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Circumstances forced her to be a pornstar.

.. there. You are as far across the border into sex maniac territory as you can go and still control yourself. You will from now on thoroughly enjoy your sex life."

Samantha leaned back in her chair with her hips squirming, panting as if she were already having sex. Cuddles retrieved the cup before she spilled tea on the antique furniture.

"Feeling pretty good now, are we?" the Doctor inquired with a chuckle.

She squeezed her legs together and pumped her hips, her eyes closing, and gasped, "Yeah..."

"Well, Samantha, I did all that for Cuddles and me, although you will enjoy it as well. To show my good will, I will now do a couple things that are for your benefit alone. You will need a ton of self-control from now on to be acceptable in polite company, so I'm maxing that out. And, I'll jack up your intellect... that's to assist the self-control, but you should find other handy uses for it."

She shuddered a little bit and tilted her head upright, a bit more focused once more. He spread his hands, setting down the control. "Now I'd like to take you off the PDC system so you can come with us down to the lab, but while I still have the truth-telling function, please tell me, if we promise we're only planning to have lots of fun, safe, consensual sex with you, will you stay here voluntarily after we take it off?"

Naturally, he'd waited to ask such a question until after he'd sent her sexual characteristics through the roof. She nodded with a self-indulgent smile, "Yes."

"All right. We promise. You are our favored guest from now on whenever you visit us and neither I nor Cuddles nor anyone else under my authority or on my property will harm you. We will just have sex with you for as long as you can enjoy it. Cuddles?"

"I promise, too," his familiar said, then removed the tiara and set it back on the table. Samantha immediately began unbuttoning her pajamas.

He held up an finger. "Not yet, dear! To the lab, first!"

With only the bottom-most button left, Samantha stood with him and they went to the staircase down into the basement. She walked beside him with her breasts enticingly close to exposure as he explained, "You see, I can do some body modifications for you as well. Anything about yourself you would like to improve, my dear? Be careful not to make it too obvious."

Her eyes flicked toward the buxom cat girl then down at her own bosom. He chuckled. "That's an easy one, but we have to be careful or you will have trouble explaining why you suddenly grew. We can do it in small steps if you want to come back for several follow up treatments. Expect more sex each time if we do it that way, of course."

Not long later, a nude Samantha gazed happily down at her slightly enhanced and remodeled breasts. He'd also permanently removed all hair from the neck down and tweaked her nose just slightly.

He noted Cuddles rummaging around in the back and called, "Cuddles dear, don't you want to play with your treat now?"

"We'll use this first!" she declared, pushing out the Clonerator Mark II.

He sighed. "No, kitty, we won't. It's a failure remember? Everything after the first two clones suffers debilitating mental breakdowns. I'll never have my Clone Schwarzenegger Army, I'm afraid. They showed such promise, too. The first one has already taken over an entire state..."

"Only one!" Cuddles insisted. "Make one more Samantha. You said you wanted something too, right?"

"Oh, I see! Yes, an excellent idea!" He coaxed a confused Samantha onto the Original tray as Cuddles selected 'One Copy' and hit the 'Start' button. In an instant, confused Samanthas gaped at each other from the Original and Copy trays.

"You are identical except for the serial number.

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