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Sharon promptly got all huffy.

"That's so unfair. You know what he's like about his car. It wasn't really my fault, and he's going to be so mad at me."

She paused while she considered what I'd actually said.

"What did you mean, beat my bottom?" she asked.

I cast my eyes to the heavens.

"Sharon, it's only rigid self-control that has stopped me putting you over my knee and spanking your pretty little tush so hard that you spend the rest of the weekend lying on your tummy. Go home, Sharon."

She definitely didn't want Tom knowing.

"What if I say I'll take the spanking?" she asked.

"And just how would you explain a bright red bottom to Tom," I asked. "And he'd probably find out anyway so you'd finish up with the spanking and Tom's anger."

"Tom will be away for another three days," stated Sharon, "and the red should be gone by then. If someone else tells him I'll just deny it and say it wasn't me but someone in a car like his. I'll point out that if it had been me driving his car that did the damage then you'd have been over complaining."

She thought fast, I'll give her that. I was glaring at her, but I couldn't help but notice that she was a cute and sexy little number. I was strongly tempted but thought I'd better give her another chance to back out.

"Sharon, if I spank you, it will be on your bare bottom. You'll be lying across my knee, effectively naked from the waist down. Actually, I'm so angry I'll probably make you strip naked."

A look that I couldn't interpret crossed Sharon's face and then it was gone. She seemed to give a little shiver and then nodded.

"OK," she said. "I have made a terrible mess of your lawn, haven't I."

The next moment she turned around and walked into the house.

I flung my hands into the air again and then followed her in. Was I really going to put her across my knee and spank her? Damn right I was. I wouldn't necessarily insist on making her take of her clothes, but her bottom was definitely going to be warmed up.

Sharon had, correctly, assumed that I would want to spank her in the bedroom. As soon as she'd stepped inside she'd turned and stepped into the bedroom.

When I followed her in I found that she'd already taken off her top and was sliding down her slacks. For a little woman she certainly filled that lacy bra with a decent handful. I watched, not believing that it was really happening, as Sharon tossed her slacks to one side and then slid down her panties, her bottom wiggling from side to side as they went down. Then she reached behind her and unhooked her bra, and let it drop down her arms. Then she was naked, facing me with her hands crossed demurely in front of her, covering her pussy. But not her breasts. They were jutting forward, nipples erect.

For a moment I thought she might have been trying to seduce me to get out of the spanking, but she turned to the bed and bent over it.

"Do you want to start spanking like this?" she asked, an odd tremor in her voice. "You could then have me bend over your knee later."

She was looking over her shoulder, watching me, her bottom pertly lifted, waiting.

I shrugged mentally. She had a lovely body but a spanking I'd promised and a spanking she'd get. My hand came down with a firm swat. Sharon squealed and seemed to bounce, but she kept her bottom right there where I could spank it. Another hard swat on the other cheek brought the same result. A squeal and a bounce while she settled, and then her bottom was offered for another swat.

The spanking continued like this for a while, and I eventually noticed some oddities. Although Sharon's bottom was obviously stinging and she had tears in her eyes, she also had an oddly smug look on her face. Further, when she settled after each hard swat, her legs seemed to drift that little bit further apart.

When the spanking had started her legs had been closed.

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