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Young crossdresser goes out for the first time.

I can feel your cock through your trousers, rubbing my hip, straining against the fabric of its cage as it swells with desire. Suddenly you move, quick as lightening, one hand tight round my neck as the other releases your hard, engorged cock from its confines, as you whisper in my ear 'No sound bitch, as I WILL hurt you. Understand?'

I nod, wanting to fight, scream, run but scared to do so.

Your hand releases my throat, and I gulp in air, whimpering softly. You glare at me with dark and dangerous eyes.

'I said no sound.'

And your hand flashes, stinging, across my cheek, to return a second later to gently stroke the red heat you have caused.

I swallow back any more noise, as I fight with my emotions, part of me terrified of what lies in store but a larger part of me more aroused than I have ever been. I can feel my cunt become wet, starting to overflow, threatening to snake its slippery wetness down my thighs. You feel it too, your hand having returned to rub my clit, your fingers easily slipping inside me.

'You want this, don't you bitch?' You growl. 'You know you deserve this. Cock teasing me like you do. You deserve everything I'm going to give you'

You spin me round, so my face and now heaving breasts are pushed up against the wall, and using your knees, you force my legs apart, allowing your cock sudden access to my most private of places. Using your palms to spread my cheeks open, you push both your thumbs into my asshole. Before I can take a breath to prepare myself for what I know must surely be coming, you stretch my ass open wide and ram your cock deep inside me.

I cannot stop the shriek that escapes my lips, causing both your hands to return to my throat, holding me firmly enough to make me realise how dangerous you are, but still allowing breath. You begin pounding, each thrust pushing my throat tighter into your grip. After a couple of strokes, the pain has turned into such intense pleasure that I cannot help but to push against you. You give my neck another squeeze, then drop one hand to my soaking wet cunt. I hear and feel you chuckle as you begin pinching and rubbing my clit, causing me to reach orgasm so suddenly and violently that my legs give way.

In one swift movement, you withdraw. A moan of disappointment escapes and with a knowing laugh you place one hand on the back of my neck, forcing my face back to the wall, and with the other you spank my ass. I loose count of the number of strikes as I tumble over the boundary between pleasure and pain till all my senses are blurred. I am crying now, and the tears that are caused by such exquisitely painful pleasure make my eye make-up run down my cheeks with the tears.

You stop, tender now. Turning me round to face you once more, you kiss me with such sensuality I am sure we are lovers, before placing your hands under my red, abused ass, to lift me up a few inches and lower me, impaling me again. This time though, you have found my hot, wet cunt. Your tenderness evaporates as you once again begin pounding me. Wanting nothing more now than the intense pleasure you are forcing upon me, my arms snake around your neck and letting my shoes fall off my feet I place them against the wall so I can match you thrust for thrust.

You begin teasing now, pulling back so you are almost out of me, squeezing my sore ass to keep me from pushing you back into me, holding me up so you cock plays with the entrance of my cunt, wanting me to beg you to fuck me.

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