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Tragedy happens pulling the lovers apart...

There was a need to feel another person's touch being soft and delicate, not hard and rough. Her spirit craved warmth and compassion. Cheri knew she should end this and go home, but she also knew that Adair would just want to fuck and she yearned for a physical contact that was intimate and delicate. Her decision made, she took a deep breath and turned in his arms. As her lips found his, even as she placed the hand on her father-in-law's pants and started to gently tease him.

He felt himself start to react. Dan placed his hand on hers and moved it away, "I'm honored you would think of me for that, but I'm afraid I could never satisfy you."

They had shared pain and her need for solace joined with his in as potent an aphrodisiac as there was. Her father-in-law had no idea that he had already satisfied her. Wrapping her arms around him she brought her lips to his and felt him respond. "I need to be needed right now."

Dan was extremely nervous as his tongue flicked against her lips. They felt soft and inviting, "I feel like a school kid experiencing being with a girl for the first time."

Pressing herself into him, she parted her lips and accepted his tongue into her mouth. What he said just drew her closer to him. She nibbled at his lip and placed his hands on her shirt front. Cheri had large breasts and was used to having men stare at her. She knew her husband loved what she had on top and was surprised when her father-in-law played for a few seconds and then returned his hands to her hair.

"Did I ever tell you that I think your hair is like watching a rainbow? It's soft and shiny and reflects the light. I could let my fingers play for hours."

Her heart skipped a beat as she felt his fingers playing. So simple a gesture expressed to her more gentleness than she's had experienced for quite some time. Adair hadn't been her first. Cheri wasn't a tramp but had been with her share of guys. They had all been around her age. She was an exercise fanatic excessing on each pound she gained and all of her lovers had been fairly trim. She wondered why she was so attracted to her father-in-law. He was nothing like the others. He was much older than her, and definitely a little overweight. She felt his fingers nervously explore what was beneath her shirt front. A smile spread across her face, he was like a kid in a candy store and it gave her a warm feeling to experience it with him.

Giving him a quick kiss she pulled her shirt off. Keeping her eyes on his face, she undid her bra and let it drop to the floor. She had expected to see lust, instead she saw something else. Her eyes closed as his fingers gently brushed across her nipples. Cheri was dumbfounded as realization sunk in. He was worried. All of the guys she'd been with were concerned with getting themselves off; he was concerned with getting her off.

If she hadn't gotten pregnant she and Adair probably wouldn't have gotten married. She had been a good wife for all of that, and remembered the faces of those that came to see her when she had miscarried. Adair had been relieved. Marsha, Dan and all of her friends had been sorry for her losing the baby. She thought about it trying to remember details, her father-in-law alone had looked in her eyes and asked if she was all right. They had communicated in that moment. He had wanted to know if she was okay, physically, emotionally and spiritually and she knew it.

Whispering in his ear, "Most women with large breasts don't like them played with," she almost burst out laughing when he moved his hand away like he was burnt. Standing up she held her hand out to him and helped him stand up. She moved to kiss him but licked his ear instead, "I do, and I really like having my nipples sucked." She lay back on the sofa and held her arms open for him.

Dan knelt down and kissed her and let his fingers roam over her soft skin.

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