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A Mistress starts to use her new eager willing slave girl.

Not able to contain myself, I turned to him and met his lips with a long, deep kiss. Lucien brought his hands up to the waistband of my pants and undid the zipper. Before I knew it, his fingers were inside me. I groaned. Glancing quickly over to the kids I was surprised to see that neither of them seemed to have heard me. Pierre was whispering softly to Emilie and she, apparently, could hear only him. Lucien adjusted my body so that my back was to him and, with one deft movement, unzipped his own pants and slid his now rock-hard cock deep into my body. His familiar skin felt good against my own and I rocked backwards, pushing him deeper inside of me.


I closed my eyes as Pierre's fingers explored the tender muscles of my shoulders. His hands felt so good I could concentrate on nothing else.

"How does that feel, darling?" Pierre whispered close to my ear. Involuntarily, I shivered. How long had it been since my husband was this close to me? Pushing the thoughts out of my head, I replied with a murmmur of contentment. I leaned back a bit against Pierre's body but straightened immediately when I felt his manhood, thick and hard beneath his trousers. Before I could collect my thoughts, Pierre leaned forward into me again. "You're beautiful, Emilie" Tears sprung to my eyes.

"Why isn't Christophe here to say that? Why doesn't he say that?" I looked down disdainfully at my pregnant body. Christophe, my husband, was turned off by my swollen stomach and breasts and used any excuse not to come near me nowadays.

"God, Emilie, I have no idea." Pierre sounded truly shocked. "Look at yourself! You are amazing!" I adjusted myself so that we were facing each other. He reached up and gently ran his fingers across my face. "Your eyes, your cheeks, your lips. . ." my breathing deepened as his hand moved downwards. "Your shoulders. . . your. . ." Gently, Pierre touched one of my nipples through my thin blouse. I trembled. His other hand reached for my other breast and he supported their fullness in his palms. Unable to control myself, I moaned at his touch. "How long has it been, Emilie?" I felt a wet spot forming between my legs as the words left his lips. Bashful at this unexpected wave of feelings, I looked down. Pierre took my chin in his hand and tilted my face upward, meeting my lips in a full, deep kiss.

A moment later, I pulled away, surprised. Quickly I looked over at mum and dad but they seemed just as absorbed in what they were doing. In fact. . .

"Pierre," I whispered, "Do you think he's fucking her?" Pierre smiled.

"God, if he is, I envy them." He turned back towards me. Without a word we stood up and he led me into the guest bedroom. Slamming the door behind us, we fell on to the bed. Frantically, Pierre tore at my blouse and skirt until I was lying completely naked on the bed in front of him. My huge breasts were heaving, my nipples tall and hard in the cold of the bedroom. My stomach, 8 months into my pregnancy, was swollen and tight and my pussy was fat and slick in anticipation. Pierre's tongue found my skin, I gasped. . . it had been so long. He moved his mouth from my collarbone to my left nipple. I started to protest, telling him that after nursing Pascal, it wouldn't take much for my milk to flow again. He didn't respond, only clamped his lips down over the swollen bud and twirling his tongue over the sensitive tip. As promised, the milk did flow, and Pierre suckled eagerly. The sight of my handsome, grown brother taking milk from my breast was too much and I almost orgasmed right there. I could feel his thick cock pressing against my dark pubic hair. Kissing my lips gently, Pierre turned me over so I was on my hands and knees, my thick belly hanging down and my wet pussy exposed to the air. Putting both hands on my ass, my brother positioned the wet head of his cock at my enterance. With a swift thrust he was inside me, his 10inch prick filling my dark, wet, hole. I heard a gasp and quickly turned towards the now open door.


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