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Two girls and two guys enjoy an end of summer weekend cruise.

She may have thought I was refusing, or not interested (I WAS INTERESTED). I looked around and it was clear that nobody could actually see us, and if my hand were under her skirt, even if someone did suddenly appear, they could not really tell what I was doing under there.

She said, "Nothing else, and we will never see each other again- but wouldn't it be nice to have a memory of more than a pie in the face?"

That convinced me, and it didn't seem that anyone would notice because she was between me and the others sitting there (who were trying to watch the show, not us). But I was cautious- so I slid my hand up under her costume skirt, and along her leg, and then felt the edge of her actual shorts, but they were loose enough that I could continue up along her thigh, which was a wonderful combination of firm and soft. There were still several more skits ahead of us, and so I was in no hurry.

As I ran my hand along her thigh and around it, then back to the knee, she was watching me and smiling, then she nodded as I moved higher. Good! she was in more of a hurry than I was!

She whispered, "That's nice. I like that."

She moved even closer to me, and with one hand she pulled my arm upwards so my fingers encountered her furry bush. I realized that she would not have done that if this were a video trick, and by moving closer to me she made it even more impossible for anyone else to really see that my hand was up under her skirt.

I reached pubic hair, and realized "NO PANTIES!"

This realization gave my cock a little surge of extra blood, and I wondered if my condition would relent before they took back the velvet suit that made me comfortable that nobody would notice while we did the skit.

My fingers worked around to find and squeeze between her labia, where it was already fairly wet. In a moment I had two fingers in her vagina and pushed up against her cervix. My thumb could just reach her button when I pushed my fingers far into her. I decided to add a third finger and although it was quite tight, I could hear her moan quietly as I filled her and stretched her. Her clit was already stiff and I did not ignore it, rolling it from side to side occasionally. I had to adjust my erection with my other hand so it was not kinked. But as I looked around, everyone was intent on the stage or their lines- nobody was looking at us. I noticed my new friend's face was glazed over and she was moving gently with my hand- I wondered what would happen if she did orgasm? Would she scream or faint, or make a lot of noise. I wondered if I should pull out now to avoid any problem she might create. She reached down and pressed her hands against her skirt so she could hold my hand, and started to "help" me. It didn't look like I would be getting anything out of this but my stupid erection - and now I was worried we would be called out before it had a chance to shrink back. Suddenly I wondered if she had a husband or boyfriend who might notice how hot and swollen she had become, and be upset.

She smiled a little and then her smile became sort of flat and her breathing became deeper. I was gratified to hear her give a sort of moan or gasp with each thrust that she sort of orchestrated. If someone was watching, would they notice me or would they see this lady with her hands against her pubic region? She pushed back against my fingers and thumb, almost vibrating my hand against her. And faster now.

My cock was stiff and her clit was just as stiff. I bumped and pushed at it and lifted her cervix with my fingers as I stretched her pussy with that third finger.

She continued to sort of hold her breath or breathe shallow and her face remained blank as if she were concentrating on what I was doing.

They called us to perform- it had only been two or three minutes, and when she realized that- she started gasping and humping against my hand.

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