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Adventures of a supersoldier from earth and his alien crew.

.. and at least they tasted better than you."

Recognising the playful tone Santana grinned, "I don't know, you seemed pretty content burying your face in my cunt."

"I don't remember that, but I do remember ALL of my previous boyfriends fucking me better than you." Quinn lied.

Santana was so offended her mouth fell open in disbelief for a few moments, before she half laughed half yelled angrily in response, "That's bull-shit and you know it Q!"

"Then why don't you prove it, S." Quinn challenged, briefly spitting on the head of the cock pretty much just to be nasty and then she laid back and spread her legs, "Fuck me better than anyone, if you can."

For a moment Santana just stared at Quinn, debating whether or not she should take the bait, before realising yes, of course she should. It was an excuse to fuck Quinn Fabray for crying out loud, she'd have to be a moron to turn it down. So she quickly rolled over and got in between Quinn's legs, the fact that the blonde let out a excited gasp when she pressed her dick against the other girl's entrance telling Santana all she needed to know about Quinn's ridiculous claim.

"We both know I'm competing against myself, but sure Quinnie, I'll give you the best fucking of your life." Santana boasted as she slammed her strap-on cock into Quinn's cunt, "All you ever have to do is ask."

The scream Quinn let out as she was roughly entered was ear piercing but Santana was also completely sure it was of pure pleasure. The tone, the body language, the look on Quinn's face, and most of all the follow-up moans, groans and whimpers were all telling Santana that she was making the right call by starting off a little rough, the beautiful blonde clearly loving every second of this.

While Santana was mostly right Quinn's scream wasn't from pure pleasure as her pussy wasn't used to being invaded by something this long and thick so it inevitably hurt a little as her womanhood stretch to accommodate Santana's monster fuck stick. However the main reason Santana wasn't completely right was that Quinn was loving that she had started rough, but it wasn't rough enough for her.

Even though the first thrust had been hard Santana had only forced a few inches of the extremely long toy inside her, and after that she had started off with steady thrusts which included adding an additional inch or two every so often but it seemed to take forever for Quinn to be finally filled up with every inch of that wonderful dildo. When she finally was it felt worth the wait, but Quinn would much rather have had all of it inside her soon, and considering she'd had similar treatment from their mutual former lover Puck it wasn't like Santana shouldn't have known she would be capable of taking that monster much quicker than she gave it to her.

Worst of all while those thrusts started out rough and hard her pussy quickly adjusted to the point where they weren't nearly rough or hard enough. Soon it felt like a torturous pace which drove her oh so close to orgasm but was in no way enough to actually send her over the edge, Quinn ashamed of herself as she whimpered pathetically in frustration. Briefly she reminded herself she should be scolding herself for enjoying this way too much, but it felt way too good to worry about her sexuality right now, all Quinn truly caring about was receiving the orgasm it was beginning to feel like she needed.

Opening her mouth Quinn was about to shamelessly beg for it when she saw the evil grin on Santana's face. Of course that's what the wicked Latina wanted her to do, beg for her again to fuck her like a slut. Well Quinn wasn't about to give her the satisfaction. At least not so easily. Not that there was still a chance Santana would become impatient and pound her to climax anyway. Besides, Quinn could think of a few things she could do if she was really desperate which didn't involve begging.

Santana did indeed want Quinn to beg for her, and given her previous experience with the uptight blonde she figured it was inevitable.

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