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Helping my SiL took a turn for the better when she stayed.

Reyes reconsider?"

My mind, devious and male that it was, raced with possibilities. The whole 'I'd do anything if you can do me this favor' fantasy was playing over in my mind. I could think of more than a few things this woman could do to make me want to help her.

"What exactly did you have in mind to get him to change his mind?"

"Well," she said, "I thought that maybe you could talk to him and get him to see me."

A smirk lingered on my lips. "I could do that, but why exactly should I? You told me that this was a huge account for your company. How huge would it be if I got you in the door?"

"I wouldn't know how to repay you. I would be in your debt big time. Anything you could do I would appreciate."

I sat back and smiled knowingly and waited. Shana watched me for a few seconds and slowly as realization came to her, I watched her eyebrows arch before she spoke in a hushed tone.

"Are you thinking what I think you are thinking?"

I tilted my head in her direction and raised my eyebrows in response.

"There's no way I'm going to sleep with you to get this account. Hell, you can't even give me the account!"

"No, but I can guarantee that without me, your account, and from the sounds of it, your company are both doomed. So either you do exactly what I tell you or we can part ways and you can go tell Daddy how you single handedly brought his company down."

Shana crossed her arms and huffed. I almost smiled at her childish response, but my newfound power over her kept my face stern and body rigid. After thirty seconds, I inched forward on the bench and started to rise to my feet. Shana's arm shot out to catch my shoulder.

"All right!" she hissed. "I'll have sex with you, but that's it. And only after I talk to Mr. Reyes."

I continued to my feet and took a step away before she bolted to her feet and grabbed at my elbow.

"What! What else do you want?"

"I told you. You will do what you are told. And you will do it now. Not when or how you want, but when and how I want. Period. Those are my terms. You can make up your own mind whether you want to except my offer. And I can and will get you in to see Mr. Reyes by lunchtime today if you stick to your part of the deal. You've got ten seconds to decide."

I didn't want to give her too much time to think of a way out. I saw her face contort as she tried to think her way out of the situation but as the ten seconds passed, resignation slowly took hold and she nodded her head.

"OK. Deal. Whatever you want until noon then."

My cock swelled as she spoke and I took her arm and directed her back to the bench where we could sit.

"We have about fifteen minutes until the next train leaves. Go to the restroom and pull your panties up into your pussy, between your lips. Also, pull your tits out of your bra and let them hang that way."

Shock registered on Shana's face and she started to protest until she saw the look on my face. Slowly she rose and walked to the restroom. Five minutes later, she emerged walking a bit differently. As she neared I dropped a pen onto the ground at my feet.

"Pick that up for me, would you?"

She started to bend at the knees and a gasp escaped her lips as her panties ground into her clit. She handed me the pen and started to stand.

"Stand slowly and bend towards me. Show me those tits."

Her mouth tightened against her teeth but she rose slowly, bending at the waist to give me a glimpse of her newly freed tits. I watched as her nipples brushed the fabric of her shirt. I heard her breath catch and I leaned forward to catch her bottom lip with my teeth and slowly pull her towards me. As she leaned forward, she braced herself by placing her hands on my thighs. I released her lip and pressed my lips to hers forcing her mouth to submit as I probed her mouth with my tongue. As I broke the kiss, I glanced around the busy platform and found several men watching the show.

"Look at all your admirers, Slut.

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