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Night of the party.

What I was doing just then was caressing the top of Ruthie's clit hood with my tongue and I could feel the shivers of excitement that were running through her body. "George, that feels really wonderful, even better than usual," she told me while fucking down against me. My hands on her ass held her in place but not so tightly that she couldn't grind her pussy into my face while her hips rocked from side to side and she enjoyed herself immensely. Pam was also ready to hold her friend steady on top of me and keep her from falling. Ruthie knew this and let herself go, giving in completely to the exquisite pleasure of having her pussy eaten in this different way.

Pam wasn't quite ready to let herself go because she wanted to help Ruthie cum first, before reaching her own orgasm. Although she was moving up and down, taking my cock all the way into her pussy and moaning, from the pleasure, she was leaning forward for all her strokes, minimizing the contact between my cock and her clit. When she was ready to cum, after Ruthie had climaxed, Pam would lean more back, increasing the contact, and fuck faster until she also started to cum. I would cum last, which is normal when I make love with one of my lady friends.
My tongue was exploring the inside surfaces of Ruthie's inner pussy lips and I could tell she was close to cumming. She was obviously reveling in the experience of fucking into my mouth and her pussy was even more active than it had been that afternoon. Ruthie's hips swiveled on top of me and that was when Pam, still fucking her pussy up and down on my cock, put her hands on her friend's hips to hold her steady, keeping her on the bed, while not inhibiting her pleasure.

"Suck my clit, I'm ready to cum," Ruthie told me, but I was already aware that it was time.

Holding tightly to her ass cheeks, I pushed her clit hood out of the way with my tongue and enveloped her engorged love toy in my mouth. While caressing the sides and top, delighting in the way it felt to my tongue, I sucked, stimulating the multitude of nerve endings.

"Yes! Yes!" Ruthie cried. "My God that feels good." When she started cumming, I knew it because her thighs squeezed my head and she almost started to fall forward. Pamela's hands on her hips and my hands holding her ass cheeks kept Ruthie on top of my face but she bounced and pitched and her body twisted all over.

For several minutes, she bucked up and down on my face as much as we would let her until her whole body gave a jerk as she climaxed. After her great orgasm, Ruthie completely relaxed and Pamela released her hold so she could slowly fall forward, her legs stretching out on either side of me and her pussy staying delightfully on top of my face. With great enthusiasm, I licked all the fresh juices from her pussy, her thighs, her crotch and everywhere else I could reach with my tongue. They were just as delicious as I knew they would be. As I devoured her nectar, I continued clinging to the cheeks of her lovely ass, because it felt so good.

Satisfied that Ruthie was through cumming and that she was safely sprawled across my face, Pam started moving toward her own orgasm. I could feel her leaning backward as she rose up and down so her clit and my cock could massage each other with every stroke of her pussy. Ruthie was covering my eyes so I couldn't see Pam's large breasts which, I knew, were bouncing up and down as she moved. This was a very minor drawback compared to the marvelous feeling of her clit scraping the top surface of my cock with every stroke. The feeling got even better as Pam moved faster on top of me and I plunged my cock into her dripping pussy, matching her increased speed and feeling my own climax approaching.

Pam was moaning and whimpering from the intense pleasure she was getting and, if my face hadn't been covered by Ruthie, I would have been moaning too.

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