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You both use each other for orgasm.

The first powerful blast of cum shot right down Jules' tan spine, landing in her blond hair. The 2nd rope of cum shot of her shoulder and landed on her kitchen table. A couple more globs of cum shot into Jules' hair as I covered her back and her ass with a tremendous amount of cum.

Once I came down from my orgasmic high, Jules began to laugh. "Gawd, you covered me in cum."

"Sorry. I guess I had a bit stored up."

"Don't apologize. I think it's sexy, Plus, I take it as a sign of respect," she said, still lying face down on her kitchen table. She then noticed the glob of cum on her kitchen table. Without hesitating, she leaned over and licked the cum from her table. "Mmmmm. I love how you taste."

I went and grabbed one of her kitchen towels and used it to clean my cum from her back. "I think I need to shower," she said, standing. "Want to wash my back?"

I eagerly agreed and followed Jules lovely, firm ass through her house to her master bathroom. I watched as Jules leaned into her shower and turned on the water. In a few seconds, steam was coming from inside the shower.

"Come on, Stud," Jules said, motioning me into the shower. "You got cum everywhere, including my hair. You need to clean me up."

Jules stood under the spray of hot water and got her hair wet, before putting a generous amount of shampoo in her hair. She looked at me and smiled as she washed her hair. She suddenly turned serious.

"I'm not a slut, you know."

I was confused. "Who said you were a slut? I sure as hell didn't."

She continued to wash her hair as she stood silently for a moment. "My ex-husband would say I'm a slut for just having sex on the kitchen table."

I stepped toward Jules and kissed her hard on the mouth as I pushed her back against the cool tile of her shower. I reached up and tweaked her hard, puckered pink nipple as I kissed her harder. I finally broke the kiss and stood nose to nose.

"Fuck your ex-husband. I think it's hot as fuck you wanted to have sex on your kitchen table. I'll fuck you anywhere, anytime."

With her hands still in her hair, Jules smiled brightly. "Really?"

"Baby, I'll try anything with you."

"Oh good," she said, wrapping her arms around my neck.

She rinsed the shampoo from her hair before lathering her hair with conditioner. As she waited to rinse the conditioner from her hair, she looked at me. "I want to wash you."

She grabbed her loofah and body wash and began to wash my body. "Why did you think you were a slut?" I asked.

She paused a moment as she began to lather my muscular chest. "I think my ex-husband brainwashed me. He barely had a sex drive. He was an accountant and preferred balancing our checkbook to having sex with me." Jules moved her hands down to my abs and began to wash my stomach.

"The first year we were married, we'd only have sex once a week. Every Saturday night, if we were home and alone. And we would only have sex in the missionary position."

Jules avoided my cock and balls and knelt in front of me and began to wash my legs, starting at my thighs. "I was frustrated. I wasn't very experienced before we got married, so I was excited about sex. My ex could care less. I wanted to have sex and try different things and he absolutely refused. He would call me a whore, or a slut if I suggested a different position, or wore lingerie for him."

Jules cleaned my legs down to my toes. Now, she took my semi-erect cock in her hands and began to vigorously wash my cock and balls. "The last year we were married, we had sex exactly twice. I couldn't take it anymore. He didn't love me and I didn't love him. It was time to end the marriage.

"Gawd, you have a beautiful dick," Jules said, wiping suds of soap from my swollen member. "I could look and play with you beautiful cock all day."

"Good," I said, pulling Jules to her feet and taking the loofa from her hands. "Now, it's my turn." As I lathered up the loofah an idea hit me.

"Jules, put your hands on the wall and spread your legs.

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