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Two friends go down a road they will never forget.

The camera changed again to follow her and film her from the front. Steven must have had the whole office lined with cameras and from all the zooming in and out that took place while Stephi removed her clothes, someone was watching and controlling those cameras.

You could clearly see the reluctance and disgust that played across Stephi's as the camera zoomed in on her face for several seconds. My heart ached for her. As soon as I saw that image of my wife, all of my aches and pains seemed to vanish and my only thought was that I had to go and comfort her. I started yelling and screaming and pulling against my bonds while she undressed. It was to no avail. My arms became slick with blood and sweat as I struggled but I couldn't even loosen the hold of the straps that held me tight to the metal chair. I sobbed in anguish as I watched Steven approach my loving wife once she was fully nude and forcefully turn her by the shoulders to face him. Then he silently pushed her down to her knees in front of him.

Stephi kneeled there for a moment staring at his crotch unmoving. "Pull down my zipper," Steven commanded. I watched as my wife, in what I suppose was a last bit of defiance, reached out with two fingers and pulled his zipper down without touching any other part of him. When it was down she just looked up at him as if daring him to find fault in her actions.

Steven visibly sighed in disappointment. "Now Stephi, there's no reason for you to have an attitude. Now reach in my boxers and pull out my cock."

Stephi's shoulders slumped before she reached through the hole in his trousers. The camera changed and gave me a close up of her hand as she unbuttoned his boxers and pulled out his semi-hard cock. I hadn't gotten a good look at it the first time I caught Steven fucking my wife, but this time I was given a good look. Even in its half-hard state, it was longer and thicker than mine ever got. I know it was petty and meaningless considering the circumstances, but seeing the size of his cock enraged me more. It wasn't huge and I had definitely seen Stephi violated by larger during her gang rape, but the thought that this pompous shit had a larger dick than mine bothered me.

"Open your mouth, Stephi," Steven commanded her. I watched in horror as my wife opened her mouth and looked up at him with contempt. The camera was focused on her face and his cock so I couldn't see Steven, but I heard him chuckle arrogantly before his hands took hold of her head and forced her open mouth onto his dick.

What proceeded was not a blowjob from my wife; Steven fucked her mouth forcefully with his thick cock which quickly stiffened after a few strokes. I had never seen anything like it up close. Steven was moving her head back and forth along his cock at the same time his hips were driving it forward and back. It looked like he was cramming a good nine inches into my innocent wife's face.

"Do you remember the first time my cock was in your mouth Stephi?" Steven taunted. "The look on your face when I forced it down your throat and it cut off you oxygen was priceless. But look at you now. You've become an expert at taking my cock."

To be fair, Stephi was gagging and choking each time Steven buried the entire length of his cock in her mouth. She hardly seemed an expert but I was surprised that she was able to handle it without puking all over him. He treated her mouth and throat brutally and showed no mercy as he slammed his meat into her mouth.

"That first time, on the beach, you thought I was a pathetic worm who couldn't get a woman without blackmailing her, didn't you?" Steven asked rhetorically. "You can't deny it. I saw the look in your eye. Then when you saw the size of my cock and I forced it down your throat you finally understood what kind of man I am."

Stephi was producing a great deal of spit and phlegm each time Steven made her gag on his cock and it was running down her chin and coating his invading member.

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