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As I sniffed her undergarment, her other hand traveled down to my stiff shaft and wrapped her fingers around my cock.

"Mmm, it looks like I found a prize."

Erica moved her hand slowly up and down my seven inches.

She continued talking, "I knew you had something good to offer when I found your Fleshlight in the bathroom. Most men hide their personal things from the maid. I thought, here is a gentleman who is secure in his sexuality. He doesn't need to hide the fact that he masturbates in the privacy of his own room. But then again, I thought maybe he enjoyed the experience with another woman. I figured either way, I wanted to meet this man."

Erica stroked my cock all the while she was speaking. I leaned back and spread my legs, offering her more room to maneuver. I undid my belt and the robe opened wider.

"I have to admit, I got a little wet thinking of the possibilities. I finished cleaning your room and then went back into the bathroom. I picked up the silicon insert and played with it a bit. I squeezed it and stuck my fingers into the opening. I imagined how your cock responded. The surface is so soft, I'm sure it feels good. I wanted to make sure, you knew I found your Fleshlight, so I put it back together and left you a little present. By then, my panties were quite damp, so I knew you would enjoy them?"

I was so ready to make love with this gorgeous woman. I leaned in and our lips met in a soft kiss. I pressed my lips against hers and stuck my tongue out to probe her mouth. She opened her mouth and met my tongue with hers. We mashed our faces together as she squeezed down on my shaft. Her hand was like a vice around my cock.
We broke our kiss, Erica released her grip and stood up. She faced me as she opened her robe and let it slide to the ground. I couldn't help but grin as she revealed herself.

Erica was wearing a sexy maid costume under the robe. And I do mean sexy. It was black silk with a very short hemline. The bottom barely came to mid-thigh. Once Erica sat down, her lovely ass cheeks would be exposed to the world. The bodice had a deep plunging neckline that showed off her amazing cleavage. Her breasts were pushed together forming large round globes of alabaster skin. There was a single button at the bottom of the neckline keeping the dress from coming undone. White lace was used for the collar and placed around the short sleeves. Erica also wore a white lace apron tied around her waist. The final touch were black silk stockings that clung to her amazing legs. I found out soon enough that they were held up by a lace garter and she was not wearing panties. When Erica bent over, her breasts threatened to spill out.

Erica's voice changed into a whispery French accent, "Bonjour Monsieur, how may I service you?"

"Oh Erica, I want to make love to you. I want to feel your big breasts press into my skin. I want to eat your pussy."

"Oh Monsieur, you want to do so much with Erica. Perhaps you would like a massage too?"

"Yes, I want to do it all."

"You know Monsieur, your little girlfriend, Charlene, had a massage on Friday evening. My co-owner, Harriet provided her with a Swedish massage that had a happy ending. Harriet said that Charlene was so responsive and enjoyed a very intense orgasm."

Erica just blew my mind again.

"Harriet said that Charlene was very talkative. She mentioned you several times and said she was looking forward to your business trip in Phoenix. She is going to surprise you. She said you are best friends and that she loves to tease you with her sexual innuendos. She loves to feel her boobs pressed up against you. It always makes you hard."

Well, if I my cock wasn't hard before, it is like steel now. I need relief and I need to be inside of Erica soon. I need to have her tight pussy around my throbbing shaft. Erica sat down beside me on the couch. She reached over again and grabbed my cock. We moved our heads together and kissed again, this time with much more passion.

"Would you like to see my b

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