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A willful girl and her very first butt plug.

"But it wasn't her fault. I'm no fan; she did knock me out during a practice session once after all," I pointed out. "She is good for this school, though."

"We have a new Head of Security and the Athletics Department is being suspended for the rest of the semester," the Chairman informed us.

"That would be the neo-fascist in black at the end of the table," I directed my attention to the lone woman on the south end of the table. "Ending our sports programs would be a serious mistake for the morale of the school. Ms. Gorman has done a bang-up job and it would show real concern for the students at this school if you would keep her on as Athletics Dean."

"Ask around to any of the hundreds of students who participate; ask Rhaine - she's worked closely with the Coach before," I begged. I had no idea which way Rhaine would jump but she was the only trump I had to play. The big guy didn't seem inclined to listen to Rhaine but that didn't stop her.

"Coach Gorman gives every girl an active outlet for our energy," Rhaine volunteered. "She also allowed the reliable elements of the student body to aid with security. It was a shame that Zane's masculinity unbalanced the school populace; the student body does not blame her for what Zane and Christina did."

"She should hardly be rewarded for such a catastrophic loss of control," the second director stated.

"Reinstating Coach Gorman as Athletics Dean would save us the need for creating new creative programs to provide for the physical well-being of the girls," Dr. Scarlett suggested.

"This is a matter for the Board to discuss," the Chairman announced. "You students are released to return to your dorms. Thank you for your attendance. Mr. Braxton and Ms. Talon, you will be assigned your guardians before you arrive at breakfast tomorrow." We took that as our clue to leave. We made it out of the room and almost out of the building.

"A moment, Mr. Braxton, Ms. Buchanan," the short-haired woman called out. I turned and met her while the rest of the group slowed down behind me as we started to exit the building.

"I'm Gabrielle Black, your new Head of Campus Security. I thought it was important to meet you before classes formally resume." She stepped up and shook Christina's and my hand while we studied her.

"You may call me Zane," I offered. "I hope this means we are getting off on the right foot despite that whole neo-fascist thing."

"I don't see any panty lines 'Gestapo' Black," Rio interjected herself. "Have you gone commando today?"

"I usually make someone earn the right to find out, Ms. Talon," she gave Rio a shark-like grin.

"I really don't see how that is relevant and I really don't want to know," Hannah spoke up.

"Come on, Zane," Rio persisted, "give it a shot."

"Hannah doesn't want to go there so why don't we say good-bye to the nice lady and go," I responded.

"What exactly is Ms. Talon asking for?" Ms. Black inquired.

"Apparently Zane has a thing for figuring out women and woman's lingerie," Christina said with a degree of caution.

"I hope Ms. Cartwright will forgive me but I'd like to test this little trick," Gabrielle requested.

"If Hannah doesn't mind," I asked the sophomore class President (sort of). She nodded so I looked to Gabrielle.

"Give me a second," I requested.

"What's wrong, Zane?" Rio wondered when I didn't immediately start reeling off the facts.

"She's good at lying," I informed the group, "but..."

"But?" Gabrielle smirked.

"Lycra - form-fitting, probably a custom job, dull black, and I guess...with some sort of synthetic weave," I stumbled along. "I've never seen anything precisely like it."

"I have," Simone muttered. "A woman in the Presidential Detail for the Secret Service talked about having one, though they called it spandex instead of Lycra."

"You have bulletproof undies?" Rio teased. "That is so cool."

"What kind of Campus Security Chief wears bulletproof underwear?" Rhaine wondered.

"That's not important," Gabrielle smiled coolly.

"36C with extensive surgery on her right shoulder," I noted, "pl

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