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My first exciting experience meeting someone online.

"Colonel Ramse. Welcome back Sir." Elle salutes then coyly covers her chest. She had literally forgotten she was only wearing her bra.

"Looks like everyone is feeling at home in this place." Jack sighs, "You been tanning Sophia?"

James stands up shocked, "You're touching her. She's wearing a shirt. It's not dissolving. Whoa!"

Elle smiles, "Calm down. It was my risk to take. I'm not being eaten alive."

"The parasites in my system are communicating with me." Sophia proudly grins, "They're friendly."

James scratches his head, "Awesome! I guess I need to re-read more about the parasites. I was led to believe they devoured anything that touched their host body."

"They do. I just struck a bargain with them. I can have short periods of time to wear clothing. They will let me know when they need fed. That's when I need to find them sustenance."

Jack leers back at Ruby, "What?"

Ruby pinch's the bridge of her nose, "More bugs I'm afraid."

"Parasitic microbes that live in water until attached to another form. Sophia took a shower in them by accident." James offers.

Jack pauses to grasp the story, "Is she a harm to herself? Us?"

"Well, I'm touching her and feeling just fine." Elle points out.

Sophia clears her throat, "I'm not sure I would make a habit of touching me. My new friends are warning me that they will not harm anyone intentionally. But, when they need fed the timing might prove painful. Speaking of timing..." Sophia removes Elle's shirt and hands it to her.

Jack eyes the girls nudity, "So, let me get this straight. Anything or anybody that touches you gets eaten?"

Sophia frowns, "Guess your fantasy just got crushed."

He shakes his head and looks at James, "Find her something that she can wear."

"Big bad Colonel afraid of the sexy General's daughter?" Sophia pouts giggling.

Jack sneers, "Get over yourself Kid."

"James will figure something out." Ruby prompts.

Wide eyed James coughs, "I'll try."

Sophia smiles at herself listening to her inner friends, "Sorry. They refuse to be prisoners. Looks like I'm a Porn star 24/7."

Everyone in the room felt the need to lower their gaze. Even James Ian.

Outside the spacecraft Cameron Scott and Malcolm Brand had finished their grave digging for the day. The landscape made them feel uneasy. Not to mention the bodies of the dead all around them.

"Ever see "Dawn of the Dead"?" Cameron leaned on the handle of his shovel.

Malcolm winced, "If you bring up Voodoo one more time because of my relatives I'm gonna punch your ass."

Cameron chuckled, "Just saying. The atmosphere of this place is damned spooky. Like at any time something could rear it's ugly head. Like that dinosaur bird when we crashed. If he was here there's probably more out there. Right?"

"Probably. Damn it! Now you got me stressing about it."

As they shivered and peered around for safety a sudden crackle came across the air.

"Jack's up and about." Ruby called across a walkie talkie.

"Beejezus!" Cameron jumped.

Malcolm was startled as well as he picked up the talkie and replied.

"Good news. Tell him we could use a hand digging."

"On our way out now. Take a break." She ended the call.

Five minutes later Ruby and Elle escorted Jack outside for his first taste of fresh air. Jack didn't even squint at the brightness of day. His eyes were instantly focused and adaptive.

The short jaunt to the dig site led to a handshake reunion. Salutes all around.

Jack eyed the alien bodies strewn about alongside the passengers of their downed plane. The revelation sank in quickly.

"Let's get these bodies under. Stench is horrible." Ruby points out.

Jack eyes the aliens and shakes his head, "Imagine that. We really weren't alone in the universe."

Ruby steps up, "Above your clearance Soldier. I guess there's no need for secrets these days. Seeing as we may never get home."

"You knew they existed?"


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