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Privacy is hard to come by in the Eskimo culture.


"What? No...ummm...it's not what you think. I'm sorry, I just..." Sandy stepped forward and took the picture from him. I've always told her how sexy she was and how much of an effect her body has on me and other guys. She just never believed me...till now. She looked at the photo. It was one of her in a pair of short shorts and a crop top. She smiled and put the picture down. She told me she was scared and nervous but decided right then and there to try out my fantasy.

She reached forward and touched Frank's cock. He moaned softly as her hand glided over his shaft. "Is this what you were thinking about?" Sandy asked, as her hand moved over his thick shaft. "Ummm...yes...I'm sorry...I just..."

"Ssshhhhhhh, it's okay Frank. I understand...now." Sandy knelt down on the floor and proceeded to lick the tip of Frank's cock. She said she knew the other guys were by the door waiting to see what developed. Licking his shaft, Sandy managed to catch a glimpse of the others pulling their cocks out. She told me that right then, she made her decision to live out our fantasy.

"Frank, it seems unfair that you'll be getting all the pussy, don't you think?" Frank just moaned. "Come on in boys, and let's see if I can be the crew's lunch time snack." Within seconds, the others joined her and Frank in the bathroom. Frank made introductions. The big black guy was Earl,45, the foreman. He and Tim (his 21 year old son) were the two black guys. There was Carl, 35, and Joey, 32, rounded out the fellas. Sandy smiled and said hello. "Well, how shall we begin," Sandy asked. "Why don't you suck us off and then we'll go from there," replied Earl.

Now, there's one thing that Sandy loves to do, and that's suck cock. She told me she was hoping that they'd want her to suck them first, and felt herself getting wet. She knelt down on the floor and had the guys circle her. She felt herself getting wetter as five hard, thick cocks were presented for her pleasure. She went down on Frank first, licking his shaft down to his balls and then back again. She felt hands caressing her hair and shoulders. Next was Earl, her tongue snaking over his ebony shaft. "That feels so good missy. Ever had a black cock?"

"Nope, you're my first," Sandy replied, in-between licks. "Well, your damn good at sucking, I'll tell you that!" Sandy blushed and moved on to Tim, Earl's son. His cock was about 8" long and thick as her wrist. "Oh, that feels so good. Suck my black cock bitch." Sandy wriggled a bit, being talked to like a slut makes her hot. She sucked him deep into her mouth and felt him tense. His cock juice shot into her mouth and she smiled around his shaft. "Damn boy, you sure do have a quick trigger," laughed Earl, as his son filled my wife's mouth with his cum. Tim backed out of the circle and knelt behind my wife. He reached down and started to pull my wife's shirt over her head. Carl and Joey were stationed in front of Sandy, their cocks side by side.

Sandy let Tim remove her t-shirt and then got back to work on the cocks in front of her.

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