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Church visitor finds truth in a nursing home.

When Amanda started licking her, Katie let out a loud and passionate cry, not bothering to hold back just as Amanda hadn't. Once we had a rhythm going, I slipped my hands up under her blouse, immediately unfastening her bra and cupping her bare tits. Fucking Katie was just as pleasurable to me as it had been fucking Amanda; if there was any difference, it was too subtle to detect. I hoped I would never be put in a position of having to choose one over the other but I suspected based on the events of the past 24-ish hours that it was something I wouldn't have to worry about.

Katie started pushing back harder against my incoming thrusts and I knew that was only partly due to my cock sliding in and out of her. I was curious about how both of them had ended up bisexual, because this clearly wasn't the first time for either of them, but I figured I'd learn about that at some point and I'm sure each of their stories would be hot. As Katie's pussy was becoming even wetter and more engorged, I could feel my orgasm building and knew that I'd be content to either blow my load right into Katie's pussy or pull out and slip it into Amanda's mouth. Katie let out a loud cry and started shaking as her orgasm finally washed over her and I suspected that she was going to share Amanda's assessment of this orgasm compared with the others. It was definitely long and, astoundingly, her pussy felt even better as she was cumming than it had before. I wasn't quite on the verge of cumming yet but I was getting closer and I was savoring the pleasurable build-up. When Katie finished cumming, however, she moved away so that my cock slipped out of her hot, snug pussy then helped Amanda stand up.

"You weren't kidding," she said to Amanda, as I stood there with my throbbing cock unattended, "that was so intense."

They kissed for a moment before turning their attention to me. Amanda dropped back down first, taking my cock in her fist and pumping it before wrapping her lips around it. Katie knelt beside her and, once Amanda had sucked Katie's flavor off of my cock, she offered it to Katie who inhaled it. They alternated back and forth, taking turns sucking my cock until I was right on the verge of cumming. Once again, I was glad that I wasn't in the position of having to choose one over the other because they were both so talented when it came to cocksucking. When I exploded into Amanda's mouth, she continued pumping the base of my cock as she shared my bounty with Katie. I spewed plenty for both of them.

"I can't believe we're all still wearing so much," Katie said as Amanda nursed my softening cock.

"So let's go inside, get naked," I suggested, "and, I don't know, cum some more?"

"Love the way you think," Amanda replied.

"I'm in," said Katie.

I helped them both up and we stepped through the sliding door, closing and latching it behind us, then moved over closer to the bed. I pulled Katie's blouse up over her head then slipped her bra off since it was already unfastened. As I leaned down to lick her hard nipples, she started pulling my shirt up. I raised my head as she and Amanda pulled my shirt off then I turned and raised Amanda's blouse up then removed her bra. I'd pulled my pants and underwear up just to make walking easier after fucking them but hadn't refastened my pants so, as I licked Amanda's nipples, Katie got my pants and underwear down. I stepped out of them and was working Amanda's skirt down while still licking her nipples. Once gravity carried it to her ankles, I straightened up so that I could admire her naked body. I could feel the blood already trying to return to my spent cock so I turned to Katie, figuring that getting her naked would help, too.

She was the only one still wearing anything so I smiled as I reached for her waist, then hunkered down in front of her as I slipped her skirt down.

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