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As he continued eating her, her moans and sighs became more insistent. He increased the pressure, sensing her impending orgasm. She was practically screaming now, begging him not to stop.

"Oh God oh baby oh baby don't stop please it's so good oh oh oh ohhh!!!"

Lonnie licked and sucked feverishly, finally taking her little clitoris between his lips and brushing it with his tongue. At that instant, Louise screamed out her orgasm over and over again. He kept up the pace, but more gently now. She kept on coming and coming. Finally, she sobbed, "No more, I can't take any more! Oh please baby no more!"

Lonnie crawled up beside her and wrapped her in his big strong arms. She cuddled against him and rested for a while. Louise was very aware of his massive hard-on laying against her belly as they embraced. After a few minutes, she pushed him onto his back, saying, "Now it is your turn, lover."

Louise started by kissing him on his muscular chest, covering his nipples with her lips, and sucking gently. His cock began to jump. He stroked her hair as she kissed him gently down his body. His cock got even harder as she got closer to it. Finally, she must have grown impatient, because she moved quickly down to his erect, musky manhood.

Louise laid her head on his stomach, and inspected his cock closely. It was about eight inches long, circumcised, with a brown shaft and a purple flaring head. She thought it was beautiful, and she wanted to suck him and swallow all of his semen.

She took it gently in her hand, and squeezed it a little. Immediately, a drop of clear fluid emerged from the tip. She squeezed a little more, and more fluid emerged. It dripped down the head of his cock. Louise began to lick the shaft from the root to the tip. Lonnie groaned with pleasure, and she made her mouth very wet and sucked ardently. His cock tasted musky and good to her. Each time she reached the tip, she went back down the shaft, and nuzzled in his pubic hairs.

Wetting her lips thoroughly, Louise planted wet, sucking kisses all over his engorged cock from the root to the flaring head. She flicked the frenulum lightly, and took the head a little into her warm, wet mouth. Lonnie moaned with pleasure, and tried to push her head down on his cock, but she wanted to tease him a little more. She continued to kiss his cock lovingly, wetly, avidly, until he could stand it no more. "Oh baby, please put it in your mouth," he pleaded.

She was still licking the underside of his cock when she decided that she could wait no longer. With a little moan, she took the flaring head into her mouth. Lonnie's cock was warm and wonderful, and it filled her mouth so well! She sucked gently, careful not to let her teeth touch it. He groaned, and hitched his hips forward, trying to push more of his cock into her sweet mouth.

"Oh God, Louise, I can feel every move your tongue is making. Suck my cock, suck the whole fucking thing!!"

Louise opened her mouth wider and took as much of the cock into her mouth as she could. It was so hot in her mouth, and it seemed to be growing bigger. She could taste the pre-come oozing out, and she swallowed it like nectar. She could hardly wait to taste his come. While sucking gently on the head, Louise took the shaft in her hand, and started to jerk him ever so slightly. She briefly took her mouth off, smacked her lips, and flicked the tip with her wet pink tongue. Then she covered the head with little kisses before once again taking it into her sweetly sucking mouth.

Lonnie groaned again, "Baby, I'm gonna come very soon now. Can I come in your mouth?"

Louise said nothing, just "Mmmmm hmmmm," with her mouth full of cock.

He was thrusting gently, fucking her mouth now. She was sucking hard, and jerking his shaft with her warm hand. He started moaning, "Oh, oh, oh, baby, here it comes! Here comes all of my come for you!"

Louise sucked him gently, and waited for the flood.

Lonnie gave a cry as a bead of exquisite pleasure-pain traveled up the length of his straining cock.

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