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Things get out of hand with Sally's boss on a business trip.

For you. She felt she had passed his tests, proven herself worthy to be his submissive, his C. For him to be willing to be her Sir.

They had taken to chatting by video as much as their schedule allowed with the 18 hour time difference. He was a good looking man, not classically handsome but dark and with strong features that she liked. She had not been surprised to learn that he was forty-two. He had been surprised to find out that she was only twenty. The age gap had concerned him, and he had pushed her on it. Could she be in a relationship with a man nearly old enough to be her father? With his dad bod and streaks of grey hair? She had reassured him, and it had been the truth. She had always been attracted to older men, the boys her age had seemed so immature and inexperienced and shallow. He was so sure of himself, so knowledgeable, and she loved that sense of security that came when she surrendered to his directions. He had insisted on waiting until she was twenty-one before they got together. Today was the day after her birthday, and this time with her Sir was going to be her best birthday gift ever.

He had shared his relationship history with her, and she had been both jealous and reassured. He knew what he was doing because he had been with several other women. She had liked seeing his progression from fumbling teenager to a man who knew how to take control and give a woman what she really wanted. The hard part had been to find out, unsurprisingly at that point, that he was married, trapped in a loveless situation with children. He had told her that he was committed to staying there for the sake of his kids, that he had an arrangement with his wife which allowed them to remain living together as parenting partners, but without the sexual monogamy. He conveyed that only when his youngest was 18 and out of the house would he consider a change in situation. She had loved his willingness to do that for them, and resented the barrier it put to her fantasies of living with him, naked and kneeling at his feet in the evening. She had accepted that her Sir had other demands on his time, and that she needed to bear his situation as it was. Besides, he made her feel cared for and desired, and she was his outlet for the passion and desire that he had bottled up for so long. She wanted to be there for him in any way she could.

They had developed a set of Relationship Rules, on how she was to behave and his expectations for her. It had given her a thrill to see them. He had written a draft but then required her to think them through and rewrite them to make them her own, to be her voluntarily commitment of submission. She had tweaked them, moving some things out and adding a few things in, until it fit what was both practical and erotic. They had revised them after that initial attempt, an organic growth of their deepening commitment to each other.

When he had sent her a Valentine's Day gift box, she had been thrilled.

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