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Daddy continues The Talk with Mary.

"Do you like what you see?" you inquire, smiling as your sharp canines glint in the candlelight for a moment.

I glance up at your face uncertainly, staring into your glowing red eyes as I nervously lick my lips, my own sharp feline teeth flashing for a moment. My green eyes remain fixed on yours, watching you for your reaction as I ever so slowly lean my head closer, your smell and the power of your presence pulling me forward. I am not sure if I am acting of my own free will, or if your somehow influencing me, but at the moment I really don't care.

You feel the long, human hair of my head brush against you before the softer, shorter fur of my shoulder glides silkily along your inner thigh. Your muscles twitch a little as you feel the tip of my warm nose nuzzle into you, even though you saw it coming. I dart my warm, rough tongue out and snatch away the pre-cum off the top of your cock before you can react, my senses overwhelmed. I jerk back a little, licking my lips and still eyeing you. I purr louder as I relish the taste of you in my mouth. Your small groan of pleasure at my touch encourages me and I scoot closer on the carpet, my tail curling around my belly to swish over my own nipples as I become even more aroused at your male scent up close. The taste on you on my tongue drives me crazy, starting to overcome my caution.

I still eye you a little uncertainly, not even sure who or what you are, but I can't seem to help myself as I flick out my tongue again. You can feel and see my tongue swirl around the head of your cock before it disappears into my mouth. I take about half of your seven inches down into my depths, my purr growing ever louder in the room. You moan in your chair and squirm your hips as you realize that the rumble from my purring is echoing nicely down the length of your cock as vibrations. My tail rubs languidly over my breasts and dips down over the top of my mound as I start to move my head up and down over you, my rough cat tongue stimulating the sensitive skin of your penis as it plunges in my mouth. I glide my paws up your thighs, my nails slightly poking out of my sheaths and dragging over your skin as I move closer to you.

You lean back in your chair and moan, grabbing my hair and forcing more of your length into my mouth. I lay back my ears, hiding them safely under my curtain of black hair as I purr even louder, the vibrations growing stronger on your cock because of it. My green eyes are glazed over from lust and wanting as I somehow manage to not break eye contact with you, your red eyes and my green ones locked together, as my mouth is to your cock. I stare directly into your eyes as you bore in and out of my mouth, small mewls interrupting my purr, my luscious lips gliding wetly up and down your shaft.

I try to move carefully so as not to scrape you with my sharp little teeth, wanting nothing but soft, wet, hot pleasure to envelope you. I sit back on my ass and angle my hips towards you slightly. You are busy looking between my eyes and your cock being buried in my mouth, and you don't really notice the movements of my tail until it comes up and starts to tickle like velvet over your balls.

You jerk back for a split second before you melt, moving closer to me and spreading your legs, your pale, soft ass hanging off the edge of the seat as you urge your crotch closer to my ministrations. I wriggle between your legs, giving a low growl of triumph as your body gives into me. The role of control moving from your large but soft looking hands into my capable, furry ones. I bring my paws up around your hips and you feel my claws scratch against your skin as I drag you even further down the chair and closer to me.

I settle my mouth even further down your cock, almost taking you completely to the base now, my rough, kitty tongue moving frantically over the head of you with each thrust.

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