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Husband remembers when they started to swing.

I wonder if she also shaves, like Pam and her sister.' He wasn't too far off the mark; Karen would turn fifty in a month while Vanessa was forty-five. Pamela was forty and while he guessed Robert and Edward to be a couple of years older that their wives. Even though they were all older than he and Kathy, she was thirty-tree and he was thirty-five, he felt completely at ease with them and found the three women totally attractive.

Kathy's thoughts were pretty much in the same direction, but she was also amazed at how Vanessa was completely at ease with her husband photographing her sister in the nude. She wondered if Karen participated in their sexual activities and her thoughts were confirmed when after the shooting the last photos of Karen laying down on the grass, Robert helped her up and she went into his arms and they exchanged a lingering kiss.

Karen and Robert came back to the table; they took a sip of their drink and Karen sat down next to John without bothering to put on her clothes. She didn't fail to notice the bulge in John's pants and wondered if she would get to fuck him later. Pamela, who was sitting on the other side of John, stood up and as if it was the most natural thing in the world, pulled her dress over her head and sat back down.

"Kathy, would you pose for me?" Robert asked.

Kathy hesitated looking at John; he gave her a slight node of agreement,

"I sure would like to have good set of pictures of you," John said, "I'm a terrible photographer, I usually cut off the heads in the pictures I take or they come out all blurry. Besides Bob, I saw some of the photos of Pam you took and they are great."

"Well, OK, then." Kathy said.

"Fine, just let me take a few shots of Van in her new blouse," Robert said, "before she decides to take her clothes off."

"Speaking of which," Pamela said, "Do you guys plan to remain dressed and ogle us girls all day long."

"I could do that," Edward commented, "You know, just admire all you beautiful ladies all day long." But he stood up and took of his clothes.

John hesitated; he wasn't sure about taking off his clothes in his aroused state. Robert was already stripping and when John noticed that both Robert and Edward's cocks were semi-hard he got up and shed his clothes. When he pulled down his shorts and his cock sprang free, he could feel the gaze of all the women on his manhood.

"Come on hon," Robert said and Vanessa followed him to stand under the tree.

He took several photos of her in different poses in her new see-through blouse, then a few more of her topless. Vanessa pulled the zipper of her cutoffs down and opened them just showing her pubic hair in a teasing manner. Finally she stepped out of her cutoffs and Robert took a few more shots before Vanessa said that was enough and went back to the table.

Robert asked Kathy to come over and he had her sit on the chair for the first photos. Kathy was very self conscious and stiff at first, but Robert just led her on, asking her to turn this way and that, to cross her legs or to turn her head slightly. He hadn't asked to remove any of her clothes yet and Kathy began to relax and getting into the mood of the moment. Without being asked she lowered her blouse exposing one of her breasts. Robert moved around her to catch her in different angles. Kathy's skirt had slid up her legs and when Robert knelt in front of her to take another shot she knew he could see under her skirt at her pussy. She hadn't worn any panties. Robert asked Kathy to take off her blouse and cup her breasts as he continued shooting her from his kneeling position. Kathy parted her legs slightly and she not only cupped her breasts but began caressing her nipples.

When Robert stood up, Kathy saw that his cock was fully erect.

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