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Hallie makes a confession.

She showed no sign of shock or embarrassment and smiled to him, extending her hand.

"Come and join us, the water is most fine."

Monsieur Rock did not have to be invited twice, he stepped through the brush and continued to peel off his clothing. All three women watched as he pulled his shirt off, baring his muscled shoulders and hairy chest.

He thought he heard one of the ladies moan.

"You ladies do not mind if I join your frolicking?"

The moaner giggled, "Ah non M'Sieur, we were praying for someone like you to come along."

"Oh and why is that?"

The tall one stepped forward, her eyes traveling up and down his body, resting on his appendage as he lowered his pants.

"Well you see M'Sieur, these are difficult times, our men are away soldiering and each of us would welcome a little attention from someone with as impressive a tool as you have there."

"Ohhh ouiiiiiiiiii M'Sieur," the moaner joined in, "It has been ever so long since either one of us has been with a real man, we would do almost anything to feel your hard shaft inside of us."

Her words tore at his heart and made his shaft all the harder and longer.

The woman nearest him came to stand before him, looking at his lance with pure hunger, she fell to her knees before him and looked up into his eyes.

"Oh M'Sieur, it would give me such pleasure if you would let me suck your beautiful lance."

"Ah my dear you are most kind, but I would not want your friends to feel left out."

The tall one was coming out of the water, his gaze captivated by her swaying breasts, undulating hips, his eyebrows raising when he noticed her woman's triangle, completely bare.

"If I may, M'Sieur, I have a possible resolve for this."

"Of course, Madame, tell me what you have in mind."

The moaner was next to come forward, water sluicing down her beautiful breasts, his gaze followed a drop that slowly made its way down to the apex of her legs, where she too was hairless.

"Why don't you lay down on our blanket there M'Sieur, we will endeavor to all get our pleasure as well as take care of yours."

He lay on the blanket before them. Looking up and seeing three beautiful women gazing back down on him, the hunger in their eyes would have instilled fear in a lesser man, but Monsieur Rock was not terrified in the least.

The tall one nodded to the smallest one and then to the other, and in unison they cried;

"All on one and free for all."

They fell upon him, two began kissing and licking their way down his body, the smaller one straddled his face, used her hands to open herself and slowly began to move her hips back and forth over his mouth. He of course stuck out his tongue and watched as she began to undulate sensuously above him.

It was at this time that he felt two tongues on his shaft, greedily licking and sucking, trying to outdo the other. It was a contest he was most willing to participate in.

The little one on his face was beginning to groan, he suckled her little nubbin until it had come out of hiding, she ground herself on his face as he sucked and nibbled harder. His face became awash with the juices pumping out of her center, filling his mouth with her essence.

His cock was deep in the tall one's throat as her friend lay beneath her and nibbled at the other wenches' center, she had also taken possession of his sac and was gently kneading his balls as the other one continued to noisily slurp at his manhood.

He could feel the little one's body quaking above him and knew she was near, he intensified his tonguing and was rewarded with a most wondrous sound, her moans made his heart sing with pride, what a wonderful testament of his abilities he thought to himself.

The voracious tall one's head was bobbing steadily now, his shaft ensconced deeply in her throat, she began humming, the sensations of her throat constricting around his engorged knob was taking him nearer the edge of the precipice.

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