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She updated Kaylee with Luke's day-to-day life, about the progression of physical therapy for his shoulder and how the Air Force continued to visit him for a myriad of reasons. Faith suspected Luke would have to be discharged because of his medical injuries but couldn't be sure.

Faith even told Kaylee that she, Luke, and their parents originally began talking to a counselor the Air Force referred them to. Using that platform as a segue, Faith took a major leap, choosing her words carefully, "You know, the counselor mentioned you; she said that after all you've been through, you are certainly welcome to see her. In fact, she encourages it."

Kaylee hesitated before answering, picking apart her garden salad. She wanted to pretend she didn't hear the question, but she quietly murmured across the restaurant table, "That might be a little strange, seeing Luke at a counselor's office before we get a chance to talk to each other. I don't know..."

A rare moment of irritation crossed Faith's face, something Kaylee wasn't used to seeing. In fact, it almost looked like Faith was angry. Putting her fork down, Faith huffed, "Well, let me explain a little more. All four of us started going; we really like the counselor. She seems to know her stuff. Luke only went the first few times. He isn't going anymore. Mom, dad, and I still are."

Kaylee was shocked. She had deliberately avoided talking about Luke every chance she had, but she couldn't help blurt out, "Why the frick is he not going? After everything he went through... I mean, if half of the things are true about what they say he went though..." Kaylee caught herself before her voice escalated any further; she had to stop talking just to catch her breath.

"Kaylee," Audrey said softly, trying not to rile her up any further, "You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink. And everyone is doing everything they can to lead him down the right path."

"Yeah?" Kaylee retorted, "Well, then we hold the stupid horses head under water until he drinks, don't we?"

Faith was just as upset. She had to take a drink of water, hoping to calm her nerves. Recomposing herself, she said, "I know. All of us have been trying to talk him into going back there but he keeps brushing us off. He's actually getting ready to move out tomorrow. He's been staying at home, trying to regain a sense of normalcy after everything that happened, but he says he's ready to move on. I don't think he is, but he's been pretty insistent."

"Where's he going," Kaylee asked, trying to sound nonchalant, as if she wasn't all that interested.

"Eagle Bluff apartments. He's just so... so..." Faith's face turned red, her hands raised and her fingers spread wide as if ready to strangle her brother; the more she talked the more exasperated she became.

Audrey spoke up on her behalf, "He's not really the same Luke, Kaylee. He just seems... I don't know. Really angry. About everything; the little things. He still has some healing to do."

"I knew it was bad, but..." Kaylee said, separating her food with her fork although she no longer had her appetite. She wanted to cry, but as exhausted as she was it felt like she was out of tears.

Audrey looked over at Faith and then back to Kaylee. "He's good at hiding it, though. Most people outside his family don't see it. Even Aaron doesn't believe us."

Faith added, "I know he's been through a lot, and seen the most awful, horrible things anyone can see. I mean, my worst nightmares can't even begin to compare to what he actually experienced. He's strong, but he can't do it alone, and right now he doesn't want anyone to help him."

Taking a deep breath, Audrey said, "Kaylee, you might want to think about talking to Luke. He's angry at you for the way you left him, but we all know he loves you. Maybe you can get through to him."

A stunned silence overcame Kaylee. She stuttered, "I... I don't know. He probably hates my guts after... after..."

Faith stepped in and said, "Kaylee, you don't

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