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Well-built blonde will do anything to be a model.

Nadine then seated herself on the couch to enjoy the show.

"Give me a lap dance, Jennie."

"Really, Mrs. Wolfe, I'm not sure I can do this right now."

"Sure you can. Just pretend I'm a customer at Wild Willy's who has just paid you forty dollars for a private show."

The girl continued to stand there, looking embarrassed.

"OK, Jennie, sit down. Let me show you how it's done."

At this, the older woman arose and removed her own robe, exposing her own lovely nude body to the younger girl's eyes. She then gently pushed Jennie down onto the couch. Nadine started sensually swaying her body to the music.

She danced slowly for the younger girl, who sat watching her, transfixed. Nadine looked deeply into the girl's eyes almost like a cobra looking at its next meal. She licked her lips and smiled.

Jennie was surprised to feel herself getting turned on. Here was an older woman, twice her own age, giving her a very erotic lap dance and she was feeling strangely excited to view it so up close and personal.

At one point Nadine turned around and bent over slightly, showing off her lovely bottom. Jennie almost wanted to reach out and touch the firm flesh of the older woman's shapely ass. Nadine looked over her shoulder and smiled as she took in the younger girl's mesmerized gaze.

Soon after that the song slowly faded out, and the impromptu lap dance came to an end. Jennie's eyes shined appreciatively. Nadine then knelt down in front of the younger girl.

"Did you like it?"

"It was beautiful!"

"Now... will you dance for me?"

Jennie knew she was blushing as she arose and faced the older woman. Nadine's hands gently caressed her shoulders as she looked into the younger girl's shining eyes.

"Pretend I'm your lover, Jennie," Nadine whispered. "Dance for me." She then sat down onto the couch.

The next song on the CD started playing and Jennie started moving her body to the slow, rythmic music, just as Nadine had done moments before. The older woman's eyes staring into her own excited her, and she began moving sensuously back and forth. Nadine slowly ran her tongue across her lower lip. Jennie smiled, feeling totally turned on. She danced as provocatively as she could, and discovered that more and more of it was coming naturally to her. She moved slightly closer to the older woman. Nadine reached out an arm and then slowly ran the back of her hand up the younger girl's leg, starting at her knee, then slowly up her thighs to her hip, then moved her fingers and palm up the girl's side, enjoying the feel of her smooth, silky skin.

"So very beautiful," she murmured.

Jennie then slowly turned around, continuing her dance. She bent forward slightly at the waist, offering a better view of her gorgeous ass for the older woman's delighted inspection, and was at once rewarded by the feel of Nadine's hands as they then rested themselves on her gorgeous swaying behind. The older woman breathlessly squeezed and fondled the younger girl's soft ass cheeks, then continued running her hands down the back of her slender legs, and then slowly back up again where they came to rest on the girl's beautiful backside. She then grabbed her by the hips.

Nadine gently pulled the dancing girl back toward her. Jennie felt the older woman's hot breath on her ass only a split second before she felt the woman's wet lips connect on the gorgeous round globes of her shapely butt. She felt Nadine kiss her left ass cheek once and then immediately follow it up by kissing her twice on her right ass cheek. The older woman's tongue ran across the silky skin before adding yet another wet kiss to the girl's bare bum.

Jennie was somewhat shocked but not unpleased by what had just happened. She looked over her shoulder to see the older woman's face bury itself into her lovely butt. She was no longer dancing, but continued to arch her back, positioning herself invitingly for the older woman's intimate and lustful attentions.

"Mrs. Wolfe?" she asked breathlessly. "What... are you doing to me?"

The older woman's eyes glanced up briefly, lookin

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