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Interracial couple that's into BDSM.

Out of the blue, I asked them what they thought of a controversial matter being discussed across Canada today. The Canadian government is reprinting money, mainly because they didn't want an Asian-Canadian female scientist on their money so they replaced her with a White lady. I wanted to know what an Asian chick dating a White guy might think of this bit of Canadian racism.

The Asian chick seemed perplexed by my question, and had to think about it. The White guy's answer came straight out. He said he didn't care, and seemed annoyed that I asked him what he thought. Gee, a White guy with a Chinese girlfriend doesn't think there's anything wrong with the Canadian government removing the picture of an Asian lady from their money. He's banging a Chinese chick but doesn't think a woman of her race is fit to be on the money printed by his beloved country, Canada. The Asian chick finally answered my question, and said she was outraged that the Canadian government removing the Asian lady's picture from their money. She thought it was a pretty racist thing to do.

Well, looks like the lights are on and nobody's home. I nodded, and told them that the question I asked for a summer sociology class. I should mention that I wasn't taking any classes until September. I just wanted to gauge these two's racial nature. The White dude with the Chinese girlfriend is your typical racist White Canadian male and the Chinese chick he's dating/seeing/banging is your typical clueless Asian. So eager to kiss White people's butts that they don't realize a fundamental truth about White people. Um, White folks don't like anyone who isn't White. I mean, Jews in 1940s Germany weren't considered White enough for Adolf Hitler and the Nazis, so people of color, Asians included, aren't going to get into their good graces anytime soon. Hey, I'm just saying.

I walked away from the couple inside the university center, and headed to the library. On my way there, I saw a couple of hijab-wearing Somali chicks. They were staring daggers at a tall, muscular young Somali guy with a baseball cap on who was walking nearby, holding hands with a tall, blonde-haired White chick. I looked at the two young Somali women. They were muttering to each other in the guttural Somali language while eyeballing the Somali dude with the White chick. I think I might know what these Somali ladies with the hijabs and the overflowing dresses are thinking while seeing a young man from their culture with a White woman. These hijab-wearing Somali women are upset that Somali guys won't date them.

Well, they only have themselves to blame. My condolences to Somali women. You see, Somali men are, well, men. Like men everywhere, they got sexual needs. Those conservatively dressed, hijab-wearing Somali women are avoided by Somali men because they're seen as dull, boring and no fun. So the Somali men go for women who aren't Somali and aren't Muslim. Muslim men see conservative Muslim women as boring. So they go for women of other faiths, other cultures and other walks of life. It's that simple, ladies. If you want to be with a man, don't be boring. Men like a challenge. Muslim men don't want to have anything to do with the boring chick who covers up, refuses to go out or do anything fun because she wants to be "holy" and pure. Yeah, she's going to be single until her mid-thirties or worse. That virgin Muslim pussy going to remain untouched and unpleased for at least a decade after finishing university. And that's a damn shame. Because while she's at home praying and dreaming about mister right, every Muslim guy in town is chasing non-Muslim pussy. Christian or Jewish, if you've got it, because let's face it, they're delicious.

Yeah, that's life in the great Confederation of Canada for you.

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