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A new succubus looks for her first prey among humans.

Oh god, my pussy is aching, and I find myself rubbing against the chair beneath me. Breathless, I gaze at him, wondering what to do. And as if he can feel the heat of my gaze, he looks up, straight at me. I blush, but his face lights up, his blue eyes sparkle as he gives me an enormous grin. He says something to his mates, hands over his pool cue and makes a beeline for my table.

I feel like a rabbit trapped in the headlights - my heart is pounding and my breath coming in gasps. As he reaches me, he holds out his hand and, mesmerized, I take it and stand. There is no need for words between us - we're not there to get to know each other, just to satisfy our greed for each other. He glances around then heads for the exit - at the door he turns to me and says: "do you trust me?", I nod and we turn and leave the pub together. He takes me around the corner to his car, which is parked in the alley behind the pub. He turns and grabs me, pulling me up against him, grinding his hips against me so that I can feel his hardness. Oh! He's as turned on as me. His lips descend onto mine and all thought stops. I can feel the bonnet of the car pressing into my arse, his hard cock pushing against my stomach and his tongue exploring my mouth. My tongue responds, playing with his, sliding into his mouth, my teeth nibbling lightly on his lip. He groans and tightens his grip on me. Then he lifts me up and deposits me on top of the bonnet. He parts my legs and moves into the space between them. Now, when he grinds his hardness against me, it's right on my pussy and I gasp and let out a moan. His hands are on my arse, pulling my pussy against him as he dry humps me. I feel like a teenager, my pussy is spasming again and I feel like I"m going to come, just like that.

His lips are travelling down my neck, sending goose bumps travelling over my body, making my nipples harden into twin peaks, pressing against the lace of my bra almost painfully. His mouth moves further down, tracing a trail down between my breasts, my buttons popping open one by one has his hands precede his tongue. He pulls my shirt open and lifts his head to look down at my breasts. What I see in his eyes makes me gasp out loud and thrust myself hard against his cock. His head descends and he mouths my one nipple through the lace. Oh! the roughness of the lace, the smooth wetness of his tongue. My hips are moving in a rhythm as old as time, totally unconsciously. The fingers of his other hand tease my other nipple through the lace, then disappears. Then I feel my bra magically loosening under his busy hands, push the straps from my shoulders and gently remove the bra. Again, he looks down at my tits, and I feel like the sexiest woman alive as his appreciation shows in his gleaming eyes and wicked grin. His big hands cup a titty each, and bring them together so that he can lick and suck and nip at them both at the same time.

I am almost mindless with pleasure, writhing on the bonnet, grinding my clit against him. I need more, and I need it now.

My hand slides down his chest, and further down to where his giant cock is pushing and straining against his zipper.

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