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It's time for the final fight: Last Man Standing.

Of course she would not be wearing a bra, and I knew that just the slightest sexy thought would make her nipples clearly visible through the thin material.

I got very little done at the conference Thursday, picturing my beautiful wife in all kinds of nasty situations, even though she had said she was probably only up for some "innocent flirting". Well, being the little tease that she is, she made me wait until I got home Friday night to tell me all the details, but I must admit it was worth the wait.

She woke up Thursday morning, and began to prepare for the day ahead. The last two times she had seen him had been around 11:00 AM, so she planned on getting there at 10:30. She took a long bath, shaved everything (yes, she is completely shaven) and dressed in the outfit she promised to wear. Ann Marie said she looked and felt terrific and fought off the urge to masturbate before she left the house.

When she arrived, she looked around but did not see him anywhere. She got her cappuccino, grabbed a magazine and then walked over to the other side of the store where there were chairs and a couch. She sat down on the couch, and as the seats were pretty close to the ground, she struggled to keep her short skirt from riding up over the tops of her stockings. As she was pulling her skirt down, he came around the corner and their eyes met. He broke into a big smile, and said "Glad you made it, mind if I sit down?" She said she was blushing like mad, but said, "No, please sit." as she inched over on the couch giving him a great view of her long legs. He was wearing jeans and work boots and a thin sweater that showed off the muscles in his chest and abs. He introduced himself as Eddie and she told him her name was Ann Marie. She said they hit it off real well, and were quickly embroiled in your usual small talk. He was actually Cuban (not Brazilian) and was a bartender at one of the local watering holes. His real love was photography and the kicker was that he was only 22 years old. Ann Marie's skirt was giving her all kinds of trouble and Eddie's eyes kept wandering to the place where her stocking tops met her gorgeous well-tanned thighs. She said she knew she was blushing like a madwoman, but could do nothing to control it. He commented on how nice her wedding ring was (I guess testing the boundaries) and told Ann Marie that he himself had a fianc__ that he was very much in love with.

They continued to talk about his photography hobby, and Ann Marie innocently (maybe not?) said that she would love to see some of his work, sometime.

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