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A Mistress starts to use her new eager willing slave girl.

That just made her look even cuter, and it just egged the guys on.

"I bet your boobs look so great," some guy said, and another guy added. "They look so hot!" "What do they look like?" some other guy said.

Lauren isn't sure what made her say what she said next, but she was drunk and wanted the flattery to go on. "Ask Carl," she said, pointing to him. "He's seen them."

This definitely got a reaction. "No way!" "What?!" "When?!" All the guys turned to Carl, waiting for him to explain himself.

Carl grinned and nodded at Lauren. "I did! Guys, they're incredible. Big and really firm."

"You have to show us!" Hunter shouted. "Yeah, it's no fair!" someone else said. "Show us, Lauren, come on!"

"No way!" Lauren said. "I'm not showing my boobs to a roomful of guys! What will my husband say? What will your girlfriends say?"

"We won't tell them!" Hunter said. "We swear we'll keep it totally quiet forever," another guy said.

Lauren kept refusing, but it was clear that she really enjoyed the attention, and the guys were sure they could get her to agree if they kept begging. Finally, Carl suddenly spoke up.

"Hey, tell you what," he said. "Let's play a game. Lauren has to keep her hands at her side for 20 seconds. If I can slip her toga down without touching it in those twenty seconds, then we get to see whatever it shows until the 20 seconds are up. How about that?"

The guys all immediately agreed. Lauren wasn't sure what Carl meant, but assumed that he wouldn't actually do anything that would expose her to other guys, and even if he was trying to he wouldn't be able to get the toga off in 20 seconds without touching it.

"Okay, fine!" she said, brightly. "But you're going to be disappointed, this is on pretty tight!" As the guys cheered, she stood in front of all the guys and put her arms down at her side. "You have 20 seconds, starting...now!"

Lauren began counting down as Carl walked up behind her. She didn't know, but Carl had apparently been looking at her toga for most of the night and figured out that most of the toga was tied together with several safety pins.

Lauren suddenly realized this when Carl swiftly popped open a pin. Immediately a bunching of the toga slipped down to her waist. She gave a quick shriek and then caught her nerves and kept counting. "15...14..."

Carl popped another one open and a second bunching fell. Now it was obvious that only two layers of sheets remained between Lauren and her naked chest. Her nipples immediately got hard, which made all the guys gasp. "Keep going!" "You got it, Carl!"

Lauren kept counting. "10...9..." Carl popped another pin and the third sheeting fell. Lauren actually starting feeling dizzy. There was only one thin layer of sheet left. The slope and shape of her tits, and even the pink of her nipples, was already visible. Was Carl really going to strip her topless in front of all these guys? She wasn't sure, and she wasn't even sure she didn't want him to.

"5...4..." Lauren got her answer as Carl waited until she said "3" and popped the final pin. The final sheeting fell. Lauren's pale, milky breasts popped into view, standing high on her chest, her pink nipples hard and taut. The room burst into cheers. Lauren's face flushed red with embarrassment, and she even stopped counting. Then suddenly she realized the countdown was over and grabbed the sheeting and pulled it back up, making her tits bounce wildly in front of all the guys.

"What did I tell you guys?" Carl grinned.

"Holy shit, Lauren, your tits are incredible!" Hunter said.

"Better than my girlfriend's!" someone else said. That got a round of agreement. "Much better than my girlfriend, too!" "I wish my wife had tits like that!" "They're so gorgeous!"

Lauren told me later that she didn't know if she was embarrassed at first, but all the compliments made her feel better and even proud of her body.

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