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He helps wife make her lesbian fantasies a reality.

" I say as I stand up.

"I don't know if you deserve it. I'm mad at you." you snap at me

"Aww, come on baby." I chuckle as I lean in and kiss your soft lips again.

I wrap my hands around your hips and massage them deep. You moan into my mouth.

"Mmmnn. I can't resist... uhn.. when you do that." you whine.

I move my hands up your sides to your breasts. I massage them as I open your blazer and slide it off of your arms. You sigh in pleasure as I caress up your arms to your shoulders. You sink into your chair. Gliding my tongue along your collarbone I pull open your shirt revealing your amazing breasts barely contained by your silky black bra.

You lean forward and slide off your shirt. While you remove your bra I move to my knees and slide my hands up your skirt and massage your thighs. I look up to you, your head is leaning back. You're enjoying my hands roaming your thighs. I lick my fingertips while you're not looking and slap your inner thigh. Your eyes pop open and you jump.

"Ahn.." you yelp, "Mmm.. oh, do it again baby."

I slap your thigh once more making it glow red. You yelp again and giggle. I hike you skirt up some and reach for your panties. I can feel your wetness already. To my surprise I find you're not wearing any panties.

"Ooh, kinky little girl. No panties today? Such a naughty one."

"Easy access for you baby, hehe" you giggle.

I stand up and take off my shirt. You unzip and slide off your skirt. I catch myself staring at you. Your amazing body in nothing but your black garter belt, thigh high stockings and heels. I hoist you up and your legs wrap around my waist. I set you down on the desk. My bulge rubs against your pussy and you wince as my jeans rub your swollen clit.

I sweep your hair back out of your face. As I kiss you hard I slide my middle finger inside your wet, waiting pussy. Your body tightens, you fall flat on your back. I slide in a second finger. Your breath catches as I slide them in and out a little faster. Your body relaxes as it starts to feel good. Your breathing quickens and comes as a yelp now and then as I hit your buttons.

Your back arches and your chest starts heaving. A series of moans flow from you. You claw at the desk and cry out, "Oh my God, Johnny... ahn... right there. Please don't stop. I'm cumming baby."

You let out a long whine as your stomach contract. Your body convulses on the desk as you cum on my fingers. Your whine fades to a soft whimper and giggle. I lean over your quivering body. Kiss up your neck finally reaching your juicy lips. I pull my face away and look in your eyes. A smile forms on your face as you grab for my wet hand.

You bring my hand to your lips. Your lips wrap around my fingers and lap up yours juices. While you're savoring my fingers I whip off my belt and kick off my shoes and pants. I lean over to kiss you again as you release my fingers. A devious smile crosses your lips, your feet come up to my chest and you shove me backward into your chair.

You pop up to your feet. You slide your hands up your body, flaunting what you have for me. You flip your hair to the side and lean over me. You spread your legs and kiss my neck. My left hand cradles your head while my right caresses your breasts hanging in front of me.

Your lips travel down my body. You keep you hands pressed to my chest until you're on you knees between my legs. My head leans back and I growl as your nails glide down to my crotch. One of your hands grasps my thigh and your other wraps tightly around my shaft. My legs twitch and toes curl as you slowly stroke me. I sigh in pleasure as your hand moves up and down.

I feel warm moisture on the head of my cock as your tongue flicks against it. I groan as you lick the underside and wrap your lips around me. I grab an arm of the chair as my body tightens. My other hand makes its way through your hair as your head bobs up and down. I grab and lightly tug at your hair. You let out a squeal and continue to suck me.

You stop and look up to me, "How's this sweetie? Mmm... Do you like that?"


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