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Young nobleman is taken off, and on, and in, and out.

She also knew her limitations that she would never be able to resist their brutal strength. The more she resisted, the larger risk loomed over the life of her husband and herself. She surely didn't want getting hurt by doing anything silly, as they seemed to be well armed. She finally decided to let them have their way to avoid adding injury to insult.

Moreover, she remembered to have nurtured the fantasy about screwed by three or four men ruthlessly. She had even unabashedly admitted her secret fantasies to her husband. She began thinking that today might be the day.

Ajay was now fucking her mouth in frenzy and it didn't take much time for Daksha to realize that he was about to cum inside her mouth. A few more thrusts and he began shooting his load inside her mouth. It just splashed into her like a wild stream flowing through her throat way down into her stomach.

Ajay and the man who held her from behind exchanged positions. Now, it was the man's turn to fuck her mouth and he seemed incredibly quicker than Ajay. Ajay pulled her up on his lap and began teasing her breasts and nipples sending her writhing in agony. Unlike Ajay, the man didn't shoot his cum in her mouth but instead splashed it all over her face and breasts.

Soon after, both the guys handed over her soppy body to their waiting accomplices. They weren't showing any mercy on her either as they went about shoving their dicks inside her mouth until she was forced to gulp their flowing semen. What Daksha had once fantasized to be the most worthwhile sexual experience of her life had already turned out into a horrifying nightmare. She was helpless, obeying them all like a trained slut letting the masters to take her on.

Daksha began hoping against hope that the guys would let her go after they had made her mouth look worse than a trash. But, it was not to be.

Ajay entered the car again naked. His smile sent a chill on her spine as she knew what would happen next.

"Please let us go now," Daksha began pleading.

"Not so soon," He smirked as he leaned towards her breasts and tweaked her nipple. Daksha weakly moaned and heaved helplessly. Ajay pushed her against the seat, ripped off her panties and spread her legs wide and high. Daksha wasn't even trying to push him as he began licking up and down her thighs before he eventually halted at her pussy.

"Will you cum for me?" He asked mockingly.

"No!" Daksha muttered mutely.

Undeterred by her refusal, he ran his fingers over her pussy, sliding in and out before he began licking her pussy in frenzy. Daksha kept growling all the time as he quickened his strokes incredibly bringing her to a loud orgasm. She felt terribly let down by her body as she watched her juices spraying all over his face. He shamelessly lapped every drop as though he had a thirst of a lifetime.

"You have humiliated me enough," Daksha pleaded. "Fuck me quickly and let us get out of here."

"Yeah!" He laughed. "You do know that there are three more guys waiting outside."

Daksha's eyes closed instantly seeing his body descend on hers. His dick filled her up at once and so much that she almost fainted. He grinned at her letting his dick pushing its way into her cunt. Daksha covered her face and shook her head in thorough humiliation as he fucked her like a beast. Daksha began waiting for him to explode inside her as quickly as possible so that the ordeal would end. He did finally, filling her cunt with his flowing cum. He smiled again as he pulled out her pussy as though he had his quota of her for the day.

Before Daksha could settle down breathing normally, a man grabbed her from above her head while two men came from the opposite side. Her body shivered in fear as she knew that all the three men have plans to take her together.

"NO!" Daksha screamed. She knew that she had very slim chances of resisting the three, more so after she couldn't resist even one before.

"Great!" The man above her head said. "It is going to be fun."


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