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My wife becomes my toy, my slut, my slave.

Such activities need time and privacy, and here we investigate if sleep time could be used for this purpose.


With the permission of several websites (see above) we enlisted the help of 48 couples who lived this lifestyle. Each couple had to have a smart-phone. (We thought that a control group of 'normal' people would not be useful in this study.)

An electronic questionnaire was sent to every individual - the male and female versions were slightly different. The questions (often involving rating on a 5-point scale) covered such areas as:

- how often is orgasm allowed?

- what was the mood of the male one day after orgasm?

- what was the mood of the male x days after orgasm?

- does the male wear a chastity device? What periods of the day?

- how often do nocturnal emissions occur?

- what is the mood of the male following a nocturnal emission?

- does the male enjoy anal stimulation?

There were 50 questions in all.

The second stage of the research was novel. The subjects had to download a smart-phone app created specially. It was a combination of two existing apps:

- a security camera app, in which periods with zero movement were ignored.

- a baby alarm app, which detected noise, movement, and changes to breathing patterns.

In addition, a thin net sheet was needed, similar in nature to net curtains, or a mosquito net. August was chosen, as temperatures were very high. (Thank-you to our websites for offering free membership to the subjects, to offset the purchase price)

For 14 days, subjects had to sleep with the app running, and its camera directed at the male side of the bed. In the morning, the compressed video was uploaded to our servers for analysis. The software drew our attention to interesting parts, which were sampled. It took 5 minutes on average to view the significant parts of a whole night of sleep from one male.

Before videoing begun, the males were split into 3 equal groups, which we nominated as 'coverers', 'fingerers', and 'pluggers'. The terms had these meanings:

- coverers were instructed to try and sleep with one of their palms held gently over their anus. This was made easier by suggesting that they wore pants or panties. The (invented) justification for this was that it was a form of security or protection used by Buddhist monks, to ensure a peaceful sleep.

- fingerers were instructed to sleep with the first two joints of a finger up their anus. Again, pants were suggested, and they were told that the justification was that it was comforting for people with an element of sexual stress in their lives, akin to thumb-sucking.

- pluggers were instructed to use a thin (3/4") butt-plug, with a loop at the outside end. They should attempt to sleep with a finger through the loop. The diameter was small, as the point was not to dilate the anus. Again, the reason was said be for comfort, rather like sucking a pacifier or dummy.

2 days before the videoing started, emails were sent to the females, with the above appropriate instructions to be given to the males. It was thought that this method of indirect communication would have more impact. All males were told that some unconscious movement of the hands might occur, and that this was normal (though it was not part of the study). In addition, they were informed that movements during sleep were normal and expected. They might only spend one hour in the correct position.

We wanted the females to have a full night's sleep, but in the event of them waking up and seeing that the male's hand was in the wrong place, they were to whisper "hand", "finger", or "plug".

The study was then initiated. There were 8 drop-outs: 6 due to illness, clild-care problems, or app problems. Two males (pluggers) insisted on masturbating whilst awake in bed, and were deemed unsuitable to continue. The remaining 42 thus became our 100%.

After the 14 days, different questionnaires were distributed and analyzed.


Firstly, we review the physical findings.

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