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Father has a special gift.

Just as her pussy was fully exposed, Petra reached over and slid her hand between Daniela' legs, cupping her pussy in her hand and hiding her panties from our view.

'Don't you think it is time that our men got more comfortable? I, for one, could do with seeing what exactly they have to offer.'

'You are right of course ... how about it you two?'

James and I stood up and looked at one another.

'Let's go!'

James rapidly undid the buttons on his black shirt and threw it on to the sofa where it was rapidly joined by my blue-checked shirt. By now we had both ripped off our socks and were fighting to get our trousers undone. Fortunately I had a zip on mine so they were soon open and I pulled them off over my legs and stepped out of them. Just as I reached down to tug of my navy blue lycra shorts, Daniela told me to stop.

'That's far enough for now.'

By now James had caught up with me and was standing there in just a pair of rust-red boxer shorts. The shorts were bulging out at the front like a tent-pole which was a relief ... at least I knew that I was not the only one that was suffering from the teasing that had been going on all evening.

'So, Grant, you and I are going to relax for a minute and watch Petra and James. Come over here to the sofa and sit down next to me.'

I walked over and as I reached Petra, I stopped and gave her a long, passionate, kiss, taking the chance to play with her breasts through the blue blouse she was wearing. Finally, Petra broke off and let me move over to the sofa where Daniela was waiting. As I sat down next to her, she reached down and undid the clasp and zip at the side of her skirt and simply let it fall open, so that the material gathered at her hips and exposed her knicker-covered crotch to me.

Looking down, I slipped one hand between her thighs and let my middle finger run up the length of her sex valley, feeling the soft damp silk give way slightly as I pushed gently against her swollen sex. Daniela sighed and lowered one hand to my crotch. I was surprised when she slipped her fingers inside my lycra shorts and wrapped her hand around my stiff cock.

'Oh, wow. That is what a girl likes to see - what a gorgeous cock - you lucky thing Petra!'

Petra grinned embarrassedly. In the time that it had taken me to sit down next to Daniela, James had moved behind Petra and was now unbuttoning her blouse, letting us see each button being opened and using the opportunity to run his hands over her breasts as he did so. It was also obvious that he was pressing his cock against her bum and Petra reached out and grabbed his hips, pulling him more tightly against her.

Now all of the buttons were open and he simply pulled her blouse out of her mini-skirt and slipped it back over her shoulders and off her arms. To my surprise, Petra was no longer wearing the lilac bra. She had obviously got changed while the two women were upstairs. Instead she was now wearing a green silk bra through which her erect nipples jutted. James reached up and cupped Petra's breasts through the thin bra and rubbed his thumbs over her silk-covered nipples, causing her to sigh and lean back against him. She looked at me with a mixture of worry and pleasure in her eyes until I smiled reassuringly at her.

James now slid his hands down her body to the waistband of her skirt where he fumbled with the clip, trying and failing to open it. With a quick glance over to me Petra popped open the clip with one hand and tugged the short zip down as far as it would go. James immediately started pushing Petra's skirt down using the flats of his hands; the material sliding down Petra's slim hips and thighs without any resistance. Almost immediately, the top edge of a pair of matching green silk panties appeared. As her skirt slid down, more and more of the plain silk front panel of Petra's - or rather Daniela' - knickers appeared until finally they were fully exposed and the skirt fell in a bundle at her feet.

James now slid the fingers of one hand inside the cup of her bra and teased her nipple bene

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