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Flash Fiction--Woman fulfills glory hole fantasy.

It felt strange in his young hands, he was unfamiliar with the ways of a sword having spent his life as a simple fisherman and yet something in his blood tingled. Captain Morgan noticed it too, almost as if he felt it within his own blood, there was something special about this fair haired boy before him, but in the end he was still a mere boy barely worth his attention. "So ya have some spirit in there still, well I commend ya fer that, but it takes more than spirit sometimes to win. Aliha is the key to me ruling all of the seas, nothing more... and I will use her to gain immortality for me and my crew. Then when we are done using her in every way we desire we will throw her away like so much worthless trash..."

"Like hell you will!" Marc's outburst was followed with a savage swing of the cutlass in his grasp, and even Greiger was stunned that after all the punishment he had dealt to the brat his body could move with such speed. Captain Morgan was not so stunned and with a graceful bow ducked the horizontal slash and then thrust his still sheathed sword towards Marc knocking him off balance with a playful grin across his feminine face. With a loud roar of anger and his blood now boiling with anger, Marc recovers himself and attacks once again with a flurry of slashes and thrusts his eyes filled with rage.

Captain Morgan grins once again as his body easily avoids most the attacks, never even taking a step back simply dodging them left and right then allowing his sheathed sword to counter a few sending Marc flying back. Suddenly there was a powerful gleaming almost like a ray of sunlight suddenly appearing from the clouds from above and Marc felt a powerful impact on the cutlass he was holding, nearly making him drop it. The pirate crew surrounding them gasped and murmurs began to run through it as Marc looked to see that Morgan had drawn his sword, a wicked looking long bladed rapier its deadly tip pointed at him. "You are not bad boy, but your anger will never make up for what you lack in skill... Allow me to show you!"

The hair just above Marc's left ear was cleaved by a silver streak his eyes never registered until it had cut through the hair and Marc flinched brining his sword up only to have it parried back down by yet another silvery streak of light. Captain Morgan moved like lightning with his sword, his dark clothing and long brimmed hat giving him the image of some dashing grim reaper as his sword sought to end Marc's life and steal his very soul with the brilliance of its movements. The crew cheered and hollered at their Captain as his every move left Marc defenseless; easily countering each attempt he made at trying to attack the dashingly deadly Captain Morgan. Finally Marc's strength ran out on him and he stumbled after blocking the next swift powerful blow and tumbling to the deck opened his eyes to find the point of Captain Morgan's silvery blade pressed to his throat. "This is so pathetic. You are not even worth allowing your blood to spill upon my blade, but you have crossed swords with me and no one who does lives. What say ya mates, shall we have him say his goodbyes to this world in the embrace of his lover!?"

The entire crew of crusty deviant pirates howled and cheered loudly and Marc felt something deep within his guts begin to twist as they did so while Captain Morgan looked upon him with those cold blue eyes.

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