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Tommy impersonates Black Mask and spoils The Spoiler.

She walked heavy footed to the door, head hanging and eyes closed in depressing sadness as she held out her arm to push open the door. She shoved it open when her hand found wood, and walked inside, only to bonk her head into what felt like a person. She immediately stood straight up, and so did her ears, in shock and alarm.

She had walked right into Jim, who was wearing his workout clothes and looked like he was about to go start his workout. He was just as shocked as she was judging by the look on his face.

"Jim?!" Liz replied in shock and confusion. "When did you get inside?"

"Not that long ago. Didn't see you at the counter so I went to change. Figured I'd see you after I did."

Liz couldn't believe her luck. Jim had come in while she was using the toilet, and she had just locked the both of them inside while she was supposed to clean. This was exactly what she had been hoping for, but not exactly how she had planned for it.

"Oh, well, I just locked up so that I could clean. It's been busy and no one's had time to do it thoroughly, and I didn't think anyone was in here with me."

"Oh...so...do I need to leave?" he asked sheepishly.

"No!" Liz yelled in a panic. She didn't want him to leave, not when she had him right where she wanted. "No, no you don't have to leave. Actually I could use an extra set of hands. Makes it go by faster."

"True enough" he said. "What all needs cleaned?"

"I was about to start in here. I need to wipe down everything and then mop. After that, we can wipe off the machines, then we tackle the other locker room."

"Ok. I'll go wipe down the sinks and stalls then I guess."

"And I'll go get the mop and stuff. Thanks Jim, this really helps me out."

Liz bounded off out the door to get the mop and bucket, her heart beating fast and her pussy starting to get moist from the excitement. She was locked inside with her new fucktoy, and he was going to help her clean, which meant she had plenty of extra time to play with him. And to make things better, she had set up their cleaning plan to end in the ladies locker room, where they would have all the privacy they needed for sexy time.

After she filled the bucket and started to wheel it out to the locker room, she knew just what to do to get him ready to go. They were cleaning, and that was all the foreplay she would need to get him raring to go.

She got the mop and bucket inside, then grabbed a rag and some cleaner to go help Jim. He was already on the second stall, and the sinks and mirrors had already been wiped down. She leaned over, her shirt hanging down and giving clear line of sight down her breasts to her bellybutton, before speaking to him.

"You clean quick. At this rate we'll be done in no time."

Jim turned and smiled at her, and she watched as his eyes flicked down to her open collar, and he blushed as he snapped his head back to the toilet he was cleaning. Liz smiled slyly, then made her way over to the benches. She bent over at the waist, keeping her ass in the air as she wiped them all down. She knew that he would look her way and see the show she had on display for him. She wanted him to.

By the time she finished the last bench he was on the last stall, so she grabbed the mop and bucket and started to clean the floor.

"So how was your week, Jim?" she asked to help break the silence. "I'll bet it was long, and so hard, wasn't it?"

"Y-yeah, it was a little rough." If he was starting to get really nervous as she laid on this tiny bit of innuendo, then Liz was going to have a lot of fun with him.

"Poor guy. Mine wasn't exciting at all. I've just been sitting at the counter, watching all those muscley men work out, and just imagining all the things they wish they could do to a cute little thing like me."

"Like...like what?"

"Like leading me into a secluded corner and ripping my clothes off as they had their way with me, or sneaking into the ladies room and watching me shower before joining me and taking me for themselves."

Silence was Jim's only response, but she was sure that he was gettin

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