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Continued sexual journey of brother and sister and friends.

Mel, however, used the space to compose herself and wiped the tears away on her sleeves.

"No, Jamie's right, I asked you, you have a right to ask back. I need to talk it through anyway."

Sniffing back tears, Mel sat up straight between us and holding our hands, she smiled and pulled herself together.

"When Robert, that's Madge's husband, well when he died, she was so down and low. We tried to include her in more of the things we do. She's quite youthful in her outlook and she's also quite fit, so the kids love it when Nanny goes biking with them or to watch football.

Well it seemed to be working and to be honest she was never pushy and she didn't tell us off if she thought we were doing things wrong in the way we were bringing the kids up. She might say, I used to do so and so, but things are different now, but never unkindly or in a snide way. She just told us what she thought. and never complained at all. She just joined in, did her share of helping to cook or wash up or cleaning. She was a pleasure to have around. She's so good at everything, cooking and flower arranging, she taught me loads."

We exchanged glances, someone who was better than Mel at things, well that was a first, our sister was a superwoman and made us feel tired just listening to what she did.

"I saw that look, but yes she's so good, much better than me. Well I do a gym class and I asked her to come too, just to help her meet other people, she's so young in mind. We had such fun. Well we started to share a family cubicle at the club, it seemed senseless to shower and dress alone and we had so much to talk about anyway. Well I found myself looking at her when she was naked, then wondering what it must feel like to touch her skin. How heavy her breasts where, you know."

"Wow Mel, how cool, you perving on your mum in law." Annie said and her face reddened. Mel grinned and gripped our hands harder.

"Right, anyway, one day we touched, just shoulder to shoulder and it was like some electric current going through me. I don't know why but I suddenly put my arm round her waist and before I knew what was happening, we were kissing, really kissing, a hot passionate real lovers kiss."

Mel reddened and began to clasp her thighs together. I nodded at Annie and looked down at Mel's thighs clenching and relaxing. Perhaps she heard Annie slight gasp, but Mel reddened even more. Annie put her hand on Mel's leg and slid it up to her thigh. I goggled. Annie winked, I don't think Mel saw.

"Anyway, we cuddled and kissed then dried and dressed. We'd arranged to go back to her place for lunch. That never got eaten, we ended up in her bed, making love all afternoon. Luckily Bill was picking the kids up, so I had plenty of time to spare. Bill even said, don't rush back, enjoy an afternoon off with my mum.

She was unbelievable in bed, I am not ashamed to say I have never cum so much as I have with Madge. She just fly's me like her own personal aeroplane. I try my best to do the same for her, but she seems keener to eat me than I am to eat her, not that it isn't enjoyable but I never got the chance to show her how good I am, or at least think I am."

Mel laughed, she was looking at our faces. We just stared completely entranced. Her face was beaming at her remembrance of those days.

"It was a magical time, we had no thought of the fallout or consequences, but gradually as we realised how serious this was, we knew we had to stop, before someone got really hurt. We had one last mad, bad, glorious weekend in London. Then we stopped, before there was hurt or conflagration, we just knew we couldn't carry on and risk hurting Bill or the kids."

"Oh Mel, I am so sorry," Annie kissed Mel and hugged her close. I put an arm round my big sister and kissed her lips gently.

"Mel if I could sort this out I would, I want you to be my happy big sister again."

"Thanks Jamie, thanks Annie."

Mel stood and we all group hugged.

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