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His new lover has a little surprise for him.

Lance had ended up with some pretty stiff fines for unlawful entry, intimidation, and a short list of other, less serious convictions. He didn't spend any time in jail at all, really. Lance was by far the more dangerous of the two. First, because he was the brains of the pair (although his act of charging someone who was pointing a loaded carbine at him was NOT proof of a healthy intellect). Second, because he'd demonstrated a willingness to do violence.

And of course I was sexually frustrated as well. That didn't help my mood. Part of that was my own doing; Gracie would probably be willing to move our physical explorations along at a faster pace if I were to ask. But I was determined to do right by her. I didn't want there to be any question in her mind that I loved her. Yes, I lusted for her, but my feelings went so much deeper than that. Besides, I was in this for the long haul, and it was essential that she know that too.

I heard the sound of boots swishing through the thin dusting of snow well before Gracie stepped through the treeline. "I thought I might find you here," she said as she stood next to me. "You alright, baby?"

"Yeah, I'm fine, honey," I said, putting an arm around her and kissing the top of her head. "I know I'm acting kinda dumb; it's nothing more than the usual teasing. I shouldn't let it get to me."

"Kevin, my love, you aren't dumb. The waiting is torment for me too!" She gazed longingly into my eyes. "I want you inside me so badly that sometimes I can't think of anything else. You don't know how many nights in the past month I've wanted to sneak into your room and have my way with you!" She sighed and leaned into me again, staring off across the pond. "We keep telling each other that our parents won't be home forever, but maybe it's time we stopped waiting. Maybe we should go ahead a get a room for the night-"

"No, baby," I said firmly. "We'll make love to each other with Mom and Dad still in the house before we do that. Honey, you're worth waiting for!"

"And you still say the sweetest, most loving things to me!"

"Well I can't help it. I love you, you know."

"Yes, I do know," she whispered with quiet passion. "I've never felt so loved as I do when you hold me, when you kiss me, and when you touch me. And in turn, I've never loved anyone as much as I love you!"

"It's you and me, Gracie. You and me, together, no matter what!"

"No matter what, Kevin!" she echoed firmly. There was fire in her eyes; there was no question she meant what she said!

Accepting that, I held her close as we gazed across the pond at the bank on the neighbor's side. This pond wasn't a good swimming hole (even in hot weather) unfortunately. The banks were steep and difficult to climb out of. In fact, the one and only time I'd tried it, Grace had to run get Grandpa beause I literally couldn't climb out. The muddy bank just collapsed under my weight. He'd had to throw me a rope and use the winch on his ATV to lift me out. The lesson had never needed to be repeated after that: stay out of the pond.

Grace and I strolled leasurely around the pond, talking about us, about the trials, about anything we felt like. It was cathartic, but it also made me feel even closer to her. Grace's sudden terrified scream caught me completely off guard. I spun around to face the spot where she'd just been standing and she was gone! Then I saw it lying on the ground: a small conical piece of plastic. The heel of one of her boots had snapped!

With growing horror I realized it had thrown her off balance and she'd fallen into the pond. I dropped to my knees on the bank, spreading my weight out to keep my stability. Grace's form was easily visible against the white backdrop of the snow-covered ice. She wasn't moving; she must have struck her head on the way down.

No sooner had I thought that, than she let out a soft moan and reached up to touch her head.

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