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Boss makes demands on his favorite employee.

She was very graceful and I could feel my pecker coming back to life again.

I then noticed that the floor hadn____t been cleaned in a while so I stood up and pushed everything off my desk.

I turned around again to see her standing nude in front of me. I felt my prick rise a little more. She came to me and put her arms around my neck and kissed me passionately. I tasted something strange and realized that it was my own sperm. Our tongues explored each other____s mouths for a few minutes and I could feel and hear her breathing and heartbeat quicken against my body.

We stopped kissing and she unbuttoned my shirt and helped me take it off. It fell quickly to the floor.

All I could do for another few moments was to stare at her gorgeous body. It was supple and lean, without being too muscular like bodybuilders. Her breasts rode high on her chest and moved as if they had a mind of their own. Her skin looked like it was made of satin. Her pussy was shaved, except for a light wisp of hair just above it.

She noticed the awed expression on my face and laughed girlishly.

____I____m glad you like what you see.____

____Like?____ was all I could manage.

Lisa got up onto the now-empty desk and lay on her back. She grabbed her knees in the crook of her elbows and pulled her legs back so that her ankles were behind her ears. I stared on in complete awe.

____I used to be a gymnast when I was in school.____ she explained.

I steeped forward and gently placed my hands on each breast and caressed them very softly. She moaned softly. I bent forward, careful not to touch her pussy just yet, and kissed each nipple in turn.

____You____re driving me nuts!____ she whispered hoarsely.

My tongue lightly licked around the nipple of Lisa____s right breast and my left hand find the warm soft skin of the inside of her right thigh and began sliding towards her knee.

My tongue found her left nipple and licked around it while my other hand found the small bush above her pussy and started lightly exploring.

____Oh, God!____ Her breathing speeded up even more.

I felt her body tense slightly as I kissed and licked down between her gorgeous breasts and brought my hands up to rest on them.

Her abdomen spasmed as I kissed around her naval. It felt as if she was approaching climax, if not already there. Her breathing grew even quicker and started coming in gasps.

____God, yes!____ was all she could say.

As I got closer to her pussy, I could feel the warmth and smell the musky odor coming from it.

The instant my tongue found her labia, her body convulsed sharply.

____Oh, God, I____m cumming already!____ she yelled. I was sure glad no one else was in the building.

My gentle licking was rewarded with a gush of liquid. I lapped it up as greedily as a thirsty man in a desert would.

My tongue then found her clit and I began to slowly and gingerly suck on it as if I was sucking on a piece of sugar. It tasted almost as sweet to me. I could feel it grow and become stiff inside my mouth. I heard her moaning again.

Very slowly, my left hand traced a line up from her pussy to her right nipple and I began to tweak it between my thumb and forefinger. It got very hard again almost immediately.

____Oh, do that some more and harder.____ she pleaded.

I did as asked and noticed that her pussy was getting very wet again so I kept licking around the clit.

____This is heaven!____

My right forefinger slowly slid inside her and it felt like a pot of hot honey. I pulled my finger out and licked it.

____More, please!____ she groaned.

I put my finger back in deeper this time and moved it around. I felt her pussy muscles contract firmly against my finger and knew she was getting close to another orgasm.

I heard her groan loudly in ecstasy.

My wet finger slid down and all the way out of her pussy and towards her anus.

____Oh, no, don____t do that! I can____t handle it. It____d be too much now.____

Ignoring her plea, I pressed the tip of my glistening finger against her sphincter and pinched her left nipple tightly.


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