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Man discovers a terrible secret about his marriage.

"C'mon," she continued, "Introduce us; if it doesn't work out, no harm is done. People introduce people all the time."

"Fine," I gave in and dialed his extension.

"IT Brian," he answered,

"Hi, Brian, it's me. Are you doing anything right now?" I asked.

"Just getting ready to run some stuff down to post office to send to the Houston office; I missed the mail today;what's up?"

"Can you swing by my office, I have something quick," I stammered, not knowing exactly what to say.

"Sure, give me 5 minutes," he replied and hung up.

As I hung up Elise asked me where the post office was and I told her about a block down on the left.

"Keep him here a couple of minutes and don't mention me," she said.

"What? You just told me to..." I started.

"I know, I know, just tell him your computer was acting weird but it's fine now." she instructed me.

She was putting her hair up into a bun as she spoke and then added, "Oh, come with him to the post office; you may learn a thing or two."

"What are you talking about?" I asked, but she just smiled and left my office.

After Brian checked my computer and found nothing, I explained that I would be happy to help him carry his stuff to the post office because I had some things to do there and he was fine with that.

We took the short walk there and entered. As we went up to the counter and sent the items, and I bought a few stamps just to make it seem like I needed to be there, I noticed Elise standing over by the self serve postage machine.

Before I could say anything, she put a finger to her lips and silently shhh'd me.

"Whatever," I thought to myself as we turned to leave.

As we were just about to pass her, she suddenly stomped her foot and says in baby talk, "I just can't figure this machiney thing out."

"What on earth," I thought.

"Oh, I can help you, no problem." I told her.

"Thank you but, I'm sure this nice man will be happy to help me. Men are so smart with electronics!" she softly smiled at him as she spoke.

At this point I noticed she looked much different than she had a half hour before. She was in a tasteful white blouse and a black skirt with stockings. It was the same thing she had been wearing but different. After a few seconds I realize that she has buttoned a couple of extra buttons up and pulled her hair up and is wearing glasses, which she never does. She had a sexy librarian look going on.

So, he goes to help her. And she keeps biting her thumb like she's about to suck it. And everytime he asks her a question, she answered in baby talk.

And she said, "I am just so stupid when it comes to things like this. (Tee hee, tee hee, giggle, giggle). I need a smart man to help me."

He gets her through most of the steps. He asks her the next question, "Do you need confirmation?"

"I don't know what that means. I feel so dumb. I've always had a man to take care of me and do these things. But, I'm single now. So, I need to learn how to do these things. Tee hee, tee hee." As she continues to practically suck her thumb.

I notice that she is asking silly questions about silly things while he works with the machine,

"Will this go in the same mailbox?" "Do you work nearby?" "Isn't it a pretty day?" etc. etc.

I notice that all of the questions are simple and require no thought whatsoever. And they all are answered with, "Yes."

She smiles and smiles and nods along with him. I realize she is simply making him comfortable and relaxed looking at her and getting in the habit of saying "yes" to her.

"Oh!" she suddenly exclaims.

Brian froze and looked at her, almost scared, "Wha, What?" he manages to get out.

She giggles and gently bites her lip while gazing at him, "My necklace just got stuck on a button on my blouse," she whispers. "I'm sorry I excited you by that."

"See?" she seductively asks.

He looks down as she unbuttons her blouse, freeing the small pendant on the end of the necklace. (I don't actually think it was ever stuck but that's probably irrelevant.)

She lightly played with the pendant as he kept watching.

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