward, bending slightly, turning her head so that her lips fitted snugly over mine.

I don't know how long we stood there, kissing in her kitchen - it might have only been a few seconds, but it felt much longer. I'd never kissed a woman before. Her lips were incredibly soft - much softer than David's, and her tongue was softer too, gently exploring my lips and probing into my mouth. My senses were swamped by her: the taste of wine on her mouth, the fresh clean aroma of her hair; the spicy tang of her perfume and the press of her hand on my waist, clasping me gently, pulling me forward, and the warmth of her knee nestling against my thighs. I cupped her face with my free hand, acknowledging the lustre of her skin. She twisted around, breaking the contact of our lips as she tried to put her glass of wine on the counter behind her, and I heard it fall and the splash of its contents. She shrugged and moved onto me again, her lips more demanding, and her right hand as it came up behind me, into my hair.

I placed my hand on her

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