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His time with a star begins to fade.

"I had the bed delivered yesterday," He said, fixing His hands on my waist and sliding me towards the foot. My arms were stretched as far as they could be. My legs were spread wide, and the dangling ends of the other set of cuffs secured my ankles to the footboard. "It's made of hand molded wrought iron. There's a special base made for the mattress and the sides are inlaid with walnut. It has been specially designed to fit two large bodied people, particularly this Master and His sweet little whore. It is a beautiful piece of artisanship. I think that you'll agree."

I felt Him then. I had wondered what He'd been doing while talking, and I still wasn't sure, but it didn't matter now with His fingers stroking and petting the folds between my legs. My hands hung limply in the metal bindings, clenching and unclenching with each pass of His fingertip over my clit.

"I was thinking of taking a picture of you, My dear and sending it to the men that I hired to make the bed." He slid two fingers deep inside me, rotating them, sliding them out, then back in. "I'll take it after I've made you come, after I've made you scream, after I've felt the quivers from your body stroking my cock, after I've pulled out of your heat." I moaned and tilted my hips upward, seeking more from Him, but not finding it. His wet fingers drew a large 'M' in the center of my chest and I whimpered. "Your cunt will be dripping juices and I think it would make a stunning tribute, don't you?" Lust filled every pore of my body and I started to heat up from the inside out.

His hands left me. I heard the rustle of clothing being undone then the thud of boots hitting the floor. There were times that He undressed carefully, neatly and then there were times where He practically ripped them off. In my blindness, I could only assume this was not one of the neat and tidy times. It was hard to suppress my smile.

He climbed up on the bed, causing waves to churn. He straddled my waist and I felt warm liquid...oil poured over my breasts and down my belly. It pooled between our bodies and when He sat up on His knees, the oil slid down in a stream to my sex. I writhed beneath Him and opened my mouth willingly when His tongue licked across my lips. One of His arms slid under my back and the other under my hips, lifting them. His mouth closed over mine in a scorching kiss. His cock slid inside my body in a heated thrust.

His weight settled heavily upon me. His hips fucked mercilessly into me. His arms arched my body and my hands fisted tightly, pulling against the handcuffs. He slid against my oiled slickness and the bed softly rolled beneath me. I slid against the bed, the force of His thrusts and the weight of His body and the strength of His arms pushing and pulling me back and forth against the current of sex.

His mouth left my lips and traveled down my throat. His tongue danced over my left breast, His lips fastening tightly to the skin, sucking and nibbling just over my heart. Harder He fucked and harder He bit. He changed His angle inside me allowing for His cock to slide over my clit. The jolt shocked me and brought a moan from deep within. Again and again He slid against me like this, each time pressing deeper.

My feet were arched over the ironwork of the footboard and I tried gaining as much leverage as I could. I wanted to come. It was right there; right on the edge, but I couldn't reach it. My breath was coming in great gasps of air. I had never felt so out of control, so physically out of control. He dominated every part of me, holding me hostage within my own body, prisoner of my own weakness for Him.

"You want it, don't you, pet?"

His lips were against my nipple, tugging on it with His teeth. "Yes," I managed to breathe out.

I felt the bed shift and His weight lift off me.

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