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Ben, Emily & friend's have a fun night as Ben opens a club.

And that's exactly what happened. Mark took one more turn with her in his bed. True to what I would learn was about par for Mark's performances, he still didn't last very long before he unloaded his second orgasm of the night. Then, after a reasonable amount of afterglow with Mark, Melanie joined me in our bathroom for a warm, relaxing bath. The bonding that had started in my bed continued during our private time in that tub. Mark could only see the obvious hot, sexy, features of this blonde nymph. But, while I enjoyed her obvious sensuality, I also enjoyed getting to know this intelligent, compassionate individual.

It was the early hours of the morning by the time Melanie and I dried each other off and returned to the bedroom. We could tell by the sounds of his heavy breathing that Mark had obviously crashed for the night. So Melanie and I slipped under the covers of my bed and drifted off to sleep in each other's arms.

As the sun broke through the blinds that morning, Melanie and I woke up and softly picked up where we had left off the night before. Our gentle kissing led to more passionate kissing and petting, and we soon rotated into the 69 position, and I got my first taste of her sweetness. As I continued to massage her pussy lips with my mouth and tickle her clit with my tongue, she was busy showing her appreciation on my shaft, licking the shaft and putting the knob as far down her throat as she could. Melanie was on top of me, and had placed her full weight on her hips against me as she writhed her pussy over my mouth. But, then my attention was diverted when I felt someone joining us on my bed. Mark had woken up and decided to get in on some of the early morning action. Since Melanie was still Mark's "date" from the night before, I felt like I had no real say in the matter. When Melanie felt him joining us and felt him gently lifting her hips off of my face, she just moaned onto her mouthful of my cock. The vibrations of her moans only added to the wonderful feelings she was giving my dick as she blew me, so I certainly wasn't complaining. Then, I watched as Mark's cock, his balls dangling dangerously close to my forehead, slipped inside Melanie just inches from my eyes and disappear inside her velvety pussy. I had never been such an eyewitness to a fucking before, and I was fascinated as I watched his shaft move in and out of her and become slick with her juices. My hands continued to massage her buns as Mark worked himself into a frenzy inside her. The harder he pounded her, the more intense her sucking of my cock became. We were all enjoying ourselves in our own ways, when Mark - true to form - announced he was ready to pop his cork. She took her mouth of my cock long enough to ask him to pull out at the last second and shoot on her ass, which he did. I watched as streams of white goo shot out of the head of Mark's dick, losing sight of it over her ass. Once Mark had cum, he pulled out of her, and Melanie resumed her prior position of grinding her pussy - now a used pussy - onto my face. The sight of Mark using her like that sent me to new heights, and I held Melanie's face against my groin as I pumped into her mouth more forcefully. Without warning, I came inside her mouth, and she hungrily swallowed every drop of my seed.

Melanie and I often jokingly refer to that evening (and the next morning) as our "first date", even though it started out as a date with Mark. But, after that time, Melanie and I became inseparable as a couple. We continued to enjoy threesomes with Mark, and he remained our closest friend through college and beyond. He even stood as my Best Man at our wedding! (And that is a whole other story, in itself!)

So, the idea of sharing my hot girlfriend or, subsequently, sharing my hot wife, was never really a question I had to wrestle with.

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