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"Jillian, please," whispered Nick. Glancing at us, Jillian grinned. He stepped back to Nick. Nick impaled himself again, groaning with each thrust.

"Ready Nicky," queried the big man. Nick groaned. Jillian grunted, grabbed Nick head, and ground his cock into Nick's mouth. "Fuck yeah," growled the big man. With each spurt of his cum into Nick's mouth, the big man grunted loudly. Nick made sucking noises, trying to drain the big man's balls. As his cock grew flaccid, he ground his cock harder against Nick's face. He withdrew quickly, leaned and kissed Nick, his tongue extending into Nick's mouth. He tasted his own cum. "Wasn't that good Nicky," he asked. Nick's head drooped.

"On the floor," commanded Jillian turning to us. "Eat her pussy," he said as he looked directly at us. Sondra dropped to the floor, rolling over on her back, spreading her legs. Her pussy beckoned me. A soft tuft of hair, neatly trimmed topped her glistening slit. Her clit peeked between her lips. Her fingers traced down her thighs, brushing across her slit. Her head tilted upwards, a small gasp escaped her mouth. I slowly moved to her, lying on my stomach, raising my body up on my elbows. I reached under her ass, my hands wrapping upwards, grabbing her hips. I lifted her pussy to my mouth. Softly, slowly, I sucked her clit into my mouth. I sucked it, pulling it up from her body, my tongue flicking quickly over its' head. I tasted her. My tongue slid down her clit, snaked between her lips, and licked front to back, sliding along each side. I tilted her hips upwards, driving my tongue into her wet, wet hole. Sondra thrust her hips upwards, trying to capture my tongue in her cunt. Her fingers reached around my head, pulling me deeper into her cunt. I sucked in her juices. My tongue danced over her clit. I sucked it deeply into my mouth, rolling it back and forth with my tongue. I assaulted her clit, grabbing it gently between my teeth, holding it firmly. My tongue mashed it, rolled it, and flicked it back and forth quickly.

Sondra's hips jumped involuntarily, arching against my assault. Her breathing became labored. Eyes closed tightly, hips jumping under my mouth, she ground her body against me, her body begging for a powerful orgasm. I slowed my pace. I wanted to delay her orgasm, to prolong her heightened senses. I sucked her clit gently, licking it softly, humming, vibrating her clit between my lips. I watched her hands grasp her tits, squeezing softly, fingers pinching her nipples, pulling them upwards. I felt her body tense, her cunt jump upwards, her hips arch hard against my lips, grinding against my mouth.

"Make me cum baby," she asked. "Oh God make me cum," she pleaded.

I jammed two fingers into her hole without warning, forcing them deep. Her body arched high off the floor. I started thrusting in and out of her cunt as I sucked her clit hard into my mouth. I bit it gently, holding it firmly between my teeth. I flicked it back and forth fast. Her body grew tense. Her hips arched upwards, I thrust my fingers deep, grinding them hard into her hole. She held her breath. Her body tensed, her hips jumped higher. Holding, her clit exploded into orgasm. Her body flopped down on the carpet under my mouth. I held on as her body arched and dropped several times. I began thrusting again. She gasp for air. I continued my assault on her clit. My fingers slid easily out of her wet cunt. I stuck my tongue deep into her hole. I reamed her hole, sucking her juices into my mouth.

"Now Mr. Manager. Fuck the bitch!" growled the big man. "Watch Nick. See you wife fuck this man's cock!" he continued as he directed Nick's gaze to us.

My cock was rigid.

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