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Time to go home.

This time Samantha brought a date; a handsome young man...he was quite the gentleman. Samantha makes an amazing female with no tell tales of her not being a genetic woman; I can see why he's with her.

Fall was finally here, I was in school on Sean's dime which was the deal. I did my homework on my days off from school and when I was overwhelmed he would stay home from work and entertain Jason.

To clarify, Sean's family had old money; his parents gave him start up money to begin a small business which he turned into a fortune within a year so staying home every now and then was no big deal. In fact, his two brothers also became very successful with a similar deal.

Anyway Sean started dating, nothing serious, just to get his feet wet but he was always home early; he wouldn't admit it just wasn't working out for him.

Sean and Jason where going to spend the night over his parents house to give them time with Jason.

I packed everything they needed in two separate bags so they would have everything they needed and more in case they decided to stay the weekend.

Nick, a guy at school, was consistent on asking me and eventually I agreed on one condition; no sex... especially on the first date.

It was Halloween and he and his friends were dressing up and hitting a nightclub; I looked forward to it since I haven't dated since Derrick.

He was a great dancer and romancer, one drink led to two, and then three.

He was a perfect gentleman the entire night which I totally appreciated.

When he drove me home he walked me to the door; then he kissed me. Before I knew it we were inside the foyer kissing passionately.

I haven't kissed a boy since Derrick and was thoroughly enjoying it.

His hand moved from around my waist to my breast, braless, he easily manipulated my nipple into a hardened state.

Obviously I was turned on by his advances.

His hands moved from my breasts down to my ass where he hiked up my dress; his hands slid down between my body and my panties. Now, his fingers were playing with my back door.

"Not so fast stud," I pushed him away creating space between us.

My hand found his stiff cock and I rubbed it until he could no longer stand it.

"I want you," he stated.

"It's our first date," I giggled.

"You're a tease,"

"Not really," I smiled.

"C'mon, you know you want it,"

"A good time doesn't mean I want to be penetrated,"

"C'mon Melissa, you don't like sex?"

"No sex on the first date; remember?"

"Is a hand job considered sex?"

"No, you don't like hand jobs?"

"I like blowjobs better,"


"Who doesn't?"

"A blowjob...but that's all!" I flirted.

"Come on Melissa,"

"A blowjob or nothing!" I toyed.

"I'll take the blowjob,"

"I thought you would," I giggled.

I always loved giving blowjobs and haven't done so since Derrick; besides what woman doesn't like to give an occasional bj especially when it gives her a sense of control.

I led him to the couch and unbuckled his pants.

"Oh yeah," he said excitedly.

I pulled his pants and boxers down to his ankles where he stepped out of them.

I pushed him down on the couch and kneeled between his legs.

"Somebody is excited!" I exclaimed giggling as I grabbed his cock.

I licked the velvety dome and then began to run my tongue up and down his shaft. I made sure to pay extra special attention to the underside of his cock and to his shaven nut sacks.

"Oh guawd Melissa!" he moaned.

"You like that?" I played.

"Gauwd yes,"

Nick definitely kept clean and I showed my appreciation as I wrapped my lips around his cock and began sucking it inch by inch; stroking him with my hand as I went along.

"Ah yes baby,"

I sucked and hummed as my mouth rode his shaft.

"Oh yeah...damn,"

Nick sounded off in appreciation.

"Ah fuck...ah...ah..." he continued.

I don't know who was enjoying this more; him or me.

"Oh...yeah...oh gauwd..."

I stopped to swirl my tongue around the helmet of his cock.

"Fuck!" he screamed.

I was in control and loved it and eventually made my way down the backside of his cock

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