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A black American man's life in Ottawa, Ontario.

I stare for a few seconds. He 34DD breasts seem awkward on her short 5'7" frame. I can see her tattoo on her ankle and the belly piercing, and her blonde hair is in disarray, but her blue eyes pierce my soul.

"Well," she slyly says, "get in the shower."


I slowly strip and walk to the running shower. I open the shower curtain and step in. She steps in after me. The warm water soothes me. We have a high-end shower so the water pressure is just right. I feel relieved. She begins to wash me down with that thing that you put body wash on. She slowly washes my back and works her way down to my ass. She grabs both cheeks. It catches me off guard. My heart rate begins to rise. She slowly begins to work her way into my anus.

"What are you doing," I ask.

"I want to make sure is clean."

She slowly works a finger into my anus. It hurts at first, but soon the pain disappears as my muscles begin to relax. She slowly works in another finger. It feels good. She then removes both fingers and takes some soap and cleans my anus even more. Yet as quickly as it started it ends. She pulls out her fingers and quickly washes them and turns off the water.

"Okay," she says, "get dried up in the bedroom. And stay naked, lie on the bed, and keep your fucking eyes closed, I'll be there shortly."

"Yes ma'am," I reply.

"I like the sound of that," she smiles.

I grab the towel and quickly dry off. My hair barely got wet, so that makes it that much easier. I feel my anus as I dry off. It feels a little weird. I then lie on the bed, but I keep my eyes open. I look around at the pictures we have up and out flat screen TV, which is still on the DVD menu from last night.

"Are they closed," she yells from the bathroom.

"They are," I yell back.

I close my eyes. I can barely hear a faint clicking in the bathroom. I think she might be wearing heels. I hear the door open and close. The clicking sound ends when she walks on the carpet. I can feel her presence in the room. I just can't ell where she is.

"Okay," she starts, "keep your eyes closed and get off the bed and get on your knees at the foot of the bed, and keep your head down. Now!"

I comply and slide off the bed. I feel around to make sure I can get off the bed okay. I finally get off the bed and keep my head down and eyes closed.

"Now open your eyes," she demands, "but keep your fucking head down!"

I open my eyes to see my wife in a pair of patent leather boots. I'm tempted to look up, but I restrain myself.

"You can look up," she says sternly.

I look up and see that she is wearing a pair of black thigh high boots. I keep moving my head up and it finally catches my eye! She has on a black patent leather harness with a six-inch purple dildo jutting out of it. I start to get even more nervous. But I start to relax.

"Now suck it," she demands.

I comply and start to do it. It feels awkward at first, but soon my jaw relaxes and I'm able to engulf more of the dildo.

"How does it taste," She asks.

"Good," I reply after taking my mouth off the dildo.

"It better you faggot," she warns, "now keep sucking you piece of shit!"

I keep sucking for what seems like almost ten minutes. She fucks my face and keeps calling me names like faggot and homo. Usually I don't like those names, but coming from her it doesn't bother me. We switch places and she sits on the bed and I give her head. He grabs my head and runs it up and down on her dildo. She continues with the name-calling.

"Now lie on the bed," She nearly yells.

I lie on the bed as she gets on her knees and spreads my legs apart and begins to finger my anus again. She barely jerks me off. She then runs her tongue along the border of it. She finally shoves it in there. It feels weird, but I love it! I can't explain. This is great.

"I think your faghole is ready," she smiles.

"What," I reply perplexed.

"That's what I'm going to fuck!!!"

`She stands up and puts a liberal amount of lube on her dildo from a large bottle.

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