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Shaking her head to rid the thoughts as the kids pile in and sit behind the computers

She was about to say that this test was half their grade when Mr. Sexy himself walked in

Late as always. "Well so glad you could join us"..."please inform your girlfriend kissing is not on your midterm" the class giggles, was that a blush from Mr. Sexy?

She watches him walk to his seat in the back. ...Mmmmmm what a body he has got!

Back to work ..."OK class this is worth half your grade.... and for those of you on a team that are barely hanging on to your C's you need to do really well on this test of you want to play in the big game on Friday!"

"Good luck you have 45 mins start your computers"

The period went by fast "OK every body times up enjoy the rest of your day!"

As they all leave her phone rings "Hello"

"Yes coach I will have their grades this afternoon"

"Sure I can leave them on your desk, ok it will be around 1:30...No if they studied they will pass yes I know it's a big game and I will have the scores this afternoon" "Goodbye"

Wow that man needs to relax, she giggles and types into the data base to start grading the scores.... Ok so far so good.... 1:10 all the jocks passed so far last test to grade was that of Mr. Sexy... oh no what was he thinking Oh this is not good the best she can do is a D-

That's not good he will have to do a makeup test...can she get him to take one by Friday? Oh the coach is not going to like this.

As she walks to the Gym she sees all the boys outside wonders, which one is Mr. Sexy.

She open the door damn it hot out here...walking to the coach telling him the bad news he is pissed till she offers to give the kid a makeup test as soon as possible so he can stay in the game "He must have been distracted he knows this stuff but he has to prove it."

The coach yells for the kid to come here.... He tells him he has to retake the test right now."Go hit the showers and get back to the class room"

He shrugs and walks into the school

The coach asks about the rest of the team, she tells him about their scores

"Will you leave them on my desk inside the locker room?"

She agrees he points to the door."Go in that door walk down the hall take a left it right behind the showers thanks!"

She walks in the door down the hall as she get closer she hears the shower running,

Could he still be in the shower? Her heart starts to beat faster as she pictures him naked

A few more steps and she is rewarded by seeing his naked butt, water running over it,

She cant move just stare...God he was Sexy!!!!

He voice scared her. "So I failed huh?"

"Yes it's seems you where distracted I am sure you will do better this time"

"Depends," he said

"Depends on what?"

"Are your nipples gonna be hard. Again?"


"You nipple where hard I wanted to suck them that's what I was thinking the whole time."

He turned facing her now she was in shock didn't know what to say,

She just stared at this young hard God standing there damn every inch of him was hard!!

Her eyes look up and down his body..."You nipples are hard again"

"And you look hot" he walks over and grabs her hand and pushes her under the water.

"Cool off with me" the water wets her white dress you can see right though it. See the lace over her nipples...he is so close her hand on his chest...she runs her hands over his nipples as his hands explores the wet dress, he kisses her hot and deep.... She responds to his kiss with fire of her own her tore the front of her dress and teddy....

And pushes her to the wall...his hands are all over her... he sucks her breast Oh yes

She moans.

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