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Giddy-Up! Don't keep your Mistress waiting.

Now, even if the rest of the crew became privy to his predicament, they would be too late to save him.

"Alright, Rima, it's your gift," said the chief, backing away from Evgeny. "Shadi, lash him up to that post."

Shadi pulled on his shoulders, and he did not resist. Wood thumped into his back, and the corners of the square-edged post bit painfully into his upper arms. He prepared for his legs to be lashed to the wood with them, but Shadi left those alone.

As Shadi restrained him, Evgeny did not fail to notice that other women had stopped looting and had gathered around him. Even in good circumstances, female attention had never made him feel comfortable, and now it took a concerted effort to stop himself from trembling.

Rima, on the other hand, had no trouble ignoring them as she pressed herself against Evgeny. Her breath broke against his face, and the warmth of her body reached through their clothes.

"Hey," one of the bandits piped up. "Let us have a turn."

As her response, Rima turned and drew a knife. It was a simple, deadly wedge of metal, the only clean thing about her. After a grim pause, she turned back to Evgeny and brought the knife up to his chest. The cutting edge faced her, not him, but still his breathing stopped.

It's one thing, Evgeny knew, for a woman to have power of life and death over someone. Rima had probably had that back when they knew each other up north. But it's another thing entirely for her to hold all that terrible power in the palm of one hand.

"Before I take your clothes away," said Rima, putting a hand on his shoulder, "I want to ask you something. One, simple question."

Evgeny did not take his eyes off the knife.

"Oh, Spears and Stars, don't be a coward! I'm not going to cut you." She sheathed the knife. "There. Now what I want to know is, why? Why did you leave me?"

For a moment, Evgeny expected her to answer her own question, but she only stared at him with an odd glint in her eye. When Evgeny recognized it, he did not want to believe it; it was pain. After all this time, she still had not accepted losing him.

Evgeny chose his words carefully. "It was for my safety."

"Lies. You let everyone bully you, and you didn't lift a finger against them. I saw you say 'sorry' to the fishmonger just because he said you drive a hard bargain."

Evgeny looked down, his mind scrambling. She wasn't wrong.

Rima redrew the knife, but this time, she did not show it off. Businesslike, she slipped it under the bottom of Evgeny's shirt, her knuckles uncomfortably close to his penis, and worked the knife back and forth. "The thing about you," she said, "is that when someone bullies you, you just stop in your tracks. When I realized I could get anything I wanted from you, I went mad over you. There's nothing more precious than a man who's all yours." The knife reached his collar, and she stopped her sawing. "So I'll ask you again. Why did you leave me?"

"I... I don't know."

"I loved you, Evgeny. You were the most loyal man I'd ever met."

"I know you loved me," Evgeny blurted out. "And that mattered to me, it really did. Ah!" He cried out as Rima snapped his collar with a quick jerk of her knife, and his shirt fell open.

With one finger, Rima nudged aside his shirt, revealing more of his tight, sweating chest, a few finger-widths at a time. She purred her approval. "There's a reason I couldn't have this," she said, poking a finger at his hard, flat pectoral muscles. "And it isn't because I pushed you around. What was it?"

With the knife gone, Evgeny's fear began to evaporate. His memory became clear again. He remembered those strange, heady days when he searched for work on the docks, drunk on the freedom he was about to feel. "I got sick of fearing you," he said, with a physical effort. "I didn't want the rest of my life to feel like that."

"Oh, please," Her fingers played at the hem of his trousers.

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