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He finally takes her, after waiting so long.

" Jennifer said astonished.

"Sure did." Bill answered.

Monica laughed at the audacity that Bill had at times. Jennifer shook her head and was grinning widely at him.

"Didn't you worry that they would take your letter and make something out of it?" Jennifer asked.

"Nope, in the letter I explained my position on intellectual freedom, about how the Founding Fathers were labeled as traitors by England because they had the audacity to talk about freedom. While I readily admitted that my work wasn't nearly as important as discussions of liberty, I said I didn't know of any subject so dangerous it couldn't be discussed among adults." Bill said grinning back. "I knew they wouldn't publish that letter, because they weren't going to give me more free publicity, and airing my argument wouldn't help their position."

As the trio went to bed, this time just to sleep, they snuggled close and comfortable. You can't have sex every night, no one can. After a while, you just want the company of your lover. Bill was wise enough to know this, and the girls understanding enough, to be appreciative of it.

As they woke in the morning, they went about the morning routine with the sure knowledge that this afternoon, they would be at the ranch, and essentially on display. The girls helped each other shave, and then discussed what they would do at the Farm. Bill had heard about it, but never been there. Monica had been there, once two years before.

Bill set about disconnecting the RV from the plugs. He again took the RV around to the service area, and had them top off the propane and drain the waste tanks.

After the service was done, Bill drove the RV to the local shopping center. Parking in the rear of the lot, he invited the girls to walk around, and then he went to the Grocery store to pick up the cake he had ordered yesterday afternoon. It was perfect, and he carried it quickly to the RV and put it into a cabinet, which wasn't in use.

Then he joined the women shopping at one of the other stores. After browsing the various items the different stores had, they went back to the RV. Once inside, and settled, Bill found a truck stop and filled the diesel tank. Then he activated the GPS and had it plot a route to the Bar D ranch.

"I smell cake. Why do I smell birthday cake?" Jennifer asked sniffing the air.

"I smell it too Jen." Monica said looking accusingly at Bill. "I wonder why we smell it?"

Bill continued driving and didn't answer.

"OK, where's the fucking cake, I can't smell it without at least looking at it." Jennifer said.

Bill sighed and said. "It was intended to be a surprise. I should have shrink-wrapped it. You'll find it in the cabinet over the dinette."

Jennifer rose and went to the cabinet and opened it. Gently pulling the cake out she set it on the table. "Oh God, this is beautiful."

The cake was a full sheet cake. White frosting with a hand made decoration. In icing, a black horse pulled a harness racing cart. In more icing the cake said "Congratulations Monica Champion Pony."

Monica left the couch and looked at it. She swallowed once and blinked fast. Jennifer put her arm around the woman. "Congratulations Monica."

Monica laughed finally. "I wonder what the baker though when you called it in Bill."

"I told them we were going to visit horse breeders, friends of ours. We wanted to celebrate the outstanding performance of a mare of theirs." Bill answered as he followed a turn.

Monica laughed. "Plausible. Thanks Bill. I really do appreciate it."

"I guessed that we would be happy to eat it tomorrow night." Bill said. "Jennifer no fingers of frosting."

Jennifer giggled. "I was thinking about that, but decided that I didn't want to ruin it before tomorrow."

"OK, well I guess we can put it back." Bill said.

"Not yet, I want a picture of it." Jennifer said going to her purse and finding her cell phone. Monica followed suit. "We won't be able to photograph it once we get there right?"

"Right, they have the same rules as the farm in Georgia." Monica said.

Both women snapped pictur

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