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The missing girl is finally found.

" The driver said over his shoulder.

"Thoughtful." Paul said tearing at the foil cover and unwinding the wire. "Glasses?"

"On the rear parcel shelf." The driver replied.

I looked behind the headrests and saw two tall thin glasses and a brown envelope.

"What's this?" I asked as the cork popped gently and Paul poured some of the sparkling wine into the glasses.

"Best open it." Paul said, placing the bottle back in the bucket.

"Hold this." I said passing him his glass and looking at the envelope. "It's address to Mrs Wagstaffe. It isn't for your mother, is it?"

"No." Paul replied, watching me intently with a smile at the corner of his lips. "Open it."

I slipped a finger under one flap and lifted it. It felt like there was a small book inside. I pulled it out. It was a dark blue British passport.

I turned it over. I feel the tears welling up inside me as I looked down at the name.

Mrs J. I couldn't see properly. There was the name Wagstaffe. I remembered Paul had had me sign an application as Mrs Wagstaffe a few weeks earlier but they couldn't have produced it so quickly after my change of name.

"Grandfather has a friend." Paul answered my unasked question.

He handed me back my glass.

"Here's to you, Mrs Wagstaffe." He said clinking his glass against mine.

Fuck the driver, he can have me now if he want's.

* * * * *


Jenny clung to my arm looking down at the hotel register as I signed in as Mr and Mrs Wagstaffe.

champagne It had seemed a waste to leave the bottle of Champagne in the car over half full. On second thoughts perhaps it had been a wise move, I didn't want any problems down below tonight.

I kissed Jenny on the lips as we went up the three floors to our room in the lift.

The door to our room was opened and our bags taken to the bedroom.

"Would you care to have your bags unpacked, Sir?" One of the two men who'd accompanied us from reception asked.

"No thank you." Jenny replied. "We'll manage. Later."

I reached into my pocket for some coins to give to the two men.

"There's no need for that, Sir." The man said taking a bottle of champagne from an ice bucket in a stand. "An American gentleman has seen to everything."

"We'll manage that ourselves." Jenny said as the man started to undo the wire.

"As you wish, Madame."

The second man left and the first stopped in the doorway.

"Would you like me to show you where everything is?" He asked.

"I'm sure I'll find it." I assured him.

Jenny punched me in the middle of my back.

The door closed and we were alone.

I pulled Jenny to me and kissed her. Her lips opened and our tongues met. Each tip exploring the others. other's?

"I must go to the bathroom." Jenny said breathlessly as we pulled our mouths apart.

I watched her walk towards what I assumed was the bathroom. Well, they hadn't taken our suitcases into there.

She removed and dropped the jacket to her green suit on the back of a chair as she passed. Her ass cheeks moved beneath her skirt. Tight, high mounds that formed then disappeared to be replaced by a new mound on the other cheek.

I rubbed my cock through my trousers as I removed my own jacket and placed it on top of hers.

I heard the toilet flush and saw the door open slightly. The shower was on. This needed investigating. I approached the door and pushed it open wide. Jenny was standing in front of the entrance to the shower cubicle, naked. She had a serious look on her face as she pulled some pins from her hair. Her breasts were fuller than when I'd first seen them three years before. Had it only been three years? So much had happened in that time.

It looked as if she had trimmed her pubic mound. I hadn't noticed when I'd had her when we were getting changed. I must have had something more pressing on my mind at the time.

I suddenly realised that it had been ages since I'd really looked at her. She wasn't a teenager anymore. She would be twenty-two in September. She was becoming a woman.

A woman who was smiling at me.

"Enjoying the view?" She as

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