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She torments with what he covets.

Part of me has been in dreams lately and part of me in reality.

Maybe that stroke I had a couple of years back did more to me than I thought?

The idea of a massage, seeing Jack and Terry wasn't even in the back of my mind, I was running ideas for product through my old head. We spent that whole first day dealing with the business stuff.

Then the next morning there was my dream again, except the dream went way further than just the hands like happened in Vegas.

In my dream, the woman on top of me was naked, rubbing her vagina up and down the under side of my erection, her breasts bare and hovering above me as she did so. On the table next to me was Debra, the man working on her was naked also, sliding his body up and down hers.

It looked like the faceless man was poised, ready to enter her and I opened my mouth to stop that, found myself unable to speak or move.

Helpless. The faceless woman lifted up, poised, that was when I woke up.

Frozen, trapped in that moment between sleep and awake. I have felt that just a few times in the past. It is a bit terrifying, the harder one struggles to move the worse it gets. The way out of it is to deliberately relax, breathe, then move one finger.

That one finger, motion, and sensation flooded. Just as the man in my dream thrust, my hand touched the soft body of my wife next to me and I came alert.

I was home, a familiar room, our familiar bed. In our familar house. I looked around, completely aware of the dream.

I would swear in court on a stack of bibles that we were in Reno? But as it turned out, we were going to Reno and had not even left yet.

"What, Honey?" Debra asked me, her eyes still filled with the remnants of sleep.

That damn dream was in my head all damned day long and would not leave me.


Max, my sales rep was quite pleased to see us, he rolled up in a newer vehicle. It didn't take long to find what I wanted, and I even bought some cases of things I was not completely sure of what it was but I knew I could figure it out.

Debs and I went half and half this time, with us it has always been what is hers is hers and what is mine is mine. She was very happy to "invest" since in the last six months I had made more money than she did.

Max even gave us a 30, 60, and 90 deal this time, which means time to pay.

I wasn't too sure of that since I don't like owing money much but Debs told me she would back me up if things went South.

It was a chunk of change to invest, what with me being on the conservative side I did give it thought.

Before that, all I had to spend was my $934 per month in Social Security, up a bit since we got that fat $30 per month raise.

Our lives had changed quite a bit, too, when Debs got home from her job at the clinic, she piled right in and helped me pack the orders into those flat rate priority boxes.

I kept pretty busy typing as fast as I could go using two fingers.

Even a 20% markup on the auction sites would be good, I had some stuff I had been pulling 3 to 4 times that, of course some was way less, like just $10-15 a pop. All of the fees, postage, costs added up to a lot but there was still a lot left over.

I had managed to turn that original 100 grand plus into a shade over 150 grand and still had some of the product left.

And that happened in just six short months!


I do remember the funny looks I got when we went through the scanners in Portland, they would not even let me leave my cash in my pocket, intead had me hold it in my hands with my arms in the air?

Five grand in cash is quite a wad, I had plans on having some fun in Reno.
I had never had that much in my pocket before, not in cash.

That did make me a bit nervous, I halfway expected to end up getting rolled but nothing happened.

Back at the hotel, a neat place called the El Dorado, we went to eat at the little 24 hour cafe they have there.

Debs ordered a Cobb salad, whatever that is, and I ordered the barbequed chicken wings.

"Hawaiian style.

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