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Privacy is hard to come by in the Eskimo culture.

She made gentle sounds as she offered me comfort. I wrapped my arms around her and pressed my forehead against hers as she continued to stroke my check. I gazed into her hazel eyes and let her soft sounds soothe me. A deep shuddering breath brought her scent into my nostrils, the subtle scent of cherries displacing the remembered acrid smoke.

The arms of the girl behind me squeezed tight, and with that squeeze I realized it was Magda. I turned to pull her around in front of me, joining Tiffany in my lap. I hugged them both and turning to Magda began saying, "I'm so sorry," over and over.

Magda tried to tell me that I had nothing to be sorry for, even as Tiffany continued trying to calm me with soft touches and gentle sounds. I tried to tell Magda how I had wronged her, that I had killed her father, but she wouldn't listen to me, saying I owed her no apology, that she should be thanking me.

Eventually, the panic and distress caused by the nightmare subsided thanks to the love poring into me from my girls. Not just the two in my lap, but also from the few who were peeking in through the doorway, and from the ones who still slept on elsewhere in the house. I had wronged each of them, but they all loved me in spite of it.

* * *

The lurkers disappeared and Magda and Tiffany loosened their grips on me. I looked into Magda's gray eyes and said one last time, "I am sorry for what happened to your father."

Magda looked back at me and said, "I have forgiven you for the small part you played in my family's tragedy. You can't keep taking all the blame. You gave my sister and me another year with my mother, and my mother another year with us and without pain. Since I met you I have seen the world, gotten an education, and have a family anyone would be jealous of." She illustrated the last point by giving Tiffany a hug and a none too sisterly kiss.

Tiffany responded with vigor. I could feel their love for each other, much as I could feel their love for me. I could also feel them growing aroused. With reluctance Tiffany broke the kissing and shook her head gently. She pointed at her wrist and I saw Magda face light up.

"I nearly forgot!" Magda said as she jumped out of bed. She was halfway to the door before she turned around and gave Tiffany a quick kiss. "Thanks for reminding me." She turned away again, but returned for another deeper kiss. She left the room with a quick wave and hurried toward her room.

I looked at the remaining girl on my lap and asked, "What was that about?"

* * *

Tiffany shook her finger in front of my face and pushed me back onto the bed. Without further ado, she reached between her legs and grabbed my cock. It quickly hardened in her hands. When she was satisfied she lifted up enough to line my erection up with her sex. Then, with one hand on my chest and the other guiding me into her, she sat all the way down on me in one slow motion.

After I was safely ensconced inside of her she straightened her left leg and gently lifted it over my body. When it swung past my face I grasped it for a moment and gave her leg a kiss. She smiled at me as she finished the maneuver. Her left leg lay across my chest with her foot against my side, her right leg lay next to my body.

Tiffany thought up the position while we were watching a pornographic movie one evening. I had told her the sexual position we were watching, and imitating, was sometimes called a reverse cowgirl. Apparently this offended her blue blood sensibilities and let me know that real ladies ride side-saddle.

The position is incredibly awkward, but incredibly stirring as well. I looked up at Tiffany as she sat proud, upright and impaled. Her pale breasts are high on her chest and they rose proudly from her body. The neat braid of light brown hair that hung over her shoulder and across one breast added to the image of an uptight aristocratic woman. Even though she was fully nude, her poise and grace made her appear ready to ride out on a fox hunt.

But we both could feel the dirty secret of this fair lady.

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