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They continue to explore each other.

I had the feeling we were approaching that line. I was heavier than her, so if I was feeling the effect of the alcohol, she must have been far further gone than me.

She grabbed hold of the stripper pole and started gyrating around it, making exaggerated sexy motion, clearly taking it all as a fun joke. I was dancing around her, but not with her. She was having her own fun. She started leaning back into the stripper pole, then bending forward at the waist so that she spread her ass cheeks on either side of the pole. She rode the pole for a few beats, making exaggerated sexy faces. A few people whooped their approval. That was all she needed.

She turned around, hanging on to the pole, her feet wide on either side. She shook her boobs and shook her hips. She let go of the pole and started dancing towards me, her hands on her sarong. She started swishing the fabric like a can-can girl, giving me glimpses of her pussy. I smiled. She cuddled up to me, kissing me lightly on the lips. She turned and rubbed her ass against me, feeling my thickening cock nestle between her ass cheeks.

She danced away before I could grab hold of her waist. Jumping to the beat, she made her way back to the stripper pole. She circled it once, hanging off of it. Then reached back and untied her bikini top. She pulled it off in one go and another whoop of cheers went up. She twirled the bikini over her head like a flag, shaking her pink breasts at the same time. The rounded flesh of her breasts swayed enticingly as she moved, heavy enough to move with gravity, small enough to remain firm. The tiny pink nipples were framed by the triangle of pale tan lines, making her even more naked in my eyes.

Darcie continued to dance, her bikini top in her closed hand. Her hands drifted further and further down, pushing and pulling at the edges of her sarong. Before long, she was flashing her pussy with every other step, jumping and twirling to the music, baring her body to all.

I danced closer to her, trying to get her to talk to me. Was this Burning Man giving her license to be free, or was she simply too drunk to care? I danced in front of her. She smiled and her eyes lit up.

"Hi!" I yelled over the music.

She put her hands on my shoulders and for a moment we danced together, smiling at each other.

"You're feeling ok?" I asked.

"I'm feeling great. Why, are you worried about something?" She asked, suddenly concerned.

"No, you're just very free with your body right now. I don't get to see that side of you very often."

"Well its your fault. I was ready to be a good girl all week, but you took away my bottoms. What's a girl to do? Do you like it? This side of me?" She asked with a wicked smile.

"Yes. I do." I replied, kissing her.

"Good." she said, and pushed me away. She shook her bare breasts at me before twirling away to dance some more.

It was still light when we finally left the shack. We had a few more hours before the sun set and we had to be back at our camp for dinner, and warmer clothes. We staggered out of the shack, Darcie still topless. Her sarong had been rolled up around her hips so that now it came barely to mid-thigh. It also hung low enough to make it obvious that she was not wearing anything underneath it.

She stood by her bike, pulling her hair up and off her neck. She was gleaming with sweat, mostly naked, and sexy as hell. I leaned over and kissed a small nipple. She smiled, her eyes heavy with desire. Her dancing had obviously had an effect on her.

"I need another drink" she said. " All this dancing made me thirsty."

I circled my bike until i was in front of her.

"Ok. Somewhere chill or more dancing?" I asked.

Meanwhile, I had my eyes fixed on her pussy, which was clearly visible when she sat on her bike.

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