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Steve has finished modifying Cindy's mixer.

As I remember it, I so want his tongue deeper in my hole. He knew it too but didn't push deep, not yet. He licked into the wet slit and sucked my clit. As he kept eating me I felt my orgasms begin to roll in. I began breathing heavy and harder and harder and faster and then Jesus I couldn't hold back any longer. I lost it. Oh God how I remember that orgasm! It was the first one that was done to me by someone else, someone other than myself made me cum. Cum I did so hard and long!

I came and I came and Uncle Johnny kept stimulating me and driving me higher and higher to a new levels of sexual stimulation. I have ever known that feeling before. I cried out as the orgasms hit me hard. Finally I cried out: "Please stop!"

He told me; "No princess show me what a slut you are and cum again for me."

OH my fucking God did I cum and cum and cum and cum as he sucked and fucked my hole with his tongue. Like a snake it went in and out, deeper and deeper until he couldn't get it in any further. I don't know how long or how many times I climaxed but it was a greta deal of them.

Finally he relaxed and removed his mouth from my cunt. When I had recovered he was kneeling directly between my open thighs. I was wide open, showing him everything. His spit waqs dripping out6 of my hole along with my cum. I felt it run down between my legs and over my as hole.

I raised my head to look and he told me to stop. He told me to just lay back fully on the bed and enjoy it. Then he grabbed my legs and pushed them up and back pressing my knees against my little titties. I groan and said; "Please Uncle, this is to much."

He moved back and just looked at me and I could see he got really mad. He stood there and finally said: "Shut the fuck up bitch and don't say another word until I tell you that you can talk. I'll tell you when it's too much."

He knelt down again and began to kiss the inside of my knee area. Then I felt his lips moving to my thighs. I was both, excited, very anxious and scared. His wet tongue and his breath are what I remember most about this part of the oral sex. Oh yes and the heat from his breath as he moved closer to my wet open virgin cunt again.

I felt so open, so venerable in the position he had me in, my knees were pressed against my breasts, both holes were there for the taking. Uncle Johnny was much bigger and stronger than me and his face was between my open thighs. I could feel my wetness against the cool air in the room. Then he kissed my pussy hole again.

Kissing and kissing and then.....I felt it! His tongue...his tongue was there!! It was... OMG... it was happening. In two moves Uncle Johnny pushed my legs further apart and stuck his tongue as deep as he could get it into my cunt hole. Then he licked my ass hole. Then back to my cunt hole. I screamed from the pleasure he gave me. For a very long time he fucked me with his tongue using both holes and the tip of his fingers.

I had never felt anything like this. Kissing and licking and sucking my cunt and ass hole, using different speeds and pressures he made me cum over and over again. And just when I felt I had died and gone to heaven, just when I felt it couldn't get any better than it was, Johnny did something amazing.

He began to play round my clit, not really touching with his tongue, but licking right next to it, licking the sides of the hood that covered half of it. I mean the tip of his magical tongue was only a fraction of an inch from touching my clit! A fucking fraction of a fucking inch, that's all. I moved my hips trying to get him to touch it but he knew what I wanted and he knew he was driving me wild by not doing what I wanted. He did that for a long time and it drove me wild. Finally I went over that wonderful waterfall again.

I started to buck and thrust my cunt up higher and higher into his face.

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