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Three lovers meet in the City of Light.

And boy did hecum! The half of the dorm that didn't hear me, heard him.

It was almost ten and we both could use the rest. I kissed him and said "let's go to bed."

"We're already in bed," he cracked. I smacked him on the arm. "Sleep, dumbass," and we grinned at each other.

"The bed's so small, how can we?"

"We're gonna spoon. You'll curl up behind me, put your cock between my legs and your hand anywhere you want to. It's a great way to sleep." And we did.

Around seven he jerked awake.

"I've got an eight o'clock class, I completely forgot!"

"Wanna cut it?" I reached out for his cock.

"I can't! There's a test on Friday and this is the only review session! Business Fundamentalsis something I have to learn! It's tough!" He was agitated and was jumping around, pulling on his pants.

I lifted my leg and flashed my pussy at him. "Oh Paulie, Paulie," I crooned, "loooook Paulie, poooossy wants you, come to pooooossy."

He froze, gaping, then started buckling his belt. "Oh god, I can't! I can't! Please!"

I laughed and he drilled me with his eyes. "It's not funny! You are the sexiest thing I've ever known. I just can't miss this class," and he finished buckling up.

"Come back tonight."

That stopped him cold. "You mean it, you're not teasing me again?"

"No, I'm not teasing you. I want to do this again. Why can't you stay for a half hour? You can still get to class."

"No! I can't! I have to take a shower!" He was getting agitated again. "I was supposed to study my notes yesterday! This is the only chance I've got! I can't get a bad grade! I have to! I have to!"

"I meant it when I said come back tonight," I soothed him. "My class is over at four. Meet me at five. We'll eat dinner in the union. When's your first class tomorrow?"

"Ten." He was calming down.

"Good. It's settled. But I want you to do something for me."


"I want you to buy a box of condoms. Four or six, not a truckload, but enough to last us."

"Why? We know all about each other. I don't understand."

"Please, just do it, for me, okay? I'll tell you tonight."

When I got back to the dorm, he was sitting in the lounge, with his nose in a book and a little brown bag beside him.

"How'd your review class go?" I asked after we got upstairs.

"Shitty, and it's all your fault." His grin took the sting out of the words.


"Yeah. I don't remember how I got to class, I was in such a daze. I couldn't concentrate, just played what we did over and over in my head. Everything else was a jumble. The professor called on me twice and I fluffed the answer both times. He asked me to stay after class.

" 'Paul, are you getting the material?'

" 'Yes sir, I am, I've taken good notes, I got a B+ on the last exam.'

" 'Well, you wouldn't know it from your answers today. Is there anything wrong?'

"What I wanted to say was, 'Nothing! Absolutely gloriously fucking nothing! I spent all day yesterday in bed with the most beautiful woman in the world! It was my first time! Fucking and cumming, and sucking and licking her everywhere, and in eight hours I'm going to be doing it again!' Instead, I mumbled something about feeling overwhelmed.

"He lifted his glasses and squinted at me. 'Balance your love life and your classwork, son. You can do both, but remember why you're here.' "

I kissed him. "Thank you. I'm glad I made an impression."

He blushed. "After my second class I went to the student store to buy the condoms. There were so many choices. The sizes start at gargantuan! Lubricated, ribbed, lambskin, latex, nipple end, reservoir end, every color under the rainbow, it was impossible.

"I picked what seemed reasonable, plain, and got almost to the register when I realized that the clerk was a girl who sits next to me in my English class. I froze! I couldn't do it! So I went back, hung the box up on the rack, and got out of there."

"So what's in the bag?"

"Oh, condoms," he smiled.

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