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Black Pearls: South Seas Aqua Culture - Ms. Pearl.

As each kiss was given, I felt a stirring of mana. When all had given their blessing, the last dryad then brought them to me and said, 'Be true to thyself and thy purpose and the gift of the Eldest will be true to thee.'

"I bowed my head and let the dryad place the pieces in my hand. I saw that they were perfect. Three thin pieces of unblemished oak the size and shape of the pieces of the covers of a grimoire.

"The Eldest then spoke, 'That which thou desire is in thy hands. They have been shaped by my hands and blessed by the three rings of three. May they serve you well in the trials ahead.'

"With that I tried to take my leave. I bowed deeply to the lady of the oaks and then words again came unbidden to my lips in that same voice, 'Great Lady of the Oaks, dost thou knoweth of any stands of maple, pine or walnut where thy sister nymphs of the trees hold court?'

"The lady's eyes opened wide and several of her sister dryads looked shocked. A few started chattering among themselves until the lady held up her hand.

"She then spoke the following words to me. 'If thou beest the true Child of Destiny, then these words will guide thee true. Follow the path from whence thee came. At the foretold place take the fork sinister and thou will find what thy heart desireth.'

"Again I bowed to the lady of the oak. I turned, but not to leave. My feet of their own volition took me to stand in front of the first of the sisters. Without knowing why I put my hands on her shoulders and leaned in to kiss her forehead. As I did so I felt a stirring of the mana again, but I did not feel any less in my stores nor did I feel any fuller.

"I then turned and repeated the kiss to each of the dryads, one at a time until I had stood before each of them. In all, I had kissed 27 dryads.

"With that, I was released. Not knowing what else to do, I slowly walked over until I stood in front of the Eldest. I could feel the tension and I knew somehow that if I did the wrong thing now, I would be fertilizer for the trees before I knew what hit me.

"Somehow, she was smaller than she seemed to be when I stood outside the circle. I had to go to one knee to be low enough to take her hands. I kissed each hand and then looked up into her eyes. They were proud eyes, but somehow sad. She gently took my head in her hands and leaned in and kissed my forehead. Again I felt the swirl of mana and then it was gone. With that act, the tension among the dryads evaporated and the clearing no longer felt like a death was imminent.

"I remained on that one knee and addressed the lady and through her the rest, 'By your leave, my lady. With your blessing and the blessings of your sisters, I go to my destiny.'

"She closed her eyes and nodded. I stood and walked from the circle to whatever awaited me.

Muddle then looked at the frog who was staring at him with unblinking eyes. He chuckled and said, "Well Mr. Frog, I think this would be a good time for me to go take a piss and get some water for the morning. Why don't you go get a snack and we can continue when I get back."

The frog closed his eyes slowly and then hopped off to the door.

Muddle stepped outside with the bucket and went to water a bush. When he was done, he walked to the stream and seeing the naiad splashing in the moonlight, called out to her and asked if he may take a bucketful of her water. She giggled and told him to help himself and then thanked him for doing her the courtesy of asking.

When he returned to the house, the frog was back in his place on the table licking his lips. Muddle gave a brief shudder and said, 'Don't tell me what you had for supper, but I am glad you are back."

Settling down on his bedroll, Muddle gathered his thoughts and then dropped back into his tale.

"When I left the circle of oaks, it was almost dark, so I promised myself that I would make camp as soon as a suitable place presented itself.

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