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Out of the forest. New love. Bride price.

..his cock spurting, his eyes on her face, his voice rough when he says...

"Fucking hot covered in my come, so fucking hot..." he stares at her covered in his come then he turns and flops out on the bed. Bree stays on her knees next to him, feeling strange..

Feeling used but also still aroused..she is still, her brain not processing anything but that she was come on like some girl from a porn. Then Tanner sits up, gets up and zips up...he never took off his pants, not even his tuxedo jacket... he's mussed but he's dressed and she's naked but for her stockings, come on her face.

"See you tomorrow for another interminable day," he says and he leaves without another word.

She showers and changes somewhat numb...somewhat satisfied.


The next night he pushes her, face first, into a wall in a hallway of the building the dinner party is being held in. He pushes up the fabric of the dress she is wearing, rips off her underwear and has himself inside her befor she can get her breath back, before she could think of trying to get him off of her...

She could stop him, she thinks about it, but then his dick scraps her g-spot and her eyes close and she lets him thrust and use her and she knows that is what is she is doing.

That night he slams her against the same hotel wall, eats her out then fucks her on the bed from behind... rinse and repeat like the last time, only he lasts longer, she starts to cry from the more pain and pleasure and this time he comes down her throat, mumbling what a fucking good fuck she is.


There are two more nights... another damn dinner party with figureheads... one night he puts his hand up her dress while they are sitting next each other on one side of the table, fingering her, making her publicly come almost against her will... the other night he follows her into the woman's room, locking the door behind him and tells her she has to take care of his hard cock... pushes her to the floor..

Why she wrapped her mouth around his length she can't quite figure out.

Those two nights are the same as the other two... only each time he's rougher, last longer and has stopped kissing her on the mouth when they first enter her room... instead going right for her more private parts.


Her dress is more elaborate the night of the main ceremony, the giving out of the medals... when she opens the door for him to pick her up, he takes one look at her corsetted waist and up turned breast and slams the door closed behind him, pushes her around, bends her over with his arm at her waist and manages to get the skirt up to quickly ram into her...

She comes a second after her does...her voice betraying her, calling his name... He puts her panties into his pocket. And they go to the ceremony.


Afterwards she's not surprised to be pinned by him against the wall in the hotel room, his tongue inside her, his fingers playing with her... she almost isn't surprised at all that when he tosses her naked - but for stockings and garter belt -- his tongue focuses in on her asshole, his long fingers start to fuck it...

His cock inside it, painful, so much more pain than pleasure, but then his fingers are on her clit and he makes her come twice before he spins her about and comes over her face and tits...

He stares at her for a long time then.

She tries not to cry, she wants to get dressed, why is she allowing this?

"Gonna miss you... best fuck I've had in awhile."

All this has been... fucking.

"You know there is one other thing I've wanted..." he says suddenly, his mouth coming and kissing her throat.

He's usually gone by now... she bends her neck to give him more access, she should be slapping him.

"What?" she says despite herself, she did try not too.

"Watch someone else fuck you," he whispers into her ear, hand going to her clit...a finger slipping inside her pussy... she's taut, she comes... he stopped with her on edge again.

"So fucking hot when you come.

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