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Husband learns to love pegging and cum.

As I kiss her I put my thumb into her mouth and peel down her lower lip so I can kiss and suck the soft inside, laying her whole mouth open to me. I grind my cock against her as I kiss her so she can feel exactly what she's doing to me, how she makes me feel even when she does nothing at all.

"Oh my! Oh, Rob..." she remonstrates, breathless with excitement, afraid of what she's feeling. I'm like an animal on her now. She knows there's no stopping me, and she's worried that she's going to lose control as well. Her own body, beautiful and innocent, is like fuel to the carnal fire that consumes me, and she doesn't know how to stop me, or even if she wants to. One part of her needs to pull back and regain control of herself, and the other part wants to let go, so for now she's like an observer to what I'm doing to her, an innocent bystander, refusing to admit that she wants this too, still trying to get by without committing

But I won't have that.

I pull her away from the wall and lead her to the center of the room. "Stand there," I tell her. "Stand right there and don't move a muscle."

I gently pull the torn blouse from her shoulders and remove it, leaving her standing in the middle of the floor in her skirt and bra and heels. The skirt is short and tight: a teaser's skirt, and her wicked high heels make her ass thrust up and out in lewd invitation. Seeing this sweet girl dressed like a tart excites me terribly. She looks cheap, like she's selling herself. Better than that even: she looks like she's just daring me to take it from her, and now she's finding out that I will
Despite my warning to stay still she raises her hands and clasps them together over her breasts as if cold. She's not cold. She's instinctively trying to hide from me. But she looks so sweet and vulnerable like that I don't say anything about her disobeying me. She's the slut discovered: the little girl who was caught dressing up in big girls' clothes and who now has to pay, and even her nervousness and uncertainty is delicious. Just looking at her makes me hot, makes me want to do all sorts of unspeakable things to her.

I walk behind her and strip off my sweater. I kick off my shoes and pull my socks off, then drop my pants and skin down my shorts. I make noise as I undress so she knows exactly what I'm doing, because I want her to know that I'm getting naked. I want her to think about being locked in this strange room with a naked wild man who wants her, all of her, just like in her fantasy.

I go up behind her and stand close. Closer. So close that just my hard cock makes contact with the tight skirt covering her ass, so she can feel that big hard spear all swollen for her. I run my fingers like gossamer down the naked smoothness of her back and watch the tide of goose bumps spread over her skin.

"Do you feel how hard I am for you, Ashley?" I ask. "That's what you do to me. You haven't touched me, haven't done a thing to me, and just looking at you and thinking about what I'm going to do has made me that hard."

My fingers go to her shoulders. I slide one bra strap down her arm, then the other. I'm so feverish for her now that even the bits of skin I expose seem terribly erotic to me, and I can't keep from kissing her there, where the straps have been. Her skin is soft and just slightly salty with excitement. She wants to twist away, but I've told her not to move. She looks lovely with her bra straps down: lovely and vulnerable.

My fingers go to the clasp on her bra. I unhook it and feel the garment sag under the weight of her heavy tits. I push her hands down to her sides. A slight touch and the bra slides from her body, falling like a whisper to the floor.

I take her hands now and clip her wrists back together behind her, emphasizing her nakedness.

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