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They try out a pool for the first time.


She had lowered her hand and was going a great job in stroking me and I lowered my face to her crotch and let my tongue do it's magic on her pussy. I let a few fingers open up the lips so my tongue had a clear path into her clit. It wasn't long before my fingers and tongue were doing their best to see how aroused they could get her. It didn't take long before her pussy was soaked.

"Lee, let me lift you and lower you on my cock or at least a few inches of it and see how it feels to you. I won't let it go in any further than is comfortable for you."

I lay on my back and lifted her over me and began to lower her wet dripping pussy. She put her hands down on my chest and held herself off until I had my cock positioned ready to enter her. "Lee, move your hands now and let me lower you."

It didn't take long before I had the head buried along with a couple of inches of my shaft.

"Oh God Bill, you are in me a mile."

"Not quite honey but I'll bet it feels good."

"You're right it does. Lower me a little more."

I let her down another couple of inches and I now had four inches in her with another three and a half to go.

"Bill, you are doing this perfectly. It isn't hurting at all."

"Well Lee, her comes the rest of me" and I let her slowly drop down until I was entirely buried.

I let my hands rise up and gently massaged her nipples and with my cock touching parts of her that had been virgin up until right then I knew she was going to explode.

"Bill, Bill, Bill don't stop what you're doing. Please don't stop."

I then started to throw my hips in the air so my cock was being driven to new depths. "Oh God, yes, I feel as if I am going to explode down there. Yes, yes here I come." She screamed.

She dropped her face down to mine and planted one hell of a huge kiss on me and began to raise and lower her hips so in reality she was fucking my cock.

She pulled away a bit and cradled my face between her two hands and whispered "That was terrific. I want you to do that to me ten times a day."

"Well honey, that would be doing more than I am capable of. What do you say if I agree to do it to you as often as my cock can stand it?"

"Yes and I'll do whatever you want me to."

Oh Boy, that promise would cover a lot.

"Keep fucking me Lee, I am going to blast a huge load deep in your pussy. It's going to feel as if it is going to come out of your mouth."

As soon as I unloaded I pulled her chest down to my mouth and let my lips find a nipple and then let my tongue slide around and over it. Her moaning started all over again so I knew that I better retreat or she was going to expect me to fuck her again right then.

We lay side by side coming down from our orgasms and I kissed her ever so gently. "Lee, that was terrific. I hope you liked it."

"Oh God yes, I'm never going back to my old boyfriend now that I have experienced you."

I continued on with the conversation with, "Lee, you never told me why you are going to San Diego. Another boyfriend out there?"

"Oh Lord no. My mom lives there and I visit her a couple of times a year. I'm going to the University of Virginia, to which I won a full scholarship if you would like to know" she said with a great deal of well-justified pride.

"WOW, that's quite an accomplishment. What are you majoring in?"

"I'm only in my second year but I am reluctant to tell you what I want to be when I grow up."

I laughed and said "I bet I can guess.... a lawyer!"

"Damnit, how did you guess?"

"Easy, I saw a law book on top of your suitcase" and then I laughed a bit.

"Smart ass" and she laughed along with me.

I turned on the TV while I watched the evening news.

"Bill, I told you why I was going to San Diego but you never opened up about your trip to Phoenix. A girlfriend out there waiting for you?"

"Nah, my girlfriend is right here in the coach with me tonight."

She was still bare-ass naked but hearing that caused her to leap into my lap and cover my face with kisses.

"Oh how I wish you meant that." She whispered.

I just smiled and got up to go

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