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A man's reward for a week of being a good samaritan.

It faced the ocean and smelled from years of salt air invading every part and parcel. A huge wall of glass opened out on to a wide front deck, which had plastic chairs and tables scattered all about. Lainie was leaning against the railing, smoking a cigarette as I stepped out onto the wooden plank deck.

"I don't smoke inside," She announced as I moved up close to her.

The moon was almost full and I could see her face like it was daytime. Except for her hair, she reminded of someone I had known in another lifetime. It was eerie. I didn't know what Lainie expected or what her game was, but I decided to let her make the moves, I was gun shy after all the weird shit I had been listening to and reading about in the papers. It was just my luck to get busted for doing something stupid.

She pointed back into the house and said, "Let's find us a drink. In the kitchen."

She walked back into the house with me in hot pursuit. I followed her to the kitchen, where she had a bottle of good Scotch and some twelve-year-old whisky. I pointed to the whisky, which she splashed over a glassful of ice. Handing me the glass, she let her fingers linger for a few extra seconds against mine before pulling her hand away. I could feel her touch long after she broke the contact. Next to Lainie, I really felt old.

We went back into the living room and sat across from each other in two soft chairs. Lainie's eyes stayed focused on mine, like she was trying to read inside my head. She held her glass in both hands and sipped slowly on the amber liquid. I watched her for any emotion, which might betray what she was thinking.

"You must think I'm some kind of a tramp, inviting you here like this," She said, finally.

"I don't think anything of the kind," I said. "Why would I think that?"

Her eyes filled with tears momentarily and then cleared just as suddenly.

"What would your husband have to say if he knew we were here?" I asked, figuring I might jar her loose.

"My husband has no idea where I am," She whispered. "I left him a note telling him I had some business to take care of."

"For a week?" I asked.

"Might take longer than that," She remarked. "I've got a few things to work out in my mind before I go back to Minneapolis."

"Geez," I said. "I was in Minneapolis a long time ago. Played music in the state fair up there one year. I was only about sixteen at the time. Met some real nice people."

I recalled, especially, one girl I had spent the night with that told me she was twenty-six. That's ten years older than I was at the time. She had given me my first blowjob. We screwed like rabbits all night long. She dropped me off the next morning and I never saw or heard from her again. I couldn't even remember her name, now.

"Did you have fun?" She asked.

"I had one of the wildest nights of my life." I answered.

Her eyes clouded and cleared again. I watched as she uncrossed her legs and lifted the other one over the top. Reminded me of a movie I saw once with Sharon Stone in it. Lainie had on a pair of sheer lacy white panties. And she clearly had a big wet spot right in the crotch of them. Her stocking tops and garters were in plain view, her skirt being so short and having crawled up as she sat in the chair.

I was getting strong vibrations from Lainie that she was in the mood to cheat on her husband. I have a tendency to shy away from these situations, because they have a way of coming back to haunt you later. But, I figured that she was from out of town and I'd probably never see her again.

Lainie put her glass down on the table and went to the stereo and put on some slow bluesy music. I glanced at my watch and noted the time to be a few minutes before three. I was getting sleepy but the blond had my interest piqued.

She started swaying with the music.

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