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"Ummm... mom are you ok?"

"I feel great baby. In fact I don't remember the last time I felt half this good. And it's all thanks to my little girl."

"I'm glad I could help, you deserve to feel good all the time and I'm here whenever you need me just ask."

"Do you mean that?"

"Of course I do. Now lets get our stuff separated." They got everything out of the bags and put it in piles to separate Ashley's from her mother's. As Ashley was setting a pair of shoes by the window she looked out to see both her brothers in the back yard. They both were in shorts without shirts and covered in dirt and sweat. "Mom come look at them."

"What's wrong?"

"Nothing really but don't you think they look sexy out there covered in sweat doing hard work?"

"Ash those are your brothers and my sons!"

"Says the woman who fucked her daughter in a public place not very long ago," she grins.

"Ok point taken," she smiled back at her daughter. She looked out the window again, "You know they do look sexy."

"Mom wouldn't you just love to be under either one of them getting your mind blown or better yet pinned between them."

"As weird as I feel saying this but god yes I'd love that."

"Who knows mom maybe we both will soon."

"Ok enough of that young lady. Bring you stuff to your room then if you don't mind will you come help me rearrange my closet?"

"I'll be right back." Ashley grabs her stuff and runs out the door. In no time at all she's back in her mom's room, but doesn't see her, "Mom where'd you go?"

"I'm in the closet." Ashley goes to the closet and there leaning with one hand against the wall is Sandy completely nude, and smiling. "I'm asking."

Ashley pulled her clothes off her as fast as possible and jumped into her mom's arms wrapping her arms around her neck and legs around her waist. They stood there kissing passionately for what seemed like hours though it was only a few minutes.

Sandy broke the kiss, "Ash baby lay down on the floor I want to return your favor from earlier."

"My pleasure."

"Well if I do it right," Sandy jokes.

She tries to copy what Ashley did to her, first kissing her thighs softly slowly getting closer and closer to her pussy. When she reaches Ashley's pussy she only softly kisses it at first then starts licking. She remembers how great it felt when Ashley sucked her clit and does the same. Ashley is soon moaning and shaking as her mom licks and sucks her young pussy.

"Oh god mom yes right there yes, yes, yes oh god yes mommy I'm cumming!!" she screams. As Ashley calms down from her orgasm Sandy softly licks up every drop she can get.

"So did I do good?"

"Are you sure that was your first time eating pussy?"

"I'll take that as a yes. And yes it was. Now was my pussy your first?"

"No my third."

"Who were the first two? You know what tell me later," she says and starts kissing her daughter. They were soon scissoring again but this time Sandy was on top. This continued until they each had cum. They lay there holding each other for a minute catching their breath.

Sandy was still panting when Ashley started sucking her nipples and fingering her pussy. She softly sucks on her right nipple getting harder and rougher as she did, then did the same to the left. She slowly kissed down her belly and down to her pussy but stopping just before she reaches it.

"Oh god baby don't tease mommy."

"Mom are you ready for another lesbian lesson?"

"Yes anything just stop teasing me."

Ashley moves around and straddles her mother's head, "Ok mom you lick my pussy while I lick yours." And she sits forcing her pussy into her moms face as she dives into hers. They lay there licking and sucking each other orgasm after orgasm after awhile Sandy rolls Ashley over as they continue with Sandy on top.

They are still in this position when they hear the door to the bedroom open, "Mom are you in here?"

"Oh shit its Mike," they both whisper jumping up.

Sandy wipes her face and steps out of the closet, "What Mike?"


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