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Girl lets her man know she'll do anything for him.

like it when I whip you pet?"


"Don't make me repeat myself whore, you know how I hate that."

She was having a hard time catching her breath. The fresh welts on her skin were mesmerizing. The way her hair was laid across the mattress, the fierce intakes of breath, the strain against the restraints, "My God" I thought to myself "How did I ever get so lucky?"

"Yes Sir, I like it when you whip me." Her blue eyes looked up at me almost in defiance. Almost as if she dared me to give her what she wanted. I was more than eager to oblige.

I slapped her face, then again. One cheek and then the other. "You like being fucked and beaten like a whore do you? You dirty little cock slut." Slapping her again I brought the whip down violently across her pussy. I wasn't prepared for the scream. My pet is a very vocal lover. She always had been, but this scream was all of those screams rolled into one. I actually had to take a step back, it was so loud.

I retrieved the ball gag from under the mattress and stuck it in her mouth, securing it around her head. "There, let's try that again." Again I brought the whip down hard across her pussy, catching her clit and her sensitive inner lips all at once. The gag muffled all of the sound. Her body arched and her eyes went wide, drool started forming at the edges of her mouth.

"Ah there we go pet, much better."

Again and again I punished her body with the whip. From her neck to her knees I covered her in welts. At one point I ran my fingers across them, feeling the warm blood just underneath the skin, the heat from it radiating in all directions.

Her body was wracked with pain. The whip was working wonders, and it was such a beautiful thing to watch. I raised the whip up in my right hand and let her see it there. Holding it there for a few seconds I waited for her eyes to lock onto it, then I slapped her thigh with my left hand. My poor sweet pet didn't even see it coming. Her muffled scream was delicious, I could feel it in my spine and around to my cock. I was harder than ever and my eyes were soaking up every second of this moment.

"Whore." I said softly. "You're doing great. Keep it up love."

I tossed the whip across the room. I was done with it for now, it had served its purpose and it was time to move on. I walked around to the side of the bed closest to the door and opened the nightstand. I pulled out the silver nipple clamps and held them up to the light, inspecting them, letting her get a good look at them and letting her mind think the worst.

The clamps had a chain connecting them and a small heavy ball in the middle of the chain. They were beautiful, and was one of the many toys I never told my pet about.

I turned to her on the bed and looked down at her face. The lines of worry across her forehead almost made me relent. Almost. Without ceremony I clipped the clamp to her right nipple and one clamp to her left. Small grunts and groans escaped her throat and her breathing was starting to come faster again. I grabbed the small ball on the chain and pulled it slowly towards me. Her nipples began to stretch and a long scream built up in the back of her throat. I continued to pull until her nipples couldn't go anymore, and then I pulled again. She was trying to move away from the pain, but with every tiny movement came more pain. She couldn't escape it and her body was writhing on the bed. Her poor tortured nipples were starting to swell and her eyes began to tear up. Her screams weren't coming as loud, but she kept fighting the restraints, anything to escape.

I let the chain slack and placed the ball between her breasts. She body instantly relaxed, as relief washed over her.

"Whore," I said.

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