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Spooning turns into something more, a lot more.

Ever since I realised I was in love with Amy I've been working on getting over my feelings for her, because it was a total waste of my time. Amy was straight, and has had multiple boyfriends.

As much as Amy and I shared throughout the years, Amy still didn't know about me being a lesbian yet, and she definitely didn't know about my feelings for her. I was just absolutely afraid to tell her anything about that, I didn't want to get outcasted, because even though Amy and I were friends I was still afraid that it could happen.

After a little bit I heard a honking coming from outside. I poked my head out the window and there was Amy in her truck. I closed my laptop and stuffed it in the bag then proceeded to open the door for Amy. 5 minutes later we had finished packing up my bags in the back of her truck and was on the road. Riding to the city started off as pretty normal, but it quickly turned into awkward when Amy brought up the subject of guys. Namely why I wasn't seeing anyone at the moment or ever have had a boyfriend before.

I quickly dispelled the comments on my love life from Amy by telling her that I wasn't interested in a relationship yet, that I haven't met the right person yet. She finally gave up and we continued our ride with awkward silence.

"You're not gay are you?" Amy said chuckling lightly.

"No..." I said a little tepidly. Amy looked at me weirdly, something like a smile with a little bit of disbelief and shock.

"You are gay, aren't you?" Amy said still staring at me with that weird expression. Immediately I started crying, "Yes..." I said with a little bit of hatred in my voice. I was angry, scared, shy, happy, and a whole slew of emotions all mixed into one. For so long I've wanted to tell someone but I've been extremely scared too because I didn't want to be outcasted by my friends and family. But now this was different, Amy seemed to have a bit of caring demeanor towards it.

"Fi, why didn't you tell me? This is big, we have to tell everyone, Oh my..." at the mention of telling everyone I immediately began to freak out and I screamed no at the top of my voice. I pulled out my laptop, turned it on and plugged in my earphones. I just needed to think, no distractions.

Generally to distract myself I would have been playing music really loud and programming but this was different, I looked at my battery level it was at 60 percent. I figured that would be enough to last me the rest of the trip if I was careful, and I began working on my latest project while listening to some music. I could hear Amy trying to get my attention but at this moment I didn't want to speak to her. I just told her that I needed to be alone for a bit and to stop bothering me. A few minutes later the truck pulled over and Amy was shaking me trying to get me to answer her. I pulled out my headphones and told her we can talk later that I just needed to think about stuff for now.

For what seemed like hours, but was actually only about an hour and a half, we finally arrived at our apartment. I closed my laptop and rolled up my headphones and got out of the truck. I quickly looked around to see the scenery, it was just an average city, finally Amy said that she would go in and get the door open and that I should start bringing up our bags. I started pulling bags from the back of the truck and carrying them up the stairs to our apartment, when I finally had made it into the apartment it was quite nice, it had: 2 rooms, 1 washroom, a den and kitchen combined, and a closet next to the door.

"Pretty good for a couple of kids fresh out of school dontchya think?" Amy had said excitedly.

"Yeah it's nice" I responded still slightly upset by the issue in the truck.

"Fi, we need to talk..." Amy said sounding a bit upset. To be honest she really did have every right to be upset with me, I did kind of freak out a bit too much.

"Later please?" I responded slightly upset but a little eager.

"Fine" Amy said sounding a bit upset about having to wait, honestly I don't understand why s

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