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High School friends pick up where they left off.

The games had begun!

Eunice started with me back against the bed's headboard and pillows as she lay down between my legs, giving me a nice sloppy blowjob. I filled my hands with her short salt and pepper grey hair as her head bobbed up and down on my boner. From time to time she would give my cock little gentle rakes with her teeth... a little added special touch that both sent me straight to Heaven, (and at the same time told me this was anything her first rodeo). She was "skilled."

Every now and then Eunice would look into the mirror she'd placed on a night stand next to us. She'd propped it up apparently so she might watch her husband. I peered over her naughty bobbing noggin to see just what she was gawking at.

From my vantage point I could see Bob lying back against his own set of pillows receiving a wonderfully loud messy blowjob from Brooklyn, (into whose hair he'd snarled his fingers) He was vigorously forcing her head up and down on his member one handed and his nose and lips were a domineering snarl. He'd clearly picked up on the fact that Brooklyn liked being man handled by older fellahs.

Down below, Brittni was sprawled between his legs, sucking his balls, taking first one in her mouth and then the other as her naughty pixie fingers tweaked and tugged the old guys's nipples. Britt's legs were parted wide, taking Brooklyn's mommy-fist in a rough five-fingered knuckle-fuck of the young pixies's Tinker-Bell twat, (and all for Bob's entertainment)!

Now and again Bob would look across the room directly at Eunice and me before he's turn his gaze to stare directly into the mirror. It was then it clicked for me... they weren't merely watching one another cheat... they were periodically making eye contact (as was evident with Eunice's sly winks into the mirror and his winks shot back to her). It was pervy marital energy flow at its best going on here and it was obvious it was part of their particular "thing."

Another thing that struck me almost in the same instance was the realization that the pace of the two blowjobs MATCHED... stroke for stroke even! Eunice was observing the rhythm at which Bob was being sucked off and she'd immediately adjust her cocksucking to match that of Brooklyn's, all for the voyeuristic enjoyment of her hubby. In this way, Bob would experience the nice sloppy head his wife provided whatever strange man happened to be across the room, (who this time just happened to be myself).

I wondered just how many times these two people (who'd been married for forty years and had raised two sons and two daughters on a farm near French Lick Indiana), had played this out scene, (and in how many locations). It was quite a few I imagine. Another clue came upon seeing Eunice wink at her husband in the mirror and Bob across the room returned her wink with a strange nod of his head... the connection between the two of them being maintained like a radio datalink between paired communications satellites far out in space. The frequency of the slurpy sucks were their "beepity... beep...beep... beep radio code," in that sense.

All the while Eunice had been sucking me, she'd had her hand down between her parted legs, flipping her bean silly, (ostensibly for the viewing pleasure of everyone across the room). Now she'd given herself as much stimulation as she could self-inflict and she turned up her face from my cock to suggest we sixty-nine. I told her I was up for it and without another word, she spun herself around, throwing a leg over my face.

With my head propped up high against the pillows, I realized I immediately had both immediate access to her crotch plus a continued view of the three B's (Bob, Brooklyn, and Brittni), through the cleft in Eunice's behind as I parted the cheeks of her ass with both hands.

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