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Daughter's friend introduces Dad to incest.

"Number 17!"

I opened my eyes to a screen in front of me, informing me of my 35000 point prize. More than I would have made in a month before I got access to this version. More than I dared dream I would win today. My celebration would have embarrassed a 13 year old, jumping into the air and letting out a squeal of excitement.

My landing was awkward, sending shocks up my legs and leaving an odd feeling in my pelvis, centred on an area I had become intimately familiar with recently. Once I reached a hand up to investigate I discovered why.

Instead of the pale lace underwear I had had on, I had tight fitting nylon panties. They seemed to almost be welded to my flesh; though they weren't painfully tight for some reason I couldn't even get a finger under them. Ignoring the snugness of my new underwear, my butt still felt weird. Almost exactly as if I was in the middle of playing with myself.

Further investigation revealed what I had feared. There was a large, solid object stuck on the inside of my panties, and firmly lodged inside me. Just the slight movement of it twisted my insides delightfully, and I found myself suppressing a moan. My face was flush from the pleasure and the embarrassment of being out in public like this. I pulled up the game menu to see just what had been put up my backside.

On my equipment list was an item I didn't recognise, just a question mark for an icon and no name. Pressing it opened a description that seemed to be a long list of specifications, but a quick scan made my eyes grow wide in shock and fear. Words like "size/shape changing," "remote control" and "punishment device" made me hit the unequip button as fast as I could, but to no avail. It seemed like my new toy was staying put.

I elected to ignore it for now. Nothing had happened since it was put on me and besides, I was quite enjoying it. The feeling of fullness excited me and I jiggled my hips a little compulsively, savouring the movement of it inside me. If all it did was this, I could definitely make do.

When I came out of my reverie I realised that I had been staring at nothing for over minute, and a couple of people nearby had noticed. Everyone else was too involved in their gambling to care, and when I shook my head and started acting like a person again the few people watching me lost interest.

I was still on a high from winning last time, so decided to up the ante and bet 15000 points on a single number. For no real reason I chose 8, and as I leant over the table to get a closer look at the wheel I was reminded of the presence in my ass, pressing against my insides.

Again I closed my eyes, waiting for the ball to stop moving. In my head I saw the ball spinning around the rim of the wheel, slowing down and dropping into the inner circle. My eyes were squeezed shut now and I was just waiting for the announcer to say the number.


I stopped paying attention when the toy in my ass started vibrating. If I had had to guess, I would say the toy had been about six inches long and maybe just under an inch in diameter at the base. Now it was vibrating with such force that it felt ten times larger. My entire lower body felt filled with it. It was touching everything inside of me, places I knew and didn't know existed. My knees instantly gave out and I fell to the floor, my thighs clenched and twitching at the sudden onset of glorious ecstasy.

Screams flew from my mouth as the intensity of the vibration increased. At the same time, tiny nubs grew from the surface of the toy and it began rotating excruciatingly slowly. My insides were now being kneaded, handled almost violently. Pussy juice seemed to be flowing freely from me in a way I knew must be impossible. I couldn't tell whether I had even come yet - my mind was incoherent. I may have never reached it or I might have experienced one, massive, prolonged orgasm from the moment the toy activated.

Throughout all of this people were watching me.

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