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Katherine is sent home from finishing school in Switzerland.

"I'm gonna call Tina and tell her the news." Pat then went to the kitchen to call Tina.

Pat came back to the living room 20 minutes later and sat in my lap. She kissed me again and handed me my car keys. "Tina said to come over to her place tonight. Here's your keys. You know the address."

Pat got off my lap and saw me to the door. I was a bit nervous. My wife of 15 years was sending me off to fuck her friend and coworker. She kissed me again at the door and said, "Make me proud. I told her how good you are' Pat giggled and she closed the door behind me.

While driving to Tina's apartment, I got a raging hard on at the anticipation of having sex with such a pretty woman. Not having had sex for such a long time didn't help matters much either. Luckily it was a short 10 minute drive to Tina's place. I took the elevator to the 7th floor, and I practically ran to apartment 752 and I sheepishly knocked. "Come in. The door is open." I heard from inside.

I opened the door slowly and I walked inside the neat, well furnished apartment. Slow jazz was playing on the stereo and two glasses of red wine were on the coffee table. "Hi Joe! Tina yelled from a back room. "I will be right out. Have some wine and make yourself comfortable."

The room lights were dimmed and a minute later Tina walked into the living room. She sat next to me and said ,"I'm so happy you agreed to Pat's idea. It will benefit both of us."

I took a long sip of my wine and nervously replied, "Yes." Tina thankfully made the first move and lightly kissed me on the lips and put her hand on my thigh. We continued to kiss lightly and as we became more comfortable, we opened our mouths and let our tongues do their dance. My hand went to her lower back to pull Tina in closer. Her hand brushed against my raging hard on and she giggled and commented how ready I already was. "I was hard in the elevator on the way up here." I replied. We both laughed which broke the tension some more.

"Let's take this into my bedroom." Tina said. She stood and took me by the hand and led me into her room. Again the rooms lighting was dimmed about halfway. Tina had a large bed, and the blue comforter was folded down and the crisp light blue sheets were exposed. We stood at the foot of the bed and Tina unbuttoned her red blouse, taking it off and tossing it onto a chair in the corner of the room. She did the same with her jeans, and stood in front of me in her black lace thong and bra. Like I said earlier, Tina is Greek and has olive skin just like Pat. Tina's breasts are a little smaller, maybe a 36B. She has a well toned body since she does yoga with Pat and a bright white smile to die for.

"I guess you like what you see?" Tina asked.

"Very much so." I replied.

"Let's get you out of these clothes. You look uncomfortable." I was uncomfortable. My cock was aching and straining behind my jeans. I kicked off my shoes while Tina pulled off my t-shirt. She kissed me again as she undid the buckle to my belt. She undid the button and uzipped my Levis. Tina slid herself and my jeans down, removing them from my body. She tossed them at the chair she threw her clothes onto, but missed and fell to the floor. She stared at the straining bulge in my boxer briefs as she removed my socks. Her little hands with the sexy French manicure went to the waistband of my underwear, and she slowly pulled them down exposing my 7 hard inches. My cock was deep purple and the veins were bulging on the swollen shaft. Tina didn't say a word, but I could feel her breath on my dick as she wrapped her right hand around the shaft and cupping my heavy balls with her left.

Tina stroked my cock and lightly squeezed my balls.

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