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Mom helps free son from jail and get back at accuser.

I move myself over so I'm sitting more in the drivers seat. I return to kissing you and my hands return to your chest, lifting your top up and off, leaving you almost naked.

I begin to kiss my way down your chest to your belly button and lower. Kissing your cock, taking the head in my mouth, licking softly round it as I use my hand to wank you. At the same time, I slowly suck and lick, building up speed and taking more and more into my mouth. Taking you in and out, working up and down, as I continue to suck and wank you right there in the car. You move your hips in time with my movements on your cock. I'm bringing you close to cumming yet I give no signs of stopping. You ask if I'm sure but I just carry on, not stopping to answer you. Letting the saltiness slide down my throat. Swallowing your delicious cream right down!

Licking my lips, I move so I'm now sitting up once again and you pull me close, holding me close to you before kissing me! Pushing me back onto the seat, you begin to undress me now. You lift my top off and over my head, leaving me sitting there in just my bra and trousers. As you lean down, kissing my neck and shoulders, you slowly slide my bra straps down. My shoulders are now bare, enabling you to bite, nip and kiss them. One of your hands goes round to my back and undoes the clasp, allowing my bra to fall and exposing my breasts to your kisses. You kiss down my chest, moving slowly as you do.

Feeling the way first softly with your hands, kissing the trail of your fingers, your hands reach my nipples and breasts before your mouth. You use your hands to massage them. My nipples peak out from between your fingers. Using your hand to lift my right breast, you lick and suck and tease my nipple before moving to my left tit, repeating the same thing . As you carry on kissing each breast, your hands move down to once again undo my trousers and this time, I don't stop you. You start to kiss your way back up my chest and once again, we are kissing passionately. You move one of your hands so that your palm is flat against my belly. You slide your hand down my knickers, feeling the smooth skin of my shaved pussy lips. A finger slips in-between them, finding my clit, wet and waiting for your touch. Your hand slides further down, your finger in my pussy, making me moan. Your finger slides in and out a bit before a second joins it, building speed once again. They slide easily in and out before adding yet another.

Then you stop. Looking me deep in the eyes, I know you want to get me out of the car. As we get out, you reach into the back to grab the blanket then join me. You find me leaning against the bonnet of your car. You drop the blanket and walk over to me, pinning me to the car as you kiss me, one hand grabbing my bum and the other behind my head. You almost lift me, laying me on the bonnet, as you slowly kiss your way down my body to my naked breasts repeating the caresses we shared in the car. You grab the blanket and spread it behind me on the car.

As your hands go further down my body to the waist of my trousers, you struggle to slide them down while at the same time stop me from slipping off the car. Somehow, you manage to get me naked, lying on the blanket on the bonnet. Once more you kiss and stroke down my body, able to go much further this time. Your hands work faster, sliding down my body whilst you take your time with your kisses on my breasts. Your fingers find their way once more to my wet pussy. Three slide back into my cunt, working in and out, faster and faster before sliding a fourth in to join them. Your other hand massages my breast again.

Somehow, you've knelt as you continue to kiss your way down my body so that by now you have reached my waiting clit.

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