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Mum's surprise entry.

I have no illusions that my mother may have more than one lover, but if she can be believed I am the only one that she allows to use her supple back door. Its virgin-like fit around my shaft when we fuck only solidifies this belief.

I pull my head back from her neck, the indefinable scent of her skin still in my nose. Still holding her from behind I begin to hump and slide my now fully erect penis up and down the cleft of her perfect ass. As my cock smears precum in between her cheeks I say softly "We slept like the dead. We slept so good, she even had the patience for a morning delight. When did you get here my love?" I release her and step back, letting my eyes devour her backside once again. She feels my eyes and pokes her rear out, shaking it like a naughty school girl.

She is my adoptive mother, and until the age of 18 she loved me like her own flesh and blood. When I turned 18 she began to love me like a husband, and on my 19th birthday she told me that she owed me the truth. My adoptive mother and I took a road-trip to meet my last surviving blood relative, my grandmother. It was not long after that first meeting that I moved in with grandmother, under the not-entirely-false reason of wanting to get to know my heritage better.

I didn't know how to react during that first meeting. Mentally I was prepared but my body went absolutely insane with lust - and the experience gained fucking the woman I thought was my mother for the first eighteen years of my life didn't help matters. The intense attraction that I later came to learn was termed "Genetic Sexual Attraction" or GSA almost floored me that day. My knees felt weak and it was all I could do to hide my erection as my grandmother embraced me to her expansive bosom for the first time. I knew that day was the start of something life changing, the beginning of a new phase. I did not know exactly how it would happen, but I knew I had to make her mine - and my mother was more than willing to assist in my schemes once I confessed my true intentions. She was delighted and eagerly traded time with her son for stories, videos and mementos of the slow and steady conquest of my grandmother.

Wiping her hands dry on a dishcloth my mother replies "I've been here for about an hour dear. I've been here long enough to hear you all the way down here finishing twice on your grandmother. You and her have formed quite a bond, I am so proud of you baby." She turns from the sink, smiling as she drops the dishcloth to the floor. As her body faces me fully my mouth falls open of it's own accord and I am treated to the second best part of my day. My mother's surgically enhanced breasts look incredible under the straps of her blue frilly apron. From her shoulders a blue ribbon of material runs down the center of each jutting round breast, just barely covering the nipple. She bounces on the balls of her feet as she pushes away from the sink, coyly watching my eyes follow the motion of her firm DDD cups. I've always mentally compared her to Christina Hendricks, but never shared this with my mother. She is insanely jealous of any woman other than grandmother, and would not take my comparison lightly.

Her perfect breasts defy gravity and hold up her apron strings firmly as she moves. My eyes roam eagerly down her body, finally coming to rest on my mother's other unique, beautiful feature. Her apron lies flat against her toned abdominal muscles, but begins to rise as it nears her slim waist. Directly in front of my mother is a tent... a tent that would match my own if I was wearing anything more than a smile and a steady slow ooze of precum. On my 18th birthday my adoptive mother introduced me to many things, love, tenderness and a secret that she carefully kept from me from day one.

She reaches up behind her head with both hands and unties the strings that hold her apron against her body.

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