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A kidnap - a healing

"Ahhh!!!" Amber moaned. Her hips rocked upward and her body begged for more of Bobby's exciting caresses. His finger slid between the puffy, soft lips and more shock waves of longing ripped through her. "Don't make me wait! Oh, Bobby, please! I need you in me!" she cried. She was experiencing a degree of urgency she'd only known since she began her affair with the young man.

Bobby rolled between Mrs. Fargo's splayed legs, raised his hips, and grasped his erection. After guiding it to her opening, he thrust forward and felt it sink into her warm, snug entryway.

"Yesssss!!!!" Amber hissed as the young man's thick cudgel penetrated her. "That's it! That's what I want! Give it to me, Bobby!!! Give it all to me!"

As Bobby thrust deep into her, Amber gloried in the stretched, filled sensation the swollen invader induced in her lust-drenched body. His thrusts began, each notching her higher on the scale of passion. It felt sooo good!

"Take me! Oh, Bobby! Take me!" Amber groaned, pulling at his back, clutching his thrusting buttocks. "I need you!! Oh, darling, I need you so badly!!!"

Then, gloriously, an orgasm detonated inside her. "Bobby!!!!!! Oh, Bobby!!!!! Yessssss!!!!!" she wailed. "Oh...yesssss!!!!!! I'm...I'm there!!!!!!!!!!!!! Take meeeeee!!!!! Take...meeeeee!!!!!!!!!!! Pleeeeeeeze!!!! Oh...pleeeeze!!! Yesssssssss!!!!!!!!!!"

"Me, toooo!!! Unnnnnhhhhh!!! Me, toooo!!!!" Bobby groaned. He was in ecstasy, his hips banging a trip hammer beat against his partner, his penis exploding batch after batch of hot, creamy sauce into her. Their bodies toiled wildly as they shared the wonder of orgasm.

Afterward, they snuggled in each other's arms, enjoying the afterglow of their shared pleasure.

"I don't care if it's wrong. I can't give him up!" Amber thought, hugging Bobby fiercely. "I don't care what happens! He's the best thing that ever happened to me!"

She sat up, pulled her teddy over her head, and dropped it on the floor, then looked at Bobby. "Bobby, you are a fabulous lover!" she said, enjoying the way he blushed and the adoring way he gazed at her.

Bobby began caressing one of her breasts.

Amber shuddered and felt her nipples again begin to harden. "Ohhhhhhh!!! Yessssss!!!!!" she groaned, "Oh, Bobby!!!! You're wonderful, you really are!!!!!"

She slid her hand across his chest, found his nipples, and teased them until they were straining points of hardened flesh, enjoying the young man's gasps of delight as she caressed him. She bent and took one of his rigid nipples in her mouth.

"Ahhhhhh!!!!" Bobby moaned.

"Like that?" Amber asked.

"Ohhhh, yesssss!!!" he replied. "My God! Yesssss!"

Amber resumed what she'd begun, her lips blazing a trail of fire over Bobby's body. He rolled flat on his back and, out of the corner of her eye, Amber saw his cock had begun to rise again. She grasped it, feeling the heat, the growing firmness, and the sticky remnants of their earlier joining.

Her kisses moved across his belly, through his kinky pubic hair, to the base of the distended pole. Kneeling next to his hips, she took the shaft in her mouth, clasped her lips around it, and began moving her head slowly, dragging her lips up and down the swollen wand that gave her so much pleasure. She loved the way it felt as her lips stole over the veined surface.

Bobby went wild as Mrs. Fargo's lips moved up and down his tender rod. He looked at her kneeling there, huge breasts pendulous, thick erect nipples pointing at the bed. He stroked her back, her lovely firm ass then her legs. He slid his hand lovingly over her soft, smooth skin while her lips slid tenderly up and down his throbbing shaft.

"I'm so close!" he gasped, his hips rocking, fucking his penis into Mrs. Fargo's suctioning mouth. "Oh, God, Mrs. Fargo, that feels so good!!! I'm so close!!!"

Reluctantly, Amber took her mouth off him, swung her leg over his body, then lowered herself on his mighty poker, which, as it slid into her, crammed her deligh

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