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Two lovers finally meet up.

What gotten into me? Was it the dancing? I heard somewhere that dancing creates endorphins that can cause excessive excitement and irrational behavior. Could that be it? Or did I just make that shit up? By the time I got home my mind was going a mile a minute. I was only able to relax when I went into the shower and tried to wash away the guilt. After the shower, I was finally thinking straight. I admitted to myself that yes I went too far, that I was to blame and the reason was because I was a lonely, horny woman who wasn't having much fun recently.

The dancing made me feel good, being around all those kids made me feel young, alive and free. I was intoxicated by the energy, the music and by the attention Tony was giving me. I accepted that I made a mistake and promised to make things right with Tony in the morning. It's funny, but after all the guilt and shame I put myself through I still managed to sleep with a smile on my face. It was a great night.

I dreaded waking up the next morning knowing that I had to talk to Tony and apologize for my behavior. I still didn't know what I was going to say. I knew It would start with "About last night..." and end with something like "I promise, it won't happen again." But everything in between was still up in the air. I got dressed and headed downstairs to make breakfast. A part of me was hoping that with any luck I'd be out of the house before they even got up. Of course, it was wishful thinking as they both came down for breakfast at 8am. I was busy cooking over the stove as the boys sat down and it made me cringe knowing that I had to turn around and face Tony. So I did most of the talking to the stove for as long as I could.

"You boys are up early for having such a late night," I said.

"It wasn't that late. We got back by two," Jamie replied.

"I see," I didn't know what else to say.

"Sorry, I didn't get much time to spend with you last night mom. I didn't expect all of those people to be there," Jamie said.

"Oh, don't be sorry. I'm just glad you had fun with your friends," I said reassuringly.

"Did you have fun mom?" Jamie asked.

"Of course I did, ..."

"Yeah, me and your mom were dancing up a storm!" Tony chimed in.

"Yeah I know, I could tell from all the laughter," Jamie said.

"Shut up, man! We had fun didn't we Mrs. G?" Tony asked.

I never thought I would be happy to hear 'Mrs. G' again, but it was somehow comforting.

"Yes...yes we did! And they weren't laughing at us Jamie, they were laughing with us!" I said.

"You tell'em Mrs. G!" Tony encouraged.


"Yes Jamie?"

"The stove is off. Why do you keep staring at it?" Jamie asked.

"Oh...Well...I was just making sure. Here have something to eat," I changed the subject.

I turned around and put food on their plates trying to avoid making eye contact with Tony, but it didn't last for very long. Once I put food on his plate he looked up at me and said "Thank you." I smiled back a "You're welcome" and suddenly I felt a huge weight off my shoulders. I sat and ate with them and we talked about their plans for the day and some of the people he introduced me to last night. Tony and I both acted like nothing happened and more importantly that nothing needed to be said. I went to work relieved that I had just dodged a bullet and made a promise that I wouldn't let anything like that happen again and that I would avoid Tony as much as possible for the remainder of his stay.

So for the next few days I planned to stay at work longer than I wanted to in the hopes of avoiding any interaction with Tony.

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