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I couldn't see much because of the steam, but his dick looked pretty big. After 5 or 10 minutes I got out and went down to the jacuzzi.

There were about 5 people in the jacuzzi. I sat at one jet close to the stairs. A few minutes later I saw him come down. All of the other jets were taken so he sat at the jet opposite me, so we were facing each other. From here I could see he had black hair, balding at the top. He kinda looked like Kevin Spacey. There was less that 5 feet between us, and I was curious about this good looking man's dick and balls so I tried sinking down in the water and, while keeping my head above water, trying to touch his feet or legs. No luck. I did glance at him a few times, and he glanced back at me on occassion. I was getting the idea that he might be interested in a little handjob action. Plus I was horny so at this point, I would have tried touching him anyway.

After a few minutes, the guy next to him got out, and I moved to that spot. I felt around the area between us with my feet, trying to find his. I had to stretch my leg out all the way to just touch his thigh. Then I bent my knee back to my natural sitting position. I eventually felt his leg come across mine, indicating he was curious about me too. I lifted my foot along his calf a little bit, then he lifted his leg and put it on top of mine. His foot went up the front of my calves and onto my thigh. I took his foot in my hand and directed it toward my crotch. He moved it up and down, stroking my dick with his foot. After a few strokes my hand followed his leg to his crotch. I put my hand around his dick and started stroking to get a feel for it. It was soft at the time, maybe a couple inches long. I wanted to see how big it would get hard so I started stroking a little faster. He moved my hand away so I started touching his balls. They were pretty big. When I cupped them, they pretty much fit in my whole hand. They were probably about the size of golf balls. After a little while, I stopped, and he started stroking my dick. He stopped on his own and got up from his seat. He went to the middle of the jacuzzi and started streching his legs. After a couple minutes he got out and sat down in one of the nearby chairs. He stood almost 6' and had black hair on his chest, arms, legs, and some on his back. A little bit of his chest hair was going white. His pubic hair was pretty thick, and I got to see how big his balls really were. They stuck out from his body enough for his dick to rest at a 45 degree angle when resting on them. His sac was probably about the size of an orange. I wasn't done in the jacuzzi yet so I did a couple minutes of stretching of my own.

Then I got out and got my towel. I got a quick drink, and he was headed up to the steam room. I followed him, not making it look like I was following him. He grabbed a fresh towel, and I went in first. There were about 3 or 4 people inside. I found an open spot and sat down. He came in and sat in the corner next to me. It was too crowded for me so I got up and got out to take a shower. When I got all of the sweat off of my body, I saw him come out of the steam room and turn on the shower across from me. Before he went in, he stood in front of my shower and started stroking my dick. It got half hard, but he stopped because someone was probably coming to take a shower too or going into the steam room. He went into his own shower stall and started rinsing himself off.

I started talking to him about how often we come to the gym, what days, what kind of exercises we do, stuff like that.

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