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A continuation of Part One, duh.

I shift a little to create pressure, at the same time feeling juices build up inside my slick little pussy. I position myself with my thighs slightly apart for your convenience and guide your hand towards the satin-smooth insides of my thighs.

Your hand glides up my left thigh, caressing it as you mumble your appreciation unintelligibly. You nuzzle my neck as your hand probes higher up into the recesses under the skirt, while I hold the hem to prevent it from riding up too high lest some lagging evening jogger comes by. The tips of your fingers makes contact with the folds of my vulva, sending a shiver of excitement across every inch of my skin, from the backs of my ankles to the nape of my neck. The smoothness of my lips excites you; I can feel the throbbing of your member under me, very faintly, and it turns me on even more. You stroke my lips with the barest of touches, titillating my senses and making me beg for more. I buck ever so slightly to bump against your fingers, squeezing myself inside and feeling all my attention centred towards the lower half of my little body. I tighten my left arm round your shoulder, and use my right to urge your left hand deeper.

You turn to me and initiate a deep kiss, tongue gently coaxing my lips open so you can taste my tongue. The sensuality of your tongue tickling my lips and palate make me tremble, enveloping my senses in a heady rush of giddyness. It is all I can do to stay in a sitting position on your lap. Without breaking the kiss, you continue stroking the lips of my snatch, brushing the hairs around it every so often.

Suddenly, you push into the middle of my luscious folds, slicking your fingers wet with my juices and giving me a shock of sensation that washes over me and knocks me breathless, forcing me to break the passionate kiss. You don't let up, and keep digging deeper and deeper into my pussy with two fingers that bear the smooth, thick calluses of a long-time guitarist. The sensation pulls me under like a powerful undercurrent, stringing me along to bliss as you quest for my G-spot. I fling my arms around you and bury my face in the crook of your neck and shoulder, unable to keep from moaning. Your fingers begin to thrust in and out of me, motions smooth from my sopping wetness, and I moan loudly into your ear, trying but unable to tell you in words how good it feels.

Your other hand reaches up from holding me up, and latches onto my right breast, squeezing it firmly. Unsatisfied, you run your hand up my blouse and pull down the obstructing bra cup to release the nipple into your hand. You pull and pinch it, flicking it till I start to think that there must be some kind of wiring inside me that connects the nipple directly to the clitoris. You push me up and duck your head, pushing my blouse up to reach my nipple with your mouth. As your lips close around it, I pull your head closer to me, straining against the hand inside me as you stroke my gushing depths. I grind my butt against your erection inside your pants, wishing for a way to free it without having to stop what we are doing.

You stop just as suddenly as you started, leaving me panting for more. You make me get up so that you can release your pent-up cock from its stifling prison, and pull it through the opened zipper so that it stands proudly in the cool air. I squat down in front of you and pop it into my mouth, sucking it like a lollipop. I run my tongue up and down its considerable length, slaking its thirst for something warm and wet. I taste the big drops of precum oozing from its tip and mix it with my saliva, coating it with a layer of fluid and small bubbles as you breath raggedly with your head thrown back, eyes closed. I can smell the scent of your skin along the shaft, and the aroma of my arousal is strong in the night air. I add one more mouthful of saliva over the smooth, fat, glistening cockhead before drawing myself up once more and preparing to let myself onto it.

You open your eyes, glazed over with

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