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Of seeing and being seen.

I will assume you have changed your mind and you will be free to go. You'll be free to stay too, but I will not force you to do something you don't want. Do you understand?"

She nodded, he pulled the rope toward him until she lost her balance. She struggled but she regained it.

Answer me with Yes Sir."

She answered, "Yes Sir."

I was fascinated watching them.

"Do you understand that you are free to go?" He asked.

"Yes Sir."

Do you want to go?"

"No Sir"

"Are you afraid to be bound?"

"No Sir, I mean, Yes Sir, I'm afraid but..."

He interrupted her. "Do you accept my control and will you submit?"

"Yes Sir."

She was awesome. She glanced at me. I smiled. Her face showed her nerves.

Master took her leash and dragged her backward until she fell with a soft shriek onto her back on the bed He bound her wrists together in front of her, then went to his bag and dumped it on the table. A massive pile of coiled rope fell out, as well as a few items I hoped my new sister wouldn't see, at least until Master chose for her to. In her current state that wasn't much of a concern.

He returned to her with more ropes and dropped them on her belly. She looked a little wide eyed as Master took my leash and led me onto the bed.

"Kneel over your sister's face." His voice was deep and commanding.

I complied. My knees were on each side of her head. I was facing her legs. My pussy hovered directly over her face. I awaited further commands. Between my breasts I could see her chest. She was breathing hard, obviously nervous but there was nothing I could do for her now. Sisters fate was His.

Master took the pillows from the head of the bed. With his hand under her ass he directed her to lift her ass and he shoved pillows under her until her ass was a good foot off of the bed. He spread her legs, deliberately placing them as wide as they could go.

She looked so vulnerable. I was intoxicated by all that I witnessed.

Master went to the table and spoke over his shoulder. "Girl, have you ever had anything in your ass?" It was point blank. Her body tensed.

Her reply was tentative. "No... No Sir."

"Do you object?" He asked.

She didn't respond right away. Her body remained tense.

"Do you object?" He repeated.

""No Sir." She sounded like she was almost in tears.

I leaned forward. I couldn't see her eyes. I knew I needed to let go and submit myself to the fact that Master was in control. Somehow that was easier when it was just me. I forced myself to breath slow and deep.

Master came over with the almond oil and a large, heavy, steel butt plug which I was very familiar with.

He looked at sister. "I was not prepared to have a virgin ass here with me tonight, but since you delayed in answering me I have a special treat for you. Your will know who owns your ass by the time we're through."

She didn't waste time in answering him, at all. "Yes Sir."

Master laid the heavy plug between her tits as he tied ropes to her legs just above her knees. The tag ends of these he slung across the bed and attached them to the feet under the head of the bed with an ingenious knot which allows him to adjust the length easily, and yet remains secure. I've never been able to get one to give, but Master does. He adjusted the tension so that her legs were spread wide apart and held up in the air. I could see her beautiful brown pussy and I wondered what torment I might witness, or endure.

Master held the plug over her face. "Kiss it."

She did.

He told her to lick it. She did.

He told her, "This isn't going to be easy. I want you to relax and take your time. If it hurts, I want you to tell me immediately."

"Yes Sir." She whispered.

Master took ahold of my leash and with his hand on my hip, guided my crotch down onto her face. My pussy was on her mouth and I could feel her nose pushing against the bud of my ass hole. Her breast heaved with her labored breathing. Stress was overtaking her.

Master spoke softly, "Relax girl, you are safe.

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