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Husband's most humiliating day since being auctioned off.

Watching me intently, she moves a little closer again; then she grabs all the candy remaining on the gunwale and disappears into the dark water. Later that night, I hear her singing again, closer this time than before.


We have a routine now. Each evening, I take a few candies, and my guitar, out to the cockpit. I put the candies on the gunwale, then I sit and start to play. A few minutes later, she surfaces a little way off, and slowly moves closer. She stays close to the boat now, eating candies and watching, while I play.


I'm running low on candies now, so in an effort to make them last, I haven't been putting out as many at one time. Instinctively, I suppose, she spaces her consumption, making my offerings last as long as she can. Maybe she's also gotten her fill of chocolate. Last night she left a piece on the gunwale, unopened.

I've decided to try to push a little harder. Tonight, I don't put the candy on the gunwale. Instead, I left it on the seat next to me and I start playing immediately. Right on time, she pops up through the water's surface. Looking at the empty gunwale, she appears vexed, then she looks at me, as if in askance.

In full view, I put a candy on the locker seat near the transom, and retreat to my seat, where I resume playing. She doesn't move immediately, but after a while she gingerly pulls herself over the side and into the cockpit. Her eyes are locked upon me, as if expecting attack. I just continue playing.

She stays as far away from me as she can, while she opens the candy, and pops it into her mouth. She continues watching me intently as I play. She looks at the small pile of candies next to me, then looks at me again. When I reach a place in the music where it seems right, I pause and reach for a candy. She makes as if to dive over the side, until she sees what I'm doing.

Moving very slowly, I place the candy on the locker seat between us. She hesitates. She looks at me, then at the candy, then back at me. I resume playing, and she quickly grabs the candy. Opening the candy, she again pops it into her mouth and listens as she chews. When I finish the song, she slips over the side unhurriedly, and disappears.


I must be getting better. Practice, I suppose, and the fact that my finger calluses have re-grown, so that I can hold a chord better. Anyway, she comes every evening, and listens. She seems to be getting more comfortable, being in the cockpit with me. She's not as careful to keep her distance, and she seems curious about the guitar.

She hardly eats the candy anymore, seeming to prefer the company to the sweets. She usually takes only one piece, now, just before she leaves me. Then later, out in the dark, I hear her serenade.


Tonight is different. I've finished playing, but she doesn't seem interested in leaving. I don't know what's going to happen next.

She sits and stares at me for a while, then tenderly places her hand on mine. Surprisingly, her hand is warm. Soft, too. Somehow I expected her to be cool to the touch, like many other water-dwelling creatures.

She raises my hand, and holds it next to her cheek, in a gesture so much like my Claire, that the memory fills eyes with tears. I can tell that she senses the ache in my heart, because she gives me a sad smile, and squeezes my hand. Afterward, she again slips over the side. Her song tonight is a lament, just for me.


She didn't come tonight. I don't know why. I did everything right. I'm sitting in the cockpit, playing my guitar. The candies are handy and visible. I guess she's tired of me. I do that to people, I suppose.

I need a drink.


She's stopped singing. Not a single note since the last time she came to me.

Why the hell am I on the foredeck anyway? Stupid idea, coming up

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