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Michael has some tough decisions to make.

He was surprised that she was as tight as she was after having been fucked by Hector's huge cock just hours ago. She started off rocking back and forth on him but as she got into it, she was thrusting her hips forward slamming into his body. She was grunting at the end of each forward thrust and making a guttural moan on her return stroke. He tried to match her strokes but found that it was best just to push his hips upward and meet her. Her breasts were flying up and down with her body movements. He tried to hold them but her movements prevented that from happening.

Suddenly she stopped thrusting and was making only small back and forth movements on his cock. Mostly she was shaking from head to toe and making low guttural uh-uh-uh sounds in her throat. She was in obvious orgasm. Fred was so happy that she could be getting so much pleasure from him that it pushed him over the edge. He pumped his hot cum into her and it seemed to spawn another wave of pleasure in Francy. When she settled down, she leaned forward and lay her body on his chest.

The next sound heard was an, "Aww" from her when his deflating cock slipped out of her pussy. "It felt so good in there," she said.

"After seeing you with Hector last night, I didn't think that I'd ever be in there again," he said. "And if, by some chance I ever was, I didn't think that I could ever do you any good."

"That's a little hard to explain," she said. "I think that just like it's a man thing to dream about fucking a virgin, women dream about being with a guy that is really hung."

"You seemed to really enjoy it," he said.

"I did and from the cum stain you left on the window, you did too," she replied. "He's too big for me and although I came, I don't want to do it again. I kind of like your cock. It's a good fit for me."

"Yeah, I like us together," he said. "I think that I could get used to you sharing my bed."

"Now don't go getting mushy and falling in love," she warned. "Are you about ready for some breakfast?"

"Sounds like a plan," he replied.

One afternoon on Francy's day off, Fred and Francy were hanging out at his house and the following exchange took place:

"What are you doing holed up in the den at the computer on such a beautiful day?" Fred asked as he came into the den and discovered Francy.

"Do you remember that story we read in Literotica that used our names?" she asked. "Well, I thought that I would take a crack at writing and decided to add to the story. Mine will never be published but I thought it would be fun. I've been writing about us and it's harder than I thought especially writing in the third person when every thing happens to you in the first person. I've written a few pages but now but I've run into a wall. I can't think of anything to write about."

"Why don't you write about my birthday," he said. "That was a fun time.

"That was fun," she said. "Well, here goes."

Fred and Francy had been together several months and after a rocky start, their relationship had smoothed out. Even though they had agreed to keep their relationship open and have the option to see others, neither did. Of course, there had been little opportunity to do so if you don't count the drunken Lotharios at the bar and the Hector's fuck gang in the back room. The drunken invitations were only attractive to those giving them and she had lost interest in the back room. Fred was ambivalent concerning what her answer but asked her if she wanted to visit the back room again. He seemed pleased with her negative answer.

Fred's birthday was coming up and Francy was at a loss as what to give him.

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