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A First Aid course proves more interesting than expected.

She growled out for the batteries were an AAA size, too small for her eight inch vibrator. She threw the batteries back into the toy and screwed the lid shut.

"My love I will always wait for you. You give me pleasure beyond belief. I could never match it." The words came back to haunt her. She had made the promise. Maybe she should keep it. Her body told her something else. It throbbed deep within her, causing her to keep moving forward with her plan. It's his fault anyway. If he hadn't made me promise and then given me that strong dose of pleasure I wouldn't be here throbbing now with the need to be released. She thought.

Picking up the blue elephant she took the pared knife to the tiny screw and she began to turn it to the left. It was hard to get it to turn at first but she was determined. Her pussy was throbbing but it was starting to subside a bit. She wanted, no needed to cum tonight. She was to hot and bothered not to do anything.

She remembered how when you pushed it across the floor music would play. She felt a bit guilty for taking the batteries from one of the kids' favorite toys but she promised first thing in the morning she would go to the store and get some new batteries. The thought of breaking her promise didn't enter her mind again then.

The screw finally came undone. She took the screw out and pulled the lid away and smiled widely. For there before her eyes were the two AA batteries she needed. Taking them out and placing them on the bed, she dropped the elephant on the floor. She didn't think twice about the batteries again and she didn't feel guilty anymore. Her eyes moved to her Big Blue Prince. That is what she liked to call it. Reaching her hand out she clasped her toy. Her small hand trembled a bit as she raised it up before her eyes. A catlike grin slowly made its way across her red lips. Her pink tongue lay up against the roof of her mouth as she untwisted the cap where the batteries went. Turning it upside down she shook the old nonworking power source out of it. Picking up the two on the bed she placed them in quickly. Her heart began to pound quickly in her chest. Slamming up against her breasts that she could feel it beat in her blood. Her breath quickened as she slowly turned the knob to low. She bit her lip lustfully. Now it's going to work.

"Will you really wait sweet wife? Do you really only crave my touch and not that of your Big Blue Prince. Will you leave it be until I come home to use it on you?" Her lovers' words came into her mind, echoing thru out her head and ears.

Her left hand began to slide back down over her belly then it stopped and she growled out loudly. Frustrated she punched the bed beside her. It didn't turn on. These batteries were dead as well. She couldn't believe it. She could have sworn they worked. I guess it wasn't meant to be. I suppose I should wait for my love to come home. After all I did promise I would.

She opened the toy's cap again and looked at the batteries. Her eyes widen a bit as she realized she had put them in backwards. Her body was humming and throbbing with need to be released. She quickly dumped them out on the bed. Then her nimbly fingers became clumsy as she picked them and placed them into her toy once again. Returning the cap and turning it on high for she didn't care, she wanted them to work. She needed them to work.

"Yes my love I do promise you this. I shall await for your return to get any pleasure. My Big Blue Prince shall stay cooped up in my drawer and left untouched until your return home." The words shot thru her head. She growled out loudly and shook her head to clear it of the promise.

The loud buzzing filled the room.

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