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Cheater must face the music.

I gasped for air and then grunted and came. Lisa let out a yell and it was matched by a chorus of giggles, laughs and cheers. Lisa eased off and my women all eased back a bit.

Every woman was on my bed. The ones who hadn't gotten a piece of me were making out around the bed. Everyone (even the Captain's little slut Brenda) was there. Except Jessica.

Jessica was sitting on a chair looking at the whole thing with a huge smile on her face. She was decked out in expensive jewelry, a set of heels and held a glass of wine. She had brushed her hair and had cleaned up. I swear I could smell her perfume over the smell of hot pussy and sex.

"My love, this is truly the life you deserve. Wealth, ease, luxury, women; all for you. All for us. I want to watch you fuck these women; I want to see you dominate them and hear them call your name. Show me your power my Lord."

Oh yeah, Jessica always knows how to turn a guy on.

I sat up and grabbed Astrid. I didn't speak; I just shoved her in front of me, rolled her over, pulled her ass up and smacked it. My cock had recharged hearing my love's little words of encouragement and I slid into her mom like she was a velvet glove. I started pumping into her and Astrid started to babble "I am yours! I am Yours! YOURS! YOURS!" over and over while the other girls giggled. Jessica smiled and began to play with herself while I tore her mom up. I didn't last long (I had been fucking all day after all) and once I had cum I shoved her over to the side and grabbed Nina.

My memory gets a bit hazy here. I was buzzed still, and tired from the sex before, but I was turned on. I remember just having this driving lust take over my mind. All I wanted was to fuck my women. MY women; women who had been out of my reach, women who had been powerful, women who had been rich, women who were beautiful. Women who were now all MINE. Mind, body and soul.

I didn't flip Nina over, I just jumped her bones right there and fucked her missionary. She wrapped her legs around my waist and bit down on my shoulder. I came into her and she shuddered like she had been tazed. I spun around and grabbed Missy. I walked on my knees and forced her against the headboard and drove her up to a standing position and then fucked her against the wall or bulkhead or whatever you call it on a boat. She babbled and giggled and I was able to cum after someone started sucking on my balls. After that it blurs though. I have bits of memory of fucking Natasha doggie style against the desk, or fucking Diane as she practically hung off of a lamp that was attached to the wall (she was in cuffs and the cuffs were over the fixture but I don't remember who cuffed her or how she got down). My last memory was lying by Jessica in the center of the bed looking into her eyes as she whispered "My love, my lord, my MAN!" as I passed clean out.

I woke up at noon the next day. Whoa, I had the mother of all hangovers and I really hadn't drunk that much. But the sex and lack of food and water had done a number. I wasn't alone in that. Missy, Lisa, Alyssa, Astrid and Amber were all passed out around me and some were just stirring too. Missy was lying on the floor with her right leg up on the bed and one of her arms hooked into a chair leg. Alyssa was draped in a chair with her head hanging backwards (she got one hell of a neck cramp from that). The others were lying around tangled in the sheets. I staggered to the bathroom and got a hot shower and drank a lot of water. I came back and found Jessica herding the others out so the cleaning woman could get to it.

She came over and kissed me full on the lips and then put a bathrobe around me. She led me to the dining room and got me a plate of food and I ate like a starving man. My head was banging and she said "My love, you must be more careful. I don't want to lose you now that you finally are free to show me off to the world."

I nodded and then Captain Jody came in.

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