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James withdrew his mouth and the two Amys knelt expectantly, their mouths open, their hands on their knees. He jerked himself, and Claire watched as jets of semen poured out of his cock onto Amy's faces and breasts. Claire remembered that first hour in Juzhi's lab, Jason's naked body, his cock at full attention. She wanted it.

Amy was one again. She looked back to Claire, and beckoned to her with a finger. She led Amy into the lake, its warmth bubbling into their bodies. She then gestured for James to follow, and he waded in slowly as Claire and Amy kissed and fondled each other.

Amy guided James's cock into Claire, with Claire wrapping her legs around his waist. She began to ride him, the water splashing as she did. From behind, Amy caressed Claire's breasts, kissing her neck, occasionally reaching over to kiss Jason.

The trio began to sink into the water, if it could be called that. It was as light as air, providing no resistance to their fucking. Claire let body sink back, allowing Jason to thrust into her deeply. Amy swam, or glided over, and began to rub Claire's clitoris. Claire's gaze locked onto Amy as she came, her pleasure manifesting in beams of light that refracted across the water.

Claire pulled Amy's legs towards her, and inserted her tongue into Amy's cunt; she could taste her own juices from their scissoring. Amy moaned and positioned herself so she could kiss Jason and continue to rub Claire's cunt. The three glided through the water, locked in a triangular position. Their bodies began to heave as climaxes started to build in their bodies.

Claire began to see the water changing, from a clear blue, it was now becoming purple. And thicker.

Claire could feel Jason and Amy's orgasms approaching with her own. She cried out, muffled by Amy's body.

And then she opened her eyes. The lake was gone. She in Juzhi's lab, frozen in place by the gel. She quaked as an orgasm approached, feeling visceral, realer than any she had experience in the simulation.

Then her tube opened noisily with a hiss of air as the vacuum was broken. The glass door began to swing open. For a second her gel was held in place by its own chemical properties, behaving as a solid. Then the gel broke, and the liquid surrounding her fell forward onto the laboratory floor.

She was carried forward by the force of the gel, and flopped noisily and wetly onto the cold metal floor. The sudden sensation of air hit her, but she scarcely had time to get used to it, as many things happened. Another body crumpled on top of her, then rolled off limply.

It was Amy, gel coating her naked body and hair. Claire could see that an orgasm was filling Amy's body, paralyzing her as well. They stared at each other, mouths open in sharp breaths, eyes agape and pupils dilated.

Claire forced herself to take Amy's hand as they both came. They screamed soundlessly. Gel spurted from their cunts as they spasmed, splashing at their feet. Their bodies shook and clenched alternatingly, as though being electrified.

Distantly, Claire heard the last tube open. James's body fell forward onto his knees. He immediately began to orgasm, sending jets of semen onto the women's writhing bodies and faces.

Finally, after what must have been minutes, their bodies calmed. Claire blinked heavily, attempting to remove the film of gel and semen from her eyes. She looked to Amy, who was breathing as though panicked. Claire embraced her body from behind, holding it tightly, trying to comfort her. "Shhh..." she said, barely able to make a sound herself. Amy was in there much longer than me. It's going to take longer for her to re-acclimatize.

Claire heard hydraulic doors hiss open. Juzhi stepped in. She was looking intently at a notepad, barely paying any attention to her three test subjects.

She cleared her throat. "On a scale of 1 to 10, how realistic would you say the simulations were?"

Claire coughed, the sound of a real human grating against her ears, let alone Juzhi's. "Fuck off," she rasped. "We won."

Juzhi looked to Claire.

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