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Healers get Screwed, and Tanks get Fucked

She was so glad they were alone because she let out a screech when her mind and body exploded in a fit of pleasure like none she had never known. She closed her eyes hard and concentrated intensely, wanting it to last forever. That might have bought her a few extra seconds, but it was also superseded by the feeling of warmth on her abdomen.

Opening her eyes, Tina saw that Harold had pulled out of her and was spraying her belly with scalding semen-lots and lots of burning love. She wished she had been paying attention. She would have told him to come inside her since she was protected. She had wanted that experience also. Maybe there would be a next time.

She also noticed the extreme engrossment on his face and realized it was no less intense for him. As a few dribbles still spurted from his cock, Tina reached up and cupped his balls, tenderly caressing them in her palm. The gestured provided a couple more squirts before he fell back onto the opposite arm of the sofa, his dick still in his hand.

Harold grinned when he saw his stepsister scoop a glob of his pearly white cream with her forefinger and touch it to her lips. Tasting it with a swipe of her tongue, her eyebrows shot up and her mouth formed a smile. She enjoyed a couple more fingers full.

Afterward, once their breathing and what they thought was normalcy had returned, realizing the implication of what they had done, Harold was bristling with apologies.

"I'm so sorry. I let that get out of hand. My . . . my . . . I shouldn't have lost control. I-"

"I don't remember complaining," Tina said softly. "Or telling you to stop. In fact, I told you not to."

"I know, but we shouldn't have done that. We're brother and sister."

"I know we think of ourselves that way, but this might be one of those instances where what we really are factors in."

"Still . . ."

"You didn't enjoy it?" Tina asked, feigning disappointment.

"Of course, I did."

"Then don't ruin it. That was my first time and I want to remember it positively, not as something I did that was wrong."

"Your first time?" he repeated, absolutely floored. "Why didn't you tell me? I would have been gentler."

"Again, you didn't hear me complain. You were fine. And there really wasn't an opportune moment to mention it."


"Please, just let it go for now," Tina pleaded. "Let's just see how it goes for a few days."

"Okay," Harold conceded. "But the folks can't know."

"Duh! You think I'd really tell them?"

But on Monday afternoon, Tina paced nervously, waiting for her stepbrother to come home from practice to find out how he did on the test; just as Harold eagerly rushed home, skipping practice, to tell her.

She was hardly surprised when he arrived much earlier than she expected, but definitely thrilled, and even more so when he announced that he had aced the test. Of course, their natural response to the victory was to hug, but that quickly escalated into a steamy kiss, and the heat from that graduated it to extreme passion.

Pulling back and breathing heavily, Tina huffed, "Your room or mine?"

There was definite lust in his eyes that instantly morphed into distress from her question. Taken aback, he merely shook his head and went to his room.

Tina was actually stunned. Saturday evening and all day Sunday Harold had become the ideal stepbrother, polite, attentive, still not real talkative, but then he never was. She thought surely a change was in the air. But now, he had returned to his usual aloofness. Perhaps it had been too much to hope for that after their "study" session on Saturday he would show her more such affection, even though he had attempted to apologize again yesterday. Obviously, he still thought what they had done was wrong; even more obviously, he was not quite ready to do it again.

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