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Chapter 5.

The hot flesh of her left thigh pressed gently against mine and I felt the rush of her hot breath against me bare chest. She turned to face me, engaged my glance and pressed her naked breasts against my upper arm whilst she held her cool glass.

She smiled and looked into my eyes as if she wanted to say something but looked down instead and slugged her beer down in almost as few gulps as I did.

She offered me a third but I refused, citing driving but in reality not wanting to over burden my already full bladder any further or indeed delay the sexual feast that lay before me.

"You may have noticed that I have a thing about cleanliness, do you mind if I wash you?" She said plucking up some courage.

I shook my head lamely in acquiescence as if I were obeying some despotic edict. She motioned to me, I stood and she helped me out of my boxers.

"Lie down on the coffee table and I'll wash you." I dumbly complied but winced as the cool surface came into contact with my hot backside.

She went to the sink and filled a small bowl with hot water. She returned and knelt next to me with a flannel and some soap. She opened a clean white towel to reveal a disposable razor.

"I also have a thing about body hair. Can I shave you?" She said holding the pink plastic handle with a wry smile.

Again I nodded dumbly and thought how I might explain this to my wife. Justine shaved me tenderly and expertly. Holding my semi-hard cock up and soaping my ball sack with loving care and caution. She even shaved between my balls and arse, lifting my legs gently and lightly shaving away the fluff.

I lay there and watched, surreally sipping at my beer.

By now I really needed the toilet but was painfully aware not to ask and didn't want to break the mood. I decided to bottle it up and in any case I had heard that a man cumming with a full bladder could be more intense.

She returned to the sink and refreshed the water from the kettle. She swaddled my bald cock with a hot flannel and urged me to down the last my glass of beer. I thought it rude to object but was now in more than dire need of the loo.

She carefully dried me, gazed deep into my eyes and smiled before sinking her gentle and warm mouth over my cock. Her cherry red and full lips circled my end as she drew the tip firmly into her hot orifice.

I found it quite hard to get going, especially as she rested her forehead against my distended bladder. She continued to work hard at my end, drooling and sucking noisily and soon I was hard enough for her to draw on my end and wank me off in earnest.

She ran her teeth under the ridge and made me jump and shudder as she gently nibbled my bulbous end. In turns she pulled at the shaft and licked at the eye, she dribbled saliva down its length and blew warm air over my twitching and swollen phallus. Her eyes were wide with excitement as she increased both her speed and force with hand and mouth.

She worked with gusto. I quickly felt the tell tale tingling in my balls and hoped that my cock wouldn't erupt with piss as she sucked even harder at my tip.

I came with a heavy and loud sigh. I was thankful to see the thick white semen gush in long spurts over her face and into her hot and willing mouth. She swallowed the salty fluid eagerly but I thought I would lose control of my bladder as she sucked every last drop from my twitching tool.

"Sorry." I offered an apology for cumming so fast.

"It's OK. Victoria told me."

I wondered if there wasn't anyone that didn't know about my premature problems.

"My turn," she said as she stood and moved to the top of the table where I lay with my head and shoulders at the corner edge. She squatted down over my head and lowered her smooth cunt lips to my face. I opened my mouth and pushed out my tongue. As soon as it hit home she began to grind down and rub herself off against my face.

She gyrated her hips back and forth with a deft flexibility that might flatter a belly dancer.

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