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Bank specialist gives her client special treatment.

It had a separate sitting room with an over-stuffed sofa, a couple of chairs and a huge TV. The other room had a king-size bed and there was a small kitchenette adjoining the sitting area. Off the entryway was the bathroom. Sarah told us to make ourselves comfortable while she took a quick shower. Douglas went to the kitchen area and came back with a few drinks. I sat on the sofa, and Douglas took a seat in one of the chairs. A few minutes later, Sarah came out. She wore one of the robes supplied by the hotel with only the sash tied around the middle. It was open enough to almost expose her breasts. Her hair was piled up on top of her head. The only word that would describe her was "stunning." Douglas told me there was another robe in the bathroom and suggested that I go shower as well. As I got up o go to the bathroom, I noticed Sarah staring at my erection with a smile on her face.

I got into the shower, the hot water feeling great cascading down. The whole time I was wondering what these two had in store and I reached down and gave my huge dick a few light strokes. I got out of the shower and wrapped myself in the robe and went out to join them. Douglas had a few more drinks ready for us and excused himself as he got up to shower. I sat back down on the sofa and Sarah quickly slid next to me. By now, after a couple of drinks at the pool and a couple in the room, I was really feeling loose and relaxed.

Sarah rested her hand on my thigh and slowly began to massage my leg. I felt a little uncomfortable with her running her hand up and down my leg with her husband in the next room. She put my mind at ease by telling me that it they both wanted to try a threesome and when they saw me at the pool yesterday, I had made them both horny. They fucked like crazy last night just thinking about me. If I wasn't interested, they would understand. She leaned over while she spoke. The top of her robe opened enough to give me a look at her tits. They were firm with hard little nipples that protruded out. Her hand was now under my robe as she worked her fingers up to my hard cock.

My sexual experience up to that point had only been one on one with women. I certainly didn't know what to expect especially after she had said that both her and Douglas were aroused seeing me. What would it be like with another man present, I wondered? One look at her fabulous body and any inhibitions running through my head began to fade.

She was stroking my cock when Douglas reentered the room. He had on a small white wrap and although I didn't really take a look at him before, I noticed that he was, in fact, very muscular with a washboard stomach. I also notice that his cock was straining at the material.

Douglas grinned and said "I see you started without me." Why don't we take it to the bed and get more comfortable. He turned towards the bedroom and as he walked, he let the wrap drop to the floor. His ass was as firm as his stomach. This was turning out to be an interesting encounter.

Sarah got up and I followed. Douglas lay on his back with his cock in the air. I have a true 7" fully erect, circumsized dick but his was larger and thicker than mine. He was circumsized like myself and it had a very slight curve to his left. It was a most impressive member. Sarah sat on the bed facing me. She put her hands inside my robe and caressed my chest and arms. She reached up and from the inside of my robe, slid it off my shoulders then removed her hand and gently undid the belt. My robe fell to the floor and I stood before her with my cock pointing at the ceiling. She reached out and began stroking it. Ever so gently at first, gradually increasing in intensity. I was in heaven. Her hands felt so good on my body. With her free hand, she undid her robe and slipped it off. All I could do was murmur an approval. Her body was beautiful. I'm a leg and ass man and she did not disappoint.

She pushed me back on the bed and got on her knees.

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