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When she goes, she goes hard.

I was enjoying our conversation. And yes, if I am being honest, I was enjoying seeing him, sitting there a few feet away, naked and bronzed and hairy.

"Carlos, it's fine if you want to stay here, but if you really want to be alone that's fine too."

"Ok, if you are sure. I really don't want to be a.... what is word? Pest?"

"No, you are not being a pest. It's fine, honestly."

With that he stood up. I was disappointed. I thought he was collecting his things to move away. But he just took out another towel and rolled it up into a tight swiss roll. This he put at the top of his other towel. Ah! I thought a pillow. As he stood there rolling his towel I could not help but look at him. His body so bronzed and hairy and I even allowed myself a sly glance at what was now on full view between his legs.

He lay down again. Still about 5 or 6 feet away from me. I lay back too. My book still placed strategically.

"Please, go ahead and carry on with your book, don't feel that we have to talk if you want to read."

What should I do? Pick up my book, my defence, and carry on reading? Exposing myself? The dilemma lasted for all of 5 seconds. I lifted the book, took a second to fold over the corner of the page and put it down beside me.

"I don't feel like reading now. Maybe later. I'm lapping up the sun right now. And talking to you too, of course."

He smiled again and looked at me.

"Can I ask you a question, Tessa?"

"Yes, of course you can. I might not answer, but you can ask." I replied, my turn now to smile at him.

"You have told me about your life back at university, and your life now. But you have not said anything about your husband. I think that there must be a husband."

"Really? Why do you think that?"

"Because you wear a ring."

I felt a little stupid, yes of course I was wearing my wedding ring, it never came off! I realised that I had unconsciously not mentioned my husband or that I was indeed married. It also told me that he had taken the time to look.

"Yes, I am married, my husband is at home on the farm. We never go away together, in fact we don't do much together at all."

Carlos asked me a few more questions about my life, my married life. I gave scant answers. He obviously got the message that I was not willing to talk very deeply about the subject. We began talking about food, about Spain, about many things.

"OK, one more question if I am allowed?"

I smiled again, finding his accent so engaging. "OK, go on then."

"Would you like to swim?"

"Urmmmm, yes, ok, I would like that."

We walked together down to the sea. He ran a little ahead of me and threw himself into the sea. As he ran away from me I could not help but admire his wonderfully pert bum and his broad shoulders. I wondered to myself why I had not noticed his body before, back in the bar. Obviously because he was not naked then! He stood up out of the waves, dripping sea water from his body. He turned to see where I was. I was aware that he was able to see me full frontally, naked. I rapidly threw myself into the gentle waves, more to cover my embarrassment than eagerness for the swim. We swam along, both us enjoying the experience, for about 15 minutes or so. As we were walking out of the sea I stumbled slightly. Carlos reached out and grabbed my hand to steady me. He continued to hold it as we walked up the beach back to our towels. It felt very natural and not at all out of place. When we got back to our towels I sat down on mine. Carlos on the other hand picked his towels up to shake off the sand. When he put them back down I noticed that they were now very much closer to mine.

We lay there drying in the warm sunshine. I was very aware of how hard my nipples were due to the coolness of the water. As the sun was warming and drying my body I could see that the body hair on Carlos was plastered down onto his skin. This seemed to emphasise his body shape. He was obviously very fit.

"Can I ask you, Carlos, how you stay so trim? Do you go to a gym?" Carlos gave a little laugh and sai

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