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The humiliation continues.

The towel drop," she said as she responded by hugging me.

"Glad you have decided. The very thought has got me excited." She was excited too for she undressed in a hurry and lay back inviting me to lick. She was hot for even before I got into rhythm she had her first and soon we coupled for a very satisfactory union. We rested on the sofa in close embrace.

"How to go about it," said Shalu.

"Call Pizza Hut and order for one large cheese pizza."


"Tell him when you want it. Make it at the stroke of noon."


"When you see the car turn into the drive way rush into the bath room and undress, wet your hair a bit and wrap a large towel round the arm pit. By this time the pizza man would have started ringing. Wait till you sense some impatience in the rings. Then shout 'coming, sorry,' and rush out. Open the door and if you approve of the man...well from now on you have to direct the scene yourself."

"Where will you be when this is happening?"

"My work will start soon after you place the order. I'll set my two cameras hidden of course on tripods. As a matter of fact thoughtful man as I am I have already chosen the spots. I will hide in the inner room behind the heavy curtain with cell phone camera in hand." I thought Shalu will scream when I mentioned cameras. She did not. She went further.

"You must use your software and make one good long clip merging the three camera views," she said. "If I get this exposing urge again I can view the clip to calm it down." Sound thinking I was forced to admit. Incidentally we both went to excellent schools. The syllabus did not include courses in towel dropping but our schools had done a great job in getting their alumni think out of the box.

Shalu called the local Pizza Hut and placed the order. The dye was cast. I got busy setting up the cameras. I had satisfactory viewpoints. The camera with zoom was at a particularly good spot. My place in the room was more than good. It was a perfect ring side.

Almost on the dot the pizza delivery car was at the drive way. Shalu rushed into the bathroom and I hurriedly started the cameras and got into my hide. The bell went once, twice and three times. The man waited to give the house owner time to appear. After a reasonable wait he rang the bell with some impatience.

"Coming," said a voice, "sorry; I'll be there in a jiffy."

I could hear the splat splat of wet feet. Soon Shalu was at the door in a bright red towel wrapped round her body below the arm pits. The door opened and there stood a handsome young man with the big pizza box. Shalu should have no difficulty dropping her towel before him.

Shalu opened the door and he stepped in. She must have asked him to do so. With her left hand holding the towel knot she received the box in her right arm. The foot and a quarter square cardboard pizza box is not an easy object to rest on the forearm and elbow and as if that was not enough Shalu's right hand was closed over the cash she was holding. Time was ripe for things to happen.

Shalu had to use the left hand that was holding the towel knot to take the cash out of her other hand and give it to the delivery man. Towel knots are never real knots; bath towels are too thick to be knotted. In fact it can be nothing more than a twist that has been tucked in. She had taken the cash out of her hand when the towel slipped and fell to ground. In a desperate attempt to catch the falling towel she let go of the box and it thudded down and so did the cash with the quarters rolling in all directions. Shalu was now quite naked.

She bent down to recover the towel which of course was now the priority.

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