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Emmy's friends help her cum to a realization.

I washed her trimmed pubic hair and rubbed the soap down her legs to her feet. I squatted down behind her and washed her round butt. She shivered when my finger brushed her asshole, and she moaned again softly as I scrubbed the back of her legs.

I sat on the black marble shower floor, and lifted her feet up one at a time to scrub them while Jessica leaned against the shower wall. She giggled once as I rubbed her soapy feet. The water ran down my body to my flaccid penis on the shower floor. From where I was sitting, I could see right up to her pink pussy lips, and above that, her small nipples pointing at the ceiling. That vision alone should have made me hard as a rock, but her command kept me limp.

When I finished washing her body, she had me stand up in front of her. She took my limp cock in her hand, and then looked me in the eye and said, "Did you know I give great blowjobs?"

"I did not know that." I said. Although I had occasionally thought about what her lips would feel like, but of course she had never sucked on my dick so how would I know?

She stroked my cock as she said, "If you are truly under my control, you could remain soft no matter what I do, right?"

"Right." I said.

"Well, then, this should prove whether you are truly my slave or not." She bent at the waist and sucked my entire cock into her mouth. I could feel her lips around the base of my soft penis, and her tongue licking my shaft vigorously, but my dick would not get hard. She caressed my balls while she sucked me, and even tickled my asshole with one fingernail, but she could not get a rise out of me. When she finally gave up, she sounded almost angry.

"Slave" She said. "I want your cock hard right now. Prove to me that you are my slave."

In maybe 5 heartbeats, my dick sprang out to its thick 8-inches and pointed up to the ceiling. I stood in front of her, waiting on her next command. She turned around, braced her hands against the shower wall and spread her legs apart. I could see her pussy lips clearly with water running down her back. She said, "Rod, I want you to fuck me right now."

I couldn't move. She insisted. "Fuck me. Fuck me right here in your shower. Stick your dick inside me and fuck me!"

I still couldn't move.

She tried to back up onto my cock, and as soon as I felt it touch her hot cunt, I went soft again. She stepped out of the shower then, and wrapped herself in a towel. I heard her open the door, and then I heard Bridget laughing in the bedroom. "I told you!" she said.

The two of them talked in the next room while I stood in the steamy shower with my cock soft and water running down my naked body. After a few minutes, they both came into the bathroom. Bridget started to undress. Jess stepped back into the shower, stood back against the far wall, and said "Rod, jack off for us."

Bridget said, "Don't you cum, though, unless I tell you to."

So I took my cock in my right hand, and stroked it from tip to base, while cupping my balls with my left hand. It sprang right back to life. Bridget stepped into the shower and hugged Jess in a tight embrace. The two of them stared at my dick as I stroked it for them. "Its nice isn't it?" said Bridget.

"Yes, it is a very nice cock," said Jessica, without taking her eyes off me.

Jessica cupped her friend's breast and licked her nipple playfully. Jess said, "Have you ever been with a woman before, Bridget?"

My wife answered a little shyly, "No."

Jess said, a little shocked, "Really?"

For a moment, they just looked at each other, the hot water splashing onto the floor.

Then Jess said, "I am going to love being your first, then. I love you like a sister, but sometimes I look at you and my pussy just throbs." After a thoughtful pause, she smiled and said, "Plus we have my slave and his big cock over there for whatever we want. It's going to be a good day." And she kissed my wife full on the mouth.

As I stood there rhythmically stroking my cock for them, they began to explore each other's bodies.

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