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A First Aid course proves more interesting than expected.

Slowly, she pulled her head back, and slid his penis head slowly out, just keeping her lips on the tip. Reversing, she slid it slowly back in as far as possible. "Could she get any more in?" she considered, and then concluded there was no way. His penis head was just too big and fleshy for deep throating. "This'll have to do," she thought, and hoped that he agreed. Then she slid his cock out, and slowly teased it back in one more time.

He had begun to writhe, and his belly tightened as she used her whole mouth in the slow and thorough tease of his penis tip. He couldn't know how her pussy felt every time his leg moved, but he felt it clutching, clinging open on his leg, juice leaking down either side of his thigh. He hadn't expected her to try to get his cock in her mouth, but she'd actually done pretty well. He had heard what might have been a cough, but was soon distracted by the soft twitching spasms all over his penis. He reached into her hair and held her head, heavy on his ribs, and felt the palpitations inside her mouth. He sighed and thought, "No worries. This girl's got game." He resisted pushing, "Give her a chance, and save something for the finale," he urged himself.

They played like this for a while. She worked his penis in her mouth; he ground his knee into her pussy. Her clit lunged forward like a hound pulling on a leash. She savored the sensations as the waves of tingles surged and swelled. She hoped her primal breathing and writhing didn't tip him off that she was getting tiny orgasms about half the time his thigh crossed her sweet spot. "That's my business," she thought. She wanted to thoroughly wring every drop of pleasure out of his magnificent member, and this seemed like a good start. But she knew it was only the beginning.

Reluctant to move her pussy off his leg, still she knew it was time. She sat up and straddled his thighs, pulling his legs closed a bit, as hers opened wide. She wanted more room to maneuver without crushing his lumbering cock, so she lifted her knees and flexed her feet, one side at a time, and squatted over him. Squatting gave her clearance and mobility, although she had to put her hands on his shoulders for balance. For an instant, her wet pussy hung in the air over the gap between his thighs, dripping a strand of dew as her plump lips retracted into their natural pout. He looked up between her arms, and saw her pussy formed a lovely double blossom, a jungle flower with nectar flowing.

She raised one knee and hiked her foot forward, then pushed her pelvis down to press her cunt firmly onto the base of his shaft. She gently pulled her outer lips open by their muff, placing his shaft between them. She leaned forward and slid her open pussy along his penis, adjusting her footing and shifting her weight as she advanced. Her motions pressed her pussy hard against him, squeezing out more moisture from her pussy and pressing some of his juice out of the tip of his penis. She worked her way along his length, keeping the outer lips spread evenly, as if maintaining a privacy screen for this delicate maneuver. He felt the clinging friction as she pulled the edges of her lips along, with warm pulsing moisture in the middle. Her snail inched slowly up his garden stalk.
Her saliva had already started to dry on his penis, so she was glad that more moisture had been milked from them both. She rubbed his juice between her fingers. It felt like egg white. Then she brought her fingers to her nose and inhaled softly. She touched it with her tongue and got a familiar slightly salty taste. She scooped up more juice and rubbed it onto his penis head. "Here you go, Fella," she thought, as if tending a familiar pet.

He had marveled at her shimmying pole climb.

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