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There was no way even half of my cock was going to fit in her mouth, but with both of her hands wrapped around it too she would be able to cover my entire cock. And this is what I yearned to feel.

She gently licked the tip of my cock which caused me to shudder- of all the blowjobs I have received, I never received one with so much quiet passion- she seemed to be totally absorbed in the moment and I loved her for that. She continued licking my cock I think because she was intimidated to take it in her mouth. I pushed her shoulder down so her head would lower forcing her lips to open and pushed the tip of my cock into her warm wanting mouth. She swirled her tongue around the head of my swollen cock causing me to swell like never before. Usually girls just went to town taking me in their mouths and bobbing up and down to get me to cum.

Then she slowly started to work her mouth up and down on my cock in tandem with both of her hands. She started making a lot of slurping noises, which I had seen from watching a lot of Japanese porn with young girls giving blowjobs. It provided enough saliva for her to take more of my cock in her mouth while pumping up and down with her hands. Holy fuck, this was sexy. I couldn't believe this 22 year old, sexy Japanese student was sucking my cock. I yearned to see the head of my hard cock push through her cheeks and I guided her head sideways so that my cock scraped over her white teeth to protrude in her cheek. She held it there stretched for a moment and then realized this is what I wanted and began to slowly bob up and down pushing my giant cock into her cheeks showing the clear outline of my head. Saliva was pouring from her mouth down my cock as her hands continued to pump up and down.

I tried to pull away saying, "I want to fuck you, Miyuki!" not sure if I could cum more than once that afternoon. Pulling out of her mouth she held her grip tight, looked up at me and continued pumping my cock furiously and I was no match. This was the sexiest face I had every seen and my balls got incredibly tight as I felt my cum build up past the point of not return. I threw my head back and screamed as I felt the first spasm of my cum shoot out. I opened my eyes as my cock continued to shoot cum in her hair and I saw it shoot in her black bangs dripping down onto her face and another spurt splashing directly on her face and another across her eyes. I had never cum that hard in my life. She pumped me once more and a final spurt shot onto her chest. Her thin hands continued to pump up and down releasing all the cum as it dripped onto her hands.

She looked up to me and I leaned down and kissed her deeply thrusting my tongue into her mouth and tasting my own cum. I had never done that but I was over come with passion. Just seeing her sweet face covered in my cum without reacting practically made me hard again. I had to have her.

She stood up and walked away to the bathroom to wash her face.

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